Vyn Richter

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"Do not be afraid. I only wish to know your heart."


Gender Male

Age 27

Birthday September 27

Height 178 cm

Blood Type AB

Occupation Psychiatrist

Voice Actors


姜广涛 (Jiang Guangtao)


于正昇 (Yu Cheng-Shen)


福山润 (Fukuyama Jun)


황창영 (Hwang Changyung)

Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 莫弈 (Mò Yì)

Japanese 森月黎(Moritsuki Rei)

Korean 윤노아 (Yun Noa)

General[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

You are the quietly blooming secret inside my heart

Day after day, the people of this world stage the acts of their sorrows and joys. Only you are different from the rest.
During my voyage through the labyrinth of human emotions, I ran into you, and a rose began to blossom within my heart.
I believed that everything was under my control. Never did I expect to be "baited" by you.
I willingly fell deep into your trap. There is no hope for escape, yet I wish not to leave, so...

"You must take full responsibility, my dear rose."[1]

A psychiatrist who can see through all forms of disguises.

A top psychology expert who turned down all kinds of job invitations and decided to become a psychiatrist in Stellis City. He has an elegant vibe and nothing seems to be of challenge to him. Those around him feel at ease and naturally open up to him, displaying their truest self. However, as someone who always observed the volatile human emotions from the outside, Vyn never expected himself to become one with the same emotions.[2][3]

Background[edit | edit source | hide]

Vyn is a well-known psychology expert who has been focusing on criminal psychology for the past two years. He has published many papers and declined many offers to become a lecturer for prestigious universities. [4]

Vyn was born in the Kingdom of Svart and moved to Stellis in 2028, where he became a naturalized citizen. [5]

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