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"Calling you "Miss" doesn't mean there's only cold, hard business between us."


Gender Male
Age (when met) 21[1]
Birthday June 21[1]
Height 188 cm[2]
Blood Type B[2]
Occupation Acting President of Pax Group[3]

Voice Actors


杨天翔 (Yáng Tiānxiáng)[2]


江志伦 (Chiang Chih Lun)


石川界人 (Ishikawa Kaito)


한신 (Han Shin)
Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 陆景和 (Lù Jǐnghé)

Japanese 和泉景(Izumi Kei)

Korean 유신우 (Yu Sinu)

General[edit | edit source]

To My Princess
I had never cared about what anyone thought of me until I met you.
It's because I understand that a sincere and genuine heart is the most precious treasure of all.
Like a proud cat that shows its real face only to those it truly cares for.
And like a stubborn cat that will never let go once it decides to latch onto you. I hope you're ready...
"My lovely princess."[4]

Heir to a global corporation who yearns for freedom.

As the heir of a conglomerate, everything Marius does is exposed by the paparazzi or media, resulting in few secrets and many headlines. Among the citizens of Stellis City, his reputation is surprisingly very high. But, high reputation is not always good as paparazzi often like to make explosive allegations. The media reports him as a carefree and rebellious playboy, and the outside world calls into question whether or not Marius has the ability to inherit such a large family business.[2] The head of Pax Group and the von Hagen family does not comment, allowing public opinion and speculation to run rampant.[1]

It is difficult to understand this second young master. The inconvenient demands Marius must deal with every day are unimaginable. The public and secret battles against the top executives of the family conglomerate is not for the faint hearted. Moreover, he dislikes hypocritical social rules and refuses to give face to those who flatter and fawn.[2] Perhaps instead of inheriting the family business, he would rather be free and unconstrained in creating art. Marius has completed an undergraduate course majoring in oil painting at the reputable Florence College of Art and is presently studying in the art department of Stellis University. One may think this kind of young master is ignorant and incompetent, but Marius' paintings are absolutely amazing. If one has the chance, it is highly recommended to check out his exhibitions.[2]

If one doesn't see Marius' news and photos but meets him on the main streets, one may not necessarily recognize him. The family's second master's usual dressing appears like an ordinary person, rarely wearing luxury brands. Most of the time, he wears unbranded clothes. Regardless of the burdens and responsibilities of being heir to the Pax Group and being a gifted and talented artist, in front of those he is close to, he will express his childish side.[2]

Born into the epicenter of the struggles of power, Marius grew tired of the endless scheming and politics. It's an inescapable masquerade ball, and all Marius hopes for is for him to never find his ball partner and let him be the only one that gets sucked into this bottomless abyss.[5][6]

Background[edit | edit source]

Marius enjoys good working relationships with his family and was set to inherit the Pax Group from his father, Austin von Hagen. However, his older brother, Giann von Hagen, was reassigned to an overseas project. The media reported this as a power struggle within the von Hagen family and called it the "Pax Civil War", which Marius denies.[7] Outside of his immediate family, he notes that the von Hagen family is large but neither close nor distant, only meeting at festivals once or twice a year.[8]

Outside his role as the acting CEO of Pax, Marius is a skilled painter. He graduated with honors from the Florence College of Art[9], a time he describes as special and extremely happy,[10], and he has returned to Stellis for post-graduate studies in art and art history in addition to his duties at Pax. He credits Van Kerrel with beginning his interest in art, having attended an auction he ran at age five.[11]

To distinguish Marius from his brother, directors and veteran Pax employees refer to him as "Mr. Marius," while outsiders tend to buy into his rich brat persona and call him "Master Marius" or, more respectfully, "Mr. von Hagen."[12]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Marius never knew his mother, Carenina Orinn,[13] who died shortly after he was born, but he feels a need to honor and protect her all the same;[14] he also grew up with close ties to Susan Wellington, or "Aunt Susan," who raised him and his brother after their mother died.[15]

Some of the distance between branches of the von Hagen family is imposed due to an incident that nearly led to Marius' death when a child from another branch of the family locked him in a basement freezer at age five. This led to Marius being raised in a spoiled and sheltered manner, as well as giving him a lasting fear of cold, dark places.[16] He once remarked that his father never punished him for doing anything bad as a child.[17].

Marius attended Starhigh High School, Stellis' most prestigious private school, but he only stayed for a year. His status as a von Hagen made him the target of significant unwanted attention, and when false rumors of a feud between him and his brother made the situation worse and affected Giann's recent position at Pax, Marius left the country at age 16 to attend high school abroad instead to protect his family, claiming it would help him get used to foreign cultures before his enrollment at the Florence College of Art. The move required him to start over since his previous credits weren't accepted, but he attained all necessary credits to graduate in only two years.[18]

Personality and Interests[edit | edit source]

Marius is accustomed to his celebrity status and seems to not notice crowds of interested onlookers wherever he goes.[17] He has remarked that despite the impression of power most people have of him, he has far less power and freedom as a result of his identity.[11] In regard to the negativity of press and public opinion surrounding him, he believes "life is too short to waste on people who don't like us"[19]. However, when that same negative attention begins to affect those close to him, it's often enough to move him to action to protect them.[20][17] He's far more concerned with others' reputation than his own, especially that of his brother, since he hopes that once Giann comes back, he'll be able to leave Pax and start painting again.[21]

He never checks the price of anything he buys,[15] and he uses his money for philanthropic causes such as covering hospital bills for sick children.[22] Due to his attendance of social situations where alcohol is unavoidable, Marius has a "great" alcohol tolerance, but he doesn't drink often because of the headaches he gets afterward.[23]

Despite his easygoing appearance and attitude, Marius' manner in business negotiations is sophisticated and sincere.[24] Those closest to him say that his skill is only partly due to talent, and that he works harder than anyone.[10] Compared to his brother, Marius is described as the more rational of the pair, better able to hide his joys and frustrations.[25]

Marius' hobbies, skills, and interests include:

  • Animals: Marius has a pharaoh hound he raised personally,[26] and in the past he owned an adopted stray dog named Rella, who's now in the care of friends overseas since Rella was bullied by Marius' enemies at the time.[27]
  • Art: Marius has a true appreciation for art and shows distaste for those who see art as nothing more than a status symbol.[28] He considers art his life's passion, preferring to keep Pax staff out of art-related issues when possible in order to keep it as personal space for himself,[29] but he feels very strongly about the fact that if forced to choose between Pax and art, he would never give up Pax.[30] Marius specializes in oil painting, having focused on the discipline during his time studying in Florence. His favorite painter in history is Rembrandt, and he says the modern-day painter "Z" is his idol and is the reason he always wears a "Z" pendant.[19]
  • Body Art: Marius has several piercings in his right ear. He has considered getting a tattoo, but its permanency keeps him from doing so.[10]
  • Extreme Sports: Believing in "work hard, play hard" as a motto, Marius holds a pilot's license that allows him to operate small aircraft and helicopters, as well as a boating license. He's also a certified skydiving coach and owns a skydiving club in Stellis as a personal investment outside Pax.[31][32] Additionally, Marius claims interest in mountaineering.[33]
  • Languages: In order to more easily understand art history-related literature, Marius learned Latin.[34] He may also speak Italian due to his years in Florence, and he has been observed writing occasional Italian words on his paintings as well.[35]
  • Movies: Although Marius enjoys horror movies, he's so frightened of them that he rarely has the opportunity to watch them, since he doesn't want to watch them alone but is wary of showing others such weakness.[14]
  • Music: Marius fancies himself an air guitar expert[36] and frequents a folk music bar that plays very old music to relax sometimes.[37]
  • Self-defense: Marius has been practicing self-defense from a young age.[38]

Story[edit | edit source]

Marius' painting idol, the anonymous "Z," is in fact Marius himself; he created the identity in order to separate himself from his art, so that people who see his paintings speak only about them rather than their painter.[39] Z's techniques are highly reminiscent of Rembrandt, earning Z the nickname "Rembrandt Jr."; Z's mystery and popularity cause news about him to spread even outside the art community, and his works fetch a high price among collectors.[40] However, since taking over at Pax, Marius has not had enough free time to release new paintings under his alias.[9]

Marius borrows lighting techniques from Klimt in his paintings, mixing gold foil with mica to soften the highlights rather than applying the foil directly to the painting; this was the key technique difference that proved a recent painting by Jason Sanders was a forgery.[41]

The trials Marius has faced in his personal story have made him more accepting of the fact that he can no longer preserve Giann's reputation at the expense of his own, and that his rocky position at Pax may be precisely because he tries to act unambitiously and gives the impression that he's incompetent. Now that he no longer sees Pax as a temporary burden, a freer Marius looks forward to the day he has a solid enough foundation there to continue to chase his dream and help those in need.[21]

Day Schedule[edit | edit source]

Work Itinerary—Marius von Hagen.jpeg

"Of course one must save time for leisure. For example, time for art."

There is always someone questioning if the frivolous Marius von Hagen can replace his older brother as the heir to Pax. The fact is, Marius must invest an extraordinary amount of effort to simultaneously balance commitments for Pax and his beloved art career[42].

With so little time in his schedule reserved for sleep, it's common enough for Marius to get tired in the middle of the day that he's developed a habit of taking a ten-minute nap whenever he's tired.[39]

Phone Available icon.png 00:00-00:30 Wash up and prepare for bed
Phone Available icon.png 06:00-06:04 Wake up and prepare to get out of bed
Phone Available icon.png 06:05-07:59 Wake up, shower, and grooming; review work plans and e-mails after breakfast
Phone Unavailable icon.png 08:00-08:59 Attend classes, handle company work, or go for conferences
Phone Available icon.png 09:00-09:59 Leisure time in between classes or work
Phone Unavailable icon.png 10:00-11:29 Take classes, go for conferences, or handle company work
Phone Available icon.png 11:30-12:59 Lunch
Phone Unavailable icon.png 13:00-14:39 Continue with classes, conferences, or handle company work
Phone Available icon.png 14:40-15:59 Leisure time in between classes or work
Phone Unavailable icon.png 16:00-16:59 Continue with classes, conferences, or handle company work
Phone Available icon.png 17:00-19:29 Exercise, then dinner
Phone Unavailable icon.png 19:30-19:59 Lessons with Vyn once a week; otherwise, focus on work or painting
Phone Available icon.png 20:00-20:59 Paint or take a break in between classes
Phone Unavailable icon.png 21:00-21:29 Take classes; otherwise, focus on work or painting
Phone Unavailable icon.png 21:30-21:59 Focus on work or painting
Phone Available icon.png 22:00-23:59 Paint or relax
Day Off
Phone Available icon.png 07:30-07:59 Wake up, shower, and grooming
Phone Available icon.png 08:00-10:59 Paint at the studio, go outside for extreme sports, or play games at home
Phone Unavailable icon.png 11:00-11:59 Handle company work
Phone Available icon.png 12:00-13:59 Rest and relax
Phone Unavailable icon.png 14:00-15:59 Transnational and urgent corporate meeting, or handle other work
Phone Available icon.png 16:00-16:59 Break from work
Phone Unavailable icon.png 17:00-18:29 Transnational and emergent corporate meeting, or handle other work
Phone Available icon.png 18:30-19:59 Break from work
Phone Unavailable icon.png 20:00-20:59 Emergent corporate meeting or focus on painting
Phone Available icon.png 21:00-23:49 Go home and rest
Phone Unavailable icon.png 23:50-00:00 Wash up and prepare for bed

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Marius' scent is described as brisk and in sharp contrast to his stylish image.[43] Sandalwood is also mentioned.[14]

Translation Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The tag-line for Marius in Chinese and English are extremely different. In Chinese, his tag-line is direct explanation where calling MC 姐姐 (elder sister) is nothing to do with familial sibling hierarchy. "Do not be mistaken [I don't mean it in that way]."
    • 姐姐 (Jiějiě) literally meaning older sister. Is also commonly used by someone younger towards an older girl within a similar age bracket. Outside of familial meaning, it is also used as an gentle endearment like "Miss".
  • 陆 (Lù) is a common trope surname in Chinese media. Common family name for overbearing president stereotypes and or family name of prominent families.

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