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"There are cases that I can't crack...such as you."


Gender Male
Age (when met) 24[1]
Birthday December 5[1]
Height 180 cm[2][1]
Blood Type O[1]
Occupation Private Investigator[3]

Voice Actors


金弦 (Jīn Xián; Titus Jin)[3]


陳宏宇 (Chén Hóngyǔ)


梶裕貴 (Kaji Yuki)[4]


김지율 (Kim Jiyul)
Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 夏彦 (Xià Yàn)

Japanese 水无瀬夏彦 (Minase Natsuhiko)

Korean 강혁 (Gang Hyeok)

General[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Being reunited with you is the most wonderful thing that's happened to me.
I never thought we'd be reunited here and now.
This photo album holds our childhood memories. Many of its pages remain blank, waiting to be filled.
Even if this is a prank played by fate, every second with you is precious to me.
Before the mystery's solved...
"Please, just give me a little more time..."[5]

A professional private investigator who's always a step behind when it comes to love.

A dear coral eyed[6] childhood friend. Though it has been so long, they are finally reunited. During the eight years he was away from Stellis City, our Main Character (MC) doesn't know what he's been up to, but he's learnt many skills including: tracking, sniping, fighting, tactical driving, and wilderness survival skills... skills useful for a private investigator. No matter the job, he will complete it cleanly and excellently under the eyes of the law. In the past, MC had thought he would be a scientist. With his intelligence, it would not be a problem to go in this direction... But, maybe something unknown occurred that altered the career shift[3].

An outgoing private investigator who brings light and hope to everyone around him. He's able to complete all kinds of jobs without breaking a sweat. There's almost nothing he's not good at... all except for expressing his love for the girl he grew up with... After reunited after many years of separation, deep down, Luke is still the same old cheery but shy boy.[7][8]

Background[edit | edit source | hide]

Luke is described as an exceptionally bright, talented youth and childhood friend of the Main Character (MC). His mother was best friends with the MC's mother, so when Luke's parents died when he was very young, he was taken in and essentially raised by the MC's parents.[9] He went to school with the MC all the way from kindergarten to age 16,[10] at which time he took the top spot at his high school and was granted early acceptance into the prestigious National Central University. As a student, and carrying on through his day-to-day life when learning new skills, Luke takes diligent notes including his own remarks and complaints on the right side of the pages.[11]

He was promptly recruited into a closed confidential national project, but the experiment disallowed any outside communication and he lost contact with the MC. He returned immediately after the project ended, but did not contact the MC due to being busy with his work.

After graduating with a Master's in Bioengineering, Luke decided to pursue his dream of becoming a detective and opened Pearce Private Investigations. He also is the owner of Time's Antiquities, an antique store that serves as a front to his PI business.

Luke is highly skilled with inventions, technology, handicrafts, and other fine detail work. He's able to quickly repair a variety of items, and some of his creations include a highly accurate OCR application.[12] Luke has a high level of admiration for journalists who, like investigators, live for the truth and put their lives on the line to learn and expose it.[13]

He currently lives in a three-story house his parents left him, where the first story is Time's Antiquities, the second floor is his private investigation business, and the third floor is his residence. Luke also has a pet myna bird named Peanut, who is professionally trained and is highly intelligent.[14]

Luke notes that his most treasured possession is a limited edition Sherlock Holmes box, in which he stores treasured possessions such as competition gold medals and models, which the MC's parents bought for him when he was five years old. Luke still calls the MC his "Watson" as a callback to their detective games while growing up.[10] Luke has been noted by the MC to have a habit of sitting on dirty floors.[12]

Story[edit | edit source | hide]

Very shortly after entering university, Luke accidentally got involved with a transnational case, which caught the attention of the National Security Bureau; he was recruited and spent most of the following eight years earning his degree from NSB instructors rather than attending university. The "secret project" discussed above was merely a cover story for his entry into the NSB.[15]

During a mission with the NSB, Luke was gravely injured and received medicine contaminated with an unidentified and harmful component during treatment. As a result, he only has 3 years and 2 months left to live. With what freedom the NSB grants him, Luke pursues the medicine's origin, which has led him back to Stellis on the trail of NXX.[15]

Day Schedule[edit | edit source | hide]

Work Itinerary—Luke Pearce.jpeg

"It's not that I don't want to sleep more, it's just that..."

Aside from detective work, sometimes interesting commissions are received. Luke's week days are very regular. Everyday, he does morning run, evening run, and it looks like he wakes up very early... It is unknown how many secrets he has hidden in his diary.[16]

Luke's Workday Schedule[16]
05:30 Time to get up and take medication
05:45 Morning run
06:30 Have a healthy breakfast, organize work plans
08:00 Open Time's Antiquities, receive commissions, or improve a few gadgets
12:00 Buy fast food for lunch (if remembered)
12:30 Out for investigation (if lunch was forgotten, have it on the road)
18:00 Buy dinner, make a report of today's work
20:30 Evening run
21:30 Write in diary, call some contacts
23:00 Wash up and sleep

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Trivia[edit | edit source | hide]

  • In Chinese, Luke's name is 夏彦 (Xià Yàn)
    • Surname 夏 means Summer and is the same character used to write "Sherlock" (夏洛克 - Xià Luòkè)
    • First name 彦 can mean accomplished or elegant
  • In Chinese, Peanut's name is 花生 (Huāshēng)
    • This is a pun on the typical writing of "Watson" which is 华生 (Huáshēng).
    • While English (Peanut) and Korean (땅콩아) translate the name literally, Japanese opts to localize the pun by calling the bird "Mr. Jon" (Mr.ジョン) for John Watson.
  • List of gadgets and items used
    • Smart terminal (watch)[17]
    • Handy Analyser Mark IV: Portable chemical analyser that can identify common chemical substances. Augmented by Luke[18]
    • Magnetic powder for lifting fingerprints[18]
    • Tablet[18]
    • Toolkit[19]
    • Recording pen[2]

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