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The following is a list of tasks to keep track of while playing the game.

Variable Hours[edit | edit source]

Note. NXX Headquarters is unlocked after Main Story 04-02.

  • Claim NXX Headquarters Resource Requisition
  • Claim/reset NXX Headquarters File Room Case Analysis

Daily[edit | edit source]

  • Claim login gifts
  • Send/claim Friendship Badges
  • Claim "Free <Resource> Pack" from the Time-Limited Packs section of the Mall
  • Visit the characters and use up all your daily Affection
  • Complete Daily Quests
    • Spend 80 AP
    • Spend 200 AP
    • Enhance 1 card(s)
    • Clear 1 Business Consult(s)
    • Clear 1 Operational Assessment(s)
    • Clear 3 Study levels
    • Conduct 5 conversations during visits
    • Gift Friendship Badges 5 times
    • Submit 1 Resource Requestion at NXX HQ (Unlocked after 04-02)
    • Conduct 1 Case Analysis at NXX HQ (Unlocked after 04-02)
    • Complete 3 Anomaly Investigation levels
  • Complete Event Daily Quests
  • Complete 2x Business Consults
  • Complete 2x Operational Assessments
  • Check the other active Study quests and grind those as needed
  • Grind Anomaly stages as needed (e.g. Character SR Shard stages, evolve/skill up material stages, etc.)
  • (For High Spenders Only) Refresh energy using S-Chips 10x/day

Weekly[edit | edit source]