Temple of Trials

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Temple of Trials is a game mode that is an extended version of Trials of Themis. For 30 AP, instead of 2 waves, Temple of Trials consists of 30 waves. The potential choices for each wave consist of:

  • Treasure - Varies depending on Temple of Trials difficulty
  • Debate Stage - Grants Btn money s.pngS-Chip upon winning
  • Power Up - Boosts the strength of the player's cards for this run

When auto-debating, the AI will go straight by default unless moving to encounter a debate stage.

Players can earn up to a certain amount of Btn money s.pngS-Chip weekly depending on how far a player has cleared Trials of Themis and which Temple of Trials difficulties they've unlocked.

Trials of Themis Level Difficulty Unlocked S-Chip Cap
01-10 Easy 240
01-25 Normal 300
02-25 Hard 350
03-25 - 400

The higher difficulty debate stages give more S-Chips on completion, so it is more efficient when looking to collect cap S-Chips for the week as all the difficulty stages cost the same amount of AP to run. A run where you always select the NPCs/debate stages would earn players the following amount of S-Chips:

# of S-Chips per Debate Stage (Wave 1-29) # of S-Chips for Final Debate Stage (Wave 30) Total S-Chips
Easy 8 35 75
Normal 12 45 105
Hard 16 55 135