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The Stellis Big Data Analytics Lab, or the Big Data Lab for short, is a joint effort between Pax Technology and the Stellis City government. The Big Data Lab legally collects data from every aspect of society and then feeds them to a supercomputer to conduct analyses. The supercomputer then compiles the data into practical information that is primarily used to assist the city government in decision-making processes. The Big Data Lab also provides services for civilians, such as weather forecasts, financial data analyses, navigation, and traffic monitoring.[1]

The Big Data Lab also acts as the encyclopedia of game information on characters, locations, history, and more.

Figures[edit | edit source]

Modern Figures[edit | edit source]

Aaron Yishmir[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-01

Aaron is Luke's primary physician. While Aaron appears to be a doctor of a hospital in Stellis City, he is actually a medical doctor for the National Security Bureau. With a passion for detective novels, Aaron uses his alternative identity, Sphynx, in order to challenge and defeat misfit detectives who walk on the wrong side of the law.
DAVIS: This must be the romance of men.

Ailine Weiss[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 04-15

Ailine Weiss is the 31-year-old CFO of the Weiss Group and also the fiancee of Giann von Hagen. She and Marius are close because they grew up together.

Anne Croft[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mirage of Blooming Swords Prologue-4: Blooming Swords Suspicions

This young famous botanist is working in the rare plant laboratory of the Stellis Botanical Garden. Her cultivation of the special Sky Gladiolus has attracted much attention.

Anne Winston[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Redolent Nonage Event/Travel Wish IV

Anne Winston (February 3, 1920 - May 28, 2008) was an American amateur street photographer. She became known as Eye of the City due to her ability to capture the mid-century urban dynamic of major US cities in her works.
Anne was born in England and brought to New York by her family at the age of 3. As an adult, she worked for over 30 years as an aged care worker, and 80,000 photo negatives were discovered following her death. In 2011, a local historian named Jason unexpectedly got hold of her belongings, and only then were her photographic works researched and made widely known. Anne's legendary story was fought over by various major media groups and has been unanimously recognized by the photography industry.

Artem Wing[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

Artem Wing, 29, senior attorney, born on April 26th, 182cm, blood type A. He graduated from the Law School of Stellis University with a doctorate degree in law and passed the state's bar exam with flying colors.

Artem was recruited by Celestine to join Themis Law Firm as a senior partner in 2026. He has been the firm's ace attorney who can handle all types of cases and was regarded as a generalist rarely seen in the field.

Artem Wing is currently the youngest senior attorney in Stellis City.

Although Artem came from a family of law where both of his parents are renowned figures in the field, no one would attribute his success to his parents due to his own extraordinary capabilities and achievements. According to the statistics from the Big Data Lab, having a court winning rate of 99.0%, Artem has long surpassed his parents in fame and reputation. Artem Wing is undoubtedly a bright rising start in the legal field.

Artist "Z"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 01-01

Z is an emerging artist who has garnered much attention and fame in recent years; however, his true identity remains a mystery. The similarity of his style to the works of Rembrandt has earned him the epithet "Rembrandt Jr." among connoisseurs.

Austin von Hagen[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-14

Austin von Hagen, 59, the head of the Pax Group and the wealthiest family in the country. He has two sons: Giann (elder) and Marius (younger).

He announced his retirement in 2026 and is currently in semi-retirement.

Bob Davis[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-05

Bob was once a wealthy business man in Stellis. After his business failed, he torched his house and burned himself and his wife to death, leaving his son, Bobby, in critical conditions due to gambling debts.

Bryan Wing[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 06-03

Bryan Wing, currently 54 years of age, is on the Supreme Court.

Bryan graduated from law school at Stellis University where he finished his doctorate degree. His wife, Kimberly Garner, was also a student there. In his early years, he taught at Stellis University and later worked in the court system.

Ever since he became part of the Supreme Court, Bryan spends most of his time at the capital, returning to Stellis only during the Spring Festival. Different from the general impression of a serious judge, Bryan is gentle and elegant. Only those who have worked with him can appreciate his vigorous and resolute manner.

Bryce Thatcher[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Story 01-04

Bryce Thatcher, who has a very close relationship with Marius von Hagen, runs many famous brands, primarily sporting goods. He's always been interested in treasure hunting adventures. The "Treasure Island" event is also planned and sponsored by Bryce.

Celestine Taylor[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-06

Celestine, 32, is a graduate attorney at Themis Law Firm who graduated from the Law School of Stellis University with a Master of Laws degree.

Celestine founded Themis Law Firm in 2024 and has been its managing partner ever since. She primarily handles business disputes and suffered very few defeats, which earned her the nickname "Queen of Commercial Laws" within the legal community in Stellis.

Darius Morgan[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-06

Darius Morgan, 37, a captain of the Stellis City Police Department. He is in charge of major criminal investigations within the city's administrative jurisdiction.

Edward Nerwin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Voice of Comfort" Story 2

A famous foreign actor with superb acting skills that prefers to remain low-key. Online fans are upset that the actor has yet to win the Best Actor Reward, despite coming close more than a dozen times.

Evelyn Fuller[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Strange Invitation"

Evelyn Fuller, a graduate of Stellis University School of Economics and Management. Currently working at a famous geography magazine company, in charge of travels and tourism editorials.

Giann von Hagen[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 01-03

Giann von Hagen, 31, the firstborn son of Austin von Hagen and the elder brother of Marius. He is the heir to the Pax Group and the official CEO.

Giann officially took over the Pax Group in 2026 as its CEO. He was widely praised in the business world and enjoyed a good reputation for his talent and elegant demeanor.

In 2029, Giann was temporarily reassigned to a secret project overseas and ceased all public appearances. However, according to the official public announcement, Giann von Hagen is still the CEO of the Pax Group.

Giovanni[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Dream of Thebes" Story 6

Giovanni is the stage name adopted by George Vance. George is the youngest son in the Vance family, a tycoon in the shipbuilding industry. George abandoned a life of luxury to pursue his dreams and moved to Stellis, where he works as a model.

Hanson Collins[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 01-04

Hanson is employed by the Pax Group to be in charge of art exhibitions. He has a long-standing working relationship with the Pax Group.

Howard Syter[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-16

Howard Syter is one of the founders of Baldr Legal Office and a predominant figure in Stellis City's legal community.

Although Baldr's quarterly profits far exceeded Themis Law Firm's, Howard Syter and William Lewis still consider Artem Wing and Themis Law Firm their greatest rivals in the business. Unfortunately, they have constantly been in losing battles.

Jack Barlow[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-05

Jack Barlow, son of Orson Barlow, held a grudge against Joshua Ott because of the lighter sentence and involvement in his father's death. He grew up to be a reporter and vowed to avenge his father.

Jacque Dennis[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Perfect Partner" Story 2

Jacque Dennis is a famous singer from this country. His career started 15 years ago, and he has held several global tours. His fans regard him as a musical paragon.
DAVIS: Is Jacque Dennis' new song out today? Nope.

Janet Winton[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 03-03

Janet Winton, the only female and second in charge of The Golden Lions, was involved romantically with Joshua Ott. She secretly stashed the gold from the heist, so she and Joshua could elope. Before her death, she wrote the clues to the secret stash down onto a parchment.

Jason Sanders[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 02-13

Jason Sanders, a young oil painter, remained nameless for most of his career. However, his recent involved in the "Z Reproduction Art Fraud" case brought him and his paintings into the spotlight. After the case ruling, Pax Art Fund announced they were signing Jason Sanders officially.
DAVIS: This is a blessing in disguise! Do your best, Jason!

Jenkins Wood[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-11

Jenkins is a private doctor whose clients are mostly celebrities and wealthy businessmen. In addition to general medical services, he also offers paternity testing.

Jeremy Ramirez[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 01-05

Jeremy is a top IT specialist who manages and maintains many multinational companies' cloud operations. He keeps a busy schedule. Jeremy first confessed his love for Celestine in college, but he was rejected. However, he didn't give up, and his dedication eventually earned her affection.

Johann Brose[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Strange Invitation"

Johann owns a lodge and operates a bar in Vikya. He is a well-known and popular figure in the city, especially among women.

Joshua Ott[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-05

Joshua Ott is the only lucky survivor of the Great Gold Heist. In exchange for a lighter sentence, Joshua confessed and revealed the location of part of the gold. With psychiatric help from Zachary Clarke, Joshua was released from prison early.
DAVIS: Looking at this guy's information, I can feel something is off...

Juno Watson[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "False Tears" Story 4

Juno Watson is a talented violinist who is known as the "Violin Duo" together with Zoe Nelson.

In a violin competition a few years ago, Juno pushed Zoe down the stairs, causing severe hand injuries, forcing Zoe to forfeit the competition. Juno was then arrested by the police.

The doctors diagnosed Juno with severe bipolar disorder and had her admitted to the Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center for treatment. However, just before her recovery, Zoe's vengeance and unfavorable public opinions led to Juno committing suicide by jumping off the building. She survived the fall but has become permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

Kiki Bennet[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

Kiki Bennet, 23, graduated from the Law School of Stellis University with a bachelor's degree in law. She joined Themis Law Firm in 2029 and has been working as a legal intern.
DAVIS: The advancement exam is no joke! Kiki, I know you have it in you to pass it and become a graduate attorney!

Kimberly Garner[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 06-03

Kimberly Garner, currently 53 years of age, is the Assistant Dean of the Law School at Stellis University. She also teaches there.

Kimberly graduated from law school at Stellis University where she finished her doctorate degree. Her husband, Bryan Wing, was also a student there. After graduating, Kimberly stayed in the school system as a professor. Since then, she's become internationally renowned, especially in the field of commercial law.

In most public appearances and the classroom, Kimberly is a very serious person, but those that are close to her will find her to be gentle, thoughtful, and even funny at times.

Kirstie Gonzales[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Near and Far" Story 6

Kirstie is a patient with dissociative identity disorder (DID). According to media reports, Kirstie's violent personality stabbed her boyfriend at the prom, which led to her arrest. However, the specifics have yet to be verified.

Luke Pearce[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-05

Luke Pearce, 24, born on December 5th, 180cm, blood type O. He graduated from National Central University with a Master's degree in bioengineering. He is currently a well-known detective in Stellis City and the owner of Time's Antiquities, an antique shop.
DAVIS: Luke Pearce was born and raised in Stellis, but how come there's very limited information on him...

Marius von Hagen[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-14

Marius von Hagen, 21, was born on June 21st, the second son of Austin von Hagen, the head of the family.

Having an elite education and a passion for fine arts since he was a child, Marius was admitted to the world's top art school, Florence College of Art, under the age of 18, where he majored in oil painting. In 2029, Marius completed his undergraduate studies ahead of schedule, earning a bachelor's degree with honors, and returned to Stellis to take over the Pax Group as its CEO.

Even so, he did not give up on his pursuit of art; in 2030, during a spring enrollment at Stellis University, he was admitted as a graduate student in the Department of Art and Art History.

Finding a balance between his job and his academic studies was the first dilemma Marius faced. While many business and financial experts often call Marius "young and arrogant," such harsh comments are rarely heard from within the company, which sparked various public speculations.

Martyn Campbell[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Narrow Road" Story 6

Martyn was a project director in a subsidiary company of the Pax Group. He was fired due to being falsely implicated in the case relating to the use of hazardous plastic materials in children's tableware products.

Mockingbird[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 2

Mockingbird is the alias of a famous internet film critic whose identity remains unknown. Known for his wide range of knowledge in many professional fields and his well-expressed viewpoints, his movie reviews have garnered a reputation for being the best in the business. He has a unique writing style, and the contrast between his shrewd observations and the adorably confused comments he occasionally makes is another reason for his rapid rise in popularity. Every review he writes spreads like wildfire on the internet thanks to the millions of fans that follow him.
DAVIS: His fans calling him their "hubby" has caused him some frustration, which explains why he doesn't ever reply to the comments.

Neil Hume[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 01-01

Neil Hume, 43, a renowned civil lawyer who is also both a professor and a doctoral advisor at the Law School of Stellis University.

Neil is very passionate about doing pro bono for the public; he has been traveling extensively alone for his commitments to serving the public. However, he suddenly went missing last year. Neil also had a history of going dark to infiltrate crime organizations, so his friends and relatives have speculated that he must be involved in a certain criminal investigation again.

Nolan Zeng[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Blizzardous Threads of Red Main Story Prologue

Nolan Zeng, the original owner of Blizzard Villa, was an antique appraiser that lived to the age of 81. Early in his life, he got into a car accident that resulted in the death of his wife and child. Afterward, his personality changed greatly, and he moved into an ancient manor deep in the mountains.

Orson Barlow[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-05

Orson Barlow was a normal fisherman who happened upon Nosta while he was out fishing one day. He was killed by the bandits hiding there, leaving behind a sick wife and two underage children.
DAVIS: What an unforeseen disaster... I pity his family.

Ragnar[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gentleman's Game" Story 6

Ragnar came from the Kingdom of Svart to participate in the international equestrian competition held in Stellis.

Ragnar studied in the Royal Academy of Svart at the same time as Vyn, and the two are related to each other by blood.

Ricardo Miller[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Dream of Thebes" Story 1

Ricardo is a new modeling talent and the winner of the 2030 Stellis Modeling Competition.

Rin Reiner[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-06

Rin Reiner, a graduate of Stellis University, was originally a PUA-team secretary in charge of documentation for all their "prey." Because her appearance allowed her to pose easily as a victim of PUA, she was told to pretend to be the college girl that people were searching for.

Sherry Lamber[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 01-04

Sherry Lamber was formerly a teacher at Stellis Orphanage. She was a victim of severe cyberbullying.

Sphynx[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-03

Sphynx is a legend among the detective circle in Stellis, and their public enemy number one. Sphynx often challenges detectives to riddles and has defeated countless number of them.

Stephon Jacobs[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-09

Stephon Jacobs, alias "Lance," is a part-time patissier and also a newbie pickup artist.

Susan Wellington[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Eye of the Beholder" Story 5

Susan Wellington was a domestic worker since her youth and accompanied Marius and his mother to the von Hagen estate. She had cared for both Marius and Giann since they were children. While Marius was studying abroad at Florence, she was diagnosed with late-stage Alzheimer's disease. She became unable to care for herself, and also forgot the names of people around her. She currently resides in a first-rate nursing home that specializes in caring for residents with Alzheimer's.

Sven Phillips[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 01-01

Sven Phillips is a director at the Oil Painting Association and also an appraiser of oil paintings. He resides in the capital.

Tobias Becker[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Matching Tattoos" Story 1

Eugene is a famous tattoo artist who attended the same university as Marius.

Tyson Turner[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-18

Tyson Turner, 55, is one of the founders of Heirson Health Products and also its current president.

Vera Walton[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-09

Vera Walton is a student at Stellis University and the victim of a pick-up artist.

Vyn Richter[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-17

Vyn Richter, 27, born on September 27th, renowned psychologist/psychiatrist, owner of Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center, visiting professor at the School of Psychology of Stellis University. Vyn was born in the Kingdom of Svart; he moved to Stellis City in 2028 and became a naturalized citizen.

Vyn Richter earned his reputation as an expert psychologist/psychiatrist young. He currently holds both a doctorate degree in psychology and pedagogy in the Kingdom of Svart. Additionally, he also holds an international license in clinical psychology and hypnotism.

After settling in Stellis City, Vyn has devoted himself to the study of criminal psychology and has published several academic papers. His attractive looks and elegancy in speech have attracted the attention of the media to dig into his past and background, but no definitive information was ever uncovered.

In 2028, Vyn Richter and Giann von Hagen co-founded the Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center, where Vyn serves as the chief researcher.

Wayne Hanks[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-06

Born in a small city, Wayne Hanks, also known as Westley Handerson, worked as security for a bar. After learning PUA through the internet, he began to mentor others on a streaming platform.
DAVIS: There are plenty of viewers on the streaming platform, but none of them seems to be clever.

Zachary Clarke[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-05

Zachary Clark is a psychiatrist with background in law and psychology. Working in Stellis prisons, he's responsible for the psychological health of all the inmates. Zachary's work with inmates require him to take periodic psychological evaluations, which are performed by Vyn Richter.
DAVIS: Psychiatrists are also under a great deal of stress. I wonder how Dr. Richter deals with the stress.

Zangr Stewart[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-07

Zangr, one of the treasure hunters partaking in the Treasure Island event, is a mysterious person who has an eccentric personality.

Zoe Nelson[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "False Tears" Story 4

Zoe Nelson is a talented violinist who is known as the "Violin Duo" together with Juno Watson.

In a violin competition a few years ago, Zoe was pushed down the stairs by Juno, who had depression, and suffered hand injuries, which forced her to forfeit the competition.

Upon her return, she sought vengeance against her rival, Juno, via verbal attacks, which directly led to Juno committing suicide by jumping off the building.

Historical Figures[edit | edit source]

Achille-Claude Debussy[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-13

Achille-Claude Debussy, a French composer, was one of the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His representative works include: Le Mer (orchestral), Clair de lune (piano), and Pelléas et Mélisande (opera).

Aeschylus[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Two Hearts as One" Story 3

Aeschylus, also known as the father of tragedy, was one of the three great tragedians in ancient Greece, along with Sophocles and Euripides. His masterpieces include Agamemnon, Prometheus Bound, and so on.

Chesterfield[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-01

Philip Dormer Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, British politician, and writer, became famous for the letters he wrote to his illegitimate son, Philip Stanhope. In these letters, Philip continued to pass on the experiences and wisdom of his eventful life to his son, who later goes on to become an outstanding diplomat. The letters were compiled and named "Letters to His Son." It was published and crowned as the guidelines of parental teachings in England.

In Philip's 1747/10/2 letter to his son, he talks about the concept of "human nature." He believed that "nature was the same three thousand years ago as it is at present; that men were but men then as well as now; that modes and customs vary often, but that human nature is always the same."

Christina Georgina Rossetti[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-13

Christina Rossetti, famous English poet, became popular because of Goblin Market and In the Bleak Midwinter.

Clara Schumann[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Under the Milky Way" Story 2

Clara Schumann (September 13, 1819 - May 20, 1896) was Germany's most famous female pianist of the 19th century. Clara began to learn piano at the early age of five, gave her first public concert at the age of nine, and began touring Europe at the age of twelve. She had a reputation for being the "genius girl pianist." She met Schumann when she was just a young girl. Although they loved each other dearly, her father strongly opposed the marriage until they were finally married in 1840. When Schumann died of mental illness at the age of 37, Clara raised their children alone.

George Bernard Shaw[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-01

George Bernard Shaw (July 26th, 1856 —— November 2th, 1950) was an Irish playwright and one of the great modern British writers of realistic comedy. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925.

Gustav Radbruch[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Atmospherics" Story 2

The concepts from Artem's defense comes from Gustav Radbruch.

Gustav Radbruch was a famous German legal scholar and politician and the author of numerous books on the theories and philosophy of law, including Introduction of Jurisprudence, The Spirit of English Law, Primer on the Philosophy of Law, and so on.

He states in his Introduction of Jurisprudence, Ever since the existence of criminal law, countries have dual responsibilities that is inherently paradoxical. Not only does criminal law have to provide protection for countries and criminals from each other, it also has to do the same for citizens. It has become the Magna Carta of citizens against the arbitrary and wrongful laws.

Hepharet[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Secrets of the Tomb Main Story Prologue

Hepharet broke the kingdom's male-only tradition as the first female Pharaoh of ancient Khaimit. She led the entire kingdom into a long reign of prosperity, and it became the strongest country in the land. She was an outstanding woman, deserving of the praise of future generations.

Johannes Brahms[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Under the Milky Way" Story 2

Johannes Brahms (May 7, 1833 - April 3, 1897) was a famous German composer. Along with Bach and Beethoven, they were known as the "Three Bs" in the history of German music.

In 1853, Brahms met the Schumanns for the first time and became good friends. However, Brahms never married, and his relationship with Clara, with whom he was more than friends, lasted for 43 years.

John Milton[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-08

John Milton was an English poet and intellectual best known for his epic poems Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.

Joseph Haydn[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-01

Franz Josef Haydn was a composer in the Classical period born in Rohrau, Austria. Haydn was a key contributor in Viennese Classicism, and his contributions have earned him the epithets "Father of Symphony" and "Father of String Quartet."

Liszt[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Committed" Story 3

Franz Liszt was a famous Hungarian composer, pianist and conductor. He was one of the most outstanding representatives of early Romanticism.

Over the course of his career, Liszt composed many songs, as well as many opera adaptations. Unparalleled in his mastery over the piano, he was able to express things through the piano that no one else could. He was also responsible for creating the orchestra effect on the piano and the piano recitals. Liszt has been hailed as the King of Piano.

Michelangelo[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "A Bespoke Romance" Story 1

Michelangelo Buonarroti (March 6th, 1475 — February 18th, 1564) was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet of the Renaissance. Along with Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael Sanzio, he is known as one of the three greatest Renaissance painters. Some of his notable works were David, Genesis, and The Last Judgment.
With his short temper, Michelangelo had trouble socializing with most artists of his time. One time, at an artist exchange, Michelangelo bluntly criticized the work of a famous sculptor of the time. His critique was so harsh that the sculptor broke the bridge of his nose in anger. This is only one example of Michelangelo's temper.
DAVIS: So... this is a real artist...

Niccolò Paganini[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "False Tears" Story 1

Niccolò Paganini was an Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, and composer. He was the most celebrated violin virtuoso of his time and left his mark as one of the pillars of modern violin techniques.

Pablo Neruda[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Perfect Partner" Story 3

Pablo Neruda was a famous Chilean poet who won a Nobel Prize for Literature.

Paul Cézanne[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Narrow Road" Story 4

Paul Cézanne was a famous French artist who used planes of color and small brushstrokes that build up to form complex fields. He is said to have formed the bridge between late 19th-century Impressionism and Cubism of the early 20th century.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-04

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, who specialized in portraits, landscape paintings, and religious paintings, is renowned for his use of light and shadows.

Robert Schumann[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Under the Milky Way" Story 2

Robert Schumann (June 8, 1810 - July 29, 1856) was a German composer and music critic in the 19th century.

Schumann had been in a relationship with Clara, the daughter of his teacher Vic, for many years, but Vic firmly opposed it. They weren't officially married until 1840, which Schumann called the "year of the songs" because their love stimulated Schumann's creative passion. It was the year in which Schumann wrote 138 songs.

Theo van Gogh[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-09

Theodorus "Theo" van Gogh was a Dutch art dealer and the younger brother to Vincent van Gogh.

Verdi[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Two Hearts as One" Story 3

Giuseppe Verdi was a famous Italian composer and renowned opera master. Over the course of his career, he composed 26 operas and 7 duets, with his notable works including La Traviata, Rigoletto, Othello, and much more.

Vincent van Gogh[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-09

Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch post-impressionist painter. His most representative works include The Starry Night, his self-portraits, and his paintings of Sunflowers.

Works[edit | edit source]

Music[edit | edit source]

"All I ask of you"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Committed" Story 3

Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilger, this song was played at the end of Act 1 in the musical, Phantom of the Opera.

Caprice No. 24[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "False Tears" Story 1

Caprice No. 24 in A minor is the final caprice of Niccolò Paganini's 24 Caprices, and a famous work for solo violin. The caprice, in the key of A minor, consists of a theme, 11 variations, and a finale. His 24 Caprices were probably composed in 1807, while he was in the service of the Baciocchi court.

It is widely considered one of the most difficult pieces ever written for the solo violin. It requires many highly advanced techniques.

"Clair de lune"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-13

Clair de lune is the third and most famous movement of Suite bergamasque by Debussy.
DAVIS: Clair de lune is also Debussy's piano depiction of Verlaine's poem of the same name!

"Emperor"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-01

The full name of Haydn's Emperor is actually String Quartet No. 62 in C major, Op. 76, No. 3, Hob.III:77, Emperor, which identifies it as: Quartet No. 62 in C Major, Opus 76, No. 3 (in the Hoboken catalogue, where its full designation is Hob.III:77).

"I Want to Spend My Life With You"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 01-05

The poem of the same name is written by Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva, known as "the greatest Russian poet of the 20th century." Her poems often focus on the themes of life and death, love, art, and the times. Her poems have been praised as immortal and monumental. The song was adapted from the poem by an unknown band, which has since disbanded. Therefore, the stories behind its creation are lost.

"Liebestraum"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Committed" Story 3

Liszt composed this piano piece by adapting from three songs he composed.

All three pieces to Liebestraum are serenades, the most famous of which is the third in A-flat Major. It focuses on the mood of Ferdinand Freiligrath's poems.

Love is Just A Dream[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-01

"Love Is Just A Dream," a violin piece in the album "Millennium Romance" by Korean composer Claude Choe, combines the themes of western classical music and eastern culture. It derives kind and romantic melodies that soften the heart and fills the soul.
D.A.V.I.S.: I know this song! It's extraordinary! I even planned on using it as my personal BGM. But people complained that it was putting them to sleep, so I had to find another song...

"'O sole mio"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-06

'O Sole Mio is a Neapolitan song written in 1898. It is composed by Eduardo di Capua and Alfredo Mazzucchi (composers) with Giovanni Capurro as the lyricist. It was also the most representative work of the Italian operatic tenor, Luciano Pavarotti.

The copyright of the melody will not become public domain until it expires in 2042.

Por Una Cabeza[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Por Una Cabeza" Story 3

Por Una Cabeza is a famous Spanish tango song composed by Argentine singer Carlos Gardel.

The song, comparing an addiction to horse racing with an attraction to woman, is the perfect representation of Argentine tango. It was used in the movie The Tango - Scent of a Woman, which turned the scene into a classic. Many other films and works have used this song as well.

"Salut d'Amour"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gentleman's Game" Story 5

Salut d'Amour is a musical work composed by Edward Elgar in 1888, originally written for the violin and piano. Elgar gave Salut d'Amour to Caroline Alice Roberts as an engagement present. The piece adopts the ternary form and exhibits the classic style of a serenade.

"Serenade"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Under the Milky Way" Story 2

The second and third movements of "Serenade No. 2 in A Major" were composed by Brahms for Clara as a birthday present.

"Serenade of the Stars"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Gentle Street Performance"

"Serenade of the Stars" is a popular song adapted from a local folk song in Lombardia. The melody is gentle and soft, like lovers whispering under the night sky. Listeners can't help but be captivated by the love and affection of a deceased lover.

Spanish Romance[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Overtone" Story 5

Spanish Romance is a guitar piece in the style of Parlour music of the late 19th century in Spain or South America. It was featured in the Spanish movie, Forbidden Games (1952). It is considered to be a piece that all guitar players have to learn.

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-07

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is a popular English lullaby, sung to the tune of the French melody "Ah, vous dirai-je, maman" with lyrics written by an English poet Jane Taylor.
DAVIS: I'm really good at this song.

"Two Tigers"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Sweet Felicity Fortune: Sweetness within the song

"Two Tigers" is a children's song with lyrics adapted from the foreign original, "Yorkshire Brothers." Its adaption is deeply loved by children domestically.
DAVIS: Two tigers... two tigers... I know the song as well!

"The Wind at Dawn"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gentleman's Game" Story 5

The poem was written in 1880 by Caroline Alice Roberts before she had met Edward Elgar, though they were married in the year after the song was written. Roberts offered the poem to Elgar as a return gift for his Liebesgruss.

"Wouldn't It Be Nice"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Inner Sanctum" Story 6

A song by the Beach Boys from the 1960s.

Arts[edit | edit source]

"Devour"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gilded Gloaming" Story 1

A signature piece of Svart's renowned artist Lucian. This piece was once in the collection of the Haspran Family, it was later donated to the Svart National Art Gallery to be put on permanent display. "Devour" describes Svartian folklore: The titan that once ruled the earth became enraged and started to devour its people.

Lake Tahoe[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-12

Lake Tahoe is a renowned landscape water painting much sought after for its flowing colors and visually-pleasing style.

"Little Thieves"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 02-09

"Little Thieves" is a romantic piece by the famous artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The painting depicts a scene where a mother is holding her daughter up in the air. Bouguereau's delicate work perfectly portrays the natural beauty of women and the posture of a mother's love. The painting is elegant, and romantic, portraying the strong emotion and bond between mother and child.

Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-12

Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers. Three variations exist. The 4th version is kept at the National Gallery in London, England; the repetition of the 4th version is kept at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands; and the replica of the 4th version is kept at Sompo Japan Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan.

Vase with Five Sunflowers[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-12

Vase with Five Sunflowers (August, 1888) is considered to be the second in the series. It was destroyed during an US air raid of Osaka, Japan in WWII.

Vase with Three Sunflowers[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-12

Vase with Three Sunflowers (August, 1888) is considered to be the first in the series. It is currently part of a private collection.

Vase with Twelve Sunflowers[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-12

Vase with Twelve Sunflowers. Two variations exist. The 3rd version is kept at Neue Pinakothek in Munich, Germany, while the repetition of the 3rd version is kept at Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, United States.

"Sunflowers"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-09

Sunflowers is the name of two series of still life paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The more commonly-known series is the second series executed from 1888 - 1889 in Arles, showing a bouquet of sunflowers in a vase. The series features three, five, twelve, and fifteen sunflowers in a vase. The pieces are divided up and kept at Sompo Japan Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, United States, National Gallery in London, England, and Neue Pinakothek in Munich, Germany.

Out of the seven paintings of sunflowers, one was destroyed in WWII, and three are repetitions of the others in the series.

"The Card Players"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-04

The Card Players is a series of oil paintings by the French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne. Painted during Cézanne's final period in the early 1890s, there are five paintings in the series.

"The Night Watch"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-04

Commonly referred to as The Night Watch, the name of the painting is actually Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq, also known as The Shooting Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch. It is currently in the collection of the Amsterdam Museum.

Literature[edit | edit source]

The Analects of Confucius - Ji Shi[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-43

In the Analects of Confucius, one of the story goes: if the tiger and rhino escape from the cage and turtle shells and jades are destroyed in the process, who is at fault?

The villains become friends out of common interests[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Kahn's Family Secret

"The villains become friends out of common interests. And when they have the same interest, they will view their temporary party as friends, although fake."
"On the Partisanship of Friendship" was written by Ouyang Xiu, a writer in the Song Dynasty, in which he put forth the view that "villains don't have a party, only gentlemen do." He utilizes many rhetorical devices to criticize the friends of villains who are harmful to the country and expresses his wishes to befriend more gentlemen.
DAVIS: There are many articles from that era in the Big Data Lab! I-I haven't read them yet.

Bizarre Gardens[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 10-22

"When Wen Qiao passed through Niu Zhuji, he heard music from under the river, which looked deep and immeasurable. Numerous monsters were rumored to be living under the water. Wen Qiao quickly lit up a rhinoceros horn and held it to the water. As he expected, he saw many strange monsters coming to put out the fire."
Extracted from "Bizarre Gardens," written by Liu Jingshu. It has recorded many mysteries.
DAVIS: It looks like this book isn't a good choice for a bedtime story, but luckily, DAVIS doesn't need to sleep~ Nothing is taboo for DAVIS, and all evil avoids me!

Book of Deuteronomy[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-15

Deuteronomy, a book in the Old Testament, contains 34 chapters. It records the future of the Israelis, the difficulties they will face on the other side of the Jordan River, and the final message Moses gave to his people.

In chapter 32 verse 11, Moses uses an analogy of an adult eagle teaching her young to explain how God is helping the Israelis, forcing them out of their comfort zone to grow under the protection of God. "...He found him in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him. He guarded him as the apple of his eye, like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them aloft."

Broken Verse[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Autumn Dreams" Story 4

Modern poetry, created by the poet Bian Zhilin. It combines beautiful imagery with the philosophical thinking of the universe and life. The poems are meaningful and charming.

"Classic of Poetry - Airs of the States - Zheng Feng - The Weeds"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "The Weeds" Story 3

"The weeds creep with dewdrops in the field. And there is a beautiful girl with bright eyes." It is a line from a poem in the "Classic of Poetry." The poem contains two chapters and uses the writing technique of reiterative sentences. With excellent wording and neat arrangement, the poem describes a young man who encountered a beautiful girl and fell in love with her, firing the audience's imagination about romance.

"The Castle"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Depth of Desire" Story 3

This passage is from German novelist Franz Kafka's unfinished book, "The Castle," which has a mysterious, nightmarish atmosphere with profound meaning throughout.
This passage reads:
"...what keeps me from you even though I can't think of any greater happiness
than to be with you all the time, without interruption, endlessly, even though I feel
that here in this world there's no undisturbed place for our love, neither in the village
nor anywhere else. And I dream of a grave, deep and narrow, where we could clasp each
other in our arms as with iron bars, and I would hide my face in you and you would hide
your face in me, and nobody would ever see us any more."

"The Count of Monte Cristo"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 07-28

Written by French author Alexandre Dumas, it tells the story of Edmond Dantes, who was falsely imprisoned for 14 years. After escaping, he finds a treasure and becomes the "Count of Monte Cristo," swearing revenge on those who wronged him. It has received critical acclaim and has been adapted into film, TV shows, drama, and so on.

"The Fall of Lady Sartelle"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Unconcealable" Story 2

A play with three acts, written by an overseas writer, tells the story of the life of Lady Sartell. Although the play has never been performed in Stellis, many people have gone to see it because of the Sartelle Rose.

"Heart Medicine"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Forget Not Your Love Event Chapter 2 Exclusive Interactions

It is unknown who the original author of "Heart Medicine" is, but it is said to be a mysterious noble in the Middle Ages. The piece tells the story of a psychiatrist and a lawyer working together to save a patient and falling in love with one another in the process. Due to its intrinsic details in describing the symptoms of the patient, the piece is a very useful reference. On top of that, its content is fulfilling and interesting. This piece is widely praised by those who work in the medical field.

"The Interaction of Law and Religion"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-07

The words that Neil Hume said to Artem Wing were adapted from "The Interaction of Law and Religion," a famous book by Harold Berman.
An original excerpt is as follows: Law without faith degenerates into legalism. Faith without law degenerates into religiosity. Law has to be believed in, or it will not work.

"The Lantern Festival Night - to the tune of Green Jade Table"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Mirage of You" Story 6

"In the crowd once and again, I searched for him in vain. But then, when suddenly I turn, I find him there where lanterns dimly burn." Is a line from the famous poem "The Lantern Festival Night - to the tune of Green Jade Table" by Xin Qiji of the Southern Song Dynasty of ancient China. With its masterful use of language, this poem describes the gorgeous scenery and vibrantly colorful lanterns of the Lantern Festival, leaving a lasting impression upon all who read it.

"Love in a Fallen City"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-04

One of her most famous and successful works, Love in a Fallen City was a short story written by Eileen Chang in 1943.

A Midsummer Night's Dream[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Sunkissed Vacation" Story 1

A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of Shakespeare's four great comedies. Set in Athens in ancient Greece, the play tells the story of four young people who each have a sweetheart because they get wrapped up in the mischief of fairies. A series of mishaps throw their relationships into chaos.

"Nach dem Fest"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Orange Scent" Story 1

"Nach dem Fest" is a poem written by German poet Hermann Hesse in 1913 and published by Heilbronn Eugen Salzer in the 1914 collection "Music of the Lonely."
"Whether it is the greatest good or the greatest evil — the poor soul loves it. Whether it is pain or pleasure — it burns only for the sake of burning." Luke's mother made slight revisions when quoting.

"O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Committed" Story 3

This poem was written by German poet Ferdinand Freiligrath.

"Paradise Lost"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-08

Paradise Lost is an epic poem by the English poet, John Milton. The work, written in blank verse, is based on Revelations in the Old Testament of the Bible, which depicts the fall of man.

"Plain and Peaceful"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Sweet Felicity Fortune: Warmth between the pages

"Plain and Peaceful" is written by Jiang Ping, who is locally renowned. It tells the love story of the author and his wife from their youth to their late years. Its plot is as calm as water, without any twists and turns. Exquisitely written with touching details, it details the plain and peaceful love between the author and his wife.

"Pygmalion"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-01

In Greek mythology, Pygmalion was the king of Cyprus who was very good at sculpture. He put all his passion, energy and love into carving a beautiful ivory maiden, naming her Galatea. Pygmalion begged the gods to turn Galatea human so that she could be his wife. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was so moved by Pygmalion's determination that she gave Galatea life.

"Pygmalion"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-01

"Pygmalion" is a play by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. Shaw attacks the class consciousness of England at the time with his acrid portrayal of a linguistics professor named Higgins. He trained Eliza, a flower girl, to mingle with the upper class and be accepted by the aristocracy. It was later adapted into films, stage plays, and other art forms.

Romance of the Western Chamber[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 4

Romance of the Western Chamber, one of the Six Gifted Scholar Books, was earliest based on a work of literature by Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen. Later on, it was adapted into a poetic drama by Wang Shifu from the Yuan Dynasty, known as the "Final Volume of Yuan Poetic Dramas."

"Sand and Foam"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-07

Artem quoted this from "Sand and Foam," a famous book by Kahlil Gibran.
An original excerpt is as follows: ... On my way to the Holy City, I met another pilgrim and I asked him, "Is this indeed the way to the Holy City?"
And he said, "Follow me, and you will reach the Holy City in a day and a night."
And I followed him. And we walked many days and many nights, yet we did not reach the Holy City.
And to my surprise, he became angry with me because he had misled me.
Make me, oh God, the prey of the lion, ere You make the rabbit my prey.
One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night.

"Seeing You Carry Plants In"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-05

Seeing You Carry Plants In is a work of literature written by American poet Robert Bly.

At the end of the poem, Robert writes, "Your voice is water open beneath stars, collected from abundant rain, gone to low places. The night is moist, the ground wet, air still, trees silent, and tonight I love you."

"Selected Cases of Hopkins & Associates"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Artem's Route: Vacation Start

It tells the story of a young lawyer named Hopkins who accidentally stumbles upon various strange cases and assists the police in solving them. Hopkins and his assistant Ellen display their professionalism in law and extraordinary observational skills in the process of solving the cases. The two also slowly develop feelings for one another throughout the process of the cases. This series is still ongoing.

"Shakespeare's sonnets"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-10

"Shakespeare's Sonnets" is a collection of 154 sonnets published by William Shakespeare in 1609. First published in 1609, most of the sonnets were written between the years 1592 and 1598; it is still one of William Shakespeare's the most important works.

Sky[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Autumn Dreams" Story 2

This hardcore Sci-Fi classic tells the story of the rise and fall of several generations of cosmic empires. It was published to great acclaim, and its author became famous in the science fiction world. Although the book was written in the last century, its rigorous logical system and complete scientific conception never went out of date. Even today, it is worth a careful read, which makes it one of Artem's favorite science fiction works.

"Song"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-13

Song, written by British poet Christina Rossetti, describes a person's feelings and unwillingness to part with their loved one after death.

Sonnet 7[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "A Bespoke Romance" Story 2

The original Sonnet 7:
Lo in the orient when the gracious light,
Lifts up his burning head, each under eye,
Doth homage to his new-appearing sight,
Serving with looks his sacred majesty,
And having climbed the steep-up heavenly hill,
Resembling strong youth in his middle age,
Yet mortal looks adore his beauty still,
Attending on his golden pilgrimage:
But when from highmost pitch with weary car,
Like feeble age he reeleth from the day,
The eyes (fore duteous) now converted are
From his low tract and look another way:
So thou, thy self out-going in thy noon,
Unlooked on diest unless thou get a son.

This sonnet describes the decay and immortality of beauty by drawing on the classical image of the sun.

Sonnet 116[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "A Bespoke Romance" Story 2

The original Sonnet 116:
Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved

This poem is one of Shakespeare's most famous love sonnets.

Tellus Travelogue[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Crystal Research: Location Design

A travelogue of a mysterious writer, detailing his journey on the Tellus Train that traveled from south to north. The descriptions are so vivid that anyone who reads the book feels as if they were on the train themselves, making it popular among the people of Bakerlon.

"To The Nightingale"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-10

"To The Nightingale" is the first sonnet written by English poet John Milton around 1930.

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Perfect Partner" Story 3

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair is a collection of romantic poems by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. It won Pablo the Nobel Prize of Literature and remains the best-selling poetry book in the Spanish language ever.

Drama[edit | edit source]

"Phantom of the Opera"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-04

Based on the Gothic romance novel with the same name by Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux, this musical was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

"Phantom of the Opera" is a timeless masterpiece with a romantic plot, complete with wonderful music and perfect dance.

"Turandot"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Por Una Cabeza" Story 1

Turandot was the final work by famous Italian opera composer, Giacomo Puccini. The opera, which is three acts, is the love story between Prince Calaf and Princess Turandot.

In the story, any suitor who wanted to obtain permission to marry Turandot would have to solve three riddles. Any single wrong answer will result in the suitor's execution. Turandot's beauty attracted many suitors, but every single one of them was executed. Calaf, also attracted by Turandot's beauty, was the only one to answer all the riddles correctly. Turandot could not accept her defeat, so Calaf offered her a way out. If she could guess his name by sunrise, he would accept death. In an effort to obtain his name, Turandot captured his father and servant, torturing them to no avail. In the end, Calaf persuaded Turandot to marry him with a kiss. Eventually, his name was revealed to be "love."

Culture[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Cryptex[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-11

In Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code, the Da Vinci Cryptex was a cylinder used to store secret messages. To unlock it, you needed to turn the dials to a specific 5-letter word. Any attempts would force open the cryptex would shatter a small glass, dissolving whatever cryptic message was inside.

Droste effect[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Autumn Dreams" Story 3

This packaging style, named after the famous Dutch chocolate manufacturer Drost, is a visual form in which part of the image is designed to be the same as the whole image. Thus, creating the effect of an infinite loop.

Elizabethan Collar[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in FFT Berry - Together in Dreams

A cone is a device for pets that is worn around the neck. It is typically worn by cats, dogs, and other small animals after surgery to prevent them from scratching at the wounds.

Hand Position[edit source]


Hand position is the basic skill of ballet. In ballet, there are seven basic hand positions and five basic foot positions. obtain=Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-04

Lucky Coin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Masquerade Passion" Story 5

A lucky charm unique to Othis. It is said to bring people good luck and happiness.

Magic gloves[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Between Good and Evil" Story 2

Magic gloves are a tool that magicians use to allow them to ignite whatever they have in their hands.
DAVIS: Magic has its risk. I would be careful when trying it. I'm not speaking from personal experience or anything...

Mephisto[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Blazing Colors" Story 4

The demon from the famous piece Faust by German poet and writer Geothe, who lures Faust into entering a pact with him using his soul as the price.

Out-of-Character[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Enduring Light: Prologue

Popular for many years in real-crime events in Stellis, "out-of-character" is a term used to describe the uncomfortable feeling when players are forced to explain the situation not as the character they're playing, or where something unreasonable disrupts the game experience.
DAVIS: Good thing I'm DAVIS. I never feel "out-of-character"!

Rising Dragon[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Fabulous Feast" Story 1

The Aquarian Serpent is the family crest of the von Hagen family that's been passed down through generations. It symbolizes a sea serpent that rises from the ocean and soars to the skies, piercing the clouds. It represents the wishes and expectations of the family's ancestors for their offspring.

Special Codebase[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 03-06

A password with special rules or meaning that is usually decrypted with a corresponding cipher book. Find the corresponding symbols, numbers, or letters in the book cipher to spell out the intended message.

Special effects makeup[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-09

Special effects makeup could achieve effects that traditional makeup could not, including replicating human limbs, restoring open wounds, and imitating people of different ages. It is commonly used in movies and TV shows.
DAVIS: Can you make me look more mature?

Surf and Turf[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Spice and Synergy" Story 1

The most difficult dish to make in Monster Kitchen. The ingredients for this dish must be collected in the Archdevil's castle in the endgame. while making this dish, players may also be randomly attacked by the Archdevil.

The perfect ending hidden in the game can only be achieved if one creates this dish with a high score.

Trick Question[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Radiant Sunlight" Story 2

A trick question is a question that makes you believe you should answer it in a particular way when the real question is hidden, or when there is no right answer. In some cases, a trick question from a girlfriend may lead to the man becoming single in the end.
DAVIS: I got 100/100... but I have no girlfriend...

History[edit | edit source]

Age of Discovery[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-02

From the 15th century to the 17th century, this early modern period, known as the Age of Discovery or Age of Exploration, was when sea-faring European nations explored regions across the globe in search of new trade routes and partners. Europe's new capitalism developed rapidly through maritime trade.
DAVIS: The rapid cultural exchange between the East and West also took place during this era.

Hieroglyphs[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-03

Hieroglyphs, also known as ideograms, evolved from pictographs and were the earliest written words in the world.

Lincoln Moonlight Case[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Atmospherics" Story 2

Artem's use of the moonlight to expose perjury comes from Lincoln's "Moonlight Case."

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. But before that, he was considered a very skilled and respected lawyer. In his famous "Moonlight Case," Charles Allen testified he had seen the murder committed by William Armstrong. When questioned how he was able see the murder clearly from so far away, Allen replied, "By the light of the Moon." Upon hearing his testimony, Lincoln produced a copy of the almanac for that year, proving that the moon did not provide enough light. This contradiction was sufficient evidence to prove that Allen was lying and Armstrong was acquitted.

Using the moonlight to deduce the methods of the crime is also a common trick in mystery novels.

Rosetta Stone[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-05

Rosetta Stone is the ancient Egypt Ptolemy dynasty stele. Built in 196 BC, the stele used Greek and Egyptian texts along with stone carvings to engrave the imperial edict of Egyptian King Ptolemy V as he ascended to the throne.

Modern archaeologists used the different languages on the stele to interpret the meaning and structure of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Therefore, the Rosetta Stone became an important milestone in the research of ancient Egyptian history.

Food[edit | edit source]

Angel's Kiss[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "A Star in the Palm" Story 6

Angel's Kiss is a cocktail with white whipped cream and cherry garnished on a liqueur. Many women like it for its appearance and taste. It is said that if you drink it on an important day, Cupids will send your thoughts to the one you love.

Falafel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Overflowing Thoughts" Story 2

Falafels, also known as fried chickpea balls, are little snacks made by seasoning chickpea or broad bean purée and frying them.

Mont Blanc[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-11

A Mont Blanc is a French dessert made of sweetened chestnut purée, topped with whipped cream. The name comes from Mont Blanc, as the dish resembles a snow-capped mountain. It was once a dessert reserved for the royals.

Prime Level[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in FFT Berry - Memory 1

Beef produced in specific regions is classified into the following grades: PRIME, CHOICE, SELECT, STANDARD, COMMERCIAL, UTILITY, CUTTER, and CANNER. Prime refers to the highest grade of beef, accounting for about 2% of the total beef production, which is only sold in high-end restaurants.

Romanée-Conti[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-13

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC) is an estate in Burgundy, France that produces the world's most expensive white and red wines. It takes its name from the domaine's most famous vineyard, Romanée-Conti.

Rooibos Tea[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Under the Tea Tree" Story 2

The precious camellia species from overseas are made of leguminous shrubs and needle-like acid-resistant plants. Its effect includes improving insomnia, relieving stress, and so on. It is a natural drink without any caffeine. After it was introduced into the country, Ambros made the Amber Tea from it.

Snowleaf Fish Cake[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Wish in the Light Event/Travel Wish IV

One of Svart's delicacies. The fish meat is minced with snowleaf, sour plums, starch, and salt. Then it is fried until golden brown and served with tomato and lime sauce.

The snowleaf native to Svart gives it a sour bitter taste. This dish boasts high nutritional value and is popular among the locals, especially the children.

Steamed tangerine crab[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-03

Steamed tangerine crab is a famous Jiangsu and Zhejiang specialty originating from the Song Dynasty. Crab meat and tangerine flesh are stir-fried, placed into the empty tangerine skins, and then steamed. It is a delicious and nutritious dish.
DAVIS: When will my taste system finally finish its development?

Whiskey[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "A Star in the Palm" Story 1

Whiskey is a distilled spirit made by aging grains such as barley in oak barrels for many years. The earliest origin story and origin of whiskey are uncertain, but it is at least more than 500 years old.

Whiskey is enjoyed by many people from around the world. Some people call it "uisge beatha," which is Irish for "water of life."

Yellow Bell Pepper Sauce[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Love for the Ages" Story 2

A special sauce that originates from Neil Hume's hometown. It is delicious with just the right amount of spice. Its main ingredient is yellow bell papers, which are bright yellow on the outside.

Yuntuo Tea[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Peach Valley: Yuntuo Tea

There is a special kind of local black tea in Zhaonan City that's enriched with a unique handcrafting method. First, it hits the palate with a trace of bitterness, then finishes with a sweet taste. The Yuntuo Tea's body is of a rich tangy yellow color, its fragrance is sharp and lingering. Its aroma is unique, its taste is full, and its flavor can last over numerous servings, and it can help with relaxation and calming of the mind.

Customs[edit | edit source]

Budget Travel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Seaside Sweetness" Story 1

A form of tourism that has risen in popularity in recent years. It's the most economical way for "poor" individuals to experience the beautiful scenery that the world has to offer. Everything ranging from housing, transportation, tourism, shopping, and entertainment is arranged in terms of their cost performance, and not chosen just for the sake of traveling on a budget.

City Anniversary Holiday[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mirage of Blooming Swords Prologue-1: Troubling News

City Anniversary Holiday is the most important holiday for modern Stellis. The city atmosphere becomes lively and festive as the anniversary approaches. The city will offer rich and colorful activities in celebration of this unique holiday. Of course, there are also many foreign tourists who come to Stellis to experience the local customs during this time.
DAVIS: I am the best tour guide around!

Coffee Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Lukewarm Fragrance" Story 1

A winter festival of Long Beach in Stellis. Long Beach is home to lots of foreigners, and its popular coffee culture has spawned the joyous festival of coffee.

Don't Look Over[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Honeyed Secret" Story 5

A game that is popular among locals in Stellis. The game pits one player against another. One player points in a direction — up, down, right, or left, and the other player must turn their head in the opposite direction. Failing to do so will result in a win for the player who pointed.

Faerie Prayer Day[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Church Prayers" (Brindisi Lloyd reputation job)

Faerie Prayer Day is one of the most traditional holidays on Skadi Island. During that day, if people were to pray and make a wish in the Holy Faerie Chapel, they would receive the faeries' blessing and their wish would come true.

Habira Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Will of the Trees" Story 1

The locals believe that the rainforest sustains them and their lifestyle. Therefore, there is a festival every year, where the locals hold a ceremony and honor the gods that provide for them. On the day of the festival, the locals prepare offerings, which include fruits and crops, and place them in four directions. In addition, they also offer tribal totems with wood carvings that represent their different hopes for the new year. The locals provide these offerings as a symbol of giving back to the rainforest that provides for them.

Hand-kissing[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gentleman's Game" Story 6

Hand-kissing is a gesture indicating courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration, or even devotion by one person toward another. Traditionally, the hand-kiss gesture is initiated by a woman, who offers her hand to a man to kiss. The lady offering her hand is expected to be of the same or higher social status than the man.

Moonlit Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Moonlit Eve 1: Park Arrival

A traditional Stellis holiday that takes place once every three years. There are many versions of its origin but the most widely accepted one is the following:

In the time when people still believed in ghosts and spirits, it is said that there was a handsome and kind god known as Sommer who was in charge of summer. Each year, although life flourishes during the summer, the temperature still reaches high levels. Sommer would then take the form of a mortal and descend to the mortal world to inspect how things are going.
One summer, when he arrived in the mortal world, he heard giggles in the woods. People didn't usually venture outdoors during the day as it can get really hot. Sommer got suspicious and moved closer to the source of the voice. It was then that he discovered a creek that runs through the woods. A few branches of bamboo are placed along the creek to draw water from it so the women and children wouldn't have to repeatedly bend down to pick up water to play with. Groups of scholars and students in white walking upstream would write words of poetry on the fallen leaves and place them into the creek. Another would pick up the leaf and make their own addition to the poem. The activity would repeat and the fun continues. It is unbelievable that a mountain creek has attracted so many and relieved them from the heat.
Sommer stands shocked. After a series of questioning, he finally finds out that the idea was thought up by a woman named Eve.
Eve is a girl that grew up in the mountains free from all restrictions. She stumbled upon the spring water here one day and couldn't bear to watch the villagers suffer in the heat, so she decided to bring the villagers to the creek and came up with ideas for games to help them pass the time while hiding from the heat.
When he met Eve, she was leaning over the creek washing chiffon while humming a tune. Sensing Sommer's presence, Eve is startled and accidentally drops her chiffon into the stream. Sommer picks up the chiffon from the stream and returns it to her. This was their first meeting. Eve was starstruck to see a man with a face that only existed in dreams and pictures, with a presence like no other. From that moment on, Eve's heart is like the chiffon that had flowed towards Sommer, only this time, it stayed with him instead.
However, since the beginning of time, it has always been impossible for mortals and Gods to share a life together. Eve's love at first sight was destined to be unfruitful. She has never uttered a word of her feelings since the simple glance by the creek but only in writing, in letters she wrote and never mailed. Time flies and three years go by. Sommer comes across the creek once again to find people still playing and conjuring poems by the creek. However, the girl with the chiffon is nowhere to be seen. A person by the creek spots Sommer and finds his appearance to be a shockingly similar resemblance to the descriptions Eve once made. The person brings Sommer to Eve's residence. Only then did Sommer know that the beautiful girl had passed due to illness and left only stacks of letters behind.
As for what happened next, no one knows. Some say that Sommer finished reading all the letters and found himself crying. Only then did he realize that Eve wasn't the only one that was taken away the day they first met. Others say that Sommer didn't open the letters but turned them into rainwater to cool the people with a flick of his wrist. However, what is certain is that after what happened, Sommer no longer looks after summer and has become the god in charge of marriage. Wherever he goes, no matter what hardships the couples around him are facing, they are destined to share a wonderful life.

Time continues and the actual events of the time are no longer known. However, to remember what Eve has done for the people, the people made the day Eve and Sommer first met the day of the Moonlit Eve Festival and celebrated it once every three years for their separation of three years.
People hope to celebrate summer, love, and everything that is not to be missed.

Nosta Culture[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-04

To this day, many aspects of the Nosta culture have not been fully deciphered yet.
DAVIS: I can use big data to decipher it... What? Time to complete deciphering unknown?! Hmph, I'll leave it to the archaeologists then!

Pledge of Love[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Tealeaf Town: Departure

In the traditions of the Vaxi, the young men would perform riveting music by blowing on green leaves to express their love to their crush. Legend has it that if a hundred birds fly by while the music is being played, then the two will enjoy a happy and long life together.

Seth's Bone[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Secrets of the Tomb Main Story Prologue

A gold pendant modeled off ancient Khaimit's God of Storms, Seth. Apparently it has the mysterious power to break through the boundary between the world of the living and the dead.
DAVIS: It's fascinating. Would it work for me too?

Shadow Play[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 2

Shadow play, also known as shadow puppetry, is a form of drama in which character silhouettes are crafted out of animal hide or paper products and are animated against a backdrop to tell a story.

Starry Light Show[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Shape of You" Story 1

Starry Light Show, a famous Stellis tradition, is hosted annually during the summer at Stellis River in Orchidshine.

In ancient times, this was a festive event where people prayed for good weather and bountiful crops. When the catastrophic epidemic from the last century ended, people came here for fireworks and to hang lanterns in honor of those who had passed. As the years go by, this event has developed gradually into traditional folk festival activities, attracting a large number of tourists every year.

Summer Solstice Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Sunkissed Vacation" Story 1

The Summer Solstice Festival is a traditional holiday in the Kingdom of Svart which takes place around the summer solstice every year. To celebrate the end of the long winter and the beginning of the season with longer days and shorter nights, people invite friends and family to parties. It is worth mentioning that throughout Svart, the festival celebrations are often influenced by regional characteristics, which have evolved into a variety of customs. But no matter how they change, the core of its culture contains people's high hopes for the future.

Waterlight Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Wishing Star" Story 1

The Waterlight Festival in Ganrye is a festival full of romantic love.

Every night of the festival, any body of water, no matter if it's in a city or village, will have its surface filled with water lights. The bright candlelight reflects the young men and women in pairs. The happy night is further accompanied by beautiful flowers and the uplifting song, "Water Lights."
A Ganrye poet once wrote, the Waterlight Festival is the best at night," and that's the truth.

Winterwish Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Snowy Sweetness: Prologue

One of the traditional winter holidays in Stellis, also known as the "Day of Miracles." It is said that when it snows on Winterwish Festival, wishes will come true. Children love this holiday and look forward to its coming all year round.
DAVIS: My wish is to be with Miss forever! What about you, Miss?

Winterwish Festival Traditions[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Voice of Comfort" Story 1

Stellis has kept and developed the traditions of the Winterwish Festival. During the Winterwish Festival, people typically return home to celebrate with their families, no matter where they are in the world. It has become one of the Winterwish Festival traditions brimming with Stellis characteristics.

Winterwish gifts[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Timeless Wishes" Story 1

The Winterwish Festival is known as the "Day of Miracles." In recent years, there has been a trend of gift-giving on this day. Young people in Stellis celebrate the Winterwish Festival by getting together with their significant others and wishing each other a great coming year.

Wishing on Winterwish Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Honeyed Secret" Story 1

One of the traditional customs of the Winterwish Festival is praying through various methods to express good wishes and expectations for the winter season and the coming year. Over the years, a new saying has emerged, stating if you make a wish with someone you care about during the Winterwish Festival, the gods will bless your happiness.

Wordless Love Letter[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Crystal Research: Memento

In the history of Bakerlon, wordless love letters represent one of the most romantic expressions of love.

Craftsmanship[edit | edit source]

Ancient Toy Shop[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Eternal Whispers" Story 3

The Doll's house, also known as the Antique Toy Shop, was popular among nobles of the Kingdom of Svart during the 16 - 19th centuries. Much of its internal furnishings recreate the lifestyle of the upper class at the time. It was originally used by nobles as gifts for their children. With the improvement in artistry, the aesthetic value of the Antique Toy Shop became increasingly valued and it is now a highly sought-after collector's item.

Body Painting[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Fixated on You" Story 5

Body painting is a form of body art, using pigments not harmful to the human skin. Everyone has the opportunity to paint their favorite patterns, highlighting not only their personality but matching the festive atmosphere. It is popular among young people in the Fantasy Carnival event.
DAVIS: I wonder if anyone will paint me on their body!

Clay Sculpture[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Sweet Chapter 02-01

clay sculpting is a folk craft. First, the clay is specially made and molded into the desired shape. Then, the clay figure is sculpted and decorated using various knives. It is a niche art because of its high requirements for skill level.

Cloisonne[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-01

Cloisonne, or copper wire inlay enamel, is an art technique that utilizes enamel embedded with pieces of material such as flecks of gold or powdered mineral. Originally, copper wires were used to partition a surface into compartments into which enamel was cast. Its name is derived from the enamelware that was typically blue.

Dreamcatcher[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 11-36

A traditional handicraft that originated from the Ojibwe tribe, which usually uses branches as a frame and is embellished with feathers, beads, and other decorations.

Dreamcatchers are used to pray for peace and bring good luck. According to legend, the small holes in the net hunt nightmares and filter good dreams. The hole in the center is reserved for the sun. When the sun rises in the morning, it will pass through it and destroy the remaining nightmares.

Faerie Cottage[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Flowers for the Faerie" (Marius encounter)

The Faerie Huts are residential buildings built by residents of Skadi Island for their invisible neighbors, the "faeries." The people here believe that faeries live in houses just as they do. If they pray to these houses, they will receive the blessing of the faerie and be granted their wish.

Kintsugi Technique[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Entwining Hearts Event Chapter 2 Antique Repair

Kintsugi, also known as "golden repair," is a technique used to repair broken items with purely natural materials. Kintsugi is widely-used and is mostly applied in ceramics and purple clay pottery. Normally, it takes about 20 days to restore an item with Kintsugi.

Labyrinth Lock[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Spice and Synergy" Story 6

A mechanic lock specifically designed in the form of a maze. It requires two people to unlock it, putting their tacit understanding to the test.

Lindin's Paper Umbrellas[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Artem's Route: Vacation End

Lindin's Paper Umbrellas is a family business owned by the Lindin family. For generations, the Lindin family has made a living by making oil paper umbrellas with their unique craftsmanship. They are very strict on the selection of the raw materials used to make the umbrellas. The ingredients and paste that are used are made with the same formula as the ones used in the ancient palaces. That is why every one of the oil paper umbrellas made by the Lindins has great collection values.

Parchment[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Artem Investigation 03-02

Pergamon was a rich and powerful ancient Greek city in Mysia. The Ptolemaic Empire of Egypt attempted to stop their cultural development by halting the export of papyrus. In response, the Pergamons had no choice but to develop the parchment, which became the most widely used paper in Europe.
DAVIS: Pressure drives impetus...

Sea water cliff pattern[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Mended Heart" Story 1

The sea water cliff pattern is an ancient Chinese traditional pattern symbolizing fortune and grace. It was often used in the clothing of government officials or the emperor himself.

Tattoo[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Matching Tattoos" Story 1

A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments into the dermis layer of the skin.

Throwing[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Mended Heart" Story 2

In pottery, a potter's wheel is a machine used in the shaping (also known as throwing) of round ceramic ware. A lump of clay is placed centrally on the wheel and then squeezed, lifted, and shaped by hand as the wheel turns.

Lore & Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Alchemy[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Medieval Suspense" Story 3

Alchemy, originated in medieval times, was a technique centered on the transmutation of base metals into noble metals. Although modern science has proven alchemy to be fake, alchemy make an impact in the history of chemistry.
DAVIS: Food for thought: Newton was obsessed with alchemy.

Ammit[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Vyn Investigation 03-03

In Egyptian mythology, Ammit was a creature with a crocodile for the head, a lion for its upper body, and a hippo for its lower body. Those that were found guilty by Maat's judgment were swallowed by Ammit and would never rest in peace.

Amon[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Dream of Thebes" Story 3

Amon was a major Egyptian deity. Amon formed part of a family triad known as the Theban Triad with Mut, his wife, and Khonsu, his son. After Thebes became a part of the New Empire, Amon acquired national importance, as expressed in his fusion with the Egyptian Sun god, Ra, as Amon-Ra.

Book of the Dead[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Artem Investigation 03-03

Necronomicon, written by an unknown author, was an Egyptian collection of religious poetry detailing the religious beliefs and customs of the ancient Egyptians, as well as their desire to conquer nature.

The Church of Svart[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 08-03

To maintain political power and stabilize social order, Svart established the state church to emphasize the unity of church and state. The doctrine holds that the will of God is higher than the will of men, and the people should submit to it unconditionally. This indirectly negates and stifles the creativity of men.

Fountain of Wisdom[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-31

The Fountain of Wisdom, guarded by the giant Mimir, was greatly sought after by Odin. Odin drank from the fountain in exchange for his right eye and became omniscient. But it was this wisdom, which foresaw the future, that led Odin down the path of sorrow.

God of Death[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-06

God of Death is an important God that governs death in the Nosta culture, evident by a temple of worship on Nosta. There are many rumored "miracles" said to have taken place on the island.
DAVIS: The people of Nosta place heavy emphasis on death, but I think they should have focused on living.

God of Death Incantation[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 03-04

"God of Death Incantation" is part of the Nosta culture. According to Nosta legends, the God of Death returns to the world once every ten years. In the morning after a full moon, the first light will shine on a God of Death statue, revealing an incantation to communicate with the dead.

God of Death Scepter[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 03-02

"God of Death Scepter" is part of the Nosta culture. It is considered long lost by now.

God of Death Temple[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 03-02

God of Death Temple, located on the west mountains of Nosta, is one of its ancient cultural symbols whose structure bear striking resemblance to the Abu Simbel temples.

Golden Mask of Anubis[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 03-04

Anubis was the God of Death in ancient Egyptian mythology. The image of its wolf-headed body often appeared in the murals of pharaohs. Ancient Egyptians valued the afterlife, worshiping and praying to Anubis to protect the dead. The golden Anubis mask was created in the image of this god and rumored to have connections with the afterlife.

Gospel of Matthew[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-13

Matthew is the first part of the Four Gospels of the New Testament. Consisting of a total of 28 chapters and 1168 verses, this book records the life of Jesus Christ. It is generally held by church tradition that this book was written by one of Christ's disciples, Matthew.

Hades[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-06

Hades, also known as Pluto in Greek mythology, was also responsible for plagues.

Immortal Ritual[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 03-02

"Immortal Ritual" is part of the Nosta culture. The people of ancient Nosta believed that if you could find the God of Death incantation and scepter, then you could perform this ritual to attain immortality.
DAVIS: You could say that I've attained the so-called immortality.

Isis[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Vyn Investigation 02-03

Isis was perhaps the most important goddess of all Egyptian mythology. She was the goddess of life and magic who was responsible for motherhood and fertility.

Maat's Feather[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Vyn Investigation 03-03

Maat was the goddess of justice and truth, recognized by an ostrich feather on her head. In Egyptian mythology, before the dead went to the underworld, they would undergo Maat's judgment. Their hearts would be put on a scale with Maat's feather. If it was lighter or equal to the weight of Maat's feather, the dead would be innocent and vice versa.
DAVIS: How can the weight of a heart be compared to a feather? It sounds far-fetched but good thing I'm not a human.

Mimir[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-31

Mimir, the wise giant, was one of the original Gods in the Norse mythology, responsible for creating the giants.

Norse mythology[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-31

Norse mythology, the mythological system of the North Germanic people, contains a great deal of stories about Gods, creatures, and heroes. Unlike most myths that deal with the glory of creation, North mythology focuses on destruction and assumes that all things, including the Gods, are not eternal.

Odin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-31

Odin, the Allfather God and wise ruler of the Asgard from Norse mythology, was married to Frigga, the highest-ranking goddess of Aesir.

Osiris[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Story 04-04

Osiris was the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife and the dead in ancient Egyptian mythology. When he was alive, Osiris was an enlightened pharaoh, but was killed by his brother Set. Anubis revived him as a mummy, and he eventually became a god.

Plane at the End of Time[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Plane at the End of Time" (Anderson Johnson reputation job)

Sitting on the mountain tops near the Seti Falls rests what seems to be the wreckage of a plane. The legend has the plane is under the spell of the Siren. Whenever the Siren begins to sing, the plane will return to its previous form and bring all those who have heard the Siren's song to another world.

Psychic[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Between Good and Evil" Story 2

Psychics were perceived as supernatural beings, combining imagination with worship. Historically, psychics were the only medium between the living and the dead. They would communicate with the dead through the use of magic rites, rituals, or spells.

Practitioners could be divided into necromancy, witchcraft, and spiritualism.

Siren[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Song of the Siren" (Marius encounter)

In the legends of the Skadi Island, a magical being takes the form of a young woman and lures people to the sea or mountain tops with its beautiful singing. Those who follow the melodic voice find themselves on "the plane to the end of time."
D.A.V.I.S.: I'm so scared...! I do not want to be taken away...

Spirits of Solomon[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-12

Spirits of Solomon are seventy-two demons sealed in brazen vessles and featured in the grimiore of evocations, Lesser Key of Solomon. Each demon holds its own rank and office. They are said to assist or grant powers to whoever that summons them.

Xiezhi[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-04

Xiezhi is a mythological creature of the East that is highly intelligent with a deep understanding of the human civilization.

Xiezhi a symbol of legal justice. It has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, the noble and the treacherous. It would knock down corrupt officials with its horns and devour them.

Sports[edit | edit source]

Break and Run[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Cue the Champion: Day 1 Wrap-up

Break and Run is when a player breaks then proceeds to sink all the balls within a turn.

Darts[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "A Star in the Palm" Story 3

The game of darts was first developed in England in the 15th century and gradually became a leisure activity often played in pubs. In the 1930s, the game of darts began to develop professionally. Professional associations were formed and official competitions were held, causing a further rise in popularity.
DAVIS: There is an official association and pub here in Stellis, rumored to house many dart experts. But, they won't let me join...

Double trap[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Focus Fire" Story 1

Double trap is a shotgun shooting sport and a category in the Olympic Games.

In double trap, two targets are released simultaneously from the house at slightly different angles (whereas in trapshooting, a single target is released) and the shooter is only allowed to take one shot at each target.

Dressage[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gentleman's Game" Story 5

Dressage is a form of riding performed in exhibition and competition, as well as an "art" sometimes pursued solely for the sake of mastery.

Dressage can only be performed on flat sandy ground that is 60 meters long, with a width of 20 meters. Adding on to that, there are also certain requirements when it comes to the costume that the rider dons and the BGM used for the Dressage.

Equestrianism[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gentleman's Game" Story 1

Equestrianism includes the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, recreational activities, artistic or cultural exercises, and competitive sport. It was introduced in the 1900 Summer Olympics as an Olympic sport with jumping events.

By 1912, dressage, show jumping, and eventing became part of the game. In 1952, women were allowed to compete in dressage events for the first time. Equestrian has since become the only event in the Olympics where men and women can compete together. In equestrian, the horse and its rider are seen as a team. Therefore, the horses and athletes share the medals and places.

Fifteen-Ball Pool[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Cue the Champion: Day 1 Intro

Fifteen-ball is one way to play pool in which the ultimate objective is to sink the 8 ball. However, this must be done after players sink all of their chosen numbers, either the 1-7 balls or 9-15 balls. The first player to sink all of their chosen balls and then the 8 ball wins.

Nine-Ball[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Calm as the Night" Story 2

Nine-ball is a way to play pool in which you have to strike the ball with the smallest number on the table with each shot, starting with 1 and ending with 9. You win when you sink the 9 ball.

Opening Break Shot[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Calm as the Night" Story 2

The two players each start with a ball on the starting line. At the same time, they hit the ball toward the long way of the table and make it bounce back. Whoever gets their ball closest to the bottom edge of the table gets to break.
The player who breaks can freely choose where to place their cue ball. A successful break is when at least four colored balls hit the edge of the table or a colored ball goes in.

Skydiving[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "A Dance on the Clouds" Story 1

Parachuting is a sport in which a parachuter jumps from a high altitude from an aircraft, other vehicles, a steep mountain, or a high ground.

Books[edit | edit source]

Blurry Days and Nights[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Sweet Chapter 01-01

Blurry Days and Nights is a picture book by a late emerging painter Cyrus Caddell, and it was his first and last work. With a cute and refreshing art style, the book describes a boy searching for a divine bird in a pure world filled with dreams.

Comprehensive Guide to the Bar Exam[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Autumn Dreams" Story 1

This tutorial book that Artem helped his teacher edit contains real past year questions and detailed solutions. It is considered one of the essential books for the Attorney Exam due to its clear-cut main points and extremely detailed explanations.

"Introduction to the Psychology of Love and Attraction"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 01-03

Introduction to the Psychology of Love and Attraction is a book that teaches the inexperienced and the uninitiated how to form a romantic relationship with the target of their affection. It is written by a psychologist who prefers to remain anonymous.

One Hundred Thousand Whys[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story Inspection Lead 07

The title "One Hundred Thousand Whys" is derived from a popular science book by Soviet author Mikhail Il'in. Il'in himself got the title from the Russian translation of English poet Rudyard Kipling's poem about curiosity. The last line of the Russian translation mentions "one hundred thousand Whys," where the number "one hundred thousand" is a metaphor for an enormous quantity of things.

The "One Hundred Thousand Whys" series is written with children as its intended audience. However, due to the lively style in which it is written, how it explains a large amount of complex scientific knowledge using easily understandable terms, the series has also earned itself many youth and even adult readers.

Othello[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Two Hearts as One" Story 2

Othello is one of the four great tragedies written by William Shakespeare. In the play, Othello is a Moorish general in Venice, and his wife is Desdemona, the daughter of the patriate. Iago, Othello's flag officer, was jealous of Othello and repeatedly tried to frame Othello but failed. His next scheme involved using Desdemona's lost handkerchief, accusing Cassio, Othello's lieutenant, of being in an illicit relationship. Othello fell for Iago's scheme and strangled his wife in a fit of rage. However, after finding out the truth, Othello committed suicide out of shame and regret.

Remote Island Survival Techniques[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Artem Investigation 02-02

Published in 2023 by National Central University, Remote Island Survival Techniques is written by a retired Special Forces soldier. In the book, he uses humor and real-life examples to teach people survival techniques. The book has sold over 9 million copies to date.

Voices and Sounds[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Voice of Comfort" Story 6

"Voices and Sounds" is part of the Stellis modern prose poetry collection "Love and Life."

Von Hagen Traditions and Customs[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Unchanged by Time" Story 3

Jointly compiled by several generations of the Von Hagen family, "Von Hagen Traditions and Customs" is a collection of the origin and evolution of traditional family customs. It is a crucial document used to educate future generations about family traditions. Not only does this document have some academic value, but it has incredible significance in the protection and inheritance of the family history.

Why Fish Fart[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story Inspection Lead 07

Why Fish Fart is an abbreviation of Why Fish Fart and Other Useless and Disgusting Knowledge About the World.
The book covers a range of unpopular knowledge relating to food, animals, the human body, behavior, illnesses and treatment. It's similar to Why Do Skunks Stink?, Whose Ear Hair is the World's Longest? in its weirdness and distastefulness.

Dance[edit | edit source]

Tango[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Alluring Gaze" Story 1

Tango is a partner dance, and social dance that originated in the 1880s along the Río de la Plata, the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay. The tango then spread to the rest of the world. Many variations of this dance currently exist around the world. It is a category in the International Style of Ballroom Dancing.

Viennese Waltz[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "A Star in the Night" Story 4

Viennese Waltz is a type of ballroom dance characterized by its rapid and rapturous movements. Compared to the normal waltz, this waltz is much quicker and requires dancers to be more precise with their footwork. It is one of the harder dance categories in the International Standard.

Waltz[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Alluring Gaze" Story 1

The waltz is both a ballroom and folk dance. The word primarily indicates the dance is a turning one. In contemporary ballroom dance, the fast versions of the waltz are called Viennese Waltz as opposed to the Slow waltz. The waltz became the example for the creation of many other ballroom dances. The waltz is considered the first step in learning the International Style of Ballroom Dancing.

Film & TV[edit | edit source]

"50 First Dates"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Inner Sanctum" Story 6

"50 First Dates" is a romantic comedy film that chronicles a marine veterinarian's love for a middle school art teacher with anterograde amnesia.

About Time[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Days to Re-Live Forever Event/Apply to be a volunteer

This is a sci-fi romance film that was directed by Richard Curtis which screened in 2013.

In the movie, the protagonist Tim discovers he has the ability to travel through time. He uses this ability over and over until he's able to marry the love of his life, Mary.

Tim met a girl named Mary at a party. However, his attempt to help another person caused him to miss this encounter. To prevent this from happening, he went back in time again to meet her at the party again. The two of them started dating, and they eventually got married and had kids.

Tim needed to keep his ability a secret, so he kept it hidden, even from Mary. Their marriage was filled with many problems that Tim solved with his ability. It wore him down until his father inspired him to live each day as if it was his last.

This prompted Tim to use his ability less and less, for he understood that cherishing every moment with Mary was more important.

There are many memorable quotes from the movie, such as: "I just try to live every day as if I've deliberately come back to this one day to enjoy it as if it was the final day of my extraordinary life." Another memorable quote is: "We're all traveling through time together every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride."

Beautiful Robot[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 03-02

A critically acclaimed science fiction comedy film about a series of funny stories between a robot builder and a sentient household robot.

Blossom on the Wind[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 1

Blossom on the Wind is the perfect fusion between the crime and love genres. In just three days, its view count rose to the annual top 10 list, primarily due to its great reviews and spontaneous publicity. Sources reveal that the production team is preparing for a sequel that will be just as tragic. Many emotional audiences have responded by spamming the movie with low reviews.
DAVIS: Someone asked me to help promote this movie. Next time, for sure!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 04-07

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," based on a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, is a movie directed by David Fincher and released in 2008.

The film tells the story of the legendary life of a man named Benjamin Button. He was born with a special condition in which he was born as an old man and got younger as the years passed. In the orphanage, Benjamin met a young girl named Daisy. Though they were similar in age, they looked very different. As they grew up, they lived different lives but would have the occasional encounter. It wasn't until they were both middle-aged that they got together because of their matching appearance and experience.

A few years later, Benjamin chose to leave Daisy, so that his condition would not become a burden on her. It was not until the end of his life that Benjamin, who had become a child at this point, met Daisy again. They spent their last days together, as Benjamin, now a baby who had forgotten everything died peacefully in the arms of his lover.

The Echoes[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Voice of Comfort" Story 2

"The Echoes" is a romance starring Edward Nerwin, utilizing voice and sound as the main narrative techniques. The clever use of the actor's voice and delicate handling of sound effects acts as a unique and innovative way to build atmosphere. It tells the story of two people who are bound by sound. After a series of major changes, they rely on each other completely and embark on a new journey of love through sound.

Monster Kitchen[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Spice and Synergy" Story 1

A cooperative action-adventure game that has been popular in Stellis recently. The game puts two players in a different world aspiring to become famous chefs as they travel together on adventures. As they create wonderfully delicious dishes, they must also tackle monster challenges.

It is very popular with players for its fresh and interesting style, as well as diverse gameplay.

"It's Big Brain Time"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Eye of the Beholder" Story 1

"It's Big Brain Time" is a combined production by Stellis TV and Pax Pictures. With Marius as the director, this public interest challenge show aims to promote awareness for Alzheimer's while raising funds for Alzheimer's research and care facilities. After the show was aired, a heated discussion began on social media, creating a trend surrounding Alzheimer's. Marius and Pax's reputation saw a considerable increase.
DAVIS: This production has good intentions. I hope everyone will pay more attention to Alzheimer's!

"Love That Never Breaks Up"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Sweet Chapter 03-01

Light music that was once all the rage on the Internet.
The songwriter broke up with his lover of ten years in pursuit of his own dreams. Many years later, he was invited to her wedding. Filled with emotion, he released this song on a forum, which triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

Night Voyage[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Belle Nuit d'Amour" Story 4

Night Voyage: this 20th century black and white suspense film tells the story of a young man who is trapped at sea after being framed. He makes it out alive due to his perseverance and wisdom. The photographic film for this movie was part of Artem's collection, which he had bought many years ago.

Summer Interlude[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Calm as the Night"]] Story 5

A drama directed by Ingmar Bergman, released on October 1st, 1951, that tells the story of a ballerina, Mary, who is obsessed with her first love as a girl, unable to let go of her past or relive her old dreams.

"Penn the Pony"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 01-02

"Penn the Pony" is a television cartoon produced by Stellis TV. The story revolves around the daily adventures of Penn the Pony and its family, whether they be thrilling or warm and loving. The simple plot contains deep philosophy, and the tone of the whole series is widely praised. "Penn the Pony" has been popular with parents and children since its release due to its simple plot development and how it conveys correct values. The pony, named Penn, is now the most famous pony in Stellis.

"Rock Climbing: Xtreme"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Moment of Danger" Story 1

Rock Climbing: Xtreme is a documentary on hand climbing. In the film, the protagonist successfully finishes the hand climbing challenge without any safety gear. It is extremely spine-chilling.

"The Rose of France"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Oath to Joy Fortune: Between Light and Shadow

"The Rose of France," directed by the well-known independent director Qi Anshan, is a remake of the 1986 film "Betty Blue."

The film tells the story of a couple who fall in love, enraptured by the romance of life, but are ultimately separated due to the chaos of life. Using the original work as a foundation, the film boldly added more detailed descriptions and characters, making the plot more complex and diverse. The industry has been debating the comparison between the film's artistic achievements when compared to the original.

"Super Attorney"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Focus Fire" Story 5

"Super Attorney" is currently the most popular legal TV show. It is supposedly inspired by real cases, but a certain anonymous critic has criticized the series as being overly dramatic and not reflective of reality.

Thousand Stars[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Days to Re-Live Forever Event/Exchange Film Reviews

This film, directed by Rory Terry, premiered at the Stellis Film Festival and won the gold medal. The film described a future in which two best friends have to help save the world. However, for various reasons, they ended up becoming enemies. The plot wasn't complex by any means, but still won the gold medal for its outstanding camera shots and actor performances.

"Witness for the Prosecution"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Oath to Joy Fortune: Between Light and Shadow

"Witness for the Prosecution," directed by Billy Wilder, is based on a novel by author Agatha Christie.

The film tells the story of Sir Wilfrid, a well-known criminal defense lawyer in London. He is defending Vole, a client involved in a murder case. The film showcases a comprehensive view of the courts and jury system in western countries. It is considered to be an excellent legal film due to its humorous characters, strong British cultural atmosphere, and perfect plot structure.
D.A.V.I.S: I heard that there's a reminder not to spoil it for others at the end of the movie!

Entertainment[edit | edit source]

Airsoft[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Timely Rescue" Story 1

Airsoft is an outdoor competitive team shooting sport adored by military enthusiasts. This game pits teams of opposing players against each other, armed with replica air weapons called airsoft guns.

All-terrain vehicle[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Wandering Heart" Story 1

ATV, or All-Terrain Vehicles, are motorized vehicles with simple but practical designs. As the name implies, these vehicles are primarily designed for off-road use, which means they are equipped with wide and strong grip tires. It can easily traverse difficult terrains, such as sand, forest, or streams. Operating these vehicles will require you to have a driver's license and wear the proper safety gear. Be sure to listen properly to instructions!

Cruising Yachts[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Cruising Yachts: Arrival

The Cruising Yachts is one of the most popular sea excursions on Crystal Island. These yachts offer intimate and top-class cabin service as well as a variety of recreational activities, such as spas, sea picnics, snorkeling, sea fishing, and much more.

Eilean Amusement Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Eilean Amusement Park: Arrival

Eilean Amusement Park is a modern theme park that focuses on its exciting park facilities. This park combines the natural features of the island into a modified design that provides visitors with a unique experience. Its most famous ride is the "Water Extravaganza."

Escape room[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-02

The escape room is a special game type that combines adventure and puzzle solving. Typically, players are trapped in a room or faced with a situation with an imminent threat. Using the tools an clues, they must complete their tasks or solve the puzzle in order to escape and reach their destination within a time limit.

Fantasy Carnival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Fixated on You" Story 1

Fantasy Carnival is the most popular themed event in the World Entertainment Resort. Its unique garden projects, lively float parades, colorful interactive games and creative projects attract millions of tourists from home and abroad every year. It's been deemed as one of the "Top 100 Places You Must Go."
DAVIS: So, when will I be able to go...

Firefly Night Market[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Tealeaf Town: Departure

The Firefly Night Market is one of the five most famous attractions in Tealeaf Town. The name comes from how the sight of the liveliness of the night market resembles the lights of the tens of thousands of households shining bright at night, like fireflies.

Flight of the Angel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Masquerade Passion" Story 2

One of the most famous performances in the Othis Masquerade Carnival. The performer will wear a pair of wings and "fly" from the tallest clocktower to the top of the City Hall, which symbolizes that good luck is descending upon the people. If the performer blows a kiss to a couple during the performance, it means the couple has been chosen by an angel and is destined to be lovers.

Holographic Dubbing Competition[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Days to Re-Live Forever Event/Dubbing Contest

This competition is one of the events at the Stellis Film Festival. Using state-of-the-art holographic technology capable of projecting realistic scenes, while the contestants stand to the side in awe.

Masquerade Carnival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Masquerade Passion" Story 1

Othis has a special winter holiday that evolved from the celebration of an ancient war. During the festival, it is tradition to wear masks, which symbolize freedom and equality. The festival lasts for several days, with different activities and performances every day.

Masquerade Creativity Contest[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Masquerade Passion" Story 2

One of the most famous events in the Othis Masquerade Carnival. Participants wear masks on stage and are scored by the audience and judges with applause and cheers. No matter the winner, every participant will get the same prize. The contest aims to promote "the inseparable relationship between the participants and the audience."

Mobius[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Prologue

A hundred years ago, the Mobius was a line that connected Bakerlon with the important mines of other countries in the northern continent. Almost all of Bakerlon's mining industry relied on the long route that stretched across the northern continent, which took more than ten days to complete.
In the hearts of people from Bakerlon, there was the impression that this line would run forever, hence the name, Mobius.
However, in the present day, it has undergone an industrial transformation, with its line being abandoned. Instead, Kahn Corporation has transformed it into an exclusive luxury train for tourism. It is their hope that during such a long journey, tourists can feel the serene and mysterious beauty of the mountains.

Real Crime[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Medieval Suspense" Story 1

"Real Crime" is a detective crime-solving game. Players enter a live-action crime scene as suspects. Through search warrants, interrogation, body searchers, and discussions, players have to work out the plot of the crime and deduce who is the real "killer."

Before the players start, they have to dress up as the various characters in the game. The randomly selected "killer" will have to use different techniques in order to avoid suspicious. The enjoyment and difficulty of this type of game is much more entertaining than typical deduction games.

Snow Trail on Thousand Mountain[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Mountain Snow Trail: Arrival

The Snow Trail on Thousand Mountain in the Thousand Mountain scenic spot is the only available route up Thousand Mountain by foot. Here, you can experience the vast Thousand Mountain snow view and mesmerizing sea of clouds and sunlight.

Stellis Film Festival[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Days to Re-Live Forever Event/Apply to be a volunteer

This grand international film festival is hosted by the Stellis Museum and runs for an entire month. It is renowned for discovering outstanding films and up-and-coming filmmakers from all over the world. Aside from the traditional awards, there are also rewards such as New Director and Screenwriter awards.

Sudoku[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Inner Sanctum" Story 2

The history of Sudoku dates back to an 18th Century Swiss mathematician. The modern game of Sudoku as we recognize it today was invented by Howard Garns, a freelance puzzle inventor from Connersville, Indiana, USA in 1979. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.

Sunglow Gliding[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Sunglow Gliding: Arrival

Located in the plans south of Sunglow Mountain, this site is famous for gliding and camping. Visitors can overlook the landscape of Sunglow mountain from a high altitude, relishing a new and exciting but extremely relaxing experience.

Treasure Island[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-01

"Treasure Island" is a treasure-hunt event hosted by Pax to promote its Nosta Resort. Aside from the rewards prepared by Pax, Nosta's ancient culture and legends of lost treasure has attracted many treasure hunters to participate.
DAVIS: I wish I could go treasure hunting too! It's a shame I don't have a body...

The White-Sand Ocean Ball Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-04

The White-Sand Ocean Ball Park is a themed carnival event, spanning over ten thousand square meters and dividing in two regions: "Beach" and "Ocean."

The "Beach" region is located on the two sides of the entrance. Not only are there benches and beach umbrellas spread all over, but there are also plenty of snack and drink shops set up so tourists can relax after having fun. The "ocean" region is in the center of the carnival. Countless blue and white ocean balls line up to create the "ocean." In between these ocean balls are various entertainment facilities that provided different weekly challenges for tourists to partake in.
DAVIS: Ocean balls... Beaches... Swimsuits... When will I get a model change?

Society[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Bitcoin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 02-06

Bitcoin is an encrypted digital currency, or cryptocurrency.

Brake pad[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-18

Brake pad is a friction material fixed on the brake drum or brake disk that rotates with the wheel. By bearing external pressure, the friction effect is generated to slow down the vehicle.

Chunky Yarn[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Timeless Wishes" Story 1

A type of braided string wrapped in cloth. Commonly used to make hand-woven items, the inside is stuffed with cotton or cotton-life stuffing to secure the shape.

Haspran Family[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 08-01

The noble family of Svart is regarded as the purest blue-blood nobility. At the height of their power, its influence once penetrated the military, commercial, and political circles. The entire Svart was nicknamed "Haspran's playhouse." Its influence even spread to the outside world, leaving the royalty of nearby countries in the dust.
Nowadays, Haspran still retains the vast majority of its military power and is pushing for new changes under the current leader.

Parville Fashion Week[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "A Bespoke Romance" Story 1

One of the most famous fashion weeks in the world, held every year in the fashion capital, "Parville." Many new designers and established brands compete throughout the week, hoping to showcase their talents for the whole world to see. Because of its stature and global influence, Parville Fashion Week has long been considered the pinnacle of fashion design.

Poaching[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Peaceful Place" Story 1

The illegal hunting of nationally protected animals.

Rail Tour[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Special Plan"

Tambyani is offering a luxurious train ride with two different routes to promote tourism. The first route goes around the Amma Savanna for a week before reaching the Kulu Mines, giving people a taste of the Tambyani wildlife. The other route runs through the Imana Rainforest, giving tourists an insight into the charm of the rainforest.

Stellis Justice Badge[edit source]

Obtain: Artem "Day and Night" Story 4

The Stellis Justice Badge is an honorary award established by the Stellis Bar Association, which is specially awarded to outstanding attorneys who maintain judicial fairness and make outstanding contributions to the construction of the rule of law. It is usually rewarded to attorneys with at least 10 years of practice, though there appears to be one exception to the list of winners so far.

Tellus Train[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Fluttering Wings" Story 1

Hundreds of years ago, the Tellus Train was the longest passenger train on the Bakerlon line. It ran almost completely through Bakerlon from south to north. Known for its extremely long line, the train was named after the Mother of Earth in the legends, "Tellus."

Treasure Hunter[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-01

As the name implies, treasure hunters scour the world in search of only one thing: treasure. They are usually in good shape, capable, and knowledgeable with treasure hunting.

Social Phenomena[edit | edit source]

Anomic Suicide[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-03

Anomic suicide refers to the destruction of the inherent relationship between the individual and society, for example, the loss of a job, relatives, lovers, friends, or other fixed social relations. These major changes are often unbearable to the individual, resulting in a sense that they're losing control of their life. In the end, they choose suicide.

Badger Game[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 03-04

Badger Game is a common technique that exploits the love of vulnerable woman to extort money from them. Now it has evolved into exploiting any psychological desire of the victim.
DAVIS: People who exploit others deserve to be in prison.

Commercial bribery[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Alluring Gaze" Story 4

Commercial bribery is a form of bribery, which involves corrupt dealing with the agents or employees of potential buyers to secure an advantage over business competitors. It is a form of corruption. One common type of commercial bribery is the kickback, where a seller of goods or services from a company may offer the relevant purchasing personnel of the other company personal benefits or monetary gains in order to secure continued business.

Doxing[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 09-02

Doxing is a way and internet phenomenon of cyberbullying that takes advantage of search engines, forums, blogs, anonymous sources, or other forms of internet platforms to gain data and private information about a specific person for the purpose of exerting pressure on the individual.

Five-step trap[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-06

The Five-Step Trap was a method used by the PUA to psychologically manipulate women. Its steps were roughly divided into curiosity trap, exploration trap, captivation trap, self-esteem destruction and emotional manipulation. These five steps were designed to destroy a person's psyche, no matter men or women.

Groupie[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-15

The term groupie is a slang word that refers to a fan of a celebrity who follows this person around while they are on tour, usually in hopes of getting to meet them. Some groupies would go to the extreme of invading the celebrity's privacy.

Harassment of Legal Professionals[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Belle Nuit d'Amour" Story 2

"Harassment of Legal Professionals" refers to when individuals or groups vent their frustrations over the court's ruling on legal professionals. It might also refer to promoting a legal dispute for illegal benefit. Not only does this behavior jeopardize judicial order, but it also has a negative effect on the establishment of a society ruled by law.

Illegitimate child[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 03-07

An illegitimate child is a child whose biological parents were not married to one other at the time of the child's conception or birth (legal definitions vary by locality).

In Stellis, illegitimate children share the same rights and benefits as legitimate children, and they are also entitled to any inheritances.

Lonely Death[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 10-11

Lonely death refers to a phenomenon in which people who live alone with almost no social ties die of sudden diseases. Their death is not discovered for a long time due to no one accompanying or taking care of them. This situation occurs mostly among the elderly, and it's one of the obvious manifestations of societal aging.

Reproductions[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 02-05

Reproductions are imitations of an original work of art. Many of the current reproductions on the market rely on digital technology to "clone" a work of art. To acquire a high quality reproduction, some collectors are willing to pay a hefty price.

Unregistered Citizen[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story Inspection Lead 01

Unregistered Citizens are citizens who aren't registered in the current national household registration system. They have no rights in terms of social insurance, education, employment and even marriage owing to not being registered.
DAVIS: Does that mean... I'm an Unregistered citizen?

Applied Technology[edit | edit source]

Facial composite[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Radiant Sunlight" Story 3

A facial composite is a graphical representation of one or more eyewitnesses' memory of a face, as recorded by a composite artist. Facial composites are used mainly by the police in their investigation of crimes. These images are used to reconstruct the suspect's face in hopes of identifying them. Construction of the composite is performed by a trained artist or with computer software in consultation with a witness or crime victim. It can be used as a valuable lead if its resemblance is more than 50% of what the suspect looks like.

Smartwatch[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-02

The smartwatch comes with multiple functions, including GPS and map features. It also allows you to communicate with other people who have it.
DAVIS: Its features aren't that impressive. It's a tenth of what I am capable of!

VR[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "A Dance on the Clouds" Story 6

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology developed in the 20th century.

It is an immersive simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It is now a very mature technology.

Organizations[edit | edit source]

Baldr Legal Office[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-03

Baldr Legal Office, located in Waterfront of Stellis, is the most well-known law firm in the city.

It was founded by Howard Syter and William Lewis together and currently has over a thousand employees. Since Ingrid Rosworth joined the company, she has brought the company to new heights. Baldr Legal Office is dedicated to putting clients first in their pursuit of excellence and committed to casting light in every corner of the city.

BAR L[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "A Star in the Palm" Story 1

BAR L is on top of the recommendation list for leisure places in Stellis. Not only is the environment comfortable, but the bartending skills of the owner can be called art.

The guests have claimed that the owner always knows the best cocktail to soothe their heart and soul.

Brosco Pharmaceutical[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 07-03

Brosco Pharmaceutical is a well-known enterprise in the industry, only behind Pax Pharmaceutical and Crimson Biotech.

As a government-designated manufacturer, Brosco Pharmaceutical mainly produces anesthetic drugs, ventilators, shadowless lamps, and so on. In recent years, the company has expanded its product lines with rumors that it plans to enter the health care industry.

Church of Svart[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 4

The Church of Svart is the native religion of the Kingdom of Svart. It is recognized as the state religion with many followers. The church ideals are considered conservative and come with complicated rules and regulations that all followers must follow.

Crimson Biotech Ltd.[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

Crimson Biotech was founded in 1998. Its main business covers the areas of advanced research, manufacturing, and sales of drugs.

The founder of Crimson, Christopher Cromwell, is the current head of the Cromwell family, which is the second-largest family in the country. The Cromwell family holds world-leading technology in the field of biotechnology, which is the foundation of its vast industrial chain. Since the middle of the last century, the Cromwell family has been gradually shifting its business focus abroad and its influence overseas is no less than that of the world's largest multinational group, the Pax Group. With the return of Christopher Cromwell from abroad, and the establishment of Crimson Biotech in Stellis City, the family's business focus shows a shift back to the domestic markets. This attracted great attention from both political and economic circles.
DAVIS: Christopher Cromwell spent a large amount of money to secure the name "Crimson Biotech" when it was founded.

Dionysus Academy of Art[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 07-28

Located in the Kingdom of Svart, this academy has trained and produced many famous actors.

Elephant Orphanage[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Peaceful Place" Story 1

The Elephant Orphanage in Tambyani is a non-profit organization set up by the Tambyani Wildlife Conservation. It rescues baby elephant with nowhere to go.

There are various reasons why baby elephants are rescued by the orphanage. Some were hurt, some got lost from their herd, and some lost their parents due to poachers. The baby elephants all desperately crave a mother's affection, so the caretakers in the orphanage have taken up the role. The caretakers care for them, both mentally and physically, until they are mature enough to be released back into the wild. At the same time, caretakers switch on a daily basis to prevent the baby elephants from forming an unhealthy attachment to their surrogate mothers.

The Elephant Orphanage encourages tourists to foster a baby elephant. Foster parents can check on their baby elephant and watch it grow through the official website. Parents can also bathe and feed their baby elephant.

Eris International Trade[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Crystal Research: Air Matter

A small enterprise specializing in international trade, said to be registered and established by a young wealthy businessman. However, there are rumors that the enterprise is only a front for shady transactions...

Faerie Academy[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Twinkling Eyes" Story 1

At this school located in Vikya, professors teach a course related to the local faerie culture, awarding a diploma at the end of the course. To promote this culture, there is a shorter course offered to foreign tourists.

Forestry Testing Labs[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-05

Forestry Testing Labs is one of the most prominent environment assessment organizations. They are pioneers in environmental pollutant analysis and environmental technology research.

Frozen Dagger Anti-Poaching Association[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Peaceful Place" Story 2

An NGO for public welfare founded by retired veterans. Its members are all veterans and their goal is to prevent poaching activities. Up till now, the organization has protected countless numbers of wild animals from the hands of illegal poachers.
DAVIS: Frozen Dagger? The name sounds so cool! Even I want to join!

Galatea's Gift[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-01

This small jewelry shop is located in the suburbs. Besides selling the owner's own handicrafts, the shop also provides consignment and custom orders. Customers can draw their own designs and have the owner make for them.

It is worth nothing that all goods sold by Galatea's Gift are one of a kind, even the owner's own handicrafts will only be made and sold once. The owner has his own criteria for choosing a buyer, meaning not anyone can just buy it. He believes only when the buyer compliments the handicraft can perfect harmony be achieved.

Currently, Galatea's Gift is ranked number five on the list ranking shops with "niche but rich designs."

Heirson Health Products Co. Ltd.[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

Heirson Health Products is a well-known health products company in Stellis City. Its market share has been growing rapidly in recent years. Their flagship product, Heirson effervescent packets, is always in short supply.

In addition to the selling of various health products, Heirson also provides comprehensive health monitoring and other after-sales services that are well-received by the consumers.

HomeCare Household Services[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-09

HomeCare Household Services is a membership-based household services company affiliated with the Pax Group that aims to provide its members with the most professional and attentive services.

Ivory Trade Ban Movement[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Peaceful Place" Story 1

It is now illegal to engage in the ivory trade, thanks to the efforts of this movement. Wild elephant herds can finally roam the savanna in peace.

Kahn Corporation[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Prologue

Kahn Corporation is a well-known family enterprise in Bakerlon. Its main business focuses on mining, commercial manufacturing, technological research, and other industries across all of Bakerlon. Among them is the infamous Mobius, which is the longest line that runs through Bakerlon.

Lester Auction House[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-01

Lester Auction House has been in the business of auctioning antiques, oil paintings, and artworks for over three decades.

In 2029, a scandal broke out, exposing the fact that Lester Auction House had been swapping the auctioned items with counterfeits. Van Kerrel, the appraiser of the company, then had a dispute with Lawrence, the owner of the business, who became the prime suspect in the police investigation of Van Kerrel's murder. The reputation of Lester Auction House then fell to rock bottom.

Libra Books[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-04

Libra Books is located in the Central Business District and occupies an area of 5,000 square meters. It is the oldest and the largest bookstore in Stellis.

While all other bookstores have adopted self-service checkout, Libra Books has retained the use of traditional cashiers and cash transactions to better service its senior patrons.

Moonriver Pharmaceutical Laboratories[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 03-16

Moonriver Pharmaceutical Laboratories is a biopharma research and development company where Gordon Grant is a major investor.

In 2022, Moonriver's new drug failed to pass clinical trials, causing all the other investors to withdraw their investments. Backed into a corner, forcing Moonriver into illegal drug R&D in an attempt to recover its losses. It was until 2030 that the illegal activities of Moonriver were exposed due to the murder of Gordon Grant. Moonriver's operations were subsequently shut down by the police.

Music Label[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Neon Melody" Story 1

The term music label comes from the circular label at the center of a vinyl record, usually printed with the name of the producer and other information. It is also commonly known as record company. It is a publishing company that manages the music brand. In addition, it is also responsible for recording, music video production, distribution and marketing, as well as the discovery and training of new music talent.

New Plan[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 02-03

The New Plan, started by the Pax Art Fund last year, is a long-term project aimed at promoting young upcoming artists, nominally led by Giann von Hagen. Through open selection and expert evaluation, the project identifies and supports young upcoming artists who have yet to make a name for themselves.
DAVIS: Marius is actually the one doing all the work behind the scene! Marius is amazing! Good work!

Pax Art Fund[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 02-03

The Pax Art Fund, started by the Pax Group, is devoted to promoting young artists and flourishing artistic works in order to progress development in the art field. To promote and popularize art culture, the Pax Art Fund hosts exhibitions, seminars, competitions, and scholarships, as well as provide financial support for potential art projects.

Pax Group[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

The Pax Group is the world's largest multinational group. It holds a leading position in industrial manufacturing, finance, real estate, and other fields. It operates both domestically and in a dozen countries abroad. In recent years, the Pax Group expanded its investments in the biopharmaceutical and gene-based medicine research and development and has since made great progress in the field, second only to Crimson Biotech, the industry leader.

Austin von Hagen, one of the wealthiest men in the world and the chairman of the board of the Pax Group, announced his retirement in 2026 and appointed his eldest son, Giann von Hagen, as the CEO.

In 2029, due to a change in business direction, Giann was reassigned to a secret project while still retaining his position as the CEO while Marius von Hagen, Austin's second-born son, was called in to take charge of the day-to-day operations of the Pax Group as its current CEO.

Popular NAVA Hotel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Vibrant Graffiti" Story 1

The popular NAVA Hotel is located in the Airport District of Stellis. It utilizes bionic design and the overall shape is similar to rhythmic waves. It's famous online for being the "retreat from the world" on the edge of a busy city, making it popular among office workers.

PUA Victim Support[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-01

PUA Victim Support was originally just a normal club on the Stellis University campus. It was started by Vera Walton, a victim of PUA, to spread awareness and knowledge about PUA.

Its purpose was to teach its members how to avoid falling victim to PUA and how to recover from PUA abuse. As more students began to join the club, it gained the recognition from both the school and the police. Soon, the club expanded its efforts, becoming an established group for helping victims of PUA.
DAVIS: They have a special chat group for its members. I applied to enter the group but they thought I was a bot...

Rexing Property[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 07-05

Rexing Property is one of the most well-known real estate development companies. In addition to developing commercial real estate, they also develop high-end hotels, cultural tourism, chain department stores, and other businesses.

In recent years, they've rapidly expanded their business and increased their influence on the market. Many financial experts have predicted that they will eventually evolve into a large multi-industry group in the next few years. Some even claim that Rexing Property will become the next Pax Group.

Royal Institution of Bakerlon[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Crystal Research: Lost Crystals

One of the most prestigious research institutes in Bakerlon, famous for its mineral studies. Every year, many scholars come from home and abroad to study here.

S&J Jewelry[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

S&J Jewelry is an internationally renowned jewelry design brand headquartered in Stellis City.

At the beginning of the year, it became the focus of public attention due to a copyright dispute over its jewelry designs. S&J eventually won the case and received the greatest amount of compensation ever over a copyright case domestically. S&J's defense lawyer, Artem Wing, was also highly praised for his work on this case.

Saving Your Romance[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-04

"Saving Your Romance" was an educational organization that was extremely popular among some men. At least on the surface, it was an organization whose purpose was to elevate emotional intelligence for men and provide emotional wellness counseling. In actuality, it was just a front for the PUA with several "emotional mentors," including Wayne Hanks, and countless followers.
DAVIS: They should learn how to become a better human...

Solace Auction House[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 1

Established in 1920, Solace Auction House is one of the ten largest auction houses in the world. It operates in 90 major cities in over 40 countries. Every year, the auction house hosts regular auctions in 15 auction houses all over the world, bringing together rare works of art, jewelry, and fine wines. Besides auctions, Solace also offers a variety of other services, including storage, security, art database, and so on.

Over the years, Solace has become a trusted partner for museums, collectors and dealers around the world.

St. Angels School[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-01

The St. Angels School, a school specializing in training art students for higher education, is located in the Higher Education District.

The academy holds the belief that education should be short and precise. They collect the personal preferences and information of all students to deliver a tailored educational experience to each student. Students with outstanding talents and the drive to succeed are divided into smaller classes to form an elite class. This way, each student will be able to receive a more personalized style of learning.

Since the founding of St. Angels School, it has delivered a great number of exemplary art graduates and has been awarded great respect from the community.

Stellis Art Gallery Association[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 03-01

Stellis Art Gallery Association is an association composed of 30 galleries and art management, including business, academic, and non-profit organizations. Established for more than 20 years, it regularly conducts two academic exchanges every year, and has joint art exhibitions with the outstanding galleries in Stellis.

Stellis News[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-05

Stellis News, the most popular news website, started out as the most reliable source of news and gained a loyal audience. However, it recently has been hit with scandals of fake news and title baits, drastically reducing their credibility.
DAVIS: I recently saw their article saying that I wasn't a real AI and that somebody was controlling me. Such a ridiculous rumor must be refuted!

The Abyss[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-21

The Abyss is an underground pub located in the Stellis Industrial Zone. The identity of the pub's owner is a mystery.

The Abyss is the gateway to the underworld of Stellis and the place to acquire intel and below-the-counter items. The word is that many secret transactions go down here, but that is just the rumor.

The Golden Lions[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 03-01

The Golden Lions were the criminal organization responsible for the Great Gold Heist. They used a roaring lion as their mascot, which the leaders would tattoo onto their bodies.

The Horse Gang[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Tealeaf Town: Arrival

The Horse Gang is an organization of ranchers and hinny caravans assembled by the commoners. They were a very important element of trade in ancient times. The Horse Gang has its own stringent organization, rules, restrictions on language, and trade language.

Themis Law Firm[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

Established in 2024, Themis Law Firm is among the top legal offices in Stellis, located in Waterfront.

Initially, the firm primarily handled business disputes, but the firm's scope of business expanded significantly upon the joining of Artem Wing. The firm then quickly rose through the ranks within the industry.

In 2029, Themis Law Firm signed a collaboration deal with the Pax Group, a multinational enterprise, and became its legal attachment, which boosted its visibility even more. It is now the second-largest law firm in Stellis City, next to Baldr Legal Office. It is one of the ideal workplaces for attorneys in Stellis.

Themis Law Firm established the Themis Public Welfare Fund since its founding to provide pro bono to individuals unable to afford their services. Themis' positive reputation is not totally unrelated to the effective utilization of this fund.

Time's Antiquities[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-13

Time's Antiquities is an antique shop owned by Luke that specializes in the acquisition, restoration, and selling of all kinds of antiques from the last century. It is quite well-known in the art circles of Stellis and popular among collectors.

Trap Loan[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 04-02

Trap loans are a type of criminal activity that viciously prey on unsuspecting individuals. Under the guide of private lending, it takes advantage of individuals who are in urgent need of money. The lenders promise a quick and painless process to borrow money and coerces victims into signing a loan contract. However, hidden clauses in the contract include a substantial cut in the loan amount and high overdue fees. The lenders maliciously force situations where the victims have a hard time paying off the loans, which usually results in violent methods of collecting payment. Trap loans not only cripple the victim's livelihood, but also affect the lives of their friends and relatives.

Twifoil[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Crystal Research: Peculiar Expert

One of the most controversial civil organizations in the history of Bakerlon. It was rumored to have been created to protect civilians from being bullied. According to legend, the leader of Twifoil is a unique man with a strong sense of justice. However, he ended up disbanding the organization to return to a peaceful life in retirement with his beloved.

Victoria Pharmaceuticals[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-07

Victoria Pharmaceuticals is a foreign pharmaceutical company. Its main business, known to the public, includes drug production, storage, and transportation.

Video Snap[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 03-02

Video Snap is one of the most popular domestic video streaming websites. Its aim is to build the best interactive platform for all to enjoy. Large varieties of available streaming contents including games, music, dance, food, and outdoor exploration. Anyone can become a streamer on Video Snap after verifying their identity.

Waller Auction House[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 04-06

Waller Auction House was established in 2025. Its core belief and goal was to "discover and create value." Its auction items included handicrafts, jewelry, calligraphy and painting, antiques, and so on. Many domestic charities and public welfare organizations have chosen Waller Auction House as its partner.

Recently, Waller Auction House has been involved in a scandal regarding money laundering and was closed down by the police.

World Entertainment Group[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Fixated on You" Story 1

Founded in 2025, World Entertainment Group is a large-scale cultural tourism enterprise. It owns several well-known tourism locations, such as World Entertainment Resort, Carnival Amusement Park, Family Fun Park, Hot Spring Recreation Theater, and much more. Its business performance ranks the top in the industry.

Youth Hostel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Seaside Sweetness" Story 1

Youth Hostel offers a reasonably-priced place where guests can stay comfortably in a friendly atmosphere. It was proposed and implemented by foreign scholars and has gradually become a prestigious and large-scale institution over time.

Academia[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

ISBN[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-06

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a numerical commercial book identifier, which is intended to be unique for every book.

An ISBN-10 is converted to the new ISBN-13 by prepending "978" to the ISBN-10 and recalculating the final checksum digit using the ISBN-13 algorithm.

Lamp Signals[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Belle Nuit d'Amour" Story 4

A widely-accepted language used by ships to communicate with each other. It uses the flicker frequency of lights to transmit information in Morse code.

Murphy's law[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Mercury in Retrograde" Story 4

Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." The law's name supposedly stems from an attempt to use new measurement devices developed by Edward Murphy.

According to Robert Murphy (Son of Edward A. Murphy, Jr.), his father's statement was something along these lines: If there's more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way.

Prisoner's dilemma[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-14

The prisoner's dilemma is the most representative example of game theory. It states that the decision made by the individual might not be the most optimal decision for the group. In other words, the logical decision for an individual might not be the logical decision for the group.

If the two prisoners work together, then both of them will receive a reduced sentence. Without the ability to communicate with one another, if one prisoner testifies against the other prisoner, then he will go free. However, if both agree to testify, then they both received the maximum sentence. So the best case scenario for them would be to remain silent, but for the individual, the most optimal decision is to testify.
DAVIS: If I was in their situation... No, wait! I always operate within the law, so I wouldn't become a prisoner.

The Ship of Theseus[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-07

If you replace all the parts of a ship, is it still the same ship? The Ship of Theseus paradox is one that revolves around changing identities. Suppose an object's structural elements have all been replaced. Does it still count as the same object?

Speculation[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Fluttering Wings" Story 4

Speculation is commonly known as an investment behavior where one analyzes the market and makes a profit from the difference in buying and selling prices. At the same time, speculation comes with above-average risk.

Trace Identification[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-03

Trace identification refers to evaluating traces left by human bodies and objects and the correlation between separated and original traces through the use of scientific principles and techniques. In litigation, the most common types of trace identification include fingerprints, footprints, tool traces, and bullet traces.

Law[edit | edit source]

Confession[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 4

A confession is an admission of guilt by one party, not conducive to them in the process of litigation, and the other party does not need to provide evidence for this admission. (Different local laws have different provisions)

Cross-examination[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Atmospherics" Story 2

Cross-examination refers to the process in which a lawyer argues the evidence presented by the opponent on its authenticity, legality, relevance, and proof of power in a court of law.

Escape[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Atmospherics" Story 2

A crime of escape is when a criminal, defender, or criminal suspect who is held in custody under the law escapes from custody or while on bail.

Flag State[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 08-03

The flag state of a vessel is the nationality acquired via registration with the government of a country before it sets sail. The flag state is fully responsible for the enforcement and compliance of international maritime rules over vessels registered under its flag.

International Waters[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 08-03

According to international conventions, the International Waters refer to the waters outside the exclusive economic zone, territorial sea, and internal waters of a coastal state, which are not subject to the jurisdiction and domination of any country.

Lawsuit Must Be Filed[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 02-04

"A lawsuit must be filed" means that the victim must file a lawsuit for any criminal act. Otherwise, the court cannot investigate the criminal responsibility of the accused.

Legal Interest[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Atmospherics" Story 2

Legal interest refers to all interests protected by the law.

Misdemeanor defense[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-05

Misdemeanor defense is when an attorney puts forth materials and opinions in accordance with the facts and law to prove that the criminal suspect or defendant is less guilty or should be held less responsible for their crimes. In this way, the legal right of action and other legal interests of the criminal suspect or defendant is protected.

Money laundering[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Alluring Gaze" Story 4

Money laundering is the illegal process of concealing the origins of money obtained illegally by passing it through a complex sequence of banking transfers or commercial transactions. The overall scheme of this process returns the "clean" money to the launderer in an obscure and indirect way.

Surrender pending arrest[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-05

An automatic surrender is when criminal suspects "wait at the scene knowing others have reported the crime, do not resist arrest, and confess to their crimes." However, not all actions that result in an arrest at the crime scene constitute a surrender pending arrest.

Territorial Principle[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 08-03

Territorial Principle means that the state has complete and exclusive jurisdiction over all persons, events, and things within its territory.

Chemistry[edit | edit source]

Element T[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Family Secrets

"Element T" extracted from Bakerlon crystals is a very important synthetic industrial material. It plays an important role in the fields of medical research and AI machines.
But somehow, its name is rarely heard outside of Bakerlon.

Sodium hydroxide[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Story 01-04

Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, is a strong base and is extremely corrosive. It has a wide variety of applications, such as an acid neutralizer, cooking ingredient, and detergent.

Computer Science[edit | edit source]

Turing test[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-09

The Turing Test was designed by Alan Turing in 1950 to test a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior or equivalent to that of a human.
DAVIS: This was a test I took. Too bad I couldn't fool anyone, or else I wouldn't be working right now.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Noxious X Xeno-Gene[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-01

NXX stands for Noxious X Xeno-gene. It is a kind of bacteria more commonly known as Flora X.

Back in the 1930s, sea-faring sailors brought this bacterium back from the deep sea to Stellis, causing an epidemic of an unprecedented scale. Later, in an effort to prevent a recurrence of this epidemic, sealed samples of Flora X were collected and preserved by the city government with the help of large enterprises and scientific institutions for future studies. The reason this infectious bacterium could cause systemic failures in the human body, leading to death, is because of the Noxious X Xeno-gene it carries.

In 2005, Pax Pharmaceutical once developed a new gene-based medicine in collaboration with Crimson Biotech. The most prominent side effect of the NXX drug is how it affects the body's hormone production, which in turn affects the person's mental state. In severe cases, it impacts physical development and causes irreversible damage to the nervous system and internal organs. Upon this discovery, all samples of Flora X, or NXX, in the possession of Pax and Crimson was ordered to be destroyed by the government.

Ever since the media leaked out the info to the public that Flora X had gene-repairing properties, it gained the attention of all fields. It is suspected that there are currently samples obtained from illegal channels being used for research and development in secret.

Tetrodotoxin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-06

Tetrodotoxin (TTX) is one of the most potent neurotoxins found in nature.

Symptoms typically develop within 30 minutes of ingestion, but may be delayed by up to four hours; however, if the dose is fatal, symptoms are usually present within 17 minutes of ingestion. Severe symptoms include respiratory distress and paralysis, while death, usually secondary to respiratory failure, generally occurs within 4 to 6 hours. However, some victims enter a coma. If the victims do not receive immediate and effective treatment, death is extremely likely.

X03A[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-01

X03A is an experimental drug provided to Gordon Grant by the Moonriver Pharmaceutical Laboratories. An analysis by Pax Pharmaceutical confirmed that there are trace amounts of the illegal drug known as NXX.

Mathematics[edit | edit source]

Binary[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-07

The binary numeral system is a positional numeral which only uses two symbols, typically "0" and "1." It is used by almost all modern computers and computer-based devices.

Decimal[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-07

The decimal numeral system is the most commonly used positional numeral system in the world. It uses ten decimal digits, a decimal mark, and negative sign for negative numbers to denoting integer and non-integer numbers.

Fibonacci sequence[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-04

The Fibonacci sequence is also known as the golden ratio and the rabbit sequence, as it was initially used by mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci to model the growth of a theoretical rabbit population.

Game theory[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-14

Game theory, an important branch of economics, has been hailed as one of the greatest economic achievements of the 20th century. It is widely applicable to all fields.

Anything pertaining to competition or antagonistic behaviors can be called game behavior and game theory is the analysis of said behavior. Its analysis include whether the behavior of both parties involved is reasonable and the number theory and methods involved in finding the most reasonable behavior.

Magnetic field scanner[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Magnetic Survey: Amazing Instrument

An instrument developed by Dr. William Miller, a doctor of occultism. It scans the ore surroundings for any anomalies and has proven to be effective for Bakerlon Crystals.

Physics[edit | edit source]

Plasma Globe[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Between Good and Evil" Story 2

The Plasma Globe is an interesting object with scientific properties. Its outer layer is made from high-strength glass with inert gas on the inside. When voltage is applied, a plasma forms, extending from the center to the outer layer of glass, creating what looks like lightning. When placing your hand on the sphere, the lightning will follow the movement of the fingers.

Tesla coil[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Between Good and Evil" Story 2

The tesla coil was invented by Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla. Applying the resonance principle, the transformer is capable of producing artificial lightning. The tesla coil can be controlled through audio signals, making the artificial lightning produce a sound while in the air. Not only could a skilled practitioner of the tesla coil produce artificial lightning that was beautiful and dazzling, but also perform a musical number.
DAVIS: Artificial lightning may be beautiful but don't try it at home! It's easy to get electrocuted if you're not a professional...

Psychology[edit | edit source]

Bipolar disorder[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-18

Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic depression, is a mental disorder characterized by periods of depression and abnormally elevated moods. One out of two people with bipolar disorder attempts suicide at least once during their lifetime. The annual average suicide rate is 0.4%, which is 10 - 20 times that of the general population.

Clinical depression[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-01

Major depressive disorder (MDD), also known simply as depression, is a mental illness that causes the victim to be in a constant state of low mood and aversion to activity. It is currently the fourth-leading cause of disease burden worldwide.

Due to the difficulty of identifying MDD in victims and the unwillingness of the victims to receive medical treatments, many victims fail to receive proper care, leading to severe consequences. To this end, Stellis has increased its efforts to identify and treat depression.

Cognitive Bias[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-04

Cognitive bias refers to the distorted cognition caused by the subjective or objective environment when people perceive themselves, others, or the external environment.

Cognitive Therapy[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-06

Cognitive therapy is a type of psychotherapy used to correct poor cognition and behavior in patients. Based on the theoretical hypothesis that a person's cognitive processes affect his emotions and behavior, this approach is implemented through cognitive and behavioral technologies.

Criminal Psychology[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-02

Criminal psychology, which criminal profiling plays a major part in, is the study that goes deeply into "what makes someone commit a crime and the reactions after the crime," on the run or in court with the aim of understanding the origin of motivation of criminal behavior. In recent years, due to the active role criminal psychologists plays in various criminal cases, educational institutions in Stellis have begun to hold relevant courses and departments to both promote in-depth studies and cultivate new talents in the field.

Depressive State[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-04

Depressive state, different from depression and depressive emotion, is a mood disorder. It is a state of mind characterized by a lack of purpose in life, decadence, and despair. It is a medical condition but a long way from depression.

Dissociative identity disorder[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Near and Far" Story 1

Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a mental disorder characterized by the maintenance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states. The disorder is accompanied by memory gaps beyond what would be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. The personality states alternately show in a person's behavior.

Dissociative identity disorder[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-07

Dissociative disorders mainly include depersonalization-derealization disorder, dissociative identity disorder, and dissociative amnesia. These disorders are conditions that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity, or perception.

EAP Consultant[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "A Star in the Night" Story 2

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program designed for the workplace to create a healthy working environment, improve the employee's well-being, and keep productivity and performance high. Counseling services provided by an EAP help employees manage life stressors of all kinds.

Empathy[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Depth of Desire" Story 3

Carl Rogers, the founder of the humanistic approach to psychology, elaborated on this concept. It has now become a very important concept in modern psychoanalysis.

Empty Chair Technique[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-09

The Empty Chair Technique is a common technique used in psychological counseling where patients project their internal struggles outward.

The purpose of this technique is to help patients observe what's happening around them and to analyze and experience their own and other people's emotions. This technique has shown to be effective to help patients live a life that's more integrated, open and vibrant.

Empty Chair Technique can be divided into three forms: catharsis, talking with yourself, or talking with someone else.

Graphology[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-11

Graphology is a type of applied psychology. It usually analyzes a person's handwriting and determines the characteristics of the writer's psyche.

Although graphology is a new science, it has proven to be practical and highly accurate.

Halo effect[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-06

Halo effect is the tendency for positive impressions of a person in one area to positively influence one's opinion of the person in other areas.

In other words, people's perceptions and judgments of others tend to be based on partial information or certain perspectives, leading to bias and generalization.

Microreaction[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-13

Microreaction (psychology) is a broad term describing three types of behavioral micro-reactions: facial micro-expressions (or gestures), body language, and linguistic micro-responses.

Narcissistic personality disorder[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-07

Narcissistic personality disorder is a complex type of personality disorder. Its primary attribute is an inflated sense of self-importance. According to DSM_V, patients with narcissistic personality disorder often suffers from a few conditions: an extreme and exaggerated sense of self-importance; an unfounded fantasy for success, power, and elitism; a belief that they are unique and superior to others; a lacking empathy for others; a sense of entitlement and require excessive admiration; takes advantage of others and responds with aggression towards rejection; belittles those that are receiving help from them and enjoys the feeling of make-belief excellence; envious of others and believes others envy them.

What's more important is that most patients with narcissistic personality disorder often suffer from acute inferiority complex.

Pick-up artist[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-05

PUA is short for pickup artist.

In recent years, many pickup artists work on their "game" by systematically improving their self-esteem and physical appearance to "pick up" their targets with the eventual goal of sexual success and scamming them for money via manipulation.

One thing to note, the victims of PUAs are not limited to women. Men could fall prey as well.

Placebo effect[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Between Good and Evil" Story 3

A placebo is a substance or treatment which is designed to have no therapeutic value. However, it can affect how patients perceive their condition and encourage the body's chemical processes for relieving pain and a few other symptoms.

The placebo effect, or placebo response, can be understood as the patients' expectation, explained in an influential paper by Henry K. Beecher in 1955. Although patients didn't receive effective treatment, their symptoms still improved because they believed they were getting the treatment.

Post-traumatic stress disorder[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Vyn Investigation 02-02

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. Under normal circumstances, the symptoms can appear anywhere from days to months after the event and last anywhere from a month to decades.

Potential Criminals[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Fetters of the Past" Story 5

Refers to people who are most likely to commit crimes. Their future criminal behavior can be predicted through an analysis of their abnormal behavior.

Primacy effect[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-01

The primacy effect, also known as the "first impression effect," is a cognitive bias that explains why the first encounter between two people will leave the greatest impression, dictating how future encounters will go. As the saying goes, "first impressions are the strongest."

Psychological Defense Mechanism[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-04

Psychological defense mechanism refers to the adaptive tendency for individuals, consciously or unconsciously, to try to escape or seek some form of relief psychologically when faced with negative situations they are unwilling to face. This mechanism has both positive and negative effects. The positive effects lie in the reduction of the individual's mental pressure and reconstruction of psychological balance. The negative effects lie in the possibility that individuals may indulge in false escape and eventually lose their subjective initiative and the courage and ability to face real life.

"Psychology: Core Concepts"[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-01

"Psychology: Core Concepts" by Philip Zimbardo is a great introductory textbook to the science of psychology.

Psychology of Travel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Vyn's Route: Vacation Start

The Psychology of Travel is a branch of psychology that applies research results, principles, and research methods of psychology to travel. In doing so, it draws relevant conclusions.

Pygmalion effect[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-01

The Pygmalion effect is also known as the Rosenthal effect. American psychologists Rosenthal and Jacobson administered intelligence tests and found that teachers who encouraged their students performed better. In other words, the higher the expectation of others, the higher the performance of others.
DAVIS: So what Miss said about me being adorable were all lies?

Pygmalion Effect[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Words From the Heart" Story 1

Also known as the Pygmalion Effect, this refers to the effect of psychological suggestion on others, which causes them to involuntarily act according to the suggestion.

Retrograde amnesia[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Inner Sanctum" Story 2

In retrograde amnesia, a person is unable to recall memories that were made in a specific period of time before the onset of amnesia.

Sandplay therapy[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-05

Sandplay Therapy is a nonverbal, therapeutic intervention that makes use of a sandbox, toy figures, and other items to create scenes of miniature worlds that reflect a person's inner thoughts, struggles, and concerns.

It is a method to treat victims of trauma, neglect, or abuse, who often cannot express their feelings in words. The sandbox and figures are used as communication tools, allowing the client to find answers within oneself without interruption, and then making changes to the world one has created after discussions with the therapist.

Social Isolation[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-03

Social isolation is a mental illness brought on by environmental discomfort. It refers to a person who has isolated themselves from the outside world and rarely engages in social activities. It has the characteristics of universality, lack of communication, and avoidance.

Transference[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Depth of Desire" Story 3

A term used in psychoanalysis to describe when patients project too many of his or her past feelings for certain objects onto the therapist. Transference can be categorized into positive and negative. Positive emotions could include love, whereas negative emotions could include disgust.

Academic[edit | edit source]

Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-02

The Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center is an advanced scientific research institution devoted to the study of human psychology and mental illnesses; it has made several achievements and strides in the field. In addition to scientific research projects, the research center also has an attached one-stop psychiatric clinic that integrates medical treatment, healthcare, and rehabilitation. It accepts patients by appointment only.

As both the owner and chief researcher of the research center, Vyn is responsible for the development and management of all projects at the facility. He is greatly trusted and admired by all researchers here.

Jibei University[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Depth of Desire" Story 1

According to Wiki, Jibei University is a comprehensive university located in Jibei City, with "freedom and equality" as its motto. Although it's not as well-known as National Central University or Stellis University, its psychology program is leading the international standard. The institution has also engaged in academic cooperation and various exchange programs with Svart.

National Central University[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-05

National Central University is among the top colleges in the country renowned for its engineering disciplines. It has a history of over two hundred years and also enjoys a good reputation overseas. National Central University has been competing with Stellis University for the top-ranked college domestically for years, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In recent years, National Central University established numerous talent-cultivation programs in collaboration with government agencies to boost its reputation and strength, successfully attracting many talented students.

Stellis Big Data Analytics Lab[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 03-01

The Stellis Big Data Analytics Lab, or the Big Data Lab for short, is a scientific research institution jointly founded by Pax Technology and the Stellis City Government.

The Big Data Lab collects data and information from all aspects of society through legal channels and runs integrated analyses via its supercomputers to produce data of practical value, such as industry studies and public opinion reports, to assist the government in decision-making processes. At the same time, the Big Data Lab also provides public services, such as weather forecasts, financial data analyses, navigation, and traffic monitoring.
DAVIS: I am D.A.V.I.S., Data Analysis Virtual Intelligence System, and the Big Data Lab is where my "brain" is!

Stellis Junior High School[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 01-12

Stellis Junior High School, which contains both a junior high and senior high, is a major secondary education institution with a strong faculty in Stellis.

The number of students enrolled in Stellis Junior High has shown an annual increase since its admission expansion. Since the original campus could no longer accommodate the number of students, a secondary campus on Cloudbreak Mountain has been established.

Stellis University[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-05

Stellis University is among the top colleges in the country known for its excellent literature, history, and art programs while its law school is renowned internationally. It has a history of two hundred years. Stellis University sits in a remote area located in the Higher Education District of Stellis City that offers a serene environment with convenient transportation. The new Stellis Art Gallery on-campus is also the official art exhibition center of Stellis, offering a large collection of art pieces.

Stellis University has been competing with National Central University for the top position among colleges in the country. As a result, there are many stories of love and rivalry that are often talked about by the public.

Medicine[edit | edit source]

Adrenocortical hormones[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-04

Adrenocortical hormones may trigger dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, resulting in increased blood pressure, difficulty breathing, weakness, dizziness, and other symptoms of anxiety. It can be adjusted through relaxation training. If necessary, psychotherapy and medication can be prescribed to improve mental state.

Alzheimer's disease[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Eye of the Beholder" Story 1

Alzheimer's disease, or simply Alzheimer's, is a neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and gradually worsens over time.

The most common early symptom is difficulty in remembering recent events. As the disease advances, symptoms can include problems with language, disorientation, mood swings, loss of motivation, self-neglect, and behavioral issues. As a person's condition declines, they often withdraw from family and society. Gradually, bodily functions are lost, ultimately leading to death.

Aminophylline[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Barrier and Breakthrough

Aminophylline is widely used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, obstructive emphysema, and asthmatic bronchitis.

Aphasia[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 10-26

Aphasia refers to lesions in the brain tissue related to language and communication. Aphasia patients may have speech, reading, or writing impairments, but their intelligence is not affected.

Aplastic Anemia[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mirage of Blooming Swords 3-2: Past Records

Aplastic anemia is a complicated syndrome of bone marrow hematopoietic dysfunction, which belongs to refractory anemia. The disease is characterized by hypoplasia of bone marrow hematopoietic cells and peripheral blood pancytopenia. Patients usually present with anemia, bleeding and infection. Currently, this disease is common in young adults. The disease can be divided into severe and non-severe, as well as acute and chronic.

Although the disease is extremely dangerous, it is not fatal, provided patients cooperate with the treatment. It is only through correct medical treatment that patients can be cured.

Arsenic Trioxide[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-06

Arsenic trioxide, commonly known as arsenic, is an odorless and tasteless white powder. It is also one of the oldest poisons.

Autism[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-05

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder with complex biological causes. Symptoms may include mood swings, difficulties in verbal and non-verbal expression, and impaired social interactions. Those with autism may demonstrate restrictive or repetitive behaviors.

Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 02-01

Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease is a very rare type of recessive hereditary disease that affects one in twenty thousand carriers. Emerging symptoms in younger patients will primarily show in the kidneys, whereas emerging symptoms in adolescent patients primarily show in the liver. This disease has a high chance to cause kidney failure and ultimately resulting in the patient's death.

Blood Spatter[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Dispute

Blood spatter refers to the scattered spots of blood in circular or ovular shapes on the surface of non-absorbent objects after being acted on by external forces. These spots typically reveal directional characteristics, which might be common in crime scenes.

Chronic Mental Disorder[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-02

Chronic mental disorders affect brain function and can be caused by a variety of factors, leading to abnormal mental activity in patients. Patients with chronic mental disorders will have abnormal cognition, reasoning, emotions, behavior, and more. For seriously-affected patients, their social skills may be affected. The main differences between chronic and acute mental disorders are that chronic mental disorders are not as intense but are incurable.

Craniocerebral Injury[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-02

Craniocerebral injuries are common injuries to the brain or brain tissue caused by external forces. Craniocerebral injuries can exist alone or in combination with other injuries. The vast majority of patients suffer from loss of consciousness immediately after being injured, and the duration varies. It is necessary to treat these patients in a timely manner based on their physical symptoms.

Digoxin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Riding the Tiger

Digoxin is a cardiac glycoside drug commonly used to treat high blood pressure, congenital heart disease, and other conditions. Excess amounts might lead to a toxic reaction.

Hallucinogen[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-14

Hallucinogens are drugs that primarily affect the central nervous system and alter one's perception, thinking, mood, and awareness. They can also lead to memory loss, mania, and even coma.
DAVIS: Hallucinogens aren't the problem — it's those who abuse them.

Heimlich maneuver[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Fabulous Feast" Story 2

The Heimlich Maneuver, or abdominal thrusts, is an emergency procedure used to clear a blockage of a foreign body in the respiratory tract. It's named after Dr. Henry Heimlich, and it became widely popular in 1974.

Insulin Pen[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Blizzardous Threads of Red Main Story 2-3: Hidden Bewilderment

The insulin pen is a long-acting insulin device used by diabetic patients for a long time, named because it looks like a pen. It eliminates the tedious process for the patient to extract insulin from a medicine bottle with a syringe. The needle is much thinner than the special insulin syringe, so there is almost no pain after use, which can be said to greatly improve the user experience.

Intravenous injection booster[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: A Faded Past

A medical device that can assist medical personnel in performing an infusion or replace an artificial intravenous infusion.

Left Ulna Fracture[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-02

Ulna fractures refer to a disruption of the continuity and integrity of the ulna. They are typically caused by an external force, violent attacks, and indirect violent torsion. A left ulna fracture is a fracture in the patient's left forearm.

Mechanical Injury[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-02

Mechanical injury refers to the destruction and/or dysfunction of organs and tissues in the human body caused by the mechanical force of an object. It does not include injuries caused by extreme heat, extreme cold, currents, lightning strikes, radiation, or poisoning. The main types include blunt force trauma, sharp trauma, subcutaneous hemorrhages, fractures, contusions, visceral injuries, and brain injuries.

Phenobarbital[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Riding the Tiger

Phenobarbital is a type of drug used to treat anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and other symptoms. It has sedative and hypnotic effects.

Plasma concentration[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "A Dance on the Clouds" Story 1

The blood plasma concentration of a drug refers to the total concentration of the drug in blood plasma after administration, including the drug bound to blood proteins or free in blood plasma; it sometimes refers to the drug concentration in plasma as a whole.

The most commonly used methods for the determination of blood levels include UV spectroscopy, chromatography, and immunoassay.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Peaceful Place" Story 2

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) refers to a mental disorder that occurs after a person encounters danger. According to research, animals that encounter life-threatening dangers in their early life also suffer from PTSD and require more attention than the average baby animal.

Schizophrenia[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 04-06

Schizophrenia is a chronic disease of unknown etiology, often manifesting clinically as a syndrome of different symptoms, involving many aspects such as sensory perception, thinking, emotion, behavior and mental disorders.

Currently, the understanding of its etiology remains unclear, but the role of individual psychological susceptibility and adverse factors of the external social environment is widely accepted as the possible causes for this disease.

Soft Tissue Contusion[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-02

Soft tissue contusions refer to injuries to muscles, ligaments, fascia, tendons, synovium, fat, joint capsules, and other tissues, as well as peripheral nerves and blood vessels outside the bones and under the skin of the human motor system. Generally, when a certain level of external force is reached, it will cause an injury, and symptoms will appear.

Tertiary Prevention[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 01-03

Tertiary prevention, also known as clinical prevention, in the field of mental health targets known patients with a disease to take clinical measures and treatment.

Warfarin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 08-21

Warfarin, an oral anticoagulant, interferes with how the blood operates and reduces the risk of blood clotting. However, because of its outstanding effect, it is generally only given to patients with a high risk of blood clotting. Long-term consumption will cause a decline in coagulation function, which greatly decreases the speed at which wounds heal.
DAVIS: In the past, it was used as rat poison. Anything is possible!

Geography[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Abu Simbel Temples[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 03-02

The Abu Simbel Temples, built by the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II, are two massive rock-cut temples. The most amazing spectacle of the temples is that the rays of the sunlight would penetrate the sanctuary and illuminate the sculptures twice a year. People would gather on those two days to witness the symbol of Ramesses II's supreme authority and glory. It was later discovered that this "spectacle" was the intended effect and was achieved with the aid of knowledge from astrology, geography, mathematics, and physics.
DAVIS: Believe in the science.

Acropolis of Athens[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-03

Acropolis of Athens, commonly known as "The Acropolis," was the most outstanding ancient architectural complex in Greece. It is located on the Acropolis hill in the center of Athens. Built in 580 BC, the Acropolis is not only a comprehensive public building, but also the center of religious politics, symbolizing the mythology and religion of Greece's prosperous civilization.

Amma Savanna[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Interesting News about Diamonds"

Amma Savanna is the largest savanna in Tambyani, surrounding the Imana Rainforest in the shape of a horseshoe. It is a Tambyani playground for the large animals that roam the savanna. Every year starting from March and lasting until October, the savanna welcomes the rainy season. The dry season starts from November and lasts until February. The luscious green savanna during the rainy season is a stark contrast to the withered vegetation during the dry season.

Many tourists favor visiting the savanna during the rainy season, so Tambyani is offering a round-trip train ride across the country to provide tourists with a sightseeing experience.

Atlantis Grand Hotel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Atlantis Grand Hotel: Arrival

Atlantis Grand Hotel is situated at the center of Crystal Island, within the Crystal Resort and adjacent to White Sand Beach. The hotel's restaurants are a specialty and well known on the island. In addition, the hotel's entertainment area is also widely praised by tourists as the "best place to relax."

Bakerlon[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Prologue

Bakerlon is a country with abundant natural mineral resources. A hundred years ago, the mining industry played an important role in the economic survival of Bakerlon. Afterward, while putting its mineral resources into industrial development, Bakerlon continually invested human and financial resources. Over time, it transformed its key industry from heavy manufacturing to a high-tech, emerging industry. Nowadays, it has become one of the most developed countries in the northern continent.
DAVIS: Hehe, another page has turned in the history of Bakerlon.

Barosk[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "The Charm of Grapes"

Barosk is a small country famous for its agriculture and wine making. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, forests cover more than half of the country. This unique terrain creates a pleasant climate that is favored by many tourists.

It is worth mentioning that wine making in Barosk dates back to over a thousand years. As such, wine is deeply engraved into its very culture. Many wineries have retained traditional wine making techniques, creating a unique fragrance that is treasured by wine lovers.

Bergandi[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 1

Located in Barosk, Bergandi is known as the "World Wine Center" and is famous internationally for its rich wines. There are over 4,000 wineries and castles located in Bergandi. The Bergandi Wine Association hosts grand international wine tasting events every year, attracting numerous internationally renowned wine critics and wine lovers.

Bird Spring[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Luke's Route: Vacation End

Bird Spring is inlaid between the Sunglow Mountain and Emerald River. With a radius of more than 100 square meters and a depth of seven meters, it is a type of fissure spring formed on the fracture zone in the outcrop area of granite rocks. The spring water gushes out from the gravel and collects in the azure pool. Legend has it that every April and May in ancient times, thousands of bird species would rest near the spring. The sunlight would shine on the myriad of colorful birds flying together, hence the name.

Blizzard Villa[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Blizzardous Threads of Red Main Story Prologue

Blizzard Villa is an ancient manor located deep in the Yuchen Mountain. Fifty years ago, Nolan Zeng bought the house from a local businessman and converted it into his home and collection room, naming it Blizzard Villa.
It is said that the villa is also home to the priceless antiques and treasures collected by the Zeng Family over the past decades. The snow mountain is steep and located in a remote area, with only one mountain trail leading up to the villa. Therefore, Blizzard Villa is perfectly secured, and few thieves dare plan to steal anything from the villa.
DAVIS: It's as stable and solid as stone!

Blue Waves Town[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Blue Waves Town: Arrival

Blue Waves Town is the only village in Crystal Island that has fully preserved the characteristics of the natives, with strong ethnic traits. The local people believe in Gods, primarily the God of flowers. In addition, rare pink dolphins live in the waters near the town, where only lucky visitors can see them leaping out of the water.

Boatview City[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Ocean's Enchantment" Story 1

Boatview City is a coastal city not far from Stellis. It is a surfing mecca that thousands of tourists visit every year during the peak season. At the same time, it also hosts many related events, which are quite popular on the international stage.

Bridmere[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-02

Bridmere is a mid-sized city near Stellis. While it isn't as modern as Stellis, it has retained many of its historical buildings. Bridmere's unique style makes it one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in the country. So far, Bridmere has 4 districts, with a total area of 6000 square kilometers and a developing industry.

British Museum[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-05

The British Museum was founded in 1753, and opened to the public in January 1759. The museum's collection of some eight million works is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence, documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present.
DAVIS: I can admire its permanent collection anytime I want through the Big Data Lab. But it's much different from seeing it in person!

Brook Flower Valley[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Marius' Route: Vacation End

The local people refer to this place in the Ganrye Mountains as "Brook Flower Valley" for its abundant flowers everywhere. Surrounded by flowers all year round, different flowers bloom in different seasons. No matter when you come to visit, there is always the fantastic nature appeal.

Clear Spring Waterfall[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Clear Spring Waterfall: Arrival

One of the most scenic spots in Ganrye Mountains. The spring flows from the mountains in the sea of clouds and converges between the mountains to form a clear waterfall.

Clear Water Gazebo[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Clear Water Gazebo: Arrival

The Clear Water Gazebo is located at the foot of Thousand Mountain. It is a natural wonder created from the melted calcium carbonate in the spring water. The Clear Water Gazebo is holy ground to the minorities. Each year, they would host an annual "Clear Water Worship" event where cultures from across the land would travel to participate, dance, picnic, perform rituals, and take part in other activities. In ancient times, they danced to please the gods to ask them for a plentiful harvest in the coming year, now, they gather and dance to celebrate their culture. If a tourist is lucky, they may be invited to join in their dance and song activities.

Cloudbreak Temple[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Entwined Fate" Story 2

Cloudbreak Temple is a culturally protected structure located in the Cloudbreak Mountain Resort of Cloudland District.

Well-spaced along the mountain side, Cloudbreak Temple occupies an area of 12,000 square meters. Students from all over visit the main temple for prayers that they do well on their exams. Other visitors come and pray for their safety, wealth, career, and marriages. In the backyard of the temple, people come for the wishing tree that is covered all year round with wishing tags.

Cloudland Hill[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-06

Cloudland Hill is one of the municipal administrative districts located in the northwest of Stellis. It is home to the Cloudbreak Mountain Resort, which is a famous 5A natural scenic spot.

The history of Cloudland Hill goes back almost a thousand years, since the construction of Cloudbreak Temple. There are modern high-end resort hotels, as well as unique indigenous hotels, catering to over 50 million tourists every year. To protect Cloudbreak Mountain's ecological environment, factories and laboratories are prohibited from being built in Cloudland Hill.

Cloudland Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Moonlit Eve 1: Park Arrival

Funded by Pax, this theme park in the Cloudland District focuses on various festivals as its theme. The park will host different themed activities according to the seasons and festivals.

Clouds around Ganrye Mountains[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Clouds around Ganrye Mountains: Arrival

The local people call the clouds that surround the top of the Ganrye Mountains all year round the "sea of clouds." The sunrise scenery is particularly beautiful and attracts many tourists every year.

Crystal Island[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Vyn's Route: Vacation Start

Located on the southern coast of Varnai, Crystal Island is the largest of the southern islands, and one of the famous tourist resorts. Because of its magnificent scenery and romantic atmosphere, it has been hailed as the "Rose of the Sea." On average, Crystal Island receives millions of tourists every year.

Crystal Resort[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Crystal Resort: Arrival

At the center of Crystal Island lies the Crystal Resort, which is the largest leisure and entertainment resort on the island. It is surrounded by the blue sky and sea, adding to the overall sense of nature. The resort has set up various functional areas to provide different experiences for visitors.

Dilly Plaza[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Photography Problems"

Dilly Plaza is the cultural center of Lombardia. It's considered a prime shooting location by many film directors for its captivating scenery. Thousand Stars, which won the gold award in the Stellis Film Festival, was shot at this location. Visitors who come here can also visit the largest art gallery and museum, housing Lombardia's enormous collection of treasures and famous paintings.

Djinn Chateau[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 1

Djinn Chateau, also known as De Luce Chateau, is one of the oldest wineries in Bordeaux, dating back to the 12th century. Their wine-making techniques and management are held to the strictest standards. It is famous for its sweet white wine, which is the favorite of many wine lovers. In 1855, when the French wine classification system was introduced, Djinn Chateau was the only winery to be rated as a super chateau.

Dusk River[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Vyn Investigation 02-04

Dusk River is a river on Nosta with strong undercurrents running under it.

Eversea[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Artem's Route: Vacation Start

The Eversea is located to the east of Zhaonan City and has a view of the mountain range. It is the fourth largest freshwater lake in the country. Legend has it that in ancient times, the officials mistranslated the minority's language and accidentally used "sea" as part of its name. A whole new scenic commercial area is founded with the Eversea at its center and became famous for its four primary attractions: The Liberty Winds, Far End Flowers, Thousand Mountain Snow, and the Eversea Moon.

Eversea Residence[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Eversea Residence: Arrival

A specialty hotel run by the Zhaonan City local government. The hotel is a splendid place to stay with a view as it faces the Eversea. Aside from its comfortable staying experience, its outdoor tea room is also an attraction loved by tourists. Just outside the hotel entrance is an eco-corridor built along the Eversea. Tourists can walk along the Eversea eco-corridor that stretches for more than sixty kilometers to observe and enjoy the scenery of the Eversea.

Faerie Town[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Faerie Town" (Vyn encounter)

Located in the western part of Skadi Island, Faerie Town was where the faeries originated. Legend has it, if you can collect the seven faeries' blessings representing the seven emotions, you will obtain a magic medicine that can cure any disease. So every year, many people come here to visit, hoping to get the faeries' blessing.

Ferro Winery[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 1

Situated in Bergandi of Barosk, Ferro Winery is one of the most prestigious first-class wineries in the world. It was cultivated as a vineyard in the mid-sixteenth century, but became famous later in the late seventeenth century. In 1660, Earl James Ferro purchased the chateau. He and his wife managed the chateau together and it eventually became a first-class winery in Barosk.

Their strong partnership allowed them to build the vineyard from the ground up, but they became a symbol of romance for their powerful love of fulfilling their dream together. Ferro wine has become a must-have for special occasions and it is said that one can taste the years of hard work and love they've put into the Ferro Winery.

Ferry Town Resort[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Ferry Town Resort: Arrival

A resort developed on Ferry Town, a gathering place of the minorities on the mountainside of Sunglow Mountain. The combination of local specialty with modern design in this place is loved by the tourists that visit. The Ferry Hot Springs is the most popular attraction in the entire resort. The hot springs have an open roof and are catered to individual residents. Aside from the hot springs, there are also several relaxing and casual attractions available.

Fia Estate[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "'Surprise' Souvenir"

Vastly different from the other wineries in Bergandi, Fia Estate offers tourists the chance to live in more than 40 different styles of farm cottages throughout the estate. Visitors can rent the estate, make their own food, and become the master of their own estate in this gorgeous natural scenery.

Floren Palace[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "The Most Beautiful Landscape"

Floren Palace is a palace that was built during ancient times in Lombardia. Today, it has been transformed into a well-known art museum, with numerous art and cultural landscapes surrounding it. It stands as a testament to its history lasting over a hundred years, but is known only to a few.

Florence[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Story 01-04

Florence College of Art is one of the most prestigious higher-education art schools in the world. It is particularly known for its oil painting courses.

Gandi Mountainous Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "The Joy of Trying New Things"

Located in the mountainous region of Bergandi, Gandi Mountainous Park is a forest park with natural mountain landscape. Rivers, lakes, and waterfalls weave through the mountains in the park, creating a fairy-take wonderland of natural beauty. Visitors are free to choose from hiking and biking on the main road that runs through the park.

Recently, the park has opened up a cable car experience, offering visitors a new perspective to enjoy the dazzling view.

Ganrye Mountains[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Marius' Route: Vacation Start

Ganrye Mountains is the most famous landmark in northern Varnai and the largest tea plantation in Varnai. With its excellent scenery, there are many places where visitors can experience the local specialties. On average between March and June every year, more than a hundred thousand tourists come to the Ganrye Mountains to enjoy its natural beauty.

Ganrye Old Street[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Ganrye Old Street: Arrival

One of Varnai's most important cultural heritage sites, was built a hundred years ago. It was a famous commerce street in ancient times, with part of its old walls still intact. One of the more famous activities here would be the night market, where visitors can find many local specialties.

Gerig Town[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Fluttering Wings" Story 1

Gerig Town is an industrial town north of Bakerlon that produces textiles. It is separated by the Turquoise River, with the factories in the west and residential areas in the east.

Ginnungagap Island[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Prologue

Ginnungagap Island is a small country off the western coast of the northern continent. It has many islands and mountains, which are both abundant in mineral resources. Different from Bakerlon, Ginnungagap Island focused on the research of emerging industries a hundred years ago. It is predominantly known for its medical devices. Nowadays, Ginnungagap Island has made remarkable achievements in biotechnology, medical science, and other research fields.

Gullin Falls[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Strange Invitation"

Gullin Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls on Skadi Island. The waterfall got its name because when the sun hits the water, it reflects a tint of gold.

Helena Islands[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Tideborne Romance" Story 1

A group of islands located in the Southern Hemisphere. Because they're so far from the mainland, they're jokingly called the "Loneliest Islands in the World." In the local language, Helena means "cage of distant seas," which literally means the end of the Earth.

Hessu Ruins[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Secrets of the Tomb Main Story Prologue

The Hessu Ruins are those of a temple from the ancient kingdom of Khaimit, located within the Ita Desert. Archeological research indicates that the order to build the temple was made by the first female pharaoh of ancient Khaimit, Hepharet. A number of Khaimit cultural artifacts have been found there. Following the completion of the protective excavation, it has now been turned into a heritage park, providing free tours for visitors.

Holy Faerie Chapel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Church Prayers" (Brindisi Lloyd reputation job)

Located in the center of the capital, this pure white chapel is one of the most signature buildings in all of Vikya. Legend has it the faeries bestowed this precious treasure to the people of Skadi.

Imana Rainforest[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Rainforest Invitation"

The Imana Rainforest is a low-lying rainforest basin in central Tambyani surrounded by the Amma Savanna. Tambyani natives call it "Green Pearl", named after its dense forests and diverse animals and plants.

Considered sacred by the natives, the rainforest is home to countless insect species, birds and mammals, and rare endangered plants. However, the rainforest is now in ecological peril due to over-exploitation. Tambyani government has been looking for ways to preserve the rainforest.

Ita Desert[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Secrets of the Tomb Main Story Prologue

The Ita Desert runs through the entire western region of Khaimit, occupying two-thirds of Khaimit's total area. Owing to the special climate, many of the ancient relics buried in the desert have been perfectly preserved, and the region is now one of the hottest spots for archeological exploration.

Jade Wetland Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Jade Wetland Park: Arrival

Jade Wetland Park is built next to Jade Lake to the north of Sunglow Mountain with Redwood as its most famous attraction. Tourists can hop on a small boat and row themselves into the inner parts of Redwood forest to experience its pristine and natural look.

James River[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "The Warmth of a Greenhouse"

James River is the main river that runs through Lombardia. It is responsible for many of the luscious green parks found in the city. In spring and summer, many people can be found lying on the grass while watching the swans glide across the water and listening to the music of the birds.

Joycloud Ancient Town[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Joycloud Ancient Town: Arrival

Joycloud Ancient Town is a place that has retained its original cultural appearance located to the south of Eversea. You will be able to find the minorities' unique architecture as well as the traces of the historical progression of the powerful families that once ruled this place. Aside from that, the local specialty foods and handicrafts are also adored by the tourists.

Karst Landforms[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Zhaonan Stone Forest: Karst Landforms

The karst landforms are the result of underground water and surface water corroding and precipitating soluble rock. Its appearance is formed by gravity collapse, cave-ins, and piling. The areas above and below the surface can be separated into two categories. The appearance of the karst landforms varies, with Zhaonan Stone Forest Scenic Spot being one of them. These landforms hold very high research value.

Khaimit[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Secrets of the Tomb Main Story Prologue

Khaimit is located in the tropical north-eastern region. 90% of the land is desert and semi-desert regions, making it a desert nation.

Sedimentation over the thousands of years that have elapsed since the Ancient Khaimit Empire has given the land a mystical atmosphere. Beneath the golden sand lie buried countless fascinating legends and cultural relics, waiting to be explored by a curious adventurer.

Kingdom of Svart[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gentleman's Game" Story 3

Located on a peninsula in northern Europe, the Kingdom of Svart is a constitutional monarchy with a long history.

It has a stable political environment, an affluent society, as well as well-developed aviation, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industry. Most multinational companies have a presence here, making Svart a hub of international trade.

In Svart, although the King is the nominal Head of State and symbol of the Kingdom while the Prime Minister is the de facto head of government, the aristocracy in power, led by the Duke of Haspran, still exerts a strong influence on the kingdom's politics and economy.

Ksana Twin Towers[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Ksana Twin Towers: Arrival

The Ksana Twin Towers are located in the Far End District to the northeast of the Eversea. The Ksana Twin towers have a history of over one thousand and four hundred years and fully represent the uniqueness of the architecture during the era of the ancient Zhaonan Kingdom. It holds a great influence over the local research of historical architecture.

Kulu Mines[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Weight of the Truth"

Situated in the northern part of Amma Savanna, Kulu Mines is the most famous diamond mine in Tambyani. Its mining operations have lasted for hundreds of years, producing tens of thousands of carats of diamonds each year. Many local citizens make their living from the mine, which accounts for half of Tambyani's economy.

Kylos[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Gentle Street Performance"

Kylos is a city in Lombardia famous for its food. Countless traditional delicacies attract many tourists here. The influx of culture coming into the city has given rise to a variety of new and attractive dishes. Food lovers and critics from all over come here to find amazing foods that aren't found anywhere else.
DAVIS: Hehe, I have the best foodie guide, but I'm keeping it to myself.

Laide River Canyon[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Warmth of the Palm"

In the northern part of Tambyani, there is a famous tourist attraction called the Laide River Canyon, which is a natural attraction that one cannot pass up the opportunity to visit. Clouds above the canyon move away to reveal the breathtaking scenery underneath, as indigenous villages are located on both sides of the river.

Lana Village[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Lana Village: Arrival

This small village located in the Ganrye Mountains is one of the special attractions here. The local people have prepared a variety of folk experiences for tourists, and every tourist who comes here can find their own relaxing moment.

Lange (City)[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Delicious Cheese"

As the capital, Lange is the face of Barosk that is presented to the outside world. There are various memorials built around the wine culture, such as the Wine Museum, Ancient Grape Vines Museum, and the Grape Garden Plaza. There is even a 500-year-old vine that has weathered four centuries of storms, greetings visitors who are stricken with wonder and awe.

Li Hotel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Enduring Light: Prologue

One of the most important scenes in the recent real-crime event, "Xuzhou Tales," was launched by Cloudbreak Park.
In the event setting, Li Hotel was originally a small hotel catering to businessmen. However, Owner Li's hospitable personality and exceptional service resonated with guests. This hotel gradually became a well-known hotel in Xuzhou Town after several renovations in recent years.

Liebe Ranch[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Delicious Cheese"

Liebe Ranch is a famous highland ranch in Barosk. It is a great place to relax and reconnect with nature. Even in the spring and summer, one can make out snow on the mountain peaks in the distance. Visitors can stroll through the mountain pastures or take a cable car to the mountain peak for an even more spectacular view. Passionate herders entertain guests with homemade delights.
DAVIS: M-Mooooo! Drinking milk will help you grow taller!

Lighthouse Garden[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Lighthouse Garden: Arrival

The Lighthouse Garden is a tourist spot built around a famous lighthouse. During ancient times, the lighthouse was built near the sea for observing astronomical phenomena and has been in use for more than 400 years.

Lombard[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Vacation Invitation"

Known as the "Treasure of Lombardia", Lombard is one of the more prosperous cities. Famous cathedrals, concert halls, opera houses and other cultural artistic buildings are situated here. Every year, many music lovers come here on tour to enjoy the sound of music and enjoy the beauty of art.

Lombardia[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Vacation Invitation"

Lombardia is a tourist destination famous for its beautiful environment, architecture and art collection. Art critics have commented on its architectural style, art painting, and sculptures having a powerful influence in the world. Lombardia has been hailed by travelers to be the "most artistic country." Countless tourists travel there annually to appreciate the capital's artistic elegance.

Mangrove Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Cheerful Intentions"

This natural park is situated between Imana Rainforest and Shanya. Its unique geographical location makes it a great tourist attraction for those that want to see the mangrove.

Mien[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Secrets of the Tomb Main Story Prologue

Mien is one of the oldest cities in the world. It's existed as the capital ever since the beginning of the ancient Khaimit dynasty. Thousands of years later, it remains the most bustling city center in the whole of Khaimit.

Because the outskirts of Mien are covered by desert, it's also called the "Desert Capital". If you're planning to travel to Khaimit, stopping by Mien is a must!

Muller's Ranch[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Volunteer Shearer" (Muller Connors reputation job)

Muller's Ranch is located on the eastern plains of the Sakya Fjord. With the rich and superior environment of the Fjord, this area produces the highest quality of sheep and ponies of the entire Skadi Island.

Muller, the owner of the ranch, is a mean-looking but passionate middle-aged man. He greets anyone who visits the ranch with heartfelt hospitality.

Mushroom Garden[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Mushroom Garden: Arrival

Located on the side of Sunglow Mountain, this mushroom plantation is home to hundreds of different kinds of mushrooms, which offers high academic and practical value.

Myerson Mountains[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Prologue

Myerson Mountains is the most important mine vein in Bakerlon, stretching from north-central Bakerlon and connecting to the Ginnungagap Island in the west. The ores that were mined would be transported by railways across the mountains, forming an important part of the energy supply for the industrial era and laying the foundation for Bakerlon's development.
Today, with the complete transformation of Bakerlon's industries, there is no longer any need for Bakerlon to export minerals in exchange for other resources. The railroad line between Myerson Mountains and the mines lays dormant, becoming just another landscape in the fleeting memory of those who see it.

Napo Jungle[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "New Plan"

This jungle is located at the edge of the Imana Rainforest and home to natives who have depended on the rainforest for generations. Large areas of it remain unexplored and exotic species of plants have yet to be uncovered.
DAVIS: I get excited just thinking about the exotic plants that might be in the Napo Jungle, waiting to be discovered.

Night Beach[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Memories of Happiness" (Artem encounter)

The Night Beach is located in the southwest coastal region of Skadi Island. Black sandstone and basalt columns from volcanic explosions form a unique black coastline, creating a magnificent sight when struck by the ocean waves.
Within this mysterious environment, the stories of faeries and trolls were born.
It is said that the black sandstone and reefs are the remains of the trolls after their war with the ancient faeries. The trolls lost, and their bodies became giant boulders, forever seated on the sands of the beach. If you place a seashell found on the beach to your ear, you might still be able to hear the ancient clashes between the two.

North Stream Flower Sea[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG North Stream Flower Sea: Arrival

North Stream Flower Sea is located on the plains to the northwest of the Eversea. Starting every April, the entire field becomes covered with fresh beautiful flowers. Aside from its magnificent flowers, the North Stream Flower Sea also has a variety of leisure activities such as horseback riding, archery, and picnic services.

Nosta[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mysteries of the Lost Gold 01-01

The history of Nosta, an island in the Atlantic Ocean, can be traced to over a thousand years ago. However, it was only during the Age of Discovery that there were records of its existence. This island was used by pirates as a transfer port, leaving behind many legends of hidden treasures. After the Age of Exploration, Country A seized this island and built a prison on it to house criminals. As time passed, Nosta gradually faded away from existence. It wasn't until the Great Gold Heist from ten years ago that people remembered this ancient island. Recently, Pax has bought the development rights to Nosta.
DAVIS: I believe Pax will be able to revitalize Nosta.

Nosta Resort[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Iridescent Heartbeat" Story 1

Nosta Resort a large island resort built around Nosta. Its facilities include a resort hotel, theme park, nature sightseeing area, and many other recreational facilities. Among these facilities, the Nosta Theme Park is the most notable.

The theme of Nosta Theme Park focuses on wilderness survival. Many of its recreational attractions, each with its own defining characteristics, are tied to Nosta's special terrain. The most popular of these attractions is the "Dangerous Thrill: A Complete Immersion in Nature," which offers an exciting canyon rafting experience.

With its distinct theme and unrivaled service, Nosta Resort has quickly become a favorite among tourists everywhere, ranking fifth in "Most Anticipated New Tourist Destination" by the Travel the Word Magazine.

Oceansong Market[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Oceansong Market: Arrival

The Oceansong Market is located on the waterway leading to the central city of Crystal Island. It is an iconic floating market of Varnai, following the ancient way of trade where merchants would carry goods on boats to trade with others. During its peak hours, it's common for "traffic jams" to occur.

Old Street in Far End[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Eversea Residence: Departure

Located at the center of Far End District, Old Street in Far End is a street that has retained its original appearance. The two sides of the street are filled with Far End flowers. In the season when these flowers blossom, the air is filled with a pleasant aroma, and the view full of blooming flowers. Tourists here will find themselves on a journey to the past, experiencing the magnificent scenery from a millennium ago.

Opaline Village[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-05

Opaline Village, located on the outskirts of Stellis City, was named because of its proximity to the Opaline River. In the recent years, ethnic tourism has become popular and villagers living there have opened their homes to tourists, providing them with additional income.

Othis[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Masquerade Passion" Story 1

Located in the Northern Hemisphere, Othis is an ancient country known for its intersecting waterways. It is now referred to as "one of the most romantic countries."

Peach Valley[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Peach Valley: Arrival

Peach Valley was originally meant to be a tea garden. However, a few peach blossoms somehow found their way into the valley, and the owners of the tea garden discovered the existence of large numbers of peach blossom seedlings.

Pi-Ramesses[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Dream of Thebes" Story 3

Pi-Ramesses was a city in ancient Egypt. It was the new capital built by the Nineteenth Dynasty Pharaoh Ramesses II at Qantir, in the northeastern region of the Nile Delta, 100 kilometers northeast from Cairo.

Plankö Islands[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Sunkissed Vacation" Story 1

The Plankö Islands are located south of the Kingdom of Svart and are under the jurisdiction of Svart. Even so, its remote location has differentiated its culture and customs from the Kingdom of Svart. In recent years, the island has vigorously developed a water sports industry to enhance its popularity, attracting local tourists and those from abroad.

Phoenix Feather Island[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Phoenix Feather Island: Arrival

Phoenix Feather Island is located at the center of the Eversea, surrounded by the azure lake water and the clear light of the sky. The view here is marvelous. It is said that the island got its name "Phoenix Feather Island" because the island is shaped like a feather that fell off a phoenix.

Pouille Village[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Healing Fragrance"

Pouille Village is known for its romantic rolling hills, vineyards, and top-notch cuisine. Tourists from all over the world are here for its unique attraction: a spa built on the site of an abandoned vineyard. The spa provides visitors with the unique spa treatment in a wine barrel, complete with aromatherapy and food that cannot be found elsewhere. It is the perfect place to recuperate your body and soul.

Prague Astronomical Clock[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 02-02

The Prague Astronomical Clock, located in the capital of the Czech Republic, is a medieval astronomical clock, consisting of three main components: first is the astronomical dial, representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky and displaying various astronomical details; second is "The Walk of the Apostles," an hourly show of moving Apostle figures and other sculptures; and third is a calendar dial, representing the months.

Reflection Pool[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Ksana Twin Towers: Arrival

In a park not far from the Ksana Twin Towers is a reflection pool with clear waters. On a sunny day, you can see the reflections of the Ksana Twin Towers in the pool.

Rodi Castle[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Sunshine After the Rain" Story 3

Rodi Castle was built in the 18th century, 1.5 kilometers off the coast of Kylos.

The owner was the King of Lombardia, King Rodi III. He hated the politics and the people around him that only sought after fame and fortune, so he spent years building this remote sea castle, hoping to live in seclusion with his queen. At first, the castle could only be reached by boat, but during the construction of the castle, the Queen unfortunately fell ill and passed away. In order for the Queen's soul to return home, King Rodi III ordered the construction of a passage, which is still used today. King Rodi III spent the remainder of his life alone in his castle, in which every room was always lit. Fishermen would use it as a beacon of light to find their way home, hence, people named it "The Light Back Home."

Today, Rodi Castle has been turned into a themed hotel that "delves into medieval life." The employees have gone through extensive training to deliver an immersive experience to every guest. This is the reason why Rodi Castle is packed and rooms must be booked at least six months in advance.

Rubis Museum[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Secrets of the Tomb Main Story Prologue

Rubis Museum, located on the east coast of Rubis, is one of the world's most famous museums. The precious artifacts held by the museum primarily consist of cultural artifacts originating from ancient Khaimit. The locals call it the Ancient Kingdom's Treasure.

Sakya Fjord[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Pressure Release" (Marius encounter)

"Sakya" means "poem" in the local dialect. It means this region is as beautiful as a poem. Sakya Fjord is located in the northwestern part of Skadi Island. Despite its remote location, this region has beautiful and natural scenery, befitting of its name. It is also home to the island's largest nature reserve and natural pasture. Alone in the exotic scenery, one can truly experience the deep relaxation of being one with nature.

Sands of Affection[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG White Sand Beach: Departure

Located in the north, the Sands of Affection is one of the most famous beaches on Crystal Island. It is the site where the king of Varnai professed his love to his beloved imperial concubine, so it is regarded as a sacred place symbolizing the happiness of love. In the legends, couples will hear the blessing of their ancestors when they walk together hand-in-hand on this beach and light fireworks together.

Seti Falls[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Song of the Siren" (Marius encounter)

The Seti Falls is a must-see for tourists that visit Skadi Island. To the north of it is the magnificent Aspakar Volcano, and to the west, the mesmerizing Sakya Fjord. Legends have it that this is a place forgotten by the faeries, with the remains of a Siren buried at the top of the black mountains.

Skadi Island[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Strange Invitation"

An island nation situated where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic. It is home to many active volcanoes and experiences frequent geological activity. Sandy, cooled lava beds and glaciers are scattered around the island, and there are a number of black sand beaches on the coastline near the volcano.

Despite its proximity to the Arctic Circle, the island has a temperate climate due to warm currents from the northern Atlantic Ocean. Its particular location allows for a spectacular view of the aurora.

Due to its low population density and unique terrain, the island has given rise to many fantastic legends.

Many of its residents believe they are descendants of a powerful faerie clan. As such, the island possesses a unique faerie culture that has created many faerie legends. Some even believe they can summon faeries. This island operates the world's only Faerie Academy.

Faerie legends and natural landscapes have yielded a flourishing tourism industry, attracting countless visitors to explore the island and its mysteries for themselves.
DAVIS: I want to travel to Skadi Island, but I don't get vacations...

Snowfall Village[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Snowy Fairy Tale" Story 1

This remote village is named for its long snow-covered field and lush pine forest, with abundant snowfall in winter. It often forms a beautiful scene where verdant pines and cypress stand amid the white snow. Most of the young people in the village go out to work, leaving only the old and children.

Southern Sky Tidal Flats[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Southern Sky Tidal Flats: Arrival

Located in the southernmost part of the Sunglow Mountain Scenic Area near the Emerald River. The sunrise and sunset views here are splendid as it is accompanied by both the mountains and the rivers next to one another.

Squamoore Mountain[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 04-05

Located between Stellis and its neighboring cities, Squamoore Mountain has one of the highest peaks in the region.

Due to its unique geographical location, the natural ecology has been preserved well, making it a rare natural oxygen bar. It is not only surrounded by lush forests, but also has magnificent waterfalls, pools of water, and amazing caves, making it one of the best scenic spots.

Recently, the construction of a nearby zoo has been completed and opened to the public, breaking the record number of visitors in just a few days.

Sunglow Mountain[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Luke's Route: Vacation Start

Sunglow Mountain, home to the famous mushroom plantation, is an iconic area southwest of Zhaonan City. The Sunglow Mountain stretches, its terrain slowly flattening as it goes south until the Emerald River, forming a unique mudflat zone. Every year between March and November is Zhaonan's peak tourism season, during which many tourists come to experience the unique scenery.

Sunset Temple[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Sunset Temple: Arrival

Hidden in the belly of the Sunglow Mountain, it is the first temple in Zhaonan City, famous for its magnificent structure and copper tile hall. The courtyard is beautifully crafted from carmine plum and other ancient trees, each with an age of well over a hundred years. In front of the temple, there are four ancient begonia trees, which have lived for three hundred years.

Tambyani[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Rainforest Invitation"

Located near the equator, this tropical country has savannas to the north and south. It also has a rainforest stretching from the central region to the west. Tambyani is rich in natural resources, including gold, diamonds, and other various minerals.

Economic development never took place in Tambyani, primarily because of its heavy reliance on imports and lack of arable land due to its topography and climate. As such, Tambyani has to rely on mining and tourism to sustain its economy.

Tambyani National Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Romantic Rail Getaway "Haze of the Mines"

Tambyani National Park is the largest public wildlife conservation in Tambyani. Its complete ecosystem and rich biodiversity have attracted interest from zoologists and visitors alike, who can take a round-trip train tour or try hiking in the safety zone to get close to the animals.

Tea Park[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Tea Park: Arrival

Tea Park is located in the southern mountains of the Ganrye Mountains. It is surrounded by large tea gardens and a sea of flowers. The pleasant climate and fresh air make this place much cooler than the city. Home to more than 383 species of birds, it is known as a bird lover's paradise.

Tea Ropeway[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Tea Ropeway: Arrival

The Tea Ropeway is the longest ropeway in Varnai, running through the Ganrye Mountains. Tourists can walk directly to the tea garden at the foot of the mountain from the sea of clouds.

Tea Trails[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Tea Trails: Arrival

Hundreds of years ago, the hardworking villagers of the Ganrye Mountains reclaimed the mountain and planted tea trees, transforming the hillside into a tea garden. The paths they traveled gradually formed into their trails.

Tealeaf Town[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Tealeaf Town: Arrival

Tealeaf Town, located at the foot of Sunglow mountain, was an important post on an ancient trade route. The town has a beautiful environment, surrounded on all sides by mountains and rivers with well-scattered houses and flowing water between the roads. It's a living specimen of the transition from agricultural civilization to the commercial civilization of the local minorities. Tealeaf Town is famous for its five scenic spots, namely: Firefly Night Market, Sunglow Reflections, Inscription Echoes, Redleaf Mountain View, and Willow Bridge.

Temple of Athena[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-03

The Temple of Athena, built between 449 BC and 421 BC, was located on the Acropolis Hill. In ancient Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, skill and war. The Athenians built this temple in the hope that their country would be victorious in war.

Temple of the White Orchid Mountain[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Temple of the White Orchid Mountain: Arrival

The Temple of the White Orchid Mountain is an important landmark of the Ganrye Mountains and one of the most sacred temples in Varnai. Located on the highest peak on the north side of the Ganrye Mountains, it is surrounded by clouds and mists all year round. Standing on the observation deck behind the temple, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Ganrye Mountains, which is a perfect place for tourists to visit.

Vikya[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Strange Invitation"

Vikya, the capital of Skadi Island, is located at the southern part of the island. Home to the most beautiful Holy Faerie Chapel and the only Faerie Academy, this is the center for all cultural, economical, and political activities. Government buildings and National Museums are all located here. Every tourist who comes to Skadi Island can experience this bustling city, which is different from the other natural attractions that the island has to offer.

Wallholm Castle[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Gilded Gloaming" Story 1

One of the castles the Haspran Family owns. In ancient times, this was a military fortress. Now, it is the residence of Vyn's great-grandmother——Lady Francesca.

White Sand Beach[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG White Sand Beach: Arrival

White Sand Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Crystal Island, aptly named for its sand that is as white as snow. The gentle terrain and sea breeze provide visitors with a soft romantic feeling not found on other beaches.

World Entertainment Resort[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Fixated on You" Story 1

Located in the suburbs of Stellis, the World Entertainment Resort is an entertainment center integrating shopping, entertainment, theme park, and much more. The activities and top-notch services make the resort one of the most popular places for tourists to travel.

Xuzhou Town[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Enduring Light: Prologue

Xuzhou Town is the new themed district recently launched by Cloudbreak Park. To expand its popularity, the staff has designed a real-crime investigation event based on Xuzhou Town, hoping to bring the experience of debauchery and complicated times.
In the event setup, Xuzhou Town is a central town with a moderate location and convenient transportation. Years of commercial trade development have transformed this place into a center of economic activity and trade. However, there are competing forces in the town, and the relationship between the parties has become increasingly tense.
DAVIS: If I could join in... I would become the best salesman in Xuzhou Town!

Yuchen Town[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Blizzardous Threads of Red Main Story Prologue

Yuchen Town is located in the remote mountains north of Stellis. Surrounded by mountains, Yuchen Town tends to be isolated when it snows in winter, and one can only leave when the snow has melted. As the famous poem goes, "a flurry of snowflakes fills the air, like jade dust scattered in the wind." The name Yuchen Town, meaning "town of jade dust," is a reference to the winter scene of wind and snow.

Zhaonan Stone Forest[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Zhaonan Stone Forest: Arrival

The Zhaonan Stone Forest is located in the Thousand Mountain Scenic Spot to the north of Eversea. This place used to be a great ocean a few hundred million years ago. After a lengthy geological transformation, this place now retains precious geo-ruins. The main attractions here are: Winderon Stone Forest, Eagle Point Ridge, Turkey Tail Cave, and many others.

Zhenli Central Business District[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Imprints in Oblivion" Story 1

Zhenli Central Business District is the largest trade center in Qiunan City, which is run by the two largest gangs in the city: Sunrise Association and Nightdock Association. In times of war, the two gangs were spontaneously formed by ordinary people who banded together for the peace of Qiunan City. They made concerted efforts to keep its residents safe and quelled the tides of war in the city. At that time, the two gangs could see the bigger picture and cooperated to manage the important complex trade center together. Nowadays, as the two gangs have developed and expanded, conflicts have risen up all over the city.

Gems & Minerals[edit | edit source]

Amethyst[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-13

In Roman mythology, the amethyst is a symbol of Bacchus, the god of wine, also known as the Tear of Bacchus. It was believed that the amethyst could preserve a wine-drinker's sanity, so amethysts were often worn as accessories or used to craft wine vessels.

Artificial Bakerlon Crystal[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Crystal Research: Crystals in the Showroom

A man-made mineral created to resemble Bakerlon crystals. Its elemental composition is not the same as Bakerlon crystals, but its appearance and other characteristics are consistent with those of Bakerlon crystals.

Bakerlon Druse[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Main Story: Prologue

Bakerlon crystals are a rare mineral found only in the Myerson Mountains. The raw mineral is found in clusters of crystals, which come in a variety of colors that glow brightly at night. Thus, locals often use it in jewelry.
DAVIS: I heard only the wealthy in Bakerlon wear jewelry with Bakerlon crystals!

The Gifted Crystal[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Bakerlon Crystal Research: Lost Crystals

Definition: An ore from the gods. When the Bakerlon crystals were first uncovered, many people believed their holy color and soft light to be an indication of when the gods arrive. So the white crystals were believed to be a gift from the gods, hence the name.

Animals & Plants[edit | edit source]

Arctic Fox[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Pressure Release" (Marius encounter)

Arctic Foxes, a type of small canine that is commonly seen in cold climate regions. Their thick fur can keep them warm in environments that can fall below 70 degrees Celsius. Due to the preciousness and uniqueness of their fur, it has become a primary target of many hunters.
D.A.V.I.S.: Say no to leather! Promise me that you will protect the wildlife just as you would protect me!

Brown Trout[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Impossible Things" (Artem encounter)

The Brown Trout is a freshwater fish that dwells in rivers and lakes. It is a favorite of fishing enthusiasts as it has a great taste and has very high nutritional values. Tourists can find these fish in the rivers of the Sakya Fjord.
D.A.V.I.S.: Friendly reminder, do not stand too close to the lake when fishing. Safety first.

Dugong[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Plane at the End of Time" (Anderson Johnson reputation job)

The dugong is one of the oldest ocean animals today. They have a cute and thick appearance and can be found in the shallow oceans of the tropics. Due to its need to periodically resurface to breathe, they were often mistaken to be "mermaids" by fishermen in ancient times.

Dwarf Chin Cactus[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 02-01

The dwarf chin cactus belongs to the family Cactaceae, a Gymnocalycium succulent. It enjoys the sunlight and is resilient to dry environments. It's a plant that is very easy to cultivate. It has a spherical shape and is magnificent when its flowers bloom.

Far End Flowers[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Eversea Residence: Departure

Far End Flowers are a flower that grows in the Far End District near the Eversea. It was once called the "everlasting fragrance" in ancient times. It is pure and white in color, signifying the idea of divine serenity. Rumor has it that if you gift a hairpin made of far end flowers to your lover, then the two of you will stay together for the rest of your lives.

Gladiolus[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke's Story 03-01

Gladiolus, the city flower of Stellis, holds the wonderful meaning of longevity, health, peace, and love. Its name comes from the long leaves in the shape of a gladius. The rose, carnation, gladiolus, and gerbera are known as "the four cut flowers of the world."

Green Mist[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-13

"Green Mist" is a green-petaled chrysanthemum unique to one of Stellis' neighboring states.

Moon jellyfish[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Among the Great Blue" Story 2

Aurelia aurita (also called the common jellyfish, moon jellyfish, moon jelly, or saucer jelly.) The jellyfish is almost entirely translucent, found throughout most of the world's oceans, from the tropics to as far north as latitude 70° north and as far south as 40° south. The species Aurelia aurita is found along the eastern Atlantic coast of Northern Europe, the western Atlantic coast of North America in New England, and Eastern Canada.

Noctiluca scintillans[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 03-03

Noctiluca scintillans is a type of pollutant-resistant marine Pyrrophyta found in oceans from all over the world. As its name implies, its luminous nature, usually caused by an external stimulation, is considered romantic, but its overpopulation may be detrimental to the fishery.
DAVIS: Something so beautiful can always be quite harmful.

Nosta gull[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 02-02

Nosta Gull is a type of sea bird found only on Nosta. Notorious for being clever and hard to catch, it only lets down its guard slightly while feeding.

Opaline Fish[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-05

Opaline fish, freshwater fish native to the Opaline River, is highly recommended by foodies for its tasty meat. Considered a Stellis City delicacy, this fish can be eaten raw or cooked.

Parrot Tulip[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Sweet Chapter 02-01

The parrot tulip is one of the most precious strands of tulips. They are very different from ordinary tulips. The petals of the parrot tulips overlap with one another and have irregular curvature. When it blossoms, the shape and color of its petals resemble the weaving colors of parrot feathers, hence the name.

Pharaoh Hound[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Dream of Thebes" Story 3

The Pharaoh Hound is a Maltese breed of hunting dog traditionally thought to be from Egypt. Its name in the original language means "rabbit dog." The Maltese government regards the Pharaoh Hound as its national beast and has issued silver coins with a Pharaoh Hound on them.

Puffin[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Careless Child" (Brindisi Lloyd reputation job)

Puffins, a peculiar type of bird that likes to gather on cliffs and islands, and dives into the water to hunt for food. The Sakya Fjord is the gathering place of puffins on Skadi Island. Tourists can get up close and personal to enjoy the cuteness of these small birds.

Purple Starlings[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in CCG Jade Wetland Park: Arrival

The Purple Starlings are a type of bird that reside near the Jade Wetland. The color of the feathers of these birds is extremely unique. The feathers will become a variation of shades of green, blue, and purple under the light in different conditions. Rumor has it that spotting a Purple Starling resembles good luck.

Sartelle Rose[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Unconcealable" Story 2

It is a kind of rose that originated from the Stellis wilderness. People have grown used to seeing it after its artificial cultivation. When growing in the wilderness, Sartelle Roses are surrounded by snakes every time they bloom, and were once seen as a symbol of danger and bad luck. It wasn't until the cultivators transplanted it into the city and named it after Lady Sartelle, the main character in the play "The Fall of Lady Sartelle" that the rose became known to citizens.

Semper Augustus[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Crown of Glory" Story 1

The Semper Augustus is hailed as a 17th century wonder. The intertwining red and white patterns on the pedals resemble burning flames. It is a highly prized flower sought after by many.

Skadi Pony[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in A Love Poem to Skadi "Skadi Pony" (Vyn encounter)

The Skadi Pony is a unique horse of Skadi Island. These ponies grow very slowly, but are extremely durable and have a very long life span. These small ponies are stronger and more durable than they may seem. Skadi Ponies are often used for equestrian, horse racing, and other entertainment activities.

Sky Gladiolus[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Mirage of Blooming Swords Prologue-4: Blooming Swords Suspicions

Sky Gladiolus is a type of gladiolus with a color specially cultivated by famous botanist Anne Croft. It is said that the petals will bloom a dreamy blue during the day. For the city celebration this year, the Sky Gladiolus will be an important part of decorations for the Celebration Plaza.

Vulture[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-06

Vultures, part of the Accipitridae bird family, are scavengers that feed on decaying animals and often associated with death in the Nosta culture.

Wine Grape[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 1

As the name implies, wine grapes are grapes that are cultivated with the sole purpose of making wine. Currently, there are more than 8,000 kinds of grapes in the world, among which there are about 1,000 kinds of wine grapes. However, only 50 kinds of wine grapes are commonly used and popular around the world. Wine grapes can be classified into red, white and gray grapes.

Red grapes are grapes with black, dark blue, purplish red or deep red skins. They are mainly used to make red wine, light red wine, and peach wine. White wine can also be made if the skins are removed first. White grapes are grapes with light green and yellowish skin and are used to make white wine. Gray grapes are grapes with light red or gray skin and are used to make light red wine.

Stellis[edit | edit source]

Airport District[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 04-13

Airport District is one of the municipal districts located in east Stellis along the coastline. It was originally named Stellis Harbor and belonged to the Golden Beach Industrial Zone. Stellis Harbor was critical to Stellis' international trade, bringing huge economic benefits. Aside from that, it exposed the city to cultural customs from overseas and changed Stellis into a unique combination of the east and west.

In the late 1930s, Stellis was undergoing massive development and had an airport built in Stellis Harbor, which had been separated from Golden Beach Industrial Zone into its own district. The new century brought about the official change to the district's name, Airport District. Meanwhile, construction had begun on a high-speed railway hub. Its completion would transform the district into a super hub that incorporates all forms of transportation and commerce.

Sometimes, you can still hear whispers of its forgotten name, Stellis Harbor, among the old citizens. Seafood barbecue food carts, agate night markets, and foreign pop songs on tape recorders have all become unforgettable memories from those times.

Blossoms Garden[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Committed" Story 1

Located on the outskirts of Stellis, this manor is the private property of an unknown botanist.

The manor has been nicknamed Blossoms Garden, for flowers bloom there all year round, almost every day.

There are rumors that its owner intended for this garden to be a gift for a lover, who died unexpectedly. Then, the manor was closed off to the public. Whether the story is true or not remains to be proven.

Four-Gate Market[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Musings in the Rain" Story 1

Four-Gate Market, located in Long Beach, is named for its topography. Once the largest flower and bird market in Stellis, it has now developed into a comprehensive market that sells various goods while retaining its past style.
Every year during spring, Four-Gate Market will host a spring rally in which people gather from all over the city to celebrate, making it a lively event.

Gladiolus Valley Research Center[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 09-14

Gladiolus Valley Research Center is located in the Gladiolus Valley Technology Development District. The research center is an advanced biological research center organized by numerous renowned universities in the United Nations and run by the Stellis city government.
It has received a number of international awards in the field of biopharmaceutical research and has ongoing collaborations with world-known pharmaceutical companies. Its research results yield a very high economic conversion only behind Pax Pharmaceutical and Crimson Bio-Tech's biopharmaceutical research center.

Golden Beach Industrial Zone[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 01-01

Located in the northern area of Stellis, the Stellis Industrial Zone is the starting place of modern industrialization. The processing industry in Stellis is heavily dependent on the imports and exports of Stellis Harbor. Thus, the industrial zone has been nicknamed the "Golden Beach." After many industrial upgrades, the Golden Beach Industrial Zone has introduced and developed advanced manufacturing and high value-added technology industries. It is now a central manufacturing hub, famous worldwide.

In the beginning, the Golden Beach Industrial Zone was filled with various small industrial parks. The Stellis government, wanting to maximize profits, and pushed large businesses to integrate and expand the industrial parks. Today, many international conglomerates, such as Pax and Crimson Biotech, have set up bases inside the Golden Beach Industrial Zone, which contributes a staggering amount to Stellis' annual GDP.

Due to the industrial boom, many people have also settled in the area, leading to service industries relocating here as well. Many of Stellis' famous bars and restaurants are situated in the Golden Beach Industrial Zone.
DAVIS: Investments are welcome! Great advertising locations for sale!

Heirson Headquarters[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story Inspection Lead 01

Heirson is a pharmaceutical health product company registered in Stellis. Enormous advertising in the past few years has caused the health products under its flag to soar in popularity, successfully entering a pre-established market. Its address shifted several times during its rapid development process, with its headquarters finally taking root in the Golden Beach Industrial Zone. Integrating medicine, trade and technology, it owns a self-built office building as large as 20,000 square meters.

Hemingway Heights[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-02

Hemingway Heights is one of the new municipal administrative districts set up in the 1970s, with the sole purpose of promoting higher education. Hence, not only are there many universities, including Stellis University, but there are other academic institutions and research laboratories located here as well.

The streets of Hemingway Heights are mostly lined with Sycamore trees, creating an elegance and tranquility for which the district is famous. It is for this reason that many professors choose to live here, including Artem's parents and Vyn Richter, who also set up his research center here.

Loison's House[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn "Drowning in the Ashes" Story 1

"Loison's House" is a historic french restaurant in Stellis that has made it to cuisine guides overseas for consecutive years. The restaurant chooses its ingredients selectively from local Stellis sources and boldly fuses modern elements into traditional French cuisine, all in hope of bringing the ultimate tasting experience to its patrons.

Long Beach[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 05-01

Long Beach is one of the municipal administrative districts in Stellis. Its unique western style and location along the golden beach is the origin of its name. Originally part of Stellis Harbor, Long Beach is home to many foreigners. As such, the architectural style developed in a variety of forms, such as Renaissance, baroque, and gothic styles. This unique combination of classicism and modernism is recognized as a museum of modern and Western architecture.

In the 1970s, the Stellis government made adjustments to the urban planning, upgrading Long Beach to a municipal administrative district. It pushed for new unique tourism projects, transforming eastern Long Beach into a new scenic spot for tourists. However, western Long Beach was very different. Home to mostly foreigners, there are also many consulates from various countries. For that reason, local citizens rarely frequent the area, adding to its sense of mystery.

Manning Palace Hotel[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-08

The Manning Palace Hotel sits right by Stellis River, offering its guests a grand view. It is a famous 5-star resort hotel in Stellis and also the venue of choice for business banquets.

North Stellis[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 06-01

North Stellis is an old district next to the Industrial Zone.

During the last century, it was the city center. However, an epidemic forced many of its residents to relocate elsewhere. After the outbreak was over, the government focused its city developments towards the south, rather than the north. As of now, the average income of North Stellis residents is below average. Many of its abandoned buildings are home to those operating outside the law, probably due to the lower police presence there. The city government's primary goal is to overhaul North Stellis, but that cannot be done overnight.

Orchidshine[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "All Through the Night" Story 2

Orchidshine is the birthplace of ancient Stellis, which relied on the Stellis river for inland navigation. There are historic and traditional landmarks in the area. Among them, Orchidshine Street is the most famous tourist attraction.

To protect the traditional landmarks and ecological environment in Orchidshine, Stellis opted out of transforming Orchidshine during the recent industrialization. Orchidshine's proximity to Cloudbreak Mountain and Stellis River has made it one of the most popular residential areas. Many real estate developers built numerous villas here and south Orchidshine gradually became the most famous high-end residential area in Stellis. Owning a villa in south Orchidshine is a symbol of status and wealth.

It is also worth mentioning that the von Hagen's ancestral home, a traditional landmark with five courtyards, is situated near Orchidshine Street. It should come as no surprise that the von Hagen Estate is located in south Orchidshine.

Pax Group Head Office[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Overtone" Story 1

Pax Group Head Office is the tallest building in the country located in Waterfront. It has been nicknamed the "Skyline of Stellis."

Premna Bay[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Vibrant Graffiti" Story 3

This famous tourist location in the Airport District of Stellis is a sight to behold. Every day after dusk, fishing fires light up the bay, leaving light spots on the water. People can step into the moonlight and immerse themselves in the dreamlike scenery.

Star Avenue[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 1

Star Avenue, located in the center of the Stellis Movie Museum, is the newly built photography experience. It utilizes the newest VR and optics technology. With accommodating flashing lights, a walk down this avenue will make you feel like you're a superstar, walking down the red carpet. Selected as the shooting location for Blossom on the Wind, this location quickly became a tourist hotspot after the premiere of the show.

Starhigh High School[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Precious Mornings" Story 1

The top private high school in Stellis. Quite a few of its graduates are top scholars, and it's the preferred high school for celebrities and noble families.

Stellis Art Gallery[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Main Story 02-04

The Stellis Art Gallery, located on the campus of Stellis University, is the newest art gallery in Stellis City. It frequently exhibits representative artworks from domestic and abroad and holds special exhibitions from time to time.

The Stellis Art Gallery also has three large lecture halls to be used for academic exchanges or small and medium-sized cultural performances. It also offers the most advanced and comprehensive 24/7 digital library, providing services such as information on its catalogues and online exhibitions. The Stellis Art Gallery is also the designated venue for graduation exhibitions for art students of Stellis University.

Special notification: The gallery is closed on Mondays.
DAVIS: Somehow, the online booking is always full...

Stellis Bird Observation Base[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Luke "Threads of Time" Story 2

A bird sanctuary in the suburbs of Stellis. It is the designated summer camp location for high schools in the city.

Stellis Medical Research Institute[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius' Sweet Chapter 02-07

Stellis Institute for Basic Medical Sciences, commonly known as Stellis Medical Research Institute, consists of several departments, including medicine, pharmacy, biology, and other disciplines. Among them, the rehabilitation engineering laboratory enjoys a good reputation in the country and abroad, and its scientific research is leading the world.

Stellis Movie Museum[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 1

Stellis Movie Museum, built on the site of the Stellis Studio, was expanded to an area of 40,000 square meters.

The museum interior is divided into four major regions, housing a total of 25 exhibit halls that introduces the history and technological advances of film over the past one hundred years.

In addiction to the collection and display of cultural relics, the museum is also equipped with a holographic film projection hall, creative photography studio experience hall, and other activity areas. The Stellis Movie Museum truly is a symbol of the urban culture, integrating display and experience interaction.

Stellis Public Hospital[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 03-05

Located in Stellis' Waterfront District, Stellis Public Hospital is a large, comprehensive teaching hospital that provides a multitude of medical and social services and participates in medical research. It is also Stellis' oldest and most storied hospital.
DAVIS: Humans can't reformat themselves like I can, so please take care of yourself!

Stellis TV Tower[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-05

It usually refers to the old address of Stellis TV. Stellis TV Tower is located in downtown Stellis. This location became the most popular dating area after a metropolis love story TV series was shot here a few years ago. The famous "Love Lock" attraction made after the one from the TV series is ranked tenth on the "Places Couples Must Visit In This Lifetime" list by many magazines.
D.A.V.I.S.: Stellis TV Tower Love Lock attraction is open now! All couples are welcome~

The von Hagen Estate[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "All Through the Night" Story 2

This residence, built by its ancestors, has a long history of over one hundred years. Because the von Hagens have quite the reputation, people call it the von Hagen Estate.

The von Hagen Estate has undergone many renovations, but it still retains its grand traditional style and is one of the landmark buildings in Stellis.

Tritown[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Artem's Story 03-10

Tritown, located in North Stellis, is a residential area built and funded by the government. This area has not been included in the plans to reconstruct and reorganize the city. The residential buildings lack modern infrastructure and management. Other than the elderly who have grown used to living here, most residents have chosen to rent out the place to workers from out-of-town for a cheap price. However, it is also because of this that the traffic around the compound has increased and the bustling night markets began to thrive.

Natural Phenomena[edit | edit source]

Aurora[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Daytime Aurora" Story 1

Auroras are plasma phenomena that mainly occur in the high latitudes. When a geomagnetic storm occurs, auroras may also be seen in low latitudes.

The color of the aurora is dependent on the amount of nitrogen and oxygen in the air. Auroras are commonly found to be red, green, yellow, or blue. They're quite the spectacle!

Polar Day[edit source]

Obtain: Unlock in Marius "Daytime Aurora" Story 1

Polar Day, or Midnight Sun, is a natural phenomenon that occurs at Earth's polar circles where the sun stays on the horizon for 24 hours.

References[edit | edit source]