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Illustrations are images seen while playing through story stages. Once the image appears in the story, they will be unlocked in the Illustration gallery.

Illustration Featured Character(s) Description Obtain Release Date

Electrifying Night illustration.png
Electrifying Night
Come and experience the charm of the trendy culture festival. Complete Electrifying Night (Part 1) 2022-03-18

Romantic Rail Getaway illustration.png
Romantic Rail Getaway
Hop on the train and share the mesmerizing and lively spring scenery together. Complete Trailblazer's Notes Puzzle Event 2021-11-06

Xmas Partyland illustration.png
Xmas Partyland
There is much more warmth and joy this winter. Complete Xmas Partyland Part 1 2021-12-06

Romantic Night illustration.png
Romantic Night
I want to spend a romantic evening with you. Complete Romantic Night Puzzle Event 2021-08-01

Intertwined Trees illustration.png
Intertwined Trees
Standing underneath the ancient tree, Marius made a wish, hoping you'd be intertwined for the rest of our lives. Unlock in Marius "Will of the Trees" Story 5 2021-11-12

Exposed Evidence illustration.png
Exposed Evidence
The truth will always appear by accident. Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-10 2022-05-06

Floor Plan of Abandoned Archive illustration.png
Floor Plan of Abandoned Archive
The abandoned archive seems to be hiding a deep dark secret. Unlock in Main Story 06-26 2022-03-18

Catching Shadows illustration.png
Catching Shadows
Even the dim light could not conceal her powerful presence. Unlock in Main Story 06-05 2022-03-04

Crystal Statuette (3) illustration.png
Crystal Statuette
At the base of the statue is a single four-petaled rose. Unlock in Main Story 06-26 2022-03-18

Crystal Statuette (2) illustration.png
Crystal Statuette
Words can fade with time, but not a person's past. Unlock in Main Story 06-26 2022-03-18

Crystal Statuette (1) illustration.png
Crystal Statuette
Someone who would gift Ava Kendricks a bust of her is most likely someone with whom she had a special relationship. Unlock in Main Story 06-26 2022-03-18

A Single Leaf illustration.png
A Single Leaf
This single leaf is the most powerful evidence of Jerry Jones' visit to North Stellis.
Unlock in Main Story 06-20 2022-03-18

Naomi Anderson's Photo illustration.png
Naomi Anderson's Photo
The young and beautiful life is gone, like a flower dying in its bloom. Unlock in Main Story 06-05 2022-03-04

Volcanic Ash illustration.png
Volcanic Ash
The Gruyam Volcano in the distance erupts again. The danger is getting closer and closer. Can Vyn return safely? Unlock in Vyn "Blazing Colors" Story 4 2022-01-01

Tiny Detail illustration.png
Tiny Detail
On the syringe that Naomi used to inject an overdose of drugs, there is an unnoticeable scratch that's easily missed if you don't look closely. Unlock in Main Story 06-07 2022-03-04

Darts Scoring Rules illustration.png
Darts Scoring Rules
Luke had the habit of playing darts whenever he was organizing his thoughts. As time passed, you became familiar with its scoring rules. Unlock in Luke "A Star in the Palm" Story 4 2021-12-11

Stone Feather Carving - Complete illustration.png
Stone Feather Carving - Complete
"You are the king of the gods and ruler of everything. Before you, Maat lifts up her feather that decides fate." The truth behind the Nosta mystery has finally been unraveled. Unlock in Lost Gold Story 04-04 2021-09-03

Stone Feather Carving - Bottom illustration.png
Stone Feather Carving - Bottom
In Anubis' judgement, if the heart of the dead was heavier than Maat's feather, it was deemed guilty and Amit would devour it. Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 03-03 2021-09-03

Stone Feather Carving - Top illustration.png
Stone Feather Carving - Top
In Egyptian mythology, the dead would undergo Anubis' judgement. Their hearts would be put on a scale with Maat's feather. Unlock in Lost Gold Vyn Investigation 03-03 2021-09-03

Scattered Knots illustration.png
Scattered Knots
Entangled together like a knot were the proofs of love, evil, and the truth. Unlock in Lost Gold Artem Investigation 03-05 2021-09-03

Ominous Prisons illustration.png
Ominous Prisons
"When I was in my home country, I frequently saw these in ancient castles I visited." It seems Vyn didn't visit those places out of pleasure... Unlock in Lost Gold Vyn Investigation 03-03 2021-09-03

Nosta Slabstone illustration.png
Nosta Slabstone
There are Nosta text and Latin words carved into the slabstone, recording ancient hymns dedicated to the god of death. Unlock in Lost Gold Marius Investigation 02-05 2021-09-03

Suspension Bridge illustration.png
Suspension Bridge
There is a suspension bridge between the two mountains, under which the river runs so fast that just looking at it makes you feel dizzy. Unlock in Vyn "Heartfelt Suspense" Story 3 2021-09-03

Firefly Shrine illustration.png
Firefly Shrine
My oath will be engraved in the memory of this ancient site and will endure through the ages. Unlock in Marius "In the Darkness" Story 6 2021-09-03

"Kiss" Goodbye illustration.png
"Kiss" Goodbye
Children will always bring "surprises." Unlock in Main Story 05-43 2021-08-27

Companion illustration.png
"You sure you want both?"
"I want to keep them company."
Unlock in Main Story 05-37 2021-08-27

Accident Planned illustration.png
Accident? Planned?
While it may seem like an accident, time will unravel the truth... Unlock in Main Story 05-05 2021-07-30

Secrets in the Wind illustration.png
Secrets in the Wind
The secrets are carried away by the wind and sound of bells. Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-09 2021-07-30

Opaline River From the Sky illustration.png
Opaline River From the Sky
People will only cherish what they have lost. This beautiful scenery, however precious, is no different. Unlock in Main Story 05-05 2021-07-30

Droste Effect illustration.png
Droste Effect
Putting two mirrors together facing each other produces quite the mysterious effect. Unlock in Artem "Autumn Dreams" Story 3 2021-07-30

Noxious X Xeno-Gene illustration.png
Noxious X Xeno-Gene
You're saying NXX is Pandora's Box? Maybe, but it's much more than that. Unlock in Main Story 05-01 2021-07-30

Shrine Walkway illustration.png
Shrine Walkway
In the mountains sits a red walkway with poems engraved onto the pillars. Legend has it, couples who walk on it will forever be together. Even those unfortunate with their marriage blessings can change their fate and live happily ever after. Unlock in Artem "Entwined Fate" Story 6 2021-08-06

Secret Prison illustration.png
Secret Prison
What secrets are hiding in Heirson's lab in Opaline Village?
Unlock in Main Story 05-28 2021-08-13

Alone illustration.png
Sometimes it only takes a moment to realize you're only pretending to be strong... Unlock in Luke's Story 02-08 2021-07-30

Jigsaw Riddle illustration.png
Jigsaw Riddle
Luke and I agreed to go there a long time ago. It's about time that we go! Unlock in Luke's Story 02-02 2021-07-30

Tulip Mystery illustration.png
Tulip Mystery
Ten tulips softly glow in the night-shrouded flowerbed. Unlock in Luke's Story 02-07 2021-07-30

One Wrong Step illustration.png
One Wrong Step
This gambling addiction not only cost Bob Davis, a wealthy business man based in Stellis, all his fortunes, but also destroyed his family. There are some things that even once is too many, and that are roads of no return once taken.
Unlock in Main Story 04-05 2021-07-30

NXX-1036 Case File 2 illustration.png
NXX-1036 Case File 2
The police have found cyanide in Van Kerrel's drawer. This is a key piece of evidence of how Van Kerrel was suicidal.
Unlock in Main Story 04-03 2021-07-30

NXX-1036 Case File 1 illustration.png
NXX-1036 Case File 1
When Van Kerrel's body was discovered, the cushions on the couch he was found on where ripped by his fingers. The police believe it is caused by the victim himself when trying to endure the pain of suffocation, which led to the assumption that Van Kerrel died voluntarily.
Unlock in Main Story 04-03 2021-07-30

Matters of Privacy illustration.png
Matters of Privacy
Public figures' right to privacy, public intrigue, public interest-relevance, and the public's right to know are more than just news headlines, but are actual legal issues. Unlock in Main Story 02-04 2021-07-30

Shush illustration.png
The young Pharaoh tells you that as long as you don't run away, he won't report you. Unlock in Marius "Dimly Lit" Story 3 2022-04-29

Eternal Slumber illustration.png
Eternal Slumber
The youth before you will reply to you no longer. Unlock in Marius "Dimly Lit" Story 5 2022-04-29

Thoughtful Mask illustration.png
Thoughtful Mask
It was just to help him put on a mask, but how you wish the warmth at your fingertips could linger for a moment longer. Unlock in Marius "Vibrant Graffiti" Story 4 2022-03-25

Crybaby illustration.png
In the photo, a young Marius is sitting in the woods looking frustrated. Unlock in Marius "Will of the Trees" Story 2 2021-11-12

Moment of Romance illustration.png
Moment of Romance
"Finally I have someone who knows me, understands me, and will stand by me when I'm down."
"Miss, you can't regret this later."
Unlock in Marius' Story 03-14 2022-05-06

Every Brushstroke illustration.png
Every Brushstroke
Marius gently holds your hand, guiding your every stroke, as if it is dancing on the page to a soundless melody. Unlock in Marius' Story 03-01 2022-05-06

Trembling illustration.png
Guys also need to protect themselves. Unlock in Marius "Daytime Aurora" Story 4 2022-01-01

Loving Fragrance illustration.png
Loving Fragrance
"Besides, we smell the same to others." Marius said as if to claim sovereignty. Unlock in Marius "Daytime Aurora" Story 2 2022-01-01

Midnight Stroll illustration.png
Midnight Stroll
Since the opportunity is rare, let's do something exciting. Unlock in Marius "All Through the Night" Story 3 2021-12-11

Hiding Place illustration.png
Hiding Place
"A 'demon' lives deep in the woods." After all these years, this story finally has its ending. Unlock in Marius "All Through the Night" Story 5 2021-12-11

Ice Cream Genius illustration.png
Ice Cream Genius
Someday if Pax went bankrupt, Marius would be able to rely on his side business and becoming the ice cream guru. Unlock in Marius "Fabulous Feast" Story 6 2021-10-20

Enjoying Himself illustration.png
Enjoying Himself
After experiencing The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Mr. von Hagen apologized, but would do it again. Unlock in Marius "Fabulous Feast" Story 3 2021-10-20

View from the Top illustration.png
View from the Top
Not everyone will climb a tree or take risks. Finding someone with whom you can connect is truly difficult. Unlock in Marius "In the Darkness" Story 2 2021-09-03

Family Secret illustration.png
Family Secret
"If it weren't for his dashing looks, I wouldn't have told Mr. von Hagen my family secret so easily."
He puffed his chest with pride as he said that, but there was a hint of hostility in his voice.
Unlock in Marius "Eye of the Beholder" Story 1 2021-07-30

Soul Painting illustration.png
Soul Painting
Marius! Every minute you laugh is an extra day that I'll ignore you! Unlock in Marius' Story 02-14 2021-07-30

Fatigue illustration.png
Different from his usual carefree demeanor, the sleeping Marius has a hint of weakness on his face. Unlock in Marius' Story 02-11 2021-07-30

My Memory of You illustration.png
My Memory of You
Memories might fade, but I will never forget my love for you. Unlock in Marius "Eye of the Beholder" Story 5 2021-07-30

Secret Stamp illustration.png
Secret Stamp
The enchanting worries in the dim sunlight of spring -
"My love for you is true and unyielding, from now until forever."
Unlock in Marius "Matching Tattoos" Story 4 2021-07-30

A Warm Shoulder illustration.png
A Warm Shoulder
His body warms the chill of the night. Unlock in Marius "Twilight Beauty" Story 5 2021-07-30

Z's Fan illustration.png
Z's Fan
"I am Z's number-one fan in the whole world." Marius' words somehow don't feel right to you... Unlock in Marius' Story 01-04 2021-07-30

From Past to Present illustration.png
From Past to Present
The dried paints on the canvas have preserved the artist's brushwork, reaching out from the past to the audience through time. Such is art. Unlock in Marius' Story 01-06 2021-07-30

Shackles of Fame illustration.png
Shackles of Fame
Fame, the most sought-after prize in the whole world... But is it truly a privilege or is it shackles? Unlock in Main Story 02-08 2021-07-30

The True Oracle's Edict illustration.png
The True Oracle's Edict
Amidst the whirling sand, he seems not to hear the voices of doubt. By your side, he earnestly asks the gods his question. Unlock in Vyn "Flickering Moonlight" Story 5 2022-04-29

Hidden Truth illustration.png
Hidden Truth
In the moment of danger, you have a sudden yearning for the warmth of being in his arms. Unlock in Vyn "Flickering Moonlight" Story 3 2022-04-29

Tipsy illustration.png
People were drunk on the air that was filled with the smell of alcohol. Unlock in Vyn "Neon Melody" Story 3 2022-03-25

Illusion illustration.png
The cold dim light from the old street lamps flickered. For a moment, I thought he was crying. Unlock in Vyn "Neon Melody" Story 4 2022-03-25

Captivating Touch illustration.png
Captivating Touch
As Vyn spoke, his long slender finger moved slowly across your skin... across the side of your face before pressing lightly on your lips. Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 5 2022-02-25

A Man Knows illustration.png
A Man Knows
A man knows all too well his own sorrows. Unlock in Vyn "Food for Thought" Story 3 2022-02-25

Under the Wings illustration.png
Under the Wings
"With me around, I won't let anyone hurt her." Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-15 2022-05-06

Fermented Shark Meat illustration.png
Fermented Shark Meat
It is said that fermented shark meat will give your taste buds a thrilling experience of "escaping from death." Unlock in Vyn "Blazing Colors" Story 1 2022-01-01

Together Forever illustration.png
Together Forever
From now on, they'll never be apart. Unlock in Vyn's Story 03-09 2022-05-06

"Failure" illustration.png
Failure just puts you one step closer to success. Unlock in Vyn "Between Good and Evil" Story 4 2021-10-20

Manipulator Terminator illustration.png
Manipulator Terminator
No tea art is too difficult in the sharp eyes of the psychiatrist. Unlock in Vyn "Heartfelt Suspense" Story 5 2021-09-03

Dancing with You illustration.png
Dancing with You
The dance steps aren't too difficult, but it's hard to breathe with him so close to you. Unlock in Vyn "A Star in the Night" Story 4 2021-09-22

Summer Harvest illustration.png
Summer Harvest
With how much time I have spent gardening, I have never felt more deeply than today how different it is from farming. Unlock in Vyn "Cool Summer" Story 3 2021-08-05

Only For You illustration.png
Only For You
Did you notice?
In that moment, his smile and eyes were shining only for you.
Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-11 2021-07-30

Protection illustration.png
Don't try to tarnish her beauty.
The elegant composed king will always protect his beloved rose.
Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-11 2021-07-30

Midnight Roses illustration.png
Midnight Roses
Your beauty is unmatched. Unlock in Vyn's Story 02-08 2021-07-30

"Crime Scene" illustration.png
"Crime Scene"
This was the "crime scene" in the game of "Real Crime." Lying in a magic circle of blood, the fake body, covered up by a black sheet, was surrounded by sacrificial offerings representing the four basic elements: wind, fire, water, and earth. Unlock in Vyn "Medieval Suspense" Story 2 2021-07-30

Silver Blade illustration.png
Silver Blade
This was the "murder weapon" in the game of "Real Crime." This silver blade with a dark hilt was a stark contrast to the blood stains on it. Unlock in Vyn "Medieval Suspense" Story 3 2021-07-30

Embroidered Scarf illustration.png
Embroidered Scarf
In the game of "Real Crime," the only "clue" found on Vyn's character: the embroidered pattern on his scarf symbolizing something that his character hated. It became the irrefutable evidence that proved his identity. Unlock in Vyn "Medieval Suspense" Story 6 2021-07-30

Clairvoyant illustration.png
Don't even try lying to a psychiatrist. Unlock in Main Story 02-24 2021-07-30

Taste of Jealousy illustration.png
Taste of Jealousy
"Ladies, be sure not to make your boyfriends jealous while they're making cakes. Neither cream nor cake deserve such punishment..." -Sad Confectioner Unlock in Vyn's Story 01-07 2021-07-30

Predicament illustration.png
No one can truly save another, but there are always ones that practice the reverse. Unlock in Vyn "False Tears" Story 4 2021-07-30

Reforged Heart illustration.png
Reforged Heart
Two broken handles can make one whole heart. Being broken doesn't mean they are worthless, do you not agree? Unlock in Vyn "Mended Heart" Story 6 2021-07-30

Holding Hands illustration.png
Holding Hands
The warmth of his palm gradually dispels your anxiety. Unlock in Artem "Echoes Ablaze" Story 4 2022-04-29

Chance Meeting illustration.png
Chance Meeting
The Prime Minister seems to be much more approachable than you'd imagined. Unlock in Artem "Echoes Ablaze" Story 1 2022-04-29

Dribbling illustration.png
Find the opportunity to break the opponent's flawless defense. Unlock in Artem "Winning Ball" Story 3 2022-03-25

"Another Side of You" illustration.png
"Another Side of You"
If it weren't for this eyepatch, nobody could have imagined that Artem would have such a mischievous look in his eye. Unlock in Artem "Sunshine After the Rain" Story 1 2022-02-25

Aftertaste illustration.png
The sweet fruity aroma stimulates the taste buds, making you want to eat. It's supposed to be a pleasant experience... Unlock in Artem "Sunshine After the Rain" Story 4 2022-02-25

Peace of Mind illustration.png
Peace of Mind
I wish to borrow some of your courage, but hope to also give you courage when I'm by your side. Unlock in Artem "Two Hearts as One" Story 2 2022-04-18

Despair illustration.png
It's not just your life I'm taking, but also your shattered heart from my betrayal. Unlock in Artem "Two Hearts as One" Story 6 2022-04-18

Barrier illustration.png
A barrier in times of crisis provides a sense of security. Unlock in Artem's Story 03-09 2022-05-06

Late Night Murmurs illustration.png
Late Night Murmurs
The night listens to whispers buried in the heart, and quietly brings all those wishes to the dawn. Unlock in Artem's Story 03-14 2022-05-06

A Different Aura illustration.png
A Different Aura
Much different from when he wears a suit, Artem wearing a leather jacket can only be described as "cool." Cold and tough, he looks ready to verbally assault anyone with his bluntness. Unlock in Artem "Wandering Heart" Story 3 2022-01-01

Lingering Warmth illustration.png
Lingering Warmth
Fingers gently caress the collar, leaving a lingering warmth. Unlock in Main Story 06-15 2022-03-04

Driving at Full Speed illustration.png
Driving at Full Speed
On my way to the endless wilderness, a thought suddenly flashed through your mind: "If only you could go with him to the end of the world..." Unlock in Artem "Wandering Heart" Story 2 2022-01-01

Secret Dance illustration.png
Secret Dance
Tango is the most subtle, but also the most intense communication between lovers. Unlock in Artem "Por Una Cabeza" Story 4 2021-12-11

Artem's Standards illustration.png
Artem's Standards
They're no longer just tomatoes, but carefully selected "candidates." Unlock in Artem "Fixated on You" Story 3 2021-10-20

A Constant Battle illustration.png
A Constant Battle
Dignity is something one must always battle to uphold. Unlock in Artem "Dreamful Melodies" Story 5 2021-09-03

Heartbeat in the Rain illustration.png
Heartbeat in the Rain
In the pouring rain, the only thing unchanged is the warmth of his hand. Unlock in Artem "Dreamful Melodies" Story 3 2021-09-03

Unexpected Speed illustration.png
Unexpected Speed
I never thought that Artem's hobby would just a leisurely drive. Even though we're not speeding, it's still exhilarating! Unlock in Artem "Entwined Fate" Story 5 2021-07-30

Artem and I illustration.png
Artem and I
It was as if Artem and I returned to being students again. He wasn't "Artem Wing." He was just a caring senior who helped me. Unlock in Artem "Autumn Dreams" Story 1 2021-07-30

Art and Life illustration.png
Art and Life
My story has ended, but life goes on. Unlock in Artem "Thin Veil" Story 6 2021-07-30

Cartoon Band-aid illustration.png
Cartoon Band-aid
The cartoon band-aid clashes with Artem's clean looks, giving off a sense of mystery. Unlock in Artem "Unusual Love" Story 5 2022-04-29

Artem in the Study illustration.png
Artem in the Study
On the official page of a popular TV show, a mystery reviewer left a review: "..." Unlock in Artem's Story 02-02 2021-07-30

Fish Attack!.png
Fish Attack!
Artem caught a big fish! You volunteered to get the fish off the hook for him and got "slapped in the face," literally... Unlock in Artem "Sparks" Story 3 2021-07-30

In Your Arms illustration.png
In Your Arms
For a moment, we looked like we were dancing in each other's arms. Unlock in Luke "Through the Heavens" Story 4 2022-03-25

Spicy Challenge illustration.png
Spicy Challenge
A true warrior will rise up against a spicy challenge. Unlock in Luke "Through the Heavens" Story 2 2022-03-25

Luke "Star Athlete" Pearce illustration.png
Luke "Star Athlete" Pearce
Since he was young, star athletes in interschool competitions would always have beautiful girls cheering for them. Luke's cheerleading team was a bit special- it consisted mostly of children. Unlock in Luke "Peaceful Place" Story 2 2021-11-12

Interrogate illustration.png
There may always be an accident waiting to happen, that's why Luke is always prepared for anything. Unlock in Luke "Peaceful Place" Story 6 2021-11-12

Faerie's Punishment illustration.png
Faerie's Punishment
It was only a second ago that you said there was no such thing as supernatural phenomena. The next second, you and Luke were "taught a lesson." Unlock in Luke "Twinkling Eyes" Story 3 2022-01-01

Act of Blasphemy illustration.png
Act of Blasphemy
The two of you lie flat on the altar. Abandoning all worldly rules and piety, you secretly hatch a blasphemous scheme together. Unlock in Luke "Overflowing Thoughts" Story 6 2022-04-29

Dark Alley illustration.png
Dark Alley
In the dark alley, moonlight shines faintly from his knife. His emotions are concealed beneath his mask. Unlock in Luke "Overflowing Thoughts" Story 1 2022-04-29

"Transformation" illustration.png
Luke demonstrates a new skill he learned, "Transformation"! Unlock in Luke's Story 03-10 2022-05-06

Habits illustration.png
"Ever since we were young, this is how we got along. So... this... should be okay, right?" Is this anticipation or self-deception? Unlock in Luke's Story 03-04 2022-05-06

Raven's Protection illustration.png
Raven's Protection
Luke said that as long as he's around, nothing bad will ever happen. It's similar to what this pair of earrings represent. Unlock in Luke "Twinkling Eyes" Story 6 2022-01-01

Surprise Gift illustration.png
Surprise Gift
It wasn't until you put on the scarf that you realized it matched the one Luke has. Unlock in Luke "Warm Embrace" Story 4 2021-11-28

Embarrassing Things illustration.png
Embarrassing Things
You spent a long time finishing up homework, then realized it was someone else's practice booklet. Unlock in Luke "Warm Embrace" Story 2 2021-11-28

Our Toys illustration.png
Our Toys
The two exquisite toys that look like you and Luke are in the box. Unlock in Luke "How I Remember You" Story 6 2021-10-20

Shipwreck illustration.png
"Life always seem to throw the unexpected at you." - a kayak instructor Unlock in Luke "Iridescent Heartbeat" Story 4 2021-09-03

Butterfly illustration.png
The fiery red butterfly fluttering its wings at the tip of Luke's fingers reminds you of the summers when he caught butterflies for you. Unlock in Lost Gold Luke Investigation 02-02 2021-09-03

Exclusive Gaze illustration.png
Exclusive Gaze
"I'll always protect you."
"So, only look at me, okay?"
Unlock in Luke "Iridescent Heartbeat" Story 3 2021-09-03

A Horrible Goose illustration.png
A Horrible Goose
As the original head of the village, raise your noble neck high and fight the humans until the end. Unlock in Luke "Shape of You" Story 2 2021-08-05

Foodie's Choice illustration.png
Foodie's Choice
In the eyes of humans, the most vicious predator in nature, there are only two types of things in the world: things that can be eaten and things that cannot. Unlock in Luke "Shape of You" Story 3 - "Try It" Option 2021-08-05

Many Apologies illustration.png
Many Apologies
What's the sincerest way to apologize to your childhood sweetheart? Online and waiting! Unlock in Luke's Story 02-11 2021-07-30

Reliable Shoulders illustration.png
Reliable Shoulders
Luke puts you on his left shoulder. When did he become so strong? Unlock in Luke's Story 02-05 2021-07-30

Battle of Tangerine Crabs illustration.png
Battle of Tangerine Crabs
After this battle, you couldn't help but wonder if crabs are liquid lifeforms... Unlock in Luke's Story 01-07 2021-07-30

Confession by Sudoku illustration.png
Confession by Sudoku
A puzzle to solve, a heart to reveal. Unlock in Luke "Inner Sanctum" Story 4 2021-07-30

One-Man Team illustration.png
One-Man Team
After eight years, Luke has acquired many new skills. He claimed to have learned them during his time being part of the research project... Was it in Hawaii? Unlock in Luke "Timely Rescue" Story 2 2021-07-30

Partners illustration.png
Winning doesn't mean anything to me. Winning with you, means everything. Unlock in Luke "Timely Rescue" Story 5 2021-07-30

Reliable Shoulders (Timely Rescue) illustration.png
Reliable Shoulders
"I'm going to win this with you." With you on his back, Luke makes for the treasure's location. Unlock in Luke "Timely Rescue" Story 6 2021-07-30

Sweet Burden illustration.png
Sweet Burden
His arms are a lot stronger and his shoulders are much wider than before. What has never changed, is the sense of security they give you. Unlock in Luke "Timely Rescue" Story 6 2021-07-30

"O Sole Mio" illustration.png
"'O Sole Mio"
Say hi to Pisa's rabbits and sing me one 'O sole mio. -Sphynx Unlock in Luke's Story 01-06 2021-07-30