Main Story 08-01

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  • Stage Cost: AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
  • First Clear Rewards: Btn money s.pngS-Chip x40



The Pluto
Banquet Hall
Misc Location - High-end Event.png
NXX Headquarters

NXX Headquarters.png


Pluto's Basic Conditions

Owned by a member of the Svart nobility, the Pluto is a luxury cruise ship with nearly twenty decks, featuring a top-notch auction house.

Special Auction House

The owner of the Pluto released the news that every guest can get the chance to buy what they've been dreaming of at the auction.

Special Cabin Classification

The nobles from different countries, business and political leaders, and the sellers will receive a gold-trimmed invitation. Only guests with this invitation are allowed to participate in the auction.

Why and How Lowe Lear Boarded the Pluto.

Lowe Lear signed up for the auction as a seller who would sell his research work in Opaline River Laboratory. That's how he got the invitation.