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Rerolling is when a user continuously creates accounts trying to go for a start that they like best. This can be for getting an optimal start or trying to get a card that a user likes.

In Tears of Themis, rerolling isn't necessary to clear the majority of content and isn't recommended unless a player really desires a specific card.

Steps to Reroll[edit | edit source]

Rerolling in Tears of Themis requires an e-mail in order to play, so players will need a different e-mail. Once you have an e-mail ready:

1. Play through the tutorial.
2. During the tutorial, players receive a free 10-pull. The tutorial 10-pull will always give one of the guaranteed Main Story SRs including:
3. From here, there are different ways to approach rerolling. During release, pre-registration rewards gave 10 free pulls which were used for rerolling and aim for an SSR. Some users may desire to achieve the guaranteed SSR in 30 pulls for new accounts on the permanent banner.
4. If the rolls done aren't as desired, go to Profile > Setting > User Center > Switch Account. Or simply re-open the App, Settings > Log Out.
5. Repeat the steps with a different e-mail

Salting E-mails[edit | edit source]

Salting an e-mail is when an e-mail is changed and registers as a new e-mail on services, but e-mails still get sent to the main account. By doing this method, it is possible to quickly reroll while still using a single e-mail.

For example with the e-mail, the following would be salted e-mails:


While these e-mails will register as different e-mails, all mail will still get sent to

Note that this method has only been tested with dotted salt e-mails. It is unknown whether +-salted e-mails work, but it is known that +-salted e-mails did not work on miHoYo's other game Genshin Impact.