Artem Wing

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"You are one comprehensive lexicon that I'd dedicate my life to study."


Gender Male

Age 29

Birthday April 26

Height 182 cm

Blood Type A

Occupation Top Attorney

Voice Actors


赵路 (Zhao Lu)


音箱 (Yin Xiang)


诹访部顺一 (Suwabe Junichi)


장민혁 (Jang Minhyuck)

Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 左然 (Zuǒ Rán)

Japanese 左京静真 (Sakyo Shizuma)

Korean 백은후 (Baek Eunhu)

General[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

You Are My Themis

You were an unexpected addition to my routine life.
You're the first ray of sunlight in spring that brings forth new life.
Like how a sprout yearns to break through soil, I want to improve myself so I can support you through any adversity.
Before you and me lies a brand-new world, which may hold new uncertainties and challenges...

"But I wouldn't be the Artem you knew if I gave up so easily."[1]

A top attorney with a 99% win rate.

An attorney who's rarely ever lost in his entire career. His expertise runs across a wide range of fields, truly a display of his elite status among his peers. The standard to which he holds himself to is unimaginable. He only accepts the best effort of himself, never letting up. He can remain calm and logical at all times, which makes him not a big fan of those around him.

The media jokingly calls him an emotionless robot defense attorney. Little do they know, this is because Artem has grown used to suppressing his emotions and impulses. No one can even begin to imagine the kind of past he bears...[2][3]

Background[edit | edit source | hide]

He graduated from the Law School of Stellis University with a doctorate degree in law and passed the state's bar exam with flying colors.

Artem was recruited by Celestine to join Themis Law Firm as a senior partner in 2026. He has been the firm's ace attorney who can handle all types of cases and was regarded as a generalist rarely seen in the field.

Artem Wing is currently the youngest senior attorney in Stellis City. He looks up to his previous mentor, Neil Hume, who went missing.

Although Artem came from a family of law where both of his parents are renowned figures in the field, no one would attribute his success to his parents due to his own extraordinary capabilities and achievements. According to the statistics from Big Data Lab, having a court winning rate of 99.0%, Artem has long surpassed his parents in fame and reputation. Artem Wing is undoubtedly a bright rising star in the legal field.

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