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Badges are a cosmetic feature. Players can select badges they've earned to display on their profile.

Badge List[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Judgment Badge.png Judgment Badge

Exclusive closed beta badge. Acquired only through completing specific closed beta tasks.

Rosa Badge.png Rosa Badge

Exclusive official registration badge. Acquired by registering on the official website. (Note: pre-registration only; badge is no longer obtainable)

Starry Magpie Badge.png Starry Magpie Badge

Our love will soar like the magpies among the stars. Exclusive "Summer Breeze" badge. Acquired by completing seven rounds in the "Summer Breeze" event.

Treasure Hunter's Badge.png Treasure Hunter's Badge

Nosta's case is closed! Exclusive "Mysteries of the Lost Gold" badge. Acquired by unlocking 98 areas in the "Mysteries of the Lost Gold" event.

Sweet Surprise Badge.png Sweet Surprise Badge

A sweet surprise for only you. Exclusive "Secrets of My Heart" badge. Acquired by reading the story "Birthday Celebration" in the "Secrets of My Heart" event.

Tabby Badge.png Tabby Badge

The little robot is overwhelmed with tears. Exclusive "Cleaning Robot MIA Case" badge. Acquired by unlocking and forming 7 complete paths in the "Cleaning Robot MIA Case" event.

Leisure Time Badge.png Leisure Time Badge

Enjoy this moment of laziness together. Exclusive New Home Day badge. Acquired by customizing 12 pieces of furniture for the Wooden Style in the "New Home Day" event.

Witch's Gift Badge.png Witch's Gift Badge

Thank you for your bravery and resolve. Exclusive "Symphony of the Night" badge. Acquired by unlocking all 7 Truths in the "Symphony of the Night" event.

Pumpkin Lantern Crest.png Pumpkin Lantern Crest

Mr. Jack-o'-Lantern says "Happy Halloween!" Exclusive "Howling Pumpkin" badge. Acquired by harvesting 600 pumpkins during the event.

Romantic Rail Badge.png Romantic Rail Badge

Make memorable memories during this trip! Exclusive Romantic Rail Getaway (I) badge. Acquired by completing both part 1 routes.

Sweet Surprise Crest.png Sweet Surprise Crest

A very happy birthday surprise! Exclusive "Lukey B-Day" badge. Acquired by reading the story "Birthday Celebration."

Festive Winter Badge.png Festive Winter Badge

Enjoy a wonderful winter with the snowmen! Exclusive "Xmas Partyland" badge. Acquired by visiting the Reindeer Workshop 6 times.

Hot Spring Duck Badge.png Hot Spring Duck Badge

Everyone needs a happy rubber ducky at the hot springs! Exclusive "A Love Poem to Skadi" badge. Acquired by fully exploring the Manor of Hermes.

Round Crisis Badge.png Round Crisis Badge

Hungry for sticky rice dumplings! Exclusive "Radiant Lantern Festival" badge. Acquired by completing 14 rounds of the Chubby Riceball Crisis Event.

Romantic Chocolate Badge.png Romantic Chocolate Badge

A thousand thoughts of him run through your mind. Exclusive "Sweet Melody" badge. Acquired by logging in seven days during the Sweet Melody Event.

Leisurely Getaway Badge.png Leisurely Getaway Badge

Sharing a leisurely time with you on vacation. Exclusive Romantic Rail Getaway (II) Badge. Acquired by completing both part 2 routes.

Cookie Expert Badge.png Cookie Expert Badge

What flavor of cookie do you want? I can make anything! Exclusive "Cooking Trials: Cookies" Event badge. Acquired by completing the cookie recipe index.

Electrifying Badge.png Electrifying Badge

Immerse yourself into the charm of trend culture together! Exclusive Electrifying Night Badge. Acquired by visiting the Trendy Bar 6 times.

Spring Steps Badge.png Spring Steps Badge

Have a fun and leisurely time in the spring garden. Exclusive Garden Home Day badge. Acquired by crafting 10 pieces of Late Spring Garden Style Furniture during the event period.

Tea Time Badge.png Tea Time Badge

Let's enjoy an afternoon tea together! Exclusive Sweet Afternoon Tea Badge. Acquired by unscrambling 8 pictures.

Cherished Time Badge.png Cherished Time Badge

Time passes, but you're still the only wish I have. Exclusive Day to Re-Live Forever badge. Acquired by reading the story "Birthday Celebration."

Roaring Sands Badge.png Roaring Sands Badge

Amidst boundless golden sand, who will watch over the ancient secrets? Exclusive "Secrets of the Tomb" badge. Acquired by completing the Phase 4 task list.

Cat Sphinx Badge.png Cat Sphinx Badge

Cat's body, cat's... Wait, isn't that just a cat?! "Secrets of the Tomb" Museum badge. Acquired by completing 14 rounds of the Memory mini-game.

Colorful Dreams Badge.png Colorful Dreams Badge

Meeting you is a dream come true. Exclusive "Menagerie of Lights" Badge. Acquired by reading the story "Birthday Celebration."

Light of Stellis Badge.png Light of Stellis Badge

Illuminate Stellis with the light of justice. Exclusive Civic Disputes Mediator Badge. Acquired by completing Complicated Dispute Mediation during Blissful Fête.

Luke's Vow Badge.png Luke's Vow Badge

You are my one and only treasure. Exclusive "Under the Milky Way" Card Badge.

Artem's Vow Badge.png Artem's Vow Badge

Like the red bean, my yearning is etched into my very bones. Exclusive "Eternal Yearning" Card Badge.

Vyn's Vow Badge.png Vyn's Vow Badge

Watching the flowers bloom with you. Exclusive "Committed" Card Badge.

Marius' Vow Badge.png Marius' Vow Badge

We will never be apart. Exclusive "Expression Through Art" Card Badge.

Times of Our Lives Badge.png Times of Our Lives Badge

Helping one another through difficult times will lead to profound love. Exclusive "Stellis Celebration" Badge. Acquired by completing all Phase 4 Celebration Tasks.

Sweet Freeze-Frame Badge.png Sweet Freeze-Frame Badge

Freeze-frame this moment of warm affection. Exclusive "Entwining Hearts" Badge. Acquired by completing all the Phase 2 tasks.

Youthful Days Badge.png Youthful Days Badge

Unspoken secrets amidst youthful days. Exclusive "Revisiting Youth" badge. Acquired by visiting the Classroom Café six times.

A Wish in the Light Badge.png A Wish in the Light Badge

Share in the warm light and exchange our wishes. Exclusive "A Wish in the Light" badge. Acquired by reading the story "Birthday Celebration."

Playful Badge.png Playful Badge

Enter the homely fairy tale world with you. An exclusive "Sweet Home Day" event badge. Acquired by crafting 12 pieces of Sweet Fairy Tale Furniture during the event period.