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"You are one comprehensive lexicon that I'd dedicate my life to study."


Gender Male
Age (when met) 29[1]
Birthday April 26[1]
Height 182 cm[1]
Blood Type A[1]
Occupation Attorney[1]

Voice Actors


赵路 (Zhào Lù)[2]


音箱 (Yīn Xiāng)


諏訪部順一 (Suwabe Junichi)[3]


장민혁 (Jang Minhyuck)
Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 左然 (Zuǒ Rán)

Japanese 左京静真 (Sakyo Shizuma)

Korean 백은후 (Baek Eunhu)

General[edit | edit source]

You Are My Themis
You were an unexpected addition to my routine life.
You're the first ray of sunlight in spring that brings forth new life.
Like how a sprout yearns to break through soil, I want to improve myself so I can support you through any adversity.
Before you and me lies a brand-new world, which may hold new uncertainties and challenges...
"But I wouldn't be the Artem you knew if I gave up so easily."[4]

A top attorney with a 99% win rate.

An attorney who's rarely ever lost in his entire career, Artem's expertise runs across a wide range of fields in a display of his elite status among his peers. Attorneys joining Themis Law Firm and working under this senior can expect to meet highly demanding standards in their work. The media's evaluation of Artem is an emotionless defense machine, and there are many who aspire to become a lawyer as good as he is.[2] Little do they know, this is because Artem has grown used to suppressing his emotions and impulses; no one can even begin to imagine the kind of past he bears...[5][6]

In Stellis City, Artem is a legend in the industry. He is one of few elite lawyers with an expansive generalist expertise, and his win rate is tracked at 99%.[2][1] He is an individual who is able to maintain absolute rationality and keep a cool head at all times, treating himself with such high standards akin to self abuse. It is no wonder he reaches these achievements[2].

Background[edit | edit source]

Artem gradutated Stellis University with a Doctorate in Law at age 25.[7] He comes from a family where both parents--Bryan Wing and Kimberly Garner[8]--are leaders in the field of law, but his outstanding abilities are his own. Artem's win rate shows he has already surpassed his parents in popularity, and he is a rising star in the judicial world.[1] Nevertheless, if it's necessary to keep him and those around him safe, Artem will not hesitate to use his family's weight--particularly his father's, who is the country's Chief Justice of the Supreme Court--to make others hesitate to do him harm.[8]

In 2026, Artem received his doctorate in law[9] and was invited by Celestine Taylor as a Senior Partner to Themis Law Firm.[1] After joining, the scope of the firm significantly increased and the firm quickly rose in industry ranks[10]. No one has heard of Artem losing a case during his time in Themis, so there are speculation that it occurred before he joined[11].

Artem Wing is currently the youngest senior attorney in Stellis City, having passed the Senior Attorney's bar exam--a test with a 1% pass rate--with flying colors in 2029 at age 28.[1]

Personality and Interests[edit | edit source]

He looks up to his previous mentor, Neil Hume, who is currently missing; Artem holds many of the same beliefs as Neil, including believing in evidence first and wishing for a day when attorneys are no longer necessary, and he's noted to sometimes bear a similar kind of demeanor, tone, and power in his words as his mentor.[8] In the eyes of those around him, Artem is strict but doesn't treat people unfairly[12]; he's noted as being particularly good at evaluating the skills of his subordinates and assigning work fairly to those best suited for various tasks.[8] He does not typically work weekends but will do so if his workload demands it, and he'll occasionally pull all-nighters if it's necessary.[11] Upon arriving at work, he tends to review the daily news.[13]

Artem claims he is actually clumsy and always had velcro straps on his shoes as a child.[14] His mother fondly recalls his misconception that the government arranges all marriages at that age, as well as Artem's unwanted popularity with girls once he grew taller.[15] Neil often brought a younger Artem along to nursing homes and hospitals, claiming Artem had more in common with the elderly than with his fellow students.[16] When it comes to love, Artem says he's willing to wait as long as it takes for "the one" rather than settling for someone else.[17]

Artem's hobbies and interests include:

  • Movies and drama: Artem is fond enough of movies to have garnered some fame as the internet film critic "Mockingbird."[18] He enjoys older movies, which he watches many times over, and he keeps a collection of physical copies. He also enjoys popular movies and names his favorite genres as art films and war films.[19] Artem believes that keeping up with movies and cultural works helps him understand others and perform better as an attorney. In addition to film, he appreciates drama in general, stating he likely would have chosen drama as a fallback if he hadn't been accepted to law school.[7]
  • Driving: Artem enjoys driving as a hobby and owns multiple vehicles; for day-to-day use, he prefers a black SUV, but he also enjoys driving a sports car from time to time.[20]
  • Health and fitness: Artem believes maintaining healthy habits is necessary for efficient work. He keeps a rigid schedule of lunches and dinners with meals he cooks the night before and planned reservations at restaurants through his work week.[21] He swims and exercises each morning,[22] and he plays bridge, viewing it as a mental exercise.[23]
  • Home cooking: Artem likes to cook and views his kitchen as the most important part of a residence, rarely allowing others into his own.[24] He owns a full set of professionally branded knives, utensils, and spices.[25]
  • Reading: Artem reads very quickly[26] and collects books for both work and pleasure on topics such as law, philosophy, filmography, science fiction, and foreign books.[27]
  • Outdoor hobbies: Artem is skilled with firearms -- particularly shotguns and pistols -- which were taught to him by mentor Neil Hume,[28] as well as fishing.[25]

Day Schedule[edit | edit source]

Work Itinerary—Artem Wing.jpeg

"I had breakfast at home, no need to prepare for me."

After-work Artem and at-work Attorney Wing are completely different. He will go into the kitchen when he's in a good mood. When he has some free time, he will watch movies or go out for a joyride. But not many people get to see this side of him. Calm, strict, and unyielding is the impression most people have of Attorney Wing.[29]

Artem's Workday Schedule[29]
07:00 Time to get up
07:15 Swimming exercises
08:00 Eat a home-made traditional breakfast
08:30 Drive to work
12:00 Lunch nearby the Themis Law Firm at a high-end restaurant, usual seat, usual meal
13:45 Fieldwork, or do administration for Themis
18:00 If not working overtime, go home and make dinner. If working overtime, same meal as lunch
21:30 Make progress with NXX related cases, or relax with a movie.
23:30 Wash up and sleep

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Chinese, Artem's name is 左然 (Zuǒ Rán)
    • Surname 左 means left (directional)
    • First name 然 can mean correct, thusly, "like this", "in this manner"
  • His tagline in Chinese translates to: "You are a profound and exquisite legislation, worth a lifetime of study."[2]
  • During Themis Law Firm's 2030 Annual Meeting game session, Artem was selected for Truth or Dare. A question for Truth was posed by Kiki Bennet: "Among people within the Law Firm, is there someone you have interest in? Please say their name!" Very put on the spot, Celestine Taylor gave him the option to sing a Chinese Huangmei Opera song 《夫妻雙雙把家還》(Husband and Wife Return Home) instead. The Main Character attempted to buy time for Artem, but Celestine asked if MC was offering to sing too as the song is a duet. Artem immediately jumped to MC defense saying he'll sing- "don't bully MC". Initially, he purposely sang the wrong lyrics to end the game sooner, but he was scolded by Celestine, who did not believe someone like High Standard Senior Lawyer Artem would get it wrong. MC spoke with Artem who gave a sheepish sigh and sang the song properly. His singing talent was very good, surprising all present at the meeting.[30]
  • There are many women who want to get to know Artem, but he is used to being alone and does not enjoy personal contact with others except for work circumstances. Many of his clients who want help in lawsuits are young women who want cross paths with him[2]
  • In addition to the occasional weekend and or all nighter when necessary,[11] Artem will also work into the Lunar New Year holidays.[30]
  • Personal phone is black theme and uses vibrate function[31]
  • Drinks coffee as beverage of choice[11]
  • Uses a fountain pen to write notes[11]

Translation Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Artem's "foreign book" collection is specifically noted to be German books in languages other than English.[27]

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