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The NXX Investigation Team is a group dedicated to their mission of uncovering the truths behind the dramatic increase of anomalous cases in Stellis the past three years.[1] The group, also referred to as NXX, is an unofficial investigation team funded by the Pax Group. The team's investigations are strictly confidential. [2]

The cases for NXX are considered "anomalous" because their incidence rates had been stable until three years ago, when these rates began to greatly grow. The Big Data Lab analyzes these cases and complies them into the X-NOTE, defined by Artem as a compilation of cases from the Big Data Analytics Lab. Most of these cases are missing persons or mental illness cases.[1] Artem is responsible for missing persons cases, which are noted with three-digit case numbers, while Vyn is responsible for mental illness cases, which are noted with four-digit case numbers.

The NXX Investigation Team maintains a Headquarters in a mansion in Stellis' Victorian District which belongs to Vyn. The technology inside is said to rival the Big Data Lab's. Artem recounts that the first NXX team members were Vyn, Giann, and Neil; Artem was the fourth to join, in October of 2029.[3] Neil went missing shortly after, and Giann followed two weeks later after seemingly having received an email from Neil, at which time Marius took his place. The Main Character was brought on in part to be an objective investigator in the matter of Giann and Neil; Luke was the last of the current members to join, as a special investigator for the National Security Bureau.

The Headquarters is outfitted with a robust alarm system, which sounds throughout the mansion if tripped by an attempted break-in. It's armed even while legitimate members are present.[4] The team also uses a black jeep that belongs to Vyn as a "company vehicle" of sorts.[5]

Noxious X Xeno-Gene[edit | edit source]

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NXX stands for Noxious X Xeno-gene. It is a kind of bacteria more commonly known as Flora X.

Back in the 1930s, sea-faring sailors brought this bacterium back from the deep sea to Stellis, causing an epidemic of an unprecedented scale. Later, in an effort to prevent a recurrence of this epidemic, sealed samples of Flora X were collected and preserved by the city government with the help of large enterprises and scientific institutions for future studies. The reason this infectious bacterium could cause systemic failures in the human body, leading to death, is because of the Noxious X Xeno-gene it carries.

In 2005, Pax Pharmaceutical once developed a new gene-based medicine in collaboration with Crimson Biotech. The most prominent side effect of the NXX drug is how it affects the body's hormone production, which in turn affects the person's mental state. In severe cases, it impacts physical development and causes irreversible damage to the nervous system and internal organs. Upon this discovery, all samples of Flora X, or NXX, in the possession of Pax and Crimson was ordered to be destroyed by the government.

Ever since the media leaked out the info to the public that Flora X had gene-repairing properties, it gained the attention of all fields. It is suspected that there are currently samples obtained from illegal channels being used for research and development in secret.

The team believes illegal drug research with the Noxious X Xeno-Gene, shortened to NXX and the crucial toxic component of the bacterium Flora X, is at the root of the X-NOTE cases.[6] The team's current focus is on Heirson Health Products due to indications that their experimental drug X03A contains NXX.[7] Through their investigations, the team has discovered that NXX toxicity causes not only developmental disabilities, but also sudden mental illness, acute lesions on the exposed person's internal organs,[8] and irreversible damage to the nervous system.[9] NXX is noted to be challenging both to obtain in sufficient quantities and to process into a consumable drug.[10]

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