Blizzardous Threads of Red Main Story 2-2: Gloomy Villa

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Gloomy Villa (1/5) - Villa Study
Blizzard Villa
Villa Study
Blizzard Villa - Villa Study RPG map.png

There are many questions surrounding Mevis Zeng's death. Check for anything suspicious

Near desk (SW)

You: Hey, there's something under the table.

Luke: Let me see...

Luke bends down to pull out something hidden in the shadow.

Marius: A box that someone has opened?

Marius: There is condensation on the outside of the case. Did someone just take it out of the refrigerator?

Luke: It looks to be a case for injection vials. As for what liquid might need to be refrigerated...

You: Let's confirm it with Dr. Richter.

Artem: Yeah... Hold on, there's something else in here.

You: ...It looks like a syringe.

Luke: Don't touch it. It looks used. We don't know what the person who used it did.

Artem: Is it possible for us to lift a fingerprint from the syringe, or test the residual liquid left in the syringe?

Luke: ...

Luke takes out his portable testing kit.

He works quickly and soon gets the results.

Luke: I couldn't get a fingerprint. The user probably wore gloves.

Luke: But the residual liquid in the syringe is... insulin.

Luke: And it's the fast-acting insulin that lowers blood sugar very quickly.

You: Fast-acting insulin? Was... Mevis Zeng a diabetic?

Artem: No, if I recall correctly, fast-acting insulin isn't suitable for patients who need to take insulin regularly.

Luke: Yes, this type of insulin is usually used for emergency treatment.

Luke: Yeah... But it's better to ask Vyn directly when he comes back.

Marius: Let's discuss this matter again when Vyn comes back.

(Obtain evidence: Empty Injection Vial Box, Syringe)

Near desk (NE)

Artem: ...

You: Mr. Wing, what is it? You keep staring at the carpet.

Artem: There appear to be water stains on the carpet.

You: Really!?

Artem: ...Here. There are tiny droplets of water on the carpet fibers.

You: It seems someone sprinkled some kind of liquid on it, which hasn't completely dried yet.

You: ...Does this count as a suspicious clue?

Artem: Write it down. It might be useful later.

You: All right.

Door (N)

You: What a heavy door... It's like the security door to a bank vault.

Luke: Exactly. This is the same one that can be found in a bank.

You: Eh!?

Luke: I guess this is where the Zeng family stores their valuable belongings.

You: I guess. Since the Zeng family deals in antiques, their collection should be quite valuable...

You: But the security door looks so modern that it seems out of place in the study.

Luke: This type of security door is extremely secure and difficult to open without a specific key or code.

Luke: You have to sacrifice some aesthetics for safety.

Display case (NE)

Marius: The Zeng family's collection is quite extensive.

You: Hmm?

Marius: Look, the jade cabbage, ruby vase, and the jewel ornaments in the box on the shelves...

Marius: These... are already treasures in the eyes of many.

Marius: And this holly ornament seems to have been carved out of fine jade.

Marius: But the shape of this holly ornament...

You: Hmm?

Marius: No, nothing. It makes sense why people are so excited about this auction after seeing these items.

You: (...Marius' expression seems strange.)

Gloomy Villa (2/5) - Villa Study

Meet up with Vyn and show him the pillbox we found.

By the time your preliminary investigation is done, Vyn's examination has also concluded.

Vyn: A preliminary examination of Mevis Zeng's body shows no visible trauma.

Vyn: We asked the butler, who said Mevis Zeng had always been in good physical condition with no underlying medical condition.

Vyn: So... We determined that his cause of death is sudden cardiac arrest, just like that of Elijah Yin.

Vyn: If we want to further investigate other causes, we have to...

There are hopes to quickly re-establish communication with the outside world, so that a medical examiner can perform an autopsy.

This is something that everyone knows, but it is particularly difficult in these circumstances.

You: ...

Artem: No underlying medical history?

Artem: So, we can rule out the possibility that Mevis Zeng had diabetes?

Vyn: Yes, but why do you ask?

Luke: Take a look at this...

Luke: I found this under his desk. The residual liquid in the syringe contains fast-acting insulin.

Luke takes out the syringe, which he had placed inside a plastic bag, and shows it to Vyn.

Vyn: ...

Vyn takes it from Luke and inspects it closely.

Vyn: If the residual liquid is an insulin injection, then this empty case should contain the insulin vials.

Vyn: Insulin injections need to be stored in cold storage, which explains why there is condensation on the empty case.

Marius: So now the question is, why did Mevis Zeng need insulin if he didn't have diabetes?

Marius: And why are there no more insulin vials inside the case?

Marius: Did he use it all at once?

Vyn: ...

Vyn stares at the empty case, and his expression hardens, unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Vyn: Everyone, I might have overlooked something.

You: What is it?

Vyn: Come with me. If I am right... we may need to re-examine Mevis Zeng's body.

Gloomy Villa (3/5) - Villa Garden
Blizzard Villa
Villa Backyard
Blizzard Villa - Guest Room.png

Follow Vyn to the rest area of the garden.

Everyone follows Vyn back to the room where Mevis Zeng's body had been temporarily placed.

Vyn: Pardon me, Mr. Zeng.

Vyn rolls up Mevis Zeng's cuffs and bends down to carefully examine his body.

You: (What is Dr. Richter looking for?)

Vyn: So that is what happened...

Soon, Vyn finds the answer he's searching for.

Vyn: I think I have found Mevis Zeng's cause of death.

You: Eh!?

Marius: What was the cause of death?

Luke: Is it related to what we found?

Vyn: Yes, Mevis Zeng's cause of death was probably an insulin overdose.

Vyn: He was injected intravenously with fast-acting insulin, which caused hypoglycemic shock.

Vyn points to a tiny bruise on the inside of Mevis Zeng's right elbow.

Vyn: This is probably the injection point, left behind by the syringe.

Vyn: The villa lacks the proper testing conditions...

Vyn: So Dr. Lee and I did not conduct a detailed examination of Mevis Zeng's body, only a preliminary assessment.

Vyn: But when I saw the empty pill case and insulin syringes, it reminded me of that possibility.

Artem: So, this is also a homicide.

You: Yes, the killer is hiding among us.

Marius: I finally understand why we're stuck here... This is a real Blizzard Villa.

At this moment, the wind and snow are still howling outside the villa.

The temperature of the whole villa seems to be falling with the snow.

Nobody can leave the villa... neither your little group, nor the victims... nor the killer.

You are all in a cage, not knowing which hiding places the killer is watching from.

You: So how do we proceed with our investigation?

Marius: As for suspects... should we consider Sam Zhang as one?

Luke: Yes, but he is the same as Shantel Pan.

Luke: It would be too obvious. Something happened to Mevis Zeng after Sam Zhang went to see him.

Luke: It's like the killer is holding up a sign for everyone to see.

Artem: Let's go back to the living room and see how the others react.

Marius: Yes, if the killer is among us, then he must be looking to get something after achieving his goal.

You: Yeah, let's go now...

Luke: Who's there!?

Luke suddenly yells out, startling everyone in the room.

You: !!!

Marius, who is nearest to the door, pushes open the door of the lounge.

It is empty outside the door except for a line of footprints in the snow of the front courtyard, leading back to the living room.

Marius: Looks like someone was in a hurry.

Luke: Let's check out the front courtyard... We might find some clues.

Gloomy Villa (4/5) - Villa Side Hall
Blizzard Villa
Villa Side Hall
Blizzard Villa - Villa Side Hall RPG map.png

Try to communicate with the guests. You might have missed something before.

Casey Cao (NW)

Casey Cao: It must be the snow beast. It must be...

Casey Cao: Oh no! Now what do we do!?

You: Ms. Cao, please don't worry...

Casey Cao: That's easy for you to say! How can I not worry!?

Casey Cao: It's the snow beast that's sucking their souls away.

Casey Cao: Even Mr. Zeng is dead now. Who will be next... What if it's me!?

Casey Cao: I regret it now. I shouldn't have listened to Mr. Ji when he told me to come to this villa.

Casey Cao: Nothing exciting happened, and now I'm stuck in the middle of it...

Casey Cao: I should have insisted. You can't enter the mountain on a snowy day, or else the snow beast will be enraged.

Casey Cao: What do I do now? I can't die yet.

Casey Cao: It seems we must continue to worship the snow beast... Let me think... the next step is...

You: Um, Ms. Cao...

Casey Cao is so absorbed in her own thoughts that she doesn't hear you at all.

You: (Where does the legend of the snow beast sucking souls come from? Why is Ms. Cao so concerned about it?)

Bernard (W)

Male Student: I want to get out of here!

You: Hey... calm down!

Male Student: I don't want to stay at the villa for another second!

Male Student: I'm only here to do some scientific research with Professor Yang. I don't want to die here!!

You: (It seems he's a student of Professor Yang's...)

You: Please calm down!

Male Student: My name is Bernard Yang, but please just call me Bernard.

You: (He isn't a brave man, despite the meaning of his name.)

You: Bernard, please calm down and listen to me.

You: The snow outside is too strong, and we're cut off from the outside world...

You: It's impossible for us to get out of here on our own.

Bernard Yang: So I have to stay here and die!? I haven't even finished my thesis yet...

Bernard Yang: *sobs*...

The student named Bernard Yang cries more and more until he can hardly form a complete sentence.

You: (He's too emotional. I should let him calm down first.)

Nurse Shan (NE)

Nurse Shan: What's going on? I remember Dr. Lee...

You: Nurse Shan, what's going on?

Nurse Shan: Miss [Player]... It's nothing serious. I just think Dr. Lee had a strange look on his face...

You: Strange?

Nurse Shan: Ever since something happened to Mr. Zeng, Dr. Lee has been out of it... He ignored me when I went to see him just now.

Nurse Shan: What's going on? It should be the first time that Dr. Lee saw Mr. Zeng...

You: (Out of it? Dr. Lee... is upset about Mr. Zeng?)

Gloomy Villa (5/5) - Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa
Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa - Indoors (Lit).png

There doesn't seem to be anybody suspicious among the guests. Discuss the next steps with NXX members.

You: I couldn't get anything of value.

Luke: ...Me neither.

Marius: Me too.

Artem: ...

Vyn: Maybe we have to find another way to get information.

At this moment, everyone in the villa wears the same frightened and wary look on their face.

It is uncomfortable to remain in what was originally a simple and elegant estate, which has now turned into a dangerous cage.

With the situation unclear, it is dangerous to share any information...

Better to be safe than sorry.

???: I have the clues you want, but what will I get in return for telling you?

You: You are... Tony?

The man approaching you is the same man who greeted all of you shortly after arriving at the villa.

Tony: How about a deal?

Tony: I'll tell you what I know and you tell me what you've found. Give me the chance to make the headlines.

Luke: What do you know?

Luke narrows his eyes and stares at Tony.

You: We can't...

You want to signal Luke, but he responds with a reassuring gesture.

You: (What is Luke trying to do?)

Tony: I know you're looking for someone who needs insulin injections...

Tony: I also know who among the guests has insulin injections. How's that for information?

You: You were the one who was eavesdropping on us!?

Tony: Miss [Player], it sounds bad when you put it that way. It wasn't eavesdropping... I was simply walking by and overheard something.

Vyn: If you wanted to make a deal, why not enter the room back then?

Vyn: Why wait until we are in the living room to negotiate a deal?

Tony: I was nervous! There are so many of you and only one of me... I was afraid I'd get overwhelmed.

It seems Tony has no idea of the moral integrity of the NXX team. He's afraid of being threatened to give up this information.

But in the living room, he's relatively safe with other people watching.

Tony: I thought about it, and it wouldn't be a bad thing even if we are trapped here unable to find the killer.

Tony: Besides, if you are willing to share information, the headline story will be mine when I get out of here.

He laughs as if imagining his headline story exploding on the Internet.

Marius: Tell us what you know first.

Tony: Sam Zhang is a diabetic, and he has insulin injections.

Artem: What!?

Tony: Yes! I'm sure he has insulin injections. I saw him sticking needles in his stomach yesterday in the lounge!

Tony: Besides, Mevis Zeng died after Sam Zhang left the study.

Tony: I don't believe for a moment that he's not a suspect! Well? A great clue, right?

Tony: Now, it's your turn to give me something in return, yes?

He smiles calmly as if certain that you will all honor your end of the deal.

Marius: Hmm? When did we acknowledge that a deal was made? You kinda gave us that information by yourself, no?

Tony: You... You're breaking the contract!

Marius: What contract? I merely asked what you knew and you told us everything.

Marius: I didn't know you would be so honest.

Tony: Damn, you tricked me!

Marius: Don't get worked up. I would advise you to keep your bad intentions at bay.

Marius: Who knows? Maybe the killer will think you know too much, and...

Marius lowers his voice deliberately to create a terrifying effect.

Tony's face goes white. It is clear that Marius' words are effective.

Tony: ...

You: (Honestly, Marius is...)

Tony leaves without saying anything else, probably too pissed off.

But the clues he offered has opened up a new path of investigation.

Marius: Everyone, do you think the reporter is reliable?

Luke: I think so. He was far too anxious to build a relationship with us to trick us with false information.

Artem: I have my reservations.

Artem: His information may be true, but he had ulterior motives for approaching us.

Vyn: [Player], what do you think?

Trust Tony

You: I believe Tony's information is true. He had no reason to lie to us.

Vyn: I agree. There are still many questions surrounding Sam Zhang...

Vyn: We can use the information Tony gave us to investigate Sam Zhang.

Be wary of Tony

You: I don't believe in Tony... Just like Mr. Wing said, his motives are not pure.

You: So, I also have my reservations about whether we should use this information to investigate Sam Zhang.

Vyn: Yes, a man with ulterior motives must be taken with a grain of salt.

Vyn: And there are still many questions surrounding Sam Zhang...

Vyn: I would still like to investigate him.

Marius: In that case, let's do that.

Marius: If you ask me... Why don't we just go talk to Sam Zhang and see how he reacts?

You: Yeah... That works too!

You: We might be able to ascertain something from his attitude.



Empty Injection Vial Box

Empty Injection Vial Box icon.png

Evidence Description (Spoilers)

An empty pillbox found in Mevis Zeng's study. There is water condensation on the outside of the case. Someone probably just took it out of the refrigerator.


Syringe icon.png

Evidence Description (Spoilers)

A used syringe, probably left by the murderer on purpose.