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"I knew what Mr. Green really wanted wasn't to save Pedro, but for him to turn a new leaf. If I withheld that video, Pedro would've never reflected on his own mistakes."


Gender Female
Age (when met) 24[1]
Birthday Player-Determined
Height <180 cm[1]
Blood Type N/A
Occupation Lawyer

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Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese Player-Determined

Japanese Player-Determined

Korean Player-Determined

General[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

The Main Character (Name determined by the player) is an attorney at Themis Law Firm. She is recruited into the NXX after Artem Wing and Vyn Richter see potential in her and chooses the code name "Rosa", as roses are a resilient flower.

Background[edit | edit source | hide]

A local to Stellis City,[2] the MC was academically competitive and a high-achieving liberal arts student.[3]. She graduated from Stellis University Law School, having taken courses there from such instructors as Neil Hume,[4] Wesley Dunn, and thesis advisor Kimberly Garner.[4] While attending university, she spent her mornings reading, which is a habit she now misses.[5] After graduation, she started working under Celestine Taylor at Themis Law Firm, where she eventually became the partner of Artem Wing. She considers commercial and economic law to be her main areas of expertise.[6]. Presently, she is studying for an advancement exam[7]

Her parents were recruited as researchers into a secret project right after the MC entered university,[8] and she has had no contact with them since aside from holiday postcards and money.[1]

She has neat handwriting[9] and has been noted by others to be a "neat freak,"[10] but she tends to forget to care for herself as well as she cares for her living space and surroundings, often missing meals and choosing convenience food in their place.[11] She considers herself a novice cook, only doing occasional simple baking and otherwise ordering in regularly; when attempting to learn to cook, she finds the subjective measurements like "a pinch" or "just enough" of an ingredient especially frustrating.[12] The MC has always loved seafood, but says she loves it even more as an adult since it's low in fat and she can eat it without gaining weight;[13] her favorite are Opaline Fish.[2] As a treat, she'll buy herself some desserts[7], and in regards to beverages, all wine looks the same to her.[3]

For flowers, she likes roses, lilies, baby's breath, and garden cosmos.[14] She can play the violin well enough to win a gold medal at the Stellis Violin Competition, having been taught as a child,[15] and she also plays the guitar, which she learned in university to get close to an attractive band member.[16]

She finds the most difficulty in dealing with people who are both too irrational for reason and too sensitive for an appeal to emotion. She also finds it difficult to forgive those who have an opportunity to improve a situation but choose not to do so, feeling that "sometimes, doing nothing is worse than doing something."[17]

The MC lives in a loft apartment located near Themis Law Firm, which she moved into when she started working there.[18] She notes she has an assortment of combs, skin creams, and accessories that cost her time dealing with never-ending stray strands of hair.[19] After the Estelle Marino case in Episode 2: The Unbearable Love, bodyguards escorted the MC home for a week; for a while afterward, her neighbors gossiped about her, speculating she's a celebrity or rich man's mistress.[20]

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Trivia[edit | edit source | hide]

  • In Chinese language setting, the player dialogue box is named "我" (Me). In English, it is "You"
  • During Themis Law Firm's 2030 Annual Meeting game session, MC won the grand prize [21]
  • Afraid of crawlers such as worms and cockroaches since youth and will also avoid talking about them[3]
  • Personal mobile phone is pink in colour. Tactile typing is used as a setting[21] along with vibration notification[7]
  • Things carried in her purse:
    • Alcohol swipes when doing on-site work[3]

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