Main Story Inspection Lead 10

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: None


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To complete the lead "Laura's Illness":

  1. Go to North Stellis -> Broadcare Clinic
  2. Observe
  3. Speak to the Clinic Doctor and select all the options
  4. Speak to Darius



Broadcare Clinic

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Clinic Doctor

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Laura's Medical Record

Laura's Medical Record icon.png

Evidence Description (Spoilers)

The medical record contains data on Laura's diagnosis in North Stellis.

The medical file repeatedly mentions Laura's diagnosis in North Stellis' Broadcare Clinic prior to 2027.
Laura had once undergone registered treatment due to cold-like symptoms, diarrhea, and mild discomfort. However, the file has no diagnosis or hospitalization records relating to lung cancer.


Laura's Health Status

Laura's diagnosis in North Stellis many years earlier shows her to have been in good health with only a few minor ailments. She has no signs of developing lung cancer.