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High Priority[edit source]

  • Trials of Themis Stages
  • Populate Stage drop list pages
  • Create pages for any Special:WantedPages
  • Review Category:Pages with broken file links for items that need photos or recordings.
    • MR/SR/SSR Animations for Cards - 16:9 ratio, 1080p, ~10 second recording. If your file size is too large, upload to a service such as google drive and send a link to our wiki discord for re-encoding.
    • Furnishing sets - cropped screenshots of individual furnishing pieces (See Late Spring Garden Lounge for example)

Medium Priority[edit source]

  • Card and story stage summaries
  • Character Pages
  • Location Pages
  • Organization Pages
  • Other World Building Pages - See Big Data Lab
  • Write short interaction notes for interactive (chibi) invitations missing these. See Synchronized Steps for an example.
    • 2022-12-09: Currently need these for Revisiting Youth invitations
  • Complete the Reveries task exp table on Returner Program#Reunion Reveries

Low Priority[edit source]

  • Add missing romanization for other language names of Character and Card pages.