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"I knew what Mr. Green really wanted wasn't to save Pedro, but for him to turn a new leaf. If I withheld that video, Pedro would've never reflected on his own mistakes."


Gender Female

Age 24

Birthday N/A

Height N/A

Blood Type N/A

Occupation Attorney

Voice Actors









Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese Player-Determined

Japanese Player-Determined

Korean Player-Determined

General[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

The Main Character (Name determined by the player) is an attorney at Themis Law Firm. She is recruited into the NXX after Artem Wing and Vyn Richter see potential in her and chooses the code name "Rosa", as roses are a resilient flower.

Background[edit | edit source | hide]

She graduated from Stellis University Law School and started working under Celestine at Themis Law Firm, where she eventually became the partner of Artem Wing. She considers commercial and economic law to be her main areas of expertise[1].

Her parents were recruited as researchers into a secret project, and she has had no contact with them since aside from holiday postcards and money.[2] She has always loved seafood, but says she loves it even more as an adult since it's low in fat and she can eat it without gaining weight.[3]

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