100-Day Anniversary

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Time flies... The hundredth day since I met you is soon approaching!

The 100-day anniversary event involves login rewards, messages from the male leads, and social media rewards.

Login Rewards: 11/4 to 11/14[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Day Reward
Day 1 Btn coin gacha s.png Tears of Themis x1
Day 2 Energy Drink Basic Pack icon.pngEnergy Drink Basic Pack x3
Day 3 Oracle of Justice III icon.pngOracle of Justice III x25
Day 4 Btn coin gacha s.png Tears of Themis x1
Day 5 Btn coin s.png Stellin x15,000
Day 6 Energy Drink Basic Pack icon.pngEnergy Drink Basic Pack x3
Day 7 Btn coin gacha s.png Tears of Themis x1

Text Messages: 11/5 to 11/13[edit | edit source | hide]

Luke[edit | edit source | hide]

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
Reunion Anniversary
Text Message script

Luke: Did you see the photo I just sent you?

I did

You: I did. Didn't we take that photo back at the amusement park

Luke: Yeah. I didn't realize that I've been back in Stellis for so long, till I saw the photo.

Luke: This is the 100th day that we've been reunited!

Luke: It's a day to remember! We should celebrate!

I didn't...

You: Hmm? What photo?

Luke: The picture of us going to the amusement park last time!

Luke: This was taken three months ago. I've been back for a while now, it seems...

Luke: Oh, and it's also the 100th day of our reunion today.

Luke: How about we make it an anniversary and celebrate?

It's time to celebrate!

You: A celebration sounds fitting... We should go grab a big meal!

You: How does barbecue sound?

Luke: What a coincidence. I was just looking at a barbecue place that had really high ratings.

Luke: Oh Watson, we really do think alike.

Luke: Eh... The anniversary thing is actually just an excuse for me to ask you out.

Luke: Every day's an anniversary as long as we're together!

You're just trying to ask me out, aren't you?

You: You're just looking for an excuse to hang out, aren't you?

Luke: You got me. But I just really want to hang out with you.

Luke: There's a barbecue store in the Central Business District. Let's go eat to our heart's content!

Luke: Every day's an anniversary as long as we're together!


You: You're right! The date itself doesn't matter. What's important is being with the person that matters most.

You: So, don't you ever leave me again.

Luke: Don't worry, I won't.

Luke: I promised that I'd protect you. I plan on keeping that promise.


You: Every day's an anniversary, huh? Sounds exciting!

You: I'll remember those words. Every day is going to be an anniversary from now on.

Luke: Ok, I hereby declare that "Project Anniversary Every Day" is in effect!

Luke: I'm gonna get ready to leave. I'll see you downstairs.

Artem[edit | edit source | hide]

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
Important Decision
Text Message script

Artem: Are you free tonight?


You: Yeah. Do you need something, Mr. Wing?

Artem: I... made a reservation at the restaurant you liked. I'd like to ask you out for dinner.

Need to see a client

You: I have to meet a client tonight, but it shouldn't take long.

You: Mr. Wing, do you need something?

Artem: Perfect. I'll come with you. Afterwards, I'd like to take you out for dinner...

Artem: And, if it's not too late after dinner...

Artem: We can go for a drive or catch a movie.


You: Let's go for a drive! I want to go sightseeing!

You: But... Why are you taking me out for dinner all of a sudden?

Artem: I made a really important decision in the past...

Artem: And today marks the 100th day... of having made that decision.

Artem: So, today means a lot to me.


You: Let's go watch a movie. There's a new suspense thriller with great reviews!

You: But... dinner and a movie? Mr. Wing, is there some sort of special occasion today?

Artem: 100 days ago, I made a decision.

Artem: I hear that the number "100" has great sentimental value.

Artem: So I'd like to spend this anniversary with you.

What decision?

You: What kind of decision has made you this prudent? I'm curious!

Artem: Sorry. I can't tell you yet.

Artem: But, I'm sure I made the right decision.

Artem: ...I will tell you when the appropriate time comes.

Does it have to do with me?

You: It's not a decision that has to do with me, right?

Artem: You... I'll admit that it does have to do with you.

Artem: But I can't tell you what it is just yet.

Artem: I'm sorry, but I think time will tell.

Artem: One day, you'll know the answer.

Vyn[edit | edit source | hide]

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
Sweet Encounter
Text Message script

Vyn: My "La chance d'amour" has blossomed. Blooming season is here.

Vyn: Would you be interested in coming over to have a look?

What's "La chance d'amour?"

You: What's "La chance d'amour"?

Vyn: It is a type of rose. The fragrance is sweet, lovely and soothes one's heart.

Vyn: I believe you will like it.

New type of roses?

You: Is "La chance d'amour" the new rose you planted?

You: It finally bloomed!

Vyn: Yes. Albeit slightly earlier than I had expected.

Vyn: You have been quite busy these past few days. Would you like some flowers to ease your mood?

Vyn: Coincidentally, these are also the same roses I planted the day I first met you.

Vyn: So... I would like you to enjoy them with me.

Planted for me

You: It's as if these roses were planted just for me.

You: Sorry, that was just a joke. I hope you don't mind...

Vyn: No reason to apologize. You are correct.

Vyn: They are planted just for you, and they were meant for you.

Has great sentimental value

You: What a coincidence! These flowers seem to be very sentimental.

You: Then I'll have to come take a look at them.

Vyn: They are. They represent the voyage from when we first met to how we have grown so close now.

Vyn: In a way, they exist solely for us.

Vyn: Every anniversary from now, I will plant new roses of a different kind just for you.

Vyn: I hope our relationship will be one that lasts for a very long time.

Have a full garden

You: Doesn't that equate to us having an entire rose garden in the future?

You: Having tea that you made in a sea of flowers... That sounds so romantic.

Vyn: It is a beautiful sight. Your answers always manage to move me.

Vyn: Rest assured. I will definitely make it come true.

We'll plant them together

You: The two of us should be together for the anniversary to be meaningful.

You: Dr. Richter, let's plant roses together in the future.

Vyn: Sure. Hearing you say makes me look forward to our next anniversary.

Vyn: I believe that we will soon have a sea of flowers to call our own.

Marius[edit | edit source | hide]

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
Text Message script

Marius: Do you remember where we first met?

Stellis University

You: I do. We first met at Stellis University. I bumped into you on the way to the art exhibition.

Marius: Bingo! Correct!

Marius: I counted backwards and realized that we've known each other for 100 days since that day.

I can't remember...

You: I don't remember too clearly... I think I was on my way to an art exhibition and I bumped into you.

Marius: We met at Stellis University, and I brought you to the exhibition...

Marius: Ah, forget it. That's not the point here.

Marius: More importantly, I just counted and it's been 100 days since the day we first met.

Marius: So, today's our 100-day anniversary of knowing each other!

We've known each other for that long?

You: Wow, time passes by so quickly.

Marius: I know, right? Time really does fly.

Marius: Miss, shouldn't you spend such a memorable anniversary with me?

Should we celebrate?

You: Lemme guess. You want to celebrate?

Marius: You know me all too well!

Marius: Of course, we need to celebrate! It's a really important day!

Marius: Or, how about we take a fun trip down memory lane?

Marius: There's a Rembrandt exhibit that opened recently. Do you want to go?

Let's go!

You: I happen to be free today. Let's go!

You: I've been wanting to see that Rembrandt exhibit for a really long time!

Marius: I knew you liked it, so I've already got the tickets. I'm just waiting for you to nod.

Marius: I've decided! Every anniversary calls for a big celebration!

Marius: Life needs more ceremonial events. That's the whole point of anniversaries!

I'm overtiming...

You: Of course! But I'm stuck in overtime hours today...

Marius: Attorneys really are busy... Oh well, we still have more chances to go!

Marius: I'll bring some amazing food over for you at night.

Marius: It has to be somewhat ceremonial since that's the proper way to celebrate an anniversary!

Other Rewards[edit | edit source | hide]

Players received a letter from DAVIS with a gift of Btn money s.png S-Chip x200 on the 100th day of live service.

Dear Attorney,

today's the 100-Day Anniversary of your being in Stellis! As thanks for being here with us, DAVIS has prepared a little gift for you. Please accept it!


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