Marius von Hagen

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"Calling you 'Missy' doesn't mean I take you for a diva."


Gender Male

Age 21

Birthday June 21

Height 188 cm

Blood Type B

Occupation Heir of Pax Group

Voice Actors


杨天翔 (Yang Tianxiang)


江志伦 (Chiang Chih Lun)


石川界人 (Ishikawa Kaito)


한신 (Han Shin)

Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 陆景和/陸景和 (Lù Jǐng Hé)

Japanese 和泉景(Izumi Kei)

Korean 유신우 (Yu Sinu)

General[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

To My Princess

I had never cared about what anyone thought of me until I met you.
It's because I understand that a sincere and genuine heart is the most precious treasure of all.
Like a proud cat that shows its real face only to those it truly cares for.
And like a stubborn cat that will never let go once it decides to latch onto you. I hope you're ready...

"My lovely princess."[1]

Heir to a global corporation who yearns for freedom.

An heir to a massive corporation whose ways are always out of the ordinary, and who never follow the rules. Marius has a carefree and rebellious playboy public image, all to hide his true self. This is also the reason why the public doubts whether he is capable of inheriting and leading such a vast family corporation.

Born into the epicenter of the struggles of power. Marius grew tired of the endless scheming and politics. It's an unescapable masquerade ball, and all Marius hopes for is for him to never find his ball partner and let him be the only one that gets sucked into this bottomless abyss.[2][3]

Background[edit | edit source | hide]

Marius enjoys good working relationships with his family and is set to inherit the Pax Group from his father, Austin von Hagen. However, his older brother, Giann von Hagen, had resigned and went missing. The media reports this as power struggles within the von Hagen family and called it the "Pax Civil War", which Marius denies.

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