Luke Pearce

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"There are cases that I can't crack...such as you."


Gender Male

Age 24

Birthday December 5

Height 180 cm

Blood Type O

Occupation Private Investigator

Voice Actors


金弦 (Titus Jin)


陳宏宇 (Chen Hung Yu)


梶裕貴 (Kaji Yuki)


김지율 (Kim Jiyul)

Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 夏彦 (Xià Yàn)

Japanese 水无瀬夏彦 (Minase Natsuhiko)

Korean 강혁 (Gang Hyeok)

General[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Being reunited with you is the most wonderful thing that's happened to me.

I never thought we'd be reunited here and now. This photo album holds our childhood memories. Many of its pages remain blank, waiting to be filled. Even if this is a prank played by fate, every second with you is precious to me.

Before the mystery's solved... "Please, just give me a little more time..."[1]

A professional private investigator who's always a step behind when it comes to love.

An outgoing private investigator who brings light and hope to everyone around him.

He's able to complete all kinds of jobs without breaking a sweat.

Tracking, sniping, combat, tactical driving, and wilderness survival... There's almost nothing he's not good at... all except for expressing his love for the girl he grew up with...

After reunited after many years of separation, deep down, Luke is still the same old cheery but shy boy.[2][3]

Background[edit | edit source | hide]

Luke is described as an exceptionally bright, talented youth and childhood friend of the Main Character (MC). He took the top spot at his high school, and when he was 16, he was accepted early into the prestigious National Central University.

He was promptly recruited into a closed confidential national project, but the experiment disallowed any outside communication and he lost contact with the MC. He returned immediately after the project ended, but did not contact the MC due to being busy with his work. Later, it is revealed that he actually joined the National Security Bureau as a Financial and Technology Crime investigator, and there was no secret project.
It has been revealed in his personal route that due to an unknown disease, Luke only has 3 years and 2 months left to live.

After graduating with a Master's in Bioengineering, Luke decides to pursue his dream of becoming a detective and opens Pearce Private Investigations. He also is the owner of Time's Antiquities, an antique store that serves as a front to his PI business.

He currently lives in a three-story house his parents left him, where the first story is Time's Antiquities, the second floor is his private investigation business, and the third floor is his residence. Luke also has a pet myna bird named Peanut, who is professionally trained and is highly intelligent.[4]

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