A Love Poem to Skadi

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A Love Poem to Skadi Event banner.png
A Love Poem to Skadi
Start Date 2022-01-01 11:00 UTC +9
End Date 2022-01-25 04:00 UTC +9
Duration Approx. 24 days

From snowfields to auroras, admire every landscape with him.
Experience every aspect of life with him, whether it be heartwarming or surprising.
None know if they will bear witness to the end of time.
But the moment when eyes interlock is enough to fulfill the imagination.
An eternal promise, engraved beneath the light of the ever-changing skies.
His poem for you is of the most profound love.

A Love Poem to Skadi is a time-limited event that occurred on Jan. 1-25, 2022.

Skadi Island: Normal Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Residents: Daily Jobs[edit | edit source]

Every day, the player may complete up to four different jobs at Johann's lodge to gain reputation on Skadi Island.

  • Each one awards Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x100, Resident Reputation icon.pngResident Reputation x30 for the client (which will unlock Reputation Jobs), and Skadi Reputation icon.pngSkadi Reputation x30 (which will accumulate to unlock rewards such as Lamp Light icon.pngLamp Light.
  • Additionally, completing four jobs in a day will grant the player Adorable Elf Keychain icon.pngAdorable Elf Keychain x1, which will open a debate with Zangr Stewart of continuously-increasing difficulty.

Skadi Anderson Johnson photo.png Anderson Johnson[edit | edit source]

Anderson Johnson is a professor researching local phenomena such as faerie sightings and the "Siren" at the Seti Falls wreck. His Reputation track awards the Evidence: "Vague Note III."

Daily Jobs

Rainbow Bridge

They say that you can see the Rainbow Bridge from Seti Falls. Can you take a few pictures for me?

Seti Falls

After Observation event

You: (Found it. Is that the rainbow Professor Johnson mentioned?)

The gorgeous rainbow spans above the waterfall, like a colorful belt decorating the magnificent view.

You: (It really looks like bridge above the waterfall from this angle.)

You: (Oh right. I should take a picture!)

Anderson Johnson: Young lady, have you seen the rainbow bridge?

You: Yes. The waterfall is so beautiful. I've taken loads of photos.

Anderson Johnson: Did you take a picture of the rainbow bridge I told you about?

Give him the photos taken with a DSLR camera

You: Yes! I specifically took a DSLR camera with me.

Anderson Johnson: Not bad. The arch of the rainbow is clearly captured in the picture. And at a very nice angle to boot.

Anderson Johnson: Young lady, are you a professional photographer?

You: No. I just happen to have a friend who loves photography.

You: Maybe I've learned some photography techniques from him because we spend so much time together.

Give him the photos taken with your cell phone

You: I took a few pictures with my phone, but... the rainbow had already faded a little when I took them.

Anderson Johnson: The angles you chose are very nice in the photos. It's a shame that it's not clear.

Anderson Johnson: Try your luck again next time. Maybe you'll get some nicer photos.

You: Yeah, I'll go again when I have the chance.

Important Document

Hello. Can you pass on a script to my student? It's very important.

Seti Falls

Anderson Johnson: Ahh... Such a headache. What do I do?

You: What's wrong?

Anderson Johnson: I found an important manuscript that I forgot to give to my student.

Anderson Johnson: But my investigation work here isn't over, so I can't leave just yet...

Anderson Johnson: Can you do me a favor and deliver this for me? She's just on the other side of this cliff.


You: Sure. I'll do it for you.

Anderson Johnson: Great. Thank you! I'm going to give my student a call and ask her to wait for you at Vikya Capital Square.

You: Don't worry. I guarantee the manuscript will be delivered safely.


You: But I've got something to do right now...

Anderson Johnson: Sorry. I really can't find anyone else. Can you help me?

You: Okay. I'll deliver it for you. Please tell me the address.

Anderson Johnson: Thank you. May the faeries bless you, kind lady.

Anderson Johnson: I'm going to give my student a call and ask her to wait for you at Vikya Capital Square.

College Student: Excuse me, are you Miss [Player]?

Directly give her the manuscript

You: Yes. Are you Professor Johnson's student? This is the manuscript he asked me to give you.

College Student: Thanks for bringing it over.

College Student: That Professor... How could he forget something so important?

Confirm her identity first

You: Yes, and you are?

You: Yes, and you are?

College Student: I'm a student of Professor Johnson's. He asked me to wait for you here. May I see the manuscript, please?

You: Sure. Here you are.

College Student: That's the one. Thank you so much! That Professor... How could he forget something so important?

College Student: Anyway, we Skadi Islanders never forget a favor. This is a gift from me. Please accept it.

Faerie Town Interview

Can you go to Faerie Town for me and interview the person who saw a faerie?

Seti Falls

Anderson Johnson: Do you have time? Can you go to Faerie Town for me and interview the "young man who saw a faerie"?

Anderson Johnson: I have some business here, so I can't go myself...

You: Sure. I've been wanting to visit Faerie Town.

Anderson Johnson: Thank you. I'll send you the interview resources. Just conduct the interview according to the questions in the file.

At Faerie Town

Faerie-Loving Youth: Hey. Are you the interviewer that Professor Johnson was talking about?

You: Yes. I'd like to ask you a few clarifying questions about faeries.

Faerie-Loving Youth: Sure! Ask me anything about faeries — I'm their biggest fan in this town!

Time of faerie sighting

You: About when did you see the faerie?

Faerie-Loving Youth: When I was around five or six years old, I guess. I remember seeing a faerie float in front of me at night...

Faerie-Loving Youth: Ahh, that's gotta be a miracle!

Faerie abilities

You: Did the faerie have any special abilities?

Faerie-Loving Youth: It knew magic! It brought me to this beautiful room and used magic to make this amazing and huge cake.

Faerie-Loving Youth: It was the best cake that I've ever had!

You: (Cake? Don't tell me it was like a house elf?)

Faerie's appearance

You: Do you remember what the faerie looked like?

Faerie-Loving Youth: I do! It was really small — about the size of my palm. It wore a pointy hat and had a red nose...

You: Sounds like a fairy tale gnome or something.

Faerie-Loving Youth: It was a faerie, a faerie! It wasn't like anything in made-up fairy tales!

You: O—Okay, I see.

Location of faerie sighting

You: Where did you see the faerie?

Faerie-Loving Youth: Hmm... It was a dark place. It was probably my attic or courtyard or something...

Faerie-Loving Youth: I remember now! It was next to my grandma's faerie cottage. No doubt about it!

How to see faeries

You: So... How does one meet a faerie?

Faerie-Loving Youth: Faeries are miraculous beings, so you can only see them if they acknowledge you.

Faerie-Loving Youth: I think that as long as you sincerely pray each day to meet one, a faerie will definitely answer you one day.

You: ...I—I see.

You: Thank you for chatting with me for so long. That's all my questions.

Faerie-Loving Youth: You're welcome. If you ever have more questions about faeries, feel free to come and ask me again.

At Seti Falls

You: Professor Johnson, this is the interview report.

Anderson Johnson: Thank you so much. Oh yes, what did you think about the interview?

He saw a faerie

You: After hearing so much from him in detail, I don't think he was lying.

You: I think he really could have seen a faerie.

Anderson Johnson: Interesting. I should chat with him the next time I'm free.

He didn't see a faerie

You: Truthfully, I don't think he saw a faerie. Nothing he said sounded very real...

Anderson Johnson: Haha, I know what you mean. After all, faeries are mythical beings...

Anderson Johnson: It's difficult for people to believe in them without concrete proof of their existence.

Anderson Johnson: Anyway, thank you for your help and hard work today. This gift is for you.

Drone Rescue Plan

Something's wrong with the drone's batteries. Can you buy a new battery for me?

Seti Falls

Anderson Johnson: Excuse me, can you do me a favor?

You: What is it?

Anderson Johnson: I was taking photos using the drone and I suddenly found that there's something wrong with the remote's battery.

Anderson Johnson: Can you help me buy a new battery at the store in Vikya Capital?

You: Sure. But... I have a couple of questions for you before I go buy those batteries.

Shop address

You: What's the address of the store that you mentioned?

Anderson Johnson: The street number... I can't remember anymore.

Anderson Johnson: But I remember that the shop was on the first avenue in the northern business district, so it should be very easy to find.

Battery brand

You: What type of battery was it?

Anderson Johnson: Please tell the clerk that it's the battery you need for drone controllers. There's only one type of battery.


You: Can this drone really take a panoramic view of Seti Falls?

Anderson Johnson: Of course, it can. I've modified this drone to fly longer and faster compared to other drones.

Anderson Johnson: If it wasn't for the controller, I'd have taken a picture for you already.

You: Okay. I'll go and buy the batteries now. See you later.

Anderson Johnson: I'll wait for you here. Thank you.

At Vikya Mall

You: (This must be the store Professor Johnson talked about...)

Store Clerk: Hello, what can I do for you?

Drone remote battery

You: I want to buy a special battery for a drone remote.

Store Clerk: Just a moment... Here's the battery you're looking for.

You: (It's quite convenient to shop here. I'd like to visit the shopping mall next time.)

Drone battery

You: I want to buy batteries for drones.

Store Clerk: Drones? Are you talking about the battery for the drone remote?

You: Yes, that's it... Sorry for being unclear earlier.

Store Clerk: Just a moment... Here's the battery you're looking for.

At Seti Falls

You: Professor Johnson, this is the battery you asked for.

Anderson Johnson: Yes, that's the one. Thank you!

Anderson Johnson: Thanks to your help, I can finally take pictures of the full view of the magnificent waterfall!

Strange Stone Tablet

There's just too much. Can someone help me write down the words on the stone tablets?

Seti Falls

Anderson Johnson: "F" means wealth, "U" means fate... An unknown factor...

You: Are you recording information?

Anderson Johnson: I'm deciphering this stone tablet. It's said to be written in ancient faerie language, and that their secrets are hidden within it.

Anderson Johnson: But there are too many characters on the stone tablet...

Anderson Johnson: If someone can help me copy the words from the stone tablet, my reading efficiency will be improved.

You: Let me help you.

Anderson Johnson: That's great. The stone tablet is on the hill over there. Thank you.

After agreeing to Professor Johnson's request, you look for the stone tablet over the hill.

You: Professor Johnson, I'm done copying.

Anderson Johnson: Thank you very much. You must be tired after doing so much for me.

Not tired

You: Not at all. It's quite interesting, actually.

You: I'm just curious. What is the meaning of these words?

Anderson Johnson: Haha, don't worry. When I'm finished decoding, I will tell you about the legends of the faeries around here.

You: Okay. It's a deal.

Very tired

You: I didn't expect copying the contents of the stone tablet to be so tiring... It must be equally hard to decipher these words, right?

Anderson Johnson: No matter how hard I have to work, it's worth it for my research.

Anderson Johnson: Oh, I haven't told you about my field of research, have I? Let's have a nice chat about it next time.

Anderson Johnson: Anyway, thank you for your help today.

Reputation Jobs

Plane at the End of Time

It is said that there is a plane that travels to the end of time by the Seti Falls. Can you come with me to take a look?

Awards Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200

Seti Falls

A plane wreckage rests quietly on the cliff. After withstanding years of weathering, only the frame of it was barely recognizable.

Anderson Johnson: There's a legend in Skadi Island. "When the Siren sings, the plane will fly again and take us to the end of time."

Anderson Johnson: And that would be the plane before us now. The one that will take us to the end of time.

You: But... I don't see anything special about it?

Anderson Johnson: Do you know that there has been a few mysterious disappearances near Seti Falls recently?

Anderson Johnson: According to residents near the falls, they'd heard the mysterious singing before and after those people disappeared.

Anderson Johnson: So, people believe that the Siren had casted a spell, and took those people away in the plane.

You: (A Siren spirited them away? It sounds too unreal...)

Anderson Johnson: Young lady, do you believe in the existence of the Siren?


You: I believe that the Siren in the legends did indeed exist.

You: Just like when people saw dugongs, thinking that they were mermaids.

You: Some mysterious creature might've been mistaken for the Siren centuries ago.

Anderson Johnson: Some legends might sound absurd, but they are based on certain facts. My research is to find out the facts.

Anderson Johnson: That's why I want to investigate this plane wreckage.

Don't believe

You: Well... To be honest, I don't believe there are Sirens in the world...

You: I think people made it up when they saw a phenomenon they couldn't explain.

Anderson Johnson: I get your point. After all, legends are insubstantial, and not very convincing.

Anderson Johnson: But, perhaps it's because I find the legends so attractive precisely because of their vagueness.

Anderson Johnson: I've decided to make the Siren my next topic. I'll collect more information and see if I can find new clues.

You: Professor Johnson, can I help you with the investigation? I also want to find the truth about the Siren.

Anderson Johnson: Sure. Let's keep in touch.

Traces of the Siren

Someone said that they saw a Siren near the plane wreckage. Let's go find out what's going on.

Awards Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000

Seti Falls

Anderson Johnson: I found some new clues about the Siren!

Anderson Johnson: A woman contacted me, saying that she saw the Siren with her own eyes and heard the Siren's singing.

You: Wow, really?

Anderson Johnson: I contacted her, but she's still in shock and wouldn't talk to a man. Can you please find out more details for me?

You: Sure. I'll go now.

Siren Eyewitness: Hello, did Professor Johnson send you?

You: Yes. I want to ask...

Siren Eyewitness: Sorry. After what happened that day... I've been so scared. Can you please stand a little further away?

You: Sure. I won't come any closer.

You: I just have a few simple questions for you. Do you mind having a chat with me?

Siren Eyewitness: Okay.


You: Can I ask what the Siren looked like?

Siren Eyewitness: She... She was translucent and very beautiful...

Siren Eyewitness: Her white dress floated around her. Then all of a sudden, she rose into the air, higher and higher...

Siren Eyewitness: Until she suddenly disappeared... I swear! I really did see her!


You: When did you see the Siren?

Siren Eyewitness: I think it was around a week ago...

Siren Eyewitness: On that day, I was planning to take pictures of the scenery around Rainbow Bridge. Suddenly, I heard singing.

Siren Eyewitness: The singing was otherworldly... It felt transient and ethereal.


You: Where was the Siren when you saw her?

Siren Eyewitness: She was on the mountain, right over by the wreckage of the plane. I remember it very clearly!

Siren Eyewitness: She even smiled at me. I was completely frozen by her smile! I could only stare at her until she disappeared.

Siren Eyewitness: You have to believe me. It's something that I'll never forget for the rest of my life. I was scared that she'll spirit me away...

You: (It seems like the Siren left a deep impression on her...)

Later Development

You: Afterwards... Did you manage to see the Siren again?

Siren Eyewitness: I did! It was three days ago!

Siren Eyewitness: It was the same time in the morning... And also the same place! Right next to the plane wreckage...

You: Well, I've got the details. I'll let Professor Johnson know. Thank you for your help.

Siren Eyewitness: You're welcome... I feel much better now after having spoken to you.

Siren Eyewitness: I hope it was helpful.

You: Professor Johnson, this is what I learned from that lady.

Anderson Johnson: Thank you. These are valuable clues. I think I'm starting to understand more about the Siren now!

Anderson Johnson: One day, I will catch the Siren myself and reveal the secret of the legendary Siren.

Blurry "Siren"

The Siren is here! I saw her with my own eyes! Come, she's by the Seti Falls!

Awards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30

Seti Falls

Anderson Johnson: Look, look... The Siren has appeared!

Anderson Johnson: I finally found you, mysterious Siren.

You can't believe your eyes. You vaguely see a female figure emerging from under the cliff.

The mist from the waterfall makes her seem hazy and surreal, like a mysterious creature from another world...

You: No way. It is real...

Anderson Johnson: Following the witness's testimony, I have been waiting here for several days. I've finally found it!

Anderson Johnson: Listen! Do you hear it!? She's singing!

Through the noise of the waterfall, you can hear a clear song.

It is beautiful, yet ethereal... and all so captivating.

You: ...Is it really a Siren?

Anderson Johnson: Let's go. Let's get a closer look.


You: Professor Johnson, wait for me!

You: I also want to see what the legendary Siren looks like.

Anderson Johnson: What a brave young lady. I was right about you.

Anderson Johnson: Let's go. We are already very close to the truth!


You: Let's not get too close. Just in case...

Anderson Johnson: Even if it may be dangerous, I must go! I can't miss such a rare opportunity!

Anderson ignores your advice and runs straight towards the Siren.

You: Hold on... Wait...

You: (I'm worried... I'd better follow him and have a look.)

You: What? There is no one here...

When you and Anderson arrive, the mysterious Siren is already gone.

Anderson Johnson: How is that possible? She was just here!

You: Did she see us? Is that why she's hiding from us?

Anderson Johnson: Impossible. In the legend, the Siren would take away anyone who comes too close. So... She shouldn't have disappeared...

Anderson Johnson: She comes and goes mysteriously. There must be a reason behind it that I haven't been able to identify...

Anderson Johnson: Never mind. Let's call it a day. Let me think about this.

Truth about the Siren

The Siren is singing again! Quick, it's time to find out the truth!

Awards Evidence: "Vague Note III"

Seti Falls

Anderson Johnson: Listen, the Siren is singing again!

You: Oh? It seems as though there's really someone singing...

Anderson Johnson: "Your light is cold, yet bright... Moon, please tell me where my lover is..."

Anderson Johnson: What a wonderful song. It must be the Siren singing!

At the same place, the mysterious figure appears in front of you again with the ethereal singing.

Anderson Johnson: Come on. Let's go and have a look. I'm not letting her run away this time!

You: Professor Johnson, look...

As you approach the cliff, the mysterious figure gradually becomes clear, the outline of the shadow shows.

???: Who are you?

The song suddenly stops. A female voice breaks the mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

???: You...

Anderson Johnson: Miss Siren, we've been chasing you for a long time.

???: What?

In front of you, is a very beautiful and elegant lady.

In such cold winter, she's only wearing a thin white dress, which seems strange.

From the confused look on her face, you are certain that she's not the Siren that everyone thinks she is.

You: Well... This is what happened...

You told the lady about Anderson's research on the Siren and the plane wreckage.

After hearing your story, she suddenly understands everything.

???: Oh, there must have been a misunderstanding. I am not a Siren...

Real Identity

You: Who might you be?

???: I'm a theater actress. I'm touring Skadi Island as a part of my troupe.

You: So you were... practicing?

Opera Actor: Yeah, is there an issue?

Practice Time

You: Did you come here often these past few days?

Opera Actor: Not really. Before every performance, I'd come here to do some warm-up exercises. It helps me get into the right mood.

Anderson Johnson: ...

You: (This answer seems to be a big blow to Professor Johnson...)

Reason for choosing this location

You: Why did you purposely come here to practice your singing?

Opera Actor: Wasn't there a legend about a Siren inhabiting the Seti Falls?

Opera Actor: The repertoire that I'm performing is also related to that legend. I came here to find some inspiration.

You: (I guess everyone was drawn to this place by the legend...)

White Dress

You: The dress you are wearing is quite thin. Aren't you cold?

Opera Actor: I'm playing as an unfortunate girl who is waiting by the sea every day for her lover's return.

Opera Actor: The girl's lover was taken away by a Siren while he was on a voyage. After his disappearance, the girl's heart grew cold and empty.

Opera Actor: So, I wanted to experience this heart-wrenching coldness myself! I just thought that this was the fastest way for me to get into character.

You: (I see...)

Opera Actor: Do you have any more questions? If not, I will continue with my practice.

You: No, we don't. Thank you.

Anderson Johnson: I'm sorry to have interrupted you.

After saying goodbye to the theater actress, you leave the wreckage and return to the waterfall.

Professor Johnson does not say a single word along the way. You also remain quiet. It's quite depressing.

Comfort Anderson

You: Although we didn't find a real Siren, at least we found the truth behind the "Siren".

You: That's still a reward, isn't it?

Anderson Johnson: You're right. Anyway, at least we've solved the puzzle.

Anderson Johnson: Thank you for comforting me. I feel better now.

Anderson Johnson: There are still many things we can learn about the Siren, Seti Falls, and the other legends of Skadi.

Anderson Johnson: I will continue with my field of research and keep investigating.

You: Yeah. Professor Johnson, I'm sure you'll come across great discoveries in your research!

Keep silent

Maybe I should give Professor Johnson some space. I'd better keep quiet.

After a long while, Professor Johnson lets out a long sigh and finally speaks.

Anderson Johnson: Well... I got it. Although this whole thing was just a beautiful misunderstanding from the very beginning...

Anderson Johnson: There are still many things we can learn about the Siren, Seti Falls, and the other legends of Skadi.

Anderson Johnson: I will continue with my research.

You: Yes. Professor Johnson, I'm glad you said that. To be honest, I was a little worried about you.

Anderson Johnson: Haha, it's okay. It's just research. It's normal to get results that are different from my expectations.

Anderson Johnson: Speaking of which... I wanted to ask you something. Are you still investigating the Manor of Hermes?

You: Wha-!? How did you know?

Anderson Johnson: Johann told me about it. We've known each other for a long time.

Anderson Johnson: I have something for you. I hope it'll be helpful to you.

Professor Johnson takes a plastic bag out of his pocket, in which there's a piece of yellowish paper.

Anderson Johnson: When I explored the Manor of Hermes, I found a note with numbers in a bedroom on the third floor.

Anderson Johnson: This may be a password for something. Take it. It might help you find some new clues.

You: Thank you, professor Johnson. I will make good use of it.

Anderson Johnson: You're welcome. You've helped me so much. I don't know how to thank you. So... this is to show my gratitude.

Skadi Brindisi Lloyd photo.png Brindisi Lloyd[edit | edit source]

Brindisi Lloyd owns a handicrafts shop in Vikya. Her Reputation track awards the Evidence: "Vague Note I."

Daily Jobs

Public Bench Cleaning Job

The benches in the square look dirty. It'd be nice if someone can go and clean it.


You: (The back of this bench is all black... Is this dirt!?)

You: (It really needs a good cleaning...)

You take out the rag and detergent you've prepared and start cleaning.

You: (Fortunately, it isn't too dirty. It shouldn't be too hard to clean?)

You: (This spot here needs some cleaning too...)

After rounds of cleaning, the dirt is finally gone, and you can see the original color of the benches in the square.

You: (Well, it looks much cleaner now.)

Brindisi Lloyd: Thanks for your help, the benches in the square are finally clean.

You're welcome

You: You're welcome. I didn't do much, really.

Brindisi Lloyd: You're so nice. If everyone is as kind and gentle as you are, Skadi Island would be the most beautiful place in the world.

I'll do it next time

You: I think it's still not clean enough. I'll come and clean it again when I have a chance next time.

Brindisi Lloyd: Oh, such a diligent girl.

Inconvenient Trash

Sigh, why are there always people littering in the square? Can someone do something about it?!


You: Cigarettes, paper, bottles... who left all their rubbish here...? Such uncivilized behavior.

The floor that was once clean is now completely littered with rubbish, like a terrible joke.

???: Such uncultured behavior!

A female voice echoes your thoughts. You turn around to see Brindisi, the owner of the handicraft shop. She had a frown on her face.

Brindisi Lloyd: There's been a lot of people littering in the square lately. Even my customers are complaining about it now.

Having to face the heap of rubbish every day, Brindisi's voice filled with discontent.

You: How about I help you clean up?

Suddenly, a flattened can flies out of nowhere and almost hits Brindisi.

Brindisi Lloyd: Who was that? Littering again!

From the corner of your eye, you glimpse a young man hurrying past you from behind.

You: I think I found the one responsible for the littering!

You: Hey you, stop! Please pick up the can you just threw!

Littering Youth: What's the big deal? It's just a can. What are you trying to do? Watch your attitude!

You: Your uncivilized behavior has affected the image of Skadi Island. We all have the responsibility to stop you!

Littering Youth: Who are you? What makes you think you can say that?

You: I'm just an attorney who happens to be here!


Debate success

Brindisi Lloyd: Phew... Thank you so much. Luckily, you were here. If it was me, I wouldn't know what to say.

You: You're welcome. If I see people like that next time, I'll let them get a taste of my iron fist of justice!

Debate failure

Littering Youth: Don't you have anything to say? Get lost! Stop bothering people with trivial matters.

You: (Humph, don't get cocky so soon! I'm sure I'll find a better argument next time!)

Seashell Wind Chimes

I would like to make Seashell Wind Chimes. Can you go to the Night Beach and help me collect some seashells?


Brindisi Lloyd: What should I do... This is a real pickle...

You: What's the matter? Are you in trouble?

Brindisi Lloyd: I want to make a shell wind chime for my daughter. But... I'm too busy to collect shells lately.

Brindisi Lloyd: If you have time, can you go to the Night Beach and bring some nice shells back for me?

You: Sure. I'll go now.

At Night Beach

You: (Well then, let's see where the shells are...)

You: (Well, let me see where the shells are...)

You: Found it! There are lots of shells here! This one looks like a five-pointed star... Is it a starfish?

You: (Ooh... There're also hermit crabs!)

You: (Is it digging up sand? If I can find a bottle, I can bring it back with me and keep it as a pet...)

You: (Nevermind, I'm not sure if I can care for it. It's already difficult enough bringing it back with me.)

You: (Hm... There's no need to think too much about it. Guess I'll just pick up a couple more nice-looking shells as souvenirs.)

At Vikya

Brindisi Lloyd: Did you get any nice shells?

Carefully select a few shells for her

You: I chose these shells specifically. Here you are.

Brindisi Lloyd: The way they shine like gems is so beautiful! I've never seen such beautiful shells.

Brindisi Lloyd: Unfortunately... They're not enough for making wind chimes...

You: I'll pick up more for you next time.

Brindisi Lloyd: Thank you. A nice girl like you will be blessed by the faeries, I'm sure.

Give her all the shells you found

You: I collected lots of shells. Here you are.

Brindisi Lloyd: So many of them. Great! I can start making shell wind chime now.

Anderson Johnson: My daughter will be very happy. Thank you.

You: You're welcome. It's not a big deal.

Missing Ball of Yarn

Can you go to Muller's Ranch and help me bring back some balls of yarn?


Brindisi Lloyd: Oh... I've ran out of yarn again.

You: Is there something troubling you?

Brindisi Lloyd: I received a big order a couple of days ago, but I was so busy working that I didn't realize I was running out of yarn.

Brindisi Lloyd: But my client needs it urgently. I have to keep working, otherwise, I won't be able to meet the deadline...

You: That's a really troubling problem...

Brindisi Lloyd: If you have time to spare, can you go to Muller's Ranch and help fetch me some balls of yarn?

Okay, I'm going

You: Sure. I'll go now. How much do you need?

Brindisi Lloyd: I'll send the order directly to Muller. You just need to go and collect it for me, thank you.

Why is there yarn at a ranch?

You: Oh? Do they sell yarn at the ranch?

Brindisi Lloyd: Muller's wool is the best on the island. To ensure high quality production, they even have their own textile business.

Brindisi Lloyd: I usually purchase my yarn from them.

You: I see... Okay, I'll head over afterward.

Brindisi Lloyd: I'll send the order directly to Muller. You just need to go and collect it for me, thank you.

At Muller's Ranch

You: Hello, I'm here to fetch the yarn for Ms. Brindisi Lloyd.

Muller Connors: Her order is ready... But these reels weigh more than twenty kilograms. Are you sure you can handle it alone?

I can handle it

You: That's all right. I hired a car. Just put it in the trunk, thanks.

Muller Connors: All right. I'll help you with it!

I can't handle it...

You: It's too heavy. I don't think I can carry it...

Muller Connors: I thought so. I'll flag a car for you. You can go back by car.

You: Thank you, Mr. Connors. Much appreciated.

You: (Mr. Connors is such a nice guy.)

At Vikya

You: I've got it. Please have a look and check if this is what you're looking for.

Brindisi Lloyd: Yes. That's all. I am so relieved.

Brindisi Lloyd: Thank you. I'm so lucky to have met someone as kind and helpful as you are.

Gift for Faeries

Sorry to bother you, but can you go to Faerie Town and give the faeries a thank-you gift on my behalf?


Brindisi Lloyd: Sigh... Business has actually been too good recently... It's worrisome.

You: Shouldn't you be happy that business is good?

Brindisi Lloyd: I had prayed to the faeries for their blessing to increase my shop's business.

Brindisi Lloyd: But now it's so good that I can't find time to thank them and send them a gift of gratitude...

Agree immediately

You: Don't worry, I'll send it for you. I was wanting to visit Faerie Town today.

Brindisi Lloyd: Really? That would be great. Please help me put this gift in front of the faerie cottages.

Brindisi Lloyd: I hope that the faeries can feel my sincerity.

Express concern

You: I was planning to go to Night Beach later... I don't think I can help you out...

Brindisi Lloyd: Oh, what a pickle.

Brindisi Lloyd: The faeries answered my prayers, so I must offer my sincerity immediately. This is the pact between the faeries and the residents of this island.

Brindisi Lloyd: If I break this pact, the faeries may not give me their blessings anymore. What should I do...

You: Agh... Fine, I'll deliver it for you now.

Brindisi Lloyd: Thank you! You must be an envoy that the faeries sent to help me. Please leave this in front of the faerie cottages for me.

At the Faerie Forest

You: (So many faerie cottages... Did the islanders build all these for the faeries?)

You: (Leaving the gift here should be fine, right?)

You: (Huh, there's a wooden sign on the cottage? What does it say?)

You: "I hope my handmade textiles will be liked by everyone, and that my daughter and I will live blessed lives. Brindisi..."

You: (So that was her wish.)

At Vikya

You: I left your gift by the faerie cottages. I'm sure the faeries can feel your sincerity.

Brindisi Lloyd: Truly, thank you so much for being here and helping me out. I can finally be at ease.

Reputation Jobs

Careless Child

Can you find out who is it that carelessly lost their puffin doll?

Awards Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200


You: (Is this... a toy puffin?)

You: (It feels so real, just like a real puffin.)

You: (but who left this doll here?)

Brindisi Lloyd: Does this puffin doll belong to you?

You: No, it doesn't...

Brindisi Lloyd: Oh... Poor thing, where is your owner?

You: Has no one come to claim it?

Brindisi Lloyd: Yes. I've been here since the morning. No one ever came.

Brindisi Lloyd: Can you ask around for me? Maybe some kid dropped it here.

You: Ok... I'll ask around.

You: Kid, have you lost a doll?

Little Girl: Missy, what are you talking about?

You: Nothing. Nothing. I think I made a mistake.

You: (I don’t think this is the kid. Let me ask someone else.)

Boy: Waaa... Wooo...

You: Hey kiddo, don't cry. What's wrong?

Boy: I lost my toy... Waaa...

You: Is this your puffin?

Boy: No! Who would want this silly-looking puffin, waaa...

You: (So mean!! He seems very emotional at the moment. I'd better... let him be...)

You: (Well, it's not his either... Then whose is this?)

Anxious Woman: Excuse me, where did you get this puffin doll in your hand?

You: I just found it near the square.

Anxious Woman: Thanks to the faeries. I finally found it!

Anxious Woman: I bought this puffin doll as a birthday present for my daughter. I was so absentminded that I left it...

You: Here you go. Please take good care of it.

Anxious Woman: Thank you. If I couldn't find it, my daughter will be very upset.

You: You're welcome. Happy birthday to your daughter.

Anxious Woman: Thank you. May the faeries bless you.

Church Prayers

It's the Faerie Prayer Day today. Come with me to the Church of the Divine Faerie.

Awards Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000


You: There are many people out on the streets today. Are they all going to attend the event at the Saint Faerie Church?

Brindisi Lloyd: Yes. In the Skadi legends, you will be heard if you make a wish to the faeries today.

You and Brindisi have become close ever since the last time you helped her find the owner of the puffin toy.

You often visit her shop, and occasionally offer your help. Gradually, the two of you became friends.

You: Ms. Lloyd, did you make a wish to the faeries?

Brindisi Lloyd: Yeah. I hope the faeries can bless my daughter to be safe and happy.

You: I don't think I've ever seen your daughter come to the handicraft shop...

Brindisi Lloyd: My daughter is not on Skadi Island. When she was three, she went to Florence with her father.

You: Oh?

Brindisi Lloyd: He's an engineer in Florence. We think she can get a better education there. So she lives there with her dad.

Brindisi Lloyd: I wanted to go with them, but I couldn't leave my handcraft shop behind... so I stayed.

You: Ms. Lloyd, you must miss them very much, don't you?

Brindisi Lloyd: Well, I'm okay. We make phone calls and video calls all the time.

Regardless of what she says, there's still a lingering trace of sadness in her eyes. You suddenly get an idea.

Suggest to send a gift

You: Why don't you send a gift to your family?

You: It doesn't matter what gift it is. It's the thought that counts, right?

Brindisi Lloyd: That's a good idea. Thank you!

Brindisi Lloyd: Well, that's the plan. Now I have to think of a gift...

Suggest she visit Florence

You: If you have time, you should visit them in Florence.

Brindisi Lloyd: *Sigh* I've always wanted to go... It's just that the handcraft shop is very busy. I don’t have time to spare.

Brindisi Lloyd: Well... I guess I'll just send them something. I hope they'll understand...

Family Gifts

If you're free, can you help me mail a gift to my daughter at the post office?

Awards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30


Brindisi Lloyd: Oh... That's not good.

You: What's up?

Brindisi Lloyd: Didn't I say I was going to prepare some gifts for my family last time?

Brindisi Lloyd: I made an appointment to have the gift picked up. But just now an important client placed an order...

Brindisi Lloyd: So now, I don't have time to go to the post office today...

You: Don't worry. I can send it for you.

Brindisi Lloyd: Really? Thank you so much!

Post Office Address

You: Excuse me, are you going to the post office in front of the central business district?

Brindisi Lloyd: No, it's not that one. I've made an appointment with a company that specializes in express air mail.

Brindisi Lloyd: Oh, that's right... I can send the address to your phone... Please follow this address.

You: Sure. No problem.


You: How much is the postage? Do you need me to pay for it?

Brindisi Lloyd: I've already paid for the postage in advance. There should be no extra costs.

Brindisi Lloyd: But, if there happen to be extra costs... can you cover them for me first?

You: No problem, leave it to me.


You: Wow... This is pretty heavy. Do you mind if I ask what's in it?

Brindisi Lloyd: I've packed enough clothes and shoes to last three months, sweets my daughter likes, and some books...

Brindisi Lloyd: Ah, I mean, it's nothing much. I actually wanted to send more, but unfortunately, the extra items couldn't fit.

You: (But you've already packed a lot of stuff in!!)

You: I'll head to the post office now.

Brindisi Lloyd: Thank you so much. You're always such a big help...

You: Not at all. I'm not busy now, anyway.

You: Excuse me, I need to send a delivery.

Mailman: Do you have an appointment?

You: Yes. The name's Brindisi Lloyd.

Mailman: Just a moment. Let me check...

Mailman: ...

Mailman: Madam, please leave the package at the counter.

You: Okay. Thank you.

You: (I think that's it?)

You: (I hope this package can be safely delivered to Brindisi's family.)

A Daughter's Return Gift

I have a favor to ask of you. If you're free, please come by the textile store.

Awards Evidence: "Vague Note I"


You: Ms. Lloyd, are you looking for me?

Brindisi Lloyd: Sorry. I suddenly remember that last time I forgot to buy the puffin doll which is my daughter's favorite.

Brindisi Lloyd: But I've been too busy recently. Can you go to the mall and buy one for me?

You: Sure. I'm happy to help.

Toy size

You: What kind of puffin doll were you thinking about?

Brindisi Lloyd: Do you remember the puffin doll that was left behind in the square before?

Brindisi Lloyd: Something like that should be fine. It's better if it's on the small side.

Purchase Method

You: Where is the mall that you were speaking of?

Brindisi Lloyd: It's the mall on the easternmost side of the Vikya Capital business district.

Brindisi Lloyd: There's a doll shop on the first floor of the mall. Could I trouble you to go there and have a look?

Daughter's Preference

You: Does your daughter like puffins?

Brindisi Lloyd: Yes. She's liked puffins since she was a child.

Brindisi Lloyd: Back when she was a baby, I brought her on a tour of the Sakya Fjord. She was very happy when she saw the puffins.

Brindisi Lloyd: Sorry to trouble you again.

You: It's fine. I also want to check out the mall. See you later, Ms. Lloyd.

Very soon, you find the toys shop Brindisi mentioned and buy the doll she asked for.

When you return to the handicraft shop, Brindisi seems to have just finished her work.

You: Here... This is the puffin doll you want.

Brindisi Lloyd: Thank you very much. I've troubled you too much... It must have taken up a lot of your time!

You: It's fine. I am on Skadi Island to do an investigation for a friend. I am usually not very busy.

Brindisi Lloyd: You came to our island to investigate?

You: Actually I...

You tell Brindisi the reason you came to Skadi Island. After hearing your story, her look becomes complicated.

Brindisi Lloyd: You are investigating the Manor of Hermes. What a coincidence, I happen to have something that might help you.

From among the balls of wool in her desk, Brindisi takes out an envelope and gives it to you.

Inside the envelope is a thin piece of yellowish paper. There's nothing on it except for some numbers.

You: What is it?

Brindisi Lloyd: Years ago, some foreign scholars who explored the Manor of Hermes came here to buy souvenirs before they left.

Brindisi Lloyd: One of them left this envelope in my shop.

Brindisi Lloyd: I heard they got it from a room on the first floor of the manor. It has a code to some kind of treasure on it.

Brindisi Lloyd: Anyway, I haven't been there myself. I'll give it to you if you find it useful.

You: Thank you. I'll take it then.

Brindisi Lloyd: You're welcome. You've helped me so much, and I don't know how to thank you. I hope this note helps.

Skadi Hanson Walker photo.png Hanson Walker[edit | edit source]

Hanson Walker is an elderly man who lives near the beach. His Reputation track awards the Evidence: "Vague Note II."

Daily Jobs

Forgotten Feed

I wanted to go give the puffins some food, but I forgot to bring the feed. Sigh... can you go help me buy some?

Sakya Fjord

A group of puffins is resting on the rocks of Sakya Fjord.

You: So many puffins!

They don't seem to be afraid of people. They only look curiously at you when you approach.

You: They're so cute. I wish I could touch them.

???: *Sigh*...

You turn around and see an old gentleman standing on the cliff, looking upset.

You: Mister, why the big sigh?

Hanson Walker: I was going to feed the puffins, but I forgot to bring the bird feed.

Hanson Walker: Oh, I'm such a useless old man. Young lady, can you please buy some seeds for me?

Place of Purchase

You: Sir, do you know where we can buy the feed from? We can help you.

Hanson Walker: It's not too far from here. You can get it from Muller's Ranch across the road. Would it be okay if I troubled you?

You: It's fine. I also wanted to pet the puffins.


You: Are we allowed to feed the birds? I remember that people are forbidden from getting too close to the animals.

Hanson Walker: Wild birds will avoid people. The puffins on this side of the fjord are bred by the owners of Muller's Ranch.

Hanson Walker: So they are used to people. If you bring bird feed to them, they'll come walking towards you.

Hanson Walker: My granddaughter really liked playing with those puffins when she was young.


You: Sir, is feeding the puffins one of your hobbies?

Hanson Walker: Not quite... I walk around the island whenever I have spare time.

Hanson Walker: I'm old now... If I stay in the same place for too long, I can't help but think of things that happened in the past.

Hanson Walker: And there are some things that I'd rather not think about...

You: Mister, wait for me here. I'll go buy some for you.

Hanson Walker: Okay. Thank you, young lady.

You: Hello, I would like to buy some bird food for the puffins.

Muller Connors: Did Hanson send you? Every time he goes to feed the puffins, he forgets to bring the bird food.

Muller Connors: Before, his granddaughter would always come to buy some. But now... Oh, I'd better not talk about this.

Muller Connors: Here's your bird food.

You: Thank you.

You: (So the old man is a regular customer, but why did he hesitate when mentioning the granddaughter?)

You: (Never mind. I'd better not pry into other people's private affairs.)

Hanson Walker: Young lady, you are back.

You: Yeah. I've got the feed. How do you want to feed them, mister?

Hanson Walker: Just scatter the feed around the mountain, and the puffins will gather around later.

You: They're coming! They are eating the bird food!

You: Aww, they're so cute when they are pecking, and their round heads are adorable!

Hanson Walker: You should come more often. They play with you once they know you better.

You: Sure thing. I'll buy two portions of bird food next time!

Trash Disposal Job

Sigh, why are there always people littering on the beach? Is someone willing to come and help clean up?

Night Beach

Hanson Walker: People these days are so uncultured! They throw everything on the beach!

Hanson Walker: Soon, the faeries will be provoked by their actions and enact another punishment like they did before. We'll see what they have to say for themselves then!

You: Mister, what were you talking about? What punishment?

Hanson Walker: Oh, it's nothing... It's all in the past. If you have time, can you help me clean up the litter on the beach?

Hanson Walker: I can't stand seeing such a beautiful place get all filthy because of the trash.

I'll clean up by myself

You: No problem. I can clean it up by myself!

You: Mister, take a break. I promise you a speckless beach once I'm done!

Hanson Walker: Haha, young lady, you are so energetic. I want to stretch my limbs as well, so let's go together.

Sir, let's clean up together

You: Sure, Mister. I'll help you clean up!

You: I'm sure this beach will go back to being neat and tidy in no time at all!

Hanson Walker: With your help, this would be much easier for an old man like me. Come on, let's get started.

You: (There really is a lot of rubbish... Some look very fresh. Maybe they were left by tourists by accident.)

You: (It might seem convenient to litter casually, but it really creates a lot of problems for the locals...)

Hanson Walker: Phew, I'm already tired after picking up a few plastic bottles.

You: Mister, you should take a break.

Hanson Walker: I'm really getting old... When I was young, I was the boxing champion of this island!

You: Wow... Really?

Hanson Walker: Yes. Don't you believe me? Next time, I'll show you my medals!

You: Sure. I'll have a look next time. Now please take a break. I'll take care of the rest.

Hanson Walker: The beach is much cleaner now. Thank you, young lady.

You: You're welcome. I'm only doing my part.

You: Seeing such a clean and beautiful beach makes me so happy.

Hanson Walker: If only there were more people like you in the world.

An Elder and a Letter

Young lady, can you go and help me mail a letter to my granddaughter?

Night Beach

Hanson Walker: The wind is so wonderful, the faeries are dancing around you, praising you.

Hanson Walker: Those were the good days... The faeries too...

Are you reading poetry?

You: Mister, are you reading a poem?

Hanson Walker: No. I'm just talking to myself.

Are you talking to the faeries?

You: Mister, are you talking to the faeries?

Hanson Walker: I really want to have a chat with the faeries, if they're willing to see me. Unfortunately... I'm just talking to myself.

Hanson Walker: I miss my granddaughter... She left me and went somewhere far away on her own.

Hanson Walker: Every time I think of her, I'd come here...

Hanson Walker: By the way, I have a letter that I want to send to my granddaughter. But I'm quite tired today...

Hanson Walker: Young lady, can you please send this letter for me?

You: Sure.

Post Office Address

You: Sir, can you tell me where the closest post office is?

Hanson Walker: There's a relatively big post office on Skadi Island. It's in the business district in Vikya Capital.

Hanson Walker: I usually go there. You just need to help me put this letter into the mailbox.

You: Okay. I got it.


You: The stamp looks quite unique. Is it... a faerie?

Hanson Walker: This is a special commemorative stamp issued by Skadi Island. If I remember correctly... There are five or six different ones.

Hanson Walker: If you are interested, why don't you visit the souvenir shop in Vikya Capital? Who knows, they may have it.

You: Is that so... I'll take a look later on.

Souvenir Shop

You: By the way, where is the souvenir shop that you mentioned?

Hanson Walker: It's next to the hand-made textiles shop in the business district. It's a popular tourist location.

You: That sounds neat. I'll check it out when I have the time.

Mail Content

You: In this letter, you must've written down many things that you wanted to say to your granddaughter, right?

Hanson Walker: Yes. I usually write down whatever I can think of. Sometimes, I can fill several pieces of paper.

Hanson Walker: Sigh. I'm too old for smartphones and computers. I always feel that a handwritten letter is the best way to express my feelings.

Hanson Walker: Young lady, do you have any other questions?

You: No, mister. I'll send the letter for you.

Hanson Walker: Thank you. I hope it's not too much trouble for you.

At Vikya

You: (Found it. This is the red mailbox.)

You: (Next... Hmm... I should go back and inform the old gentleman. I shouldn't keep him waiting.)

At Night Beach

You: Mister, I've sent out the letter.

Hanson Walker: Thank you, you kind soul. I've prepared some gifts for you to show my gratitude.

Hanson Walker: Ah, I hope my granddaughter will get the letter soon.

Brown Trout Challenge

Anyone want to come and try to fish for Brown Trout with me?

Night Beach

Hanson Walker: Young lady, are you here to travel?

You: Well, I've taken some pictures of the scenery. I'm going to visit some other places.

Hanson Walker: Have you ever been to Sakya Fjord?

Hanson Walker: It's very beautiful there. If you go now, you'll be able to catch some brown trout.

Hanson Walker: When I went to Sakya Fjord the other day, I saw a young man catch a trout half the size of a man.

A fish that big?

You: I didn't know brown trout can get that big!

Hanson Walker: That's nothing. I caught even bigger ones when I was young. Shall we have a competition?

You: Yeah, it sounds fun.

Can I fish too?

You: Can I fish too?

Hanson Walker: Of course, many people come to Sakya Fjord to fish every winter! Come on, I'll show you.

You: Great. I really want to try!

You take a bus to Sakya Fjord together to look for brown trout in the streams.

Hanson Walker: Shh, young lady, be quiet... Have patience. You see, didn't I just catch one?

You: Okay, okay.

Hanson Walker: Come on now, that's the time. Lift the rod!

You: Good!

A huge golden trout jumps out from the water, creating a beautiful arc along the fishing rod.

Hanson Walker: Not bad, young lady. You're gifted.

You: I have a friend who is good at fishing, so... I've learned something from him.

Hanson Walker: Haha, I'm so happy today. I haven't been so happy for a long time.

Hanson Walker: Too bad that it's getting late. I should go.

You: Mister, shall I accompany you back? We can talk more about fishing techniques on the way.

Hanson Walker: Sure. You're an interesting young lady.

You accompany the old gentleman back to the Night Beach.

You talk about fishing all the way, you can tell that the old gentleman is a big fan of fishing.

Hanson Walker: Here's where we part ways. Don't worry, young lady, I know the way back. You should go home to rest.

You: Well, goodbye, Mister. Next time we'll go fishing together again!

Photo Request

Can you take a picture for me? I want to send it to my granddaughter.

Night Beach

Hanson Walker: Young lady, I want to take a picture and send it to my granddaughter. Can you take one for me?

You: Sure, Mister. Where would you like to take the photo?

Hanson Walker: I don't know... Well... I want to look more energetic.

You: Let's walk around and take more photos.

You: (Well, let's see where we should take the photos...)

You: The seaside scenery is good. Mister, would you like to take one here?

Hanson Walker: Sure, just take some pictures for me. Remember to include the rocks behind me.

You: Okay. Are you ready? Please stand back...

You: Is this the source of the black sand on Night Beach?

You: Black sand with blue sky, magnificent yet surreal. Shall we take a picture here?

Hanson Walker: Sure, here is good. Remember to include the beach behind me.

You: No problem. I'm ready. Now, smile, cheese!

You: Um... Those birds look so energetic. Shall we take pictures here?

Hanson Walker: Great. My granddaughter loves these seabirds.

Hanson Walker: If she sees the picture, she'll be very happy.

You: It's done. Mister, have a look and see if you like it.

Hanson Walker: I like it very much. You've taken some nice photos for me. Thank you, young lady.

Hanson Walker: I'll send the photos to my granddaughter tomorrow.

Reputation Jobs

Legend of the Beach

Have you heard of the legend of the Night Beach? If you're free, come by and I'll tell you all about it.

Awards Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200

Night Beach

You: Mister, you are always standing alone by the sea... Are you enjoying the view?

Hanson Walker: I'm observing the demons.

You: Oh?

Hanson Walker: Haven't you heard of the legend of Night Beach? Are you interested?

Want to hear

You: Sure, mister. Please tell me the legend.

Hanson Walker: Centuries ago, this was a golden beach. One day, demons from under the sea came and attacked people.

Hanson Walker: Then, a great wizard came forward and beat the demons back to the bottom of the sea.

Hanson Walker: The wizard cast a spell, turning the entire beach black, the color that the demons hate.

Hanson Walker: Ever since then, the demons do not dare to come to Skadi Island ever again.

You: (Hmm? Why is this different from the version I know.)

Don't want to hear

You: You mean the legend of the battle between faeries and demons on Night Beach? I've seen it in the books...

You: Sorry. I have something else to do... Maybe next time.

Hanson Walker: No! Actually a wizard cast a spell and turned the beach black which is the color the demons hate.

Hanson Walker: Ever since then, the demons do not dare to come to Skadi Island.

You: Eh? Really...

You: According to the information about Skadi, there's been a fight between faeries and demons...

You: The black sand and reefs are the remains of demons.

Hanson Walker: No. The demons didn't die. They are still wandering in the sea. They'd never left!

Hanson Walker: Wait and see. I will find the demon!

You: Okay...

You: (The things this old gentleman said sounded very weird... I think there's something wrong...)

Mysterious Troll

A troll has appeared! Come quickly! Come and see it for yourself!

Awards Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000

Night Beach

Hanson Walker: The monsters are here! Young lady, look! Everything I said is true!

You: Where are they?

Hanson Walker: Look at the massive shadows standing in the sea!

In the direction of the old gentleman's finger, is a large reef on the coastline...

You: Isn't that just a normal reef?

Hanson Walker: Young Lady, look carefully. This is not an ordinary reef. It's a monster's head that's sticking out from the sea.

Hanson Walker: Look how dangerous it is! He's right there, staring at the beach. And he may wake up any minute now!

You: (Mister, are you serious...?)

You: Mister... No matter how I look at it, it's just an ordinary reef.

Hanson Walker: Hmph, it's your choice whether to believe it or not. One day, the monsters will come back. Then, you will have no choice but to believe my warning!


You: You are kidding, aren't you?

Hanson Walker: Who's kidding? I'm talking about something serious!

You: (This old man is really...)

Hanson Walker: Now, the only way to save Skadi Island is to find the wizard who cast the sealing spell!

You: ...

You: (It's strange that he's so insistent that there are demons and wizards in the world...)


You: I believe you, I do! Your warning is well-receive!

You: From now on, I will monitor the monsters in case they'll make a comeback.

Hanson Walker: Yeah. That's the right thing to do! Skadi Island relies on our protection!

Hanson Walker: Young lady, follow me. Let's find the wizard together!

You: (*Sigh* I've got no choice... As long as he's happy.)

You: (Why is he so insistent about the demons... I don't understand.)

Legacy Magic

Let's make a deal. Help me feed the sea birds and I'll tell you how to stop the troll.

Awards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30

Night Beach

Hanson Walker: Young lady, I've found a way to stop the demons from coming back!

You: What is it?

Hanson Walker: Do you want to know? Help me feed those Arctic terns first and I'll tell you.

Hanson Walker: Those terns are always hungry. They are chirping all the time and disturbing my speeches.

You: Sure...

You: (Found them. The Arctic terns have all landed on the beach. Are they resting?)

You: Come, I've got some food for you to eat.

The terns seem to understand your words and gather around you. Their round heads start pecking at the feed in your hand.

You: Don't fight, there's enough for everyone.

They quickly eat up all the feed until not a single bit remains.

You: Mister, the Arctic terns have been fed.

You: Now, can you tell me what method you were talking about?

Hanson Walker: There is only one way. We must find the treasure the wizard left behind!

You: Eh?

Hanson Walker: I dreamt about the wizard last night. He told me the secret of the treasure and said that I am his successor!

You: (Umm... Mister, can you not make up random stories about yourself?)

You: So... Where's the treasure?

Hanson Walker: In a mysterious place. He said he'd tell me the exact location in the next dream.

You: Well, I hope he shows up soon...

Secret of the Treasure Chest

The magician's treasure chest is buried under the sand somewhere on the beach. Why don't you go and dig it up?

Awards Evidence: "Vague Note II"

Night Beach

Hanson Walker: I dreamed of the magician again last night. He told me that his treasure was hidden on Night Beach.

Hanson Walker: Young lady, now it's up to you to find it!

You: Eh? How do I find it?

Hanson Walker: By the traces. A sacred treasure chest must have left some traces behind. Watch the beach, you'll find it!

You: This pile of stones looks similar to the reef over there. Are they related?

You: Sigh... What was I thinking? It's probably something a tourist built to pass time.

You: I was also brought to this place by that old man...

You: This is way too difficult. The beach is so big and there's not even a single trace.

You: Are we really looking for a treasure chest? Something feels a bit off...

You: Mister, I've checked carefully. There is nothing on the beach.

Hanson Walker: *Sigh*... Fine. I guess I have to give you some hints.

Hanson Walker: Come with me!

You: (Why is he being so mysterious...?)

Hanson Walker: Look, isn't this the treasure?

You: How can this be...

A rusty iron box suddenly appears on the beach. However, you don't remember the box being here when you passed by a moment ago.

Hanson Walker: This is the magic power of the wizard.

Hanson Walker: Now, it's time for you to open the treasure chest and see the gifts of the wizard!

Following the old man's words, you slowly open the rusty iron chest, exposing the secret that lay inside the box.

You: It's... a letter?

You skeptically take the yellowish envelope out of the iron chest and examine it carefully.

There are only a few words on the envelope - "For the brave."

The paper's very old, but the handwriting's new and messy. You can tell it was recently written in a hurry.

Seeing those words, you turn to look at the old man next to you. He suspiciously avoids your gaze.

Hanson Walker: Hey, why are you looking at me?

Suddenly, you understand everything.

You: Mister, did you write this letter yourself?

Hanson Walker: It wasn't me. It's a letter that the wizard left us.

You: The handwriting looks very new. It doesn't look like something left from hundreds of years ago.

You: And... your expression has betrayed you.

Hanson Walker: Ah... What a clever young lady...

Hanson Walker: Fine, to tell you the truth, I wrote this letter myself... I'm just bored. I wanted someone to chat with.

Hanson Walker: My granddaughter used to keep me company. Then she went abroad to study, and I don’t have anyone to talk to.

Hanson Walker: You look about the same age as my granddaughter, so I thought I'd have a chat with you. I'm sorry...

You: Mister...

He wanted someone to talk to because he's lonely. He told you the whole story about the demon just to pique your curiosity.

You: Mister, I can continue to look for the demons with you. Maybe we can find some secrets.

Hanson Walker: Thank you. You are very kind. I'm already happy that you are willing to chat with me for so long.

Hanson Walker: Although there are no demons, there's a small secret in this letter. Please open it.

You open the envelope. Inside is a piece of paper even older than the envelope, with a few numbers on it.

You: This is...?

Hanson Walker: I heard you're investigating that mysterious manor? I found this letter on the second floor of the manor.

You: Have you ever been to the Manor of Hermes?

Hanson Walker: I went there once when I was young. It's hard to describe the feeling.

Hanson Walker: I'll give you this paper. Maybe it can help you find the secrets of the manor.

You: Thank you, Mister.

Hanson Walker: You're welcome. I should thank you for spending so much time with me. Talking to you makes me feel younger.

Hanson Walker: Come and chat with me when you have time.

You: Sure, I will.

Skadi Muller Connors photo.png Muller Connors[edit | edit source]

Muller Connors owns a ranch in the Sakya Fjord area. His Reputation track awards the Evidence: "Library Key."

Daily Jobs

Search for the Arctic Fox

I hear that the Arctic Fox has been active around the fjord. Can you take a picture for me if you see it?

Sakya Fjord

You: There seem to be some weird footprints here...

You follow the footprints and see a white, furry creature scanning its surroundings with its round eyes. You: (Found them! Arctic foxes are so cute!)

You: (I really want to get closer, just a little...)

You: (They're splashing water with their paws... Are they playing?)

You: (They're too cute! Gotta take more pics!)

Muller Connors: Young miss, were you just taking pictures of the arctic foxes by the cliff? Can you show me your photos?

Close-up photos of the arctic foxes

You: Sure. I took some high-quality close-ups!

Muller Connors: Not bad, not bad. Pretty impressive of you to take such close shots.

Landscape shot with arctic foxes

You: I only took some from a distance. I was going to get closer for a clearer shot, but they ran away as soon as they saw me...

You: Foxes sure are quick.

Muller Connors: Some foxes are a bit distant, but these photos are still pretty nice.

Muller Connors: Come by more often and you'll definitely get the pictures you want.

Eider Egg Guardian

I've been seeing someone suspiciously hanging around the Eiders' nest. I'm worried...

Sakya Fjord

You: (Is this the Eiders' nest?)

You: (They cover their nests with thick down feathers... It must be very warm.)

You: Hm? There's someone over there...

You catch a glimpse of someone hiding in the grass, sneaking around...

He fiddles with the feathers in the grass, and puts some of the blue eggs into his pocket from time to time.

You: (He's stealing the eggs!)

You: Please return all the eggs that you've stolen!

Thieving Youth: Stolen? What are you talking about...? I didn't steal anything!

You: The one in your hand, and those in your bag... Didn't you just steal all those eggs?

Thieving Youth: Nonsense. These are eggs I cooked in the morning!

You: ...They are clearly duck eggs.

Thieving Youth: Yeah, they are the duck eggs I cooked this morning!

You: ...I just saw you stealing eggs with my own eyes. Stop lying!


Debate success

You: Mr. Connors, here's all the Eiders' eggs he stole.

Muller Connors: We are so lucky to have you here today. Otherwise, our ranch would've suffered such a serious loss.

Muller Connors: I am handing this thief over to the police today. People like him deserve to be punished, hmph!

You: (Yeah, I'll let him repent to the police.)

Debate failure

Thieving Youth: Humph, are trying to provoke me? Naïve young lady!

You: (Calm down, calm down. Let me think... I'm sure I can come up with a good reason to refute him!)

Faerie House Repair Job

I promised a friend that I'd help repair the Faerie Huts, but I'm running low on paint. What am I to do?

Faerie Town

You: These little faerie cottages look like miniature villas.

You: They even have carved patterns on their windows? How exquisite...

???: Yikes, this makes things hard...

As you inspect the faerie cottages, someone breathes a sigh behind you. You turn around and come face to face with a frowning man.

You: Is something troubling you?

Muller Connors: I am here to help my friend repair the faerie cottages, but I'm running out of paint.

Muller Connors: Young lady, can you please look for my wife at Muller's Ranch and ask her for some paints?

You: Sure.

Paint count

You: How many buckets of paint do you need, Mr. Connors?

Muller Connors: Hmm... I think we'll need 3 or 4 buckets.

Muller Connors: My friend has a car, he can give you a ride to the farm later. If it's convenient for you, it would be good if you can bring back a few buckets of paint.

You: Sure. No problem.

Paint color

You: Mr. Connors, which colors do you want?

Muller Connors: I need red, yellow and green. If it's convenient for you, you can bring over other colors as well.

You: Okay. I got it.

Faerie Hut

You: Are you responsible for maintaining these huts?

Muller Connors: No. The people from Faerie Town will regularly check up on how the huts are doing, and they'll arrange for someone to repair them.

Muller Connors: My friend is responsible for painting the huts. I help him out occasionally.

Repair job

You: Is it a lot of work maintaining the huts?

Muller Connors: It's not that bad. I help my friend with this every year, so I'm used to it now.

Muller Connors: It's nothing more than repainting, and repairing damaged parts... This kind of work takes patience.

You: (Uncle Muller looks fierce on the outside, so I didn't expect him to be such a warmhearted person.)

You: Okay. I'll go now.

Muller Connors: Okay. I'll wait for you here. Thank you.

You visit the lady at Muller's Ranch in Sakya Fjord. She's very kind and prepares the paint for you.

You soon return to Faerie Town with the supplies Muller needed.

You: Here is your paint.

Muller Connors: Great! I can finally start... Uh, no. I mean, I can finally continue!

You: (Look at him. He hasn't even started, has he!? I shouldn't expose him, I suppose...)

Order Confirmation Job

Hmm, something seems to be wrong with the orders today. Can someone go and check it for me?

Sakya Fjord

Muller Connors: Young miss, do you have time to do me a favor?

You: What's up?

Muller Connors: Two people bought something from me just now, but something went wrong with my computer, so their orders weren't recorded.

Muller Connors: I think they went to my ranch to feed the horses. If you have time... Can you help me find them and confirm their orders?

You: Of course! I've been wanting to look around the ranch, anyway.

Muller Connors: Great! I'll write down the order details that I remember. Please confirm them for me.

At Fjord Streams

You: Hello! Excuse me, but did you just buy two balls of yarn and a jug of fresh milk from Mr. Connors?

Young Girl: Yes. Is there a problem?

You: No, I'm just helping him confirm some orders.

Young Girl: I see. This ranch is surprisingly conscientious. I'll leave a good review.

At River Valley

You: Excuse me, did you buy one fresh lamb leg, two jugs of goat milk, and one jug of cow milk from Muller's Ranch?

Young Man: ...I also bought two fresh chickens and a twelve-pack of hard cheese.

You: All right, noted.

You: Mr. Connors, this is the confirmed list.

Muller Connors: Nice, everything's good and clear now. Thanks a bunch for helping me out.

Starving Pony

If you're free, can you go and help me feed those starving ponies?

Sakya Fjord

Muller Connors: Young lady, I'm a little busy now. Can you help me feed those hungry Skadi ponies?

Where is the feed?

You: Sure. Where is the feed?

Muller Connors: Don't worry. I'll get it for you.

You: I'm excited to play with the ponies up close!

Muller Connors: The ponies in my ranch are all very gentle. They're usually on the plateau grassland. You can go and find them there.

Where are the ponies?

You: Sure. Where are the ponies?

Muller Connors: They are usually wandering around on the plateau grassland. Bring some feed over and you'll find them.

You: Sure. Here I go!

Following Muller's directions, you walk towards the field.

You: (Found them! I thought these horses were a full hand shorter than the normal ones and sure enough, it seems like they're actually ponies.)

You: Come here, I've got lots of delicious things for you.

The ponies seem to understand what you said and gather around you. You: You guys are really well-behaved. Let me pet you for a bit...

You: (Even their manes feel soft. They're so adorable! Help me! I think I've fallen for their charms...)

Reputation Jobs

Volunteer Shearer

Muller's Ranch is looking for volunteers. Does anyone want to come and experience the excitement of shearing a goat?

Awards Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200

Sakya Fjord

Muller Connors: Young miss, great timing. Wanna try shearing a sheep?

You: Huh? By myself?

Muller Connors: Our ranch hosts shearing events where you can exchange wool by weight for souvenirs.

Muller Connors: Wanna give it a go?

Experiencing the authentic rancher life while winning prizes — what a deal!

You: I do!

Muller Connors: Then what are you waiting for? Come with me.

Feeling excited, you follow Muller towards a flock of sheep.

You: (According to Mr. Connors' instructions... I need to first calm the sheep...)

You: (Then slowly approach it... )

You: (Yeah, I think I can do it!)

You recall the shearing tips that Muller gave you and begin to put them into practice.

You: Be good...

Picking up a pair of shears, you prepare to shear the first sheep "awaiting its fate."

Thus, a battle between shears and sheep begins...

Two hours later, bags full of wool sit on the grass at Muller's Ranch.

You: Phew... Why do sheep have so much wool? My arms...

Muller Connors: How do you feel, young miss?

Hanging in there...

You: Shearing is a lot of fun, but... I can't feel my arms now.

You: Probably because I don't lift weights often enough...

Muller Connors: You could've stopped for a break.

Muller Connors: I saw you doing the work of two people, so I thought you were really enjoying yourself.

You: What?! Oh, you should've told me...

Absolutely exhausted

You: I'm too tired to even lift my arm now.

You: I didn't know shearing can be so tiring... It's really not easy to run a ranch.

Muller Connors: It's fine once you get used to it. I'm already used to this. You did a good job, it's your first time.

Muller Connors: By the way, this is the reward I've promised you.

You: Thank you, Mr. Connors. This is really a hard-earned reward.

Emergency Request

We need help! There's too much wool to be sheared! Help!

Awards Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000

Sakya Fjord

Muller Connors: Oh no, how come there are still so many!

Muller Connors: When can I finish this? I'm too busy...

As soon as you get to the ranch, you see Muller struggling with a flock of sheep.

You: Mr. Connors, you...

Muller Connors: Young lady, please come and help me!

You: What happened?

Muller Connors: The selling point of our ranch is that we do everything manually. We don’t have many automated machines...

Muller Connors: It's hard for me to shear all the sheep all by myself. Can you help me again, young lady?

You agreed hesitantly... remembering how painful it was last time...

You: Okay, sure.

From the previous experience, you now have an easier time finding a flock of grazing sheep.

You: (The fleece is so soft. If it's used for a blanket, it'll definitely be very comfortable.)

As you fumble around, you slowly gain more experience. You learn to be gentler when shearing the sheep and trim closer to the base of the wool...

This time, you feel more comfortable...

You: (Actually, shearing sheep is quite fun.)

You: (Maybe I can be a qualified rancher next time.)

Farm Survey

Can someone help me hand out the surveys... There's no way I can finish on my own.

Awards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30

Sakya Fjord

Muller Connors: Young lady, you've come just in time. I want to ask you for a favor.

You: What's up?

Muller Connors: My wife managed to somehow find some information online, and made a survey questionnaire about the ranch.

Muller Connors: She urges me to give the questionnaire to my customers for them to fill it in, but I am too busy to ask them. Can you help me?

You: Okay. I'll do it.

Muller Connors: Sorry for troubling you with this.

You: Excuse me, I'm doing a survey for the ranch. Would you be willing to answer a few questions?

Young Man: Sure, ask away.

Sheep Shearing Experience

You: Have you participated in the sheep shearing activity?

Young Man: Yeah, I did. I've just finished it, actually.

You: Can you tell me your thoughts on it?

Young Man: It was alright... It was a bit bland. The wool got everywhere.

Young Man: I think it's better if they just gave me some hay. I could've fed the sheep instead.

Horse Feeding Experience

You: Have you ever participated in the horse feeding activity?

Young Man: I haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty tempted to try.

Young Man: The horses in this ranch seem to be of a special breed. I wonder what it'd be like to ride them.

You: You're feeding them, not riding them...

Young Man: I can't ride them? That's a shame. I'd strongly recommend the owner to organize a horse-riding event in the future.

Puffin Watching Experience

You: Hello, have you participated in the puffin-watching activity?

Young Man: Yeah, I did. I took quite a few pictures!

Young Man: They were flying by the cliffside. I thought they were beautiful.

Young Man: I heard that if you bring bird feed, they'll come to you for food. I think it might be a fun experience.

You: Thank you for your answer. Your suggestions have been recorded.

Young Man: Remember to tell the rancher to add a horse riding experience.

You: Sure. I'll pass on your message to the rancher.

You: Excuse me, would you please answer a few questions for my survey?

Middle-Aged Woman: Okay. Keep it short. I'm on my way to a party.

You: (This lady sounds a bit rude... Anyway, finishing the survey is of more importance.)

Sheep Shearing Experience

You: Have you participated in the sheep shearing activity?

Middle-Aged Woman: Not yet. It looked pretty interesting, though.

Middle-Aged Woman: I'll try it out later.

Horse Feeding Experience

You: Hello, have you participated in the horse feeding activity?

Middle-Aged Woman: Yeah, I've already done it. Hmm... It's fun, but I don't feel safe being so close to the horses.

Middle-Aged Woman: What if I get kicked by it? I think it's better if the horses are in a pen.

You: Thank you for your suggestion. I've noted it down.

Puffin Watching Experience

You: Hello, have you participated in the puffin-watching activity?

Middle-Aged Woman: Yeah, I did. I took lots of photos.

Middle-Aged Woman: Those birds are quite intriguing.

Middle-Aged Woman: Do you have any other questions?

You: No. I have written down all your answers.

Middle-Aged Woman: Good. Remember to tell the rancher about my suggestions.

After interviewing more than 10 tourists visiting the ranch, you finally finish all the questionnaires.

Carrying the questionnaires with you, you find Muller who's feeding the sheep.

You: Here you go, Mr. Connors. All the suggestions from the tourists have been recorded here.

Muller Connors: These records are very detailed! Thank you, young lady.

Survey Results

Based on the feedback, the farm made changes to the attractions. I wonder if the customers are happy with them.

Awards Evidence: "Library Key"

Sakya Fjord

Muller Connors: Hey, you come just in time... Do you remember the questionnaire you helped me give out last time?

Muller Connors: I adjusted some of the activities according to the suggestions. Our reviews have improved a lot!

You: That's great.

Muller Connors: Well, my wife has made a new questionnaire. Can you please ask the guests' opinions for me?

You: Sure. Give me the questionnaire, Mr. Connors.

Muller Connors: Thank you. You are such a helpful young lady!

You: Hello, may I have an interview with you?

Young Man: Interview, again? I think I've been interviewed last time... Fine, what's your question?

Horse Riding Experience

You: What did you think of the newly added horse riding event?

Young Man: It was great! I really enjoyed riding on the grassland!

Young Man: Was this because of the feedback I gave last time? I'm happy that the owner listened to my opinion.

New Horse Enclosure

You: What do you think of the newly added stables?

Young Man: Hmm... It's okay.

Young Man: I don't like feeding horses, so I'm not that interested.

Favorite Attraction

You: What was your favorite experience from the ranch activity?

Young Man: Horse riding, of course!

Young Man: I hope the farm can build a racing track in the future. I bet it'll be loads of fun.

You: (I think that's a bit too much. This is a farm, not a race track...)

You: That's all for now. Thank you for your answers.

Young Man: It's okay. My experience at the ranch has improved a lot. I hope it can get better and better.

You: Hello, may I have an interview with you?

Middle-Aged Woman: What? Didn't you ask me last time already? What're your questions this time?

You: It won’t take long! I only have a few simple questions!

Horse Riding Experience

You: What did you think of the newly added horse riding event?

Middle-Aged Woman: I didn't try it. I thought it was too dangerous!

Middle-Aged Woman: I think it'd better if the farm had more simple, but entertaining activities. I'd rather avoid dangerous activities like horse riding.

New Horse Enclosure

You: What do you think of the newly added stables?

Middle-Aged Woman: It's a lot better than before. It feels safer having the horses being separated from the guests.

Middle-Aged Woman: The owner did a good job of listening to the guest's suggestions.

Favorite Attraction

You: What was your favorite experience from the ranch activity?

Middle-Aged Woman: Hmm... I guess it'd be the puffins. Those birds looked delicious.

You: (Delicious? Did I mishear her? She said delicious?!)

Middle-Aged Woman: Is that all? I'm going to feed the puffins now.

You: Yes, that's all. Thank you for your cooperation.

Just like the previous survey, the guests have all provided their suggestions on the adjusted programs.

You: Here you go, Mr. Connors. These are the latest survey results.

Muller Connors: Thank you. Just leave it here. I am really sorry to trouble you all the time.

You: You are welcome. Actually, I am just taking this chance to have a tour of the ranch.

Muller Connors: Did you come here to investigate something? I remember Johann told me that you're interested in the manor?

You: Do you know Johann?

Muller Connors: We’ve been friends for many years. He's very nice. He introduces his guests to visit my ranch all the time.

You: I see...

You: (Speaking of which, Johann also asked me to come to the bay... Why do I feel like I've been set up?)

Muller Connors: I haven't been to the manor myself. There's not much I can do to help with your investigation, but...

Muller Connors: A tourist left a key here before. He said he found this on the third floor of the manor. Do you want it?

You: Are you sure you want to give it to me?

Muller Connors: Of course. It's not much use to me even if I keep it. If you need it, just take it.

You: Thank you, Mr. Connors. I will take it.

Skadi Jolene Hall photo.png Jolene Hall[edit | edit source]

Jolene Hall is a child who lives in Faerie Town. Her Reputation track awards the Evidence: "Preparation Room Key."

Daily Jobs

Interactive Turtle Game

Are you free to come and feed the sea turtles with me? They're so cute!

Night Beach

You: Found them! So this was where all the sea turtles were gathered!

You: Are they here to sunbathe on the beach?

???: Sis, come play with me.

While you watch the turtles, you suddenly hear a young girl's sweet voice behind you.

Jolene Hall: Come on, sis! Let's feed the turtles together! Turtles love playing with me!

You: Sure. Do you come here to feed the turtles often?

Jolene Hall: Well, the turtles are my friends. Look! They're coming over here.

You: How do I feed them?

Jolene Hall: I've got some food! Here, take some... Put them in your palm and feed them. They'll come and play with you.

You: Did they just come ashore? They look so relaxed.

Jolene Hall: Yup, yup! We can get closer.

You: Okay, I'm going to take some pictures of them.

Jolene Hall: I'm so happy today. It's nice to have someone to play with me. Shall we feed the turtles again next time?

You: It's a deal!

Shiny Balloon

The balloons outside the shop look amazing! I really want to go and ask the ladies in the shop for one!


You: Those balloons outside the handicraft shop are quite nice. Oh... They've even got the store's name and logo printed on them.

???: I want a shiny balloon!

You: Huh?

You turn around and see a cute little girl behind you, looking at you with big bright eyes.

Jolene Hall: Miss, I want a balloon.

You: But those balloons are for decorating the store. They aren't for sale, are they?

Jolene Hall: Well... Could you please ask the shop lady for me?

Jolene Hall: I really, really, want a balloon! Just one!

You: Well... I can ask the shop owner about it if you want.

You: Excuse me, are the balloons in front of your shop for sale?

You: There's a young lady who'd really like one of those balloons outside the shop. She wanted me to ask you about them.

Brindisi Lloyd: Well, those are only being displayed for promotion.

Brindisi Lloyd: She can take one of them for free if she likes.

You: Thank you on her behalf.

Jolene Hall: Really? Really? I can pick one for myself!?

You: Of course. The shop lady already agreed.

Jolene Hall: Hehe, I've already decided! I want the red balloon.

You: This one? Here you go...

Jolene Hall: Thank you, Miss. You are the best. You are my favorite!

Jolene Hall: Oh, no, mommy's my favorite. Then... You are my second favorite!

You: (A child's wish is so easily satisfied.)

Question Game

Come and play the Question Game with me. I'll ask the questions, and you answer, how's that sound?

Faerie Town

Jolene Hall: Missy, shall we play a Q&A game?

You: Sure.

Jolene Hall: I'll ask questions and you'll have to answer them!

Jolene Hall: First question! What's the name of Jolene's favorite faerie?

What kind of question is that?

You: What kind of question is that?

Jolene Hall: Oh, is it too hard for you? No one else in the world can answer this correctly except my mom.

You: (Isn't it normal?!)


You: Is it called "Mary" or something?

Jolene Hall: Bingo! Missy, you are so smart!

You: (Really? It was purely a blind guess! Maybe I should buy the lottery to try my luck?)

Give up

You: I give up. Next question.

Brindisi Lloyd: Hey, how can you give up already on the first question! Miss, focus!

Jolene Hall: Second question. Why is the sand on Night Beach so black?

Because of faeries and demons

You: Isn't there a legend in Skadi Island? There was a battle between the faeries and the demons on the beach...

You: The black sand, rocks, and reefs are the remains of the demons.

Jolene Hall: Wow, Missy, you are so smart! That's exactly what my mom told me.

Jolene Hall: I knew faeries exist in the world. The faeries have been protecting us all the time!

Because they're volcanic rocks

You: The volcanic rocks left by the eruption centuries ago were washed by seawater, so they became black.

Jolene Hall: Oh, is that so? But mom said it was because the faeries defeated the demons, who turned into this beach.

You: Okay... I think that's what the legend says.

Jolene Hall: Mm-hmm, what mom said can't be wrong.

You: (Of course, for kids, the fairy tale is much more convincing.)

Jolene Hall: So here's the last question.

You: Give me a normal question, please. The other questions were too hard for me.

Jolene Hall: All of my questions are very normal... Okay. I'll ask you a simple question next.

Jolene Hall: What's the name of the bay in the west?

Sakya Fjord

You: Sakya Fjord!

You: This can't be wrong. I did my travel homework before I came here.

Jolene Hall: Correct! Full marks! Missy, thank you. I had a lot of fun today. See you next time.

Western part of the fjord

You: The bay in the west is called the Western Fjord.

Jolene Hall: It's called Sakya Fjord. There's a name for it! Missy, you should work harder.

You: I will be more prepared next time.

Jolene Hall: Deal. Next time when we play Q&A, Missy, you'd better be well prepared!

Damaged Pestle

Oh no! Someone is sabotaging the faeries' stone piles!

Faerie Town

Jolene Hall: Stop it. Please don't damage the stone piles. They were prepared for the faeries!

Destructive Youth: Hmph. So what if I want to kick some stones? Listen, kid, I'm in a bad mood. You'd better leave me alone or I'll...

You: Stop! If you touch her, you'll have to answer to the law, I promise you.

Destructive Youth: Annoying woman. Who are you again?


Debate success

Jolene Hall: Waaaah, that man is horrible... he destroyed the stone piles I made. The faeries are going to get angry.

You: Don't be upset. I'll fix it for you, okay?

Jolene Hall: Woo waaaaa,... Missy, you are so nice.

Debate failure

Destructive Youth: Mind your own business. Otherwise, I won't go easy on you!

You: (I shouldn't be intimidated by him. Calm down... I will find a way to refute him!)

Number of Faerie Cottages

Can someone come and help me count how many Faerie Huts there are?

Faerie Town

Jolene Hall: Oh, how many are there...

You: What are you counting?

Jolene Hall: Shh, I'm counting the number of faerie cottages.

Jolene Hall: My mom told me that I might be able to make friends with the faeries if I can figure out the number of faerie cottages here.

You: I see... Let's count them together. With two of us here, I'm sure we'll be able to cover all of them.

Jolene Hall: You are so nice, Miss. I really like you.

You: (I didn't look closely before, but it seems like there are lots of faerie huts in this part of the forest.)

You: (Some look like they have just been made. The paint on their roofs still looks new.)

You: One, two, three...

Jolene Hall: Miss, have you figured out how many cottages there are?

Five cabins

You: Yes. There are five cottages in total.

Jolene Hall: Wow, I also counted five!

Jolene Hall: As long as I make five wishes, I will be able to see the faeries, won't I?

You: But... what if the faeries can't hear your wishes because they aren't home?

Jolene Hall: Oh... Then, I'll have to come and make a wish again tomorrow. I'm sure they'll hear my wishes one day!

Ten cabins

You: There are about 10 cottages.

Jolene Hall: I only counted five cottages! Miss, you must have counted wrongly...

You: There are only five cottages in front of you, but there are still many more in the forest.

You: I think there are definitely more than 10 of them in this entire forest.

Jolene Hall: Wow, really? Let me count again.

You: (The kid seems to be very stubborn about faeries... Huh, wonder why...)

Reputation Jobs

Faerie Stone Tablet

Can you take a look and tell me what's written on the stone tablet?

Awards Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200

Faerie Town

Jolene Hall: Huh... How strange...

You: Well, what's the matter?

Jolene Hall: Missy, can you help me see what's written on the stone tablet? I can't understand it at all.

You: This one...

You: Hmm, these symbols are very strange...

You carefully examine the words engraved on the stone tablet. It only takes a few seconds for you to realize that you aren't familiar with these complicated characters.

You: I'm sorry, I can't understand the characters either.

Jolene Hall: *Wailing* Oh no...

Jolene Hall: My mum said the way to find the faeries is on the stone tablet. If I can't read it, I can't find the faerie.

You: Don't cry, why don't we ask the people who live around here. Maybe they know something.

Jolene Hall: Really? *Sobbing* Miss, please ask for me!

You: Hello, are you a local resident?

Faerie-Loving Youth: Yeah, what's the matter?

Origins of the Stone Tablet

You: I wanted to ask... Who made the stone tablet in the forest?

Teen Who Likes Fairies: Oh, that was built by the residents from Faerie Town.

Teen Who Likes Fairies: We like to use words to communicate with the faeries. We believe that only the words carved in stone are seen by the faeries.

Text on the Stone Tablet

You: May I ask what is engraved on that stone tablet in the forest?

Teen Who Likes Fairies: They are symbols left behind by the natives of Skadi Island.

Teen Who Likes Fairies: It is said that those characters are also used by the faeries.

Method of Faerie Sighting

You: Someone told me that the secret to seeing the faeries is recorded on that tablet, is this true?

Teen Who Likes Fairies: Huh? I think that person was making things up. The symbols carved on the stone tablet are blessings. Nothing more, nothing less.

Teen Who Likes Fairies: Those symbols are very common in our city. You can take a look. You should be able to find them in other places as well.

You: Is that so...

You: I've asked... It's just a normal blessing that's being engraved onto the stone tablet. It's not the way to find the faeries.

Jolene Hall: *Sob* Impossible. Mommy must have made a mistake. I'll go back and ask her...

You: (She looks so sad... She must like faeries a lot.)

You: (I hope her mother can comfort her...)

New Toy Challenge

Wow! Mommy bought me a new toy! Come and play with me!

Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000

Faerie Town

Jolene Hall: Miss, play with me!

The little girl smiles and shows you the toy box in her hands, filled with many strange white parts.

You: And these are...?

Jolene Hall: They're the fishbone building blocks mommy bought for me!

Jolene Hall: Mommy said she made a mistake with how to find faeries... So she bought me a new toy as an apology!

Jolene Hall: Mommy also said that she'll tell me the real way to find the faeries once I've finished building the building blocks!

You: (Faeries, again?)

Jolene Hall: Miss, please help me to put the blocks together. I want to show mommy as soon as I can!

You: Sure. Let me help you!

Jolene Hall: Yay! Thanks, miss!

You: (This child is so persistent with faeries. I guess it must be a real headache for her mom...)

You take the toy box from Jolene, fish out the fishbone blocks, and piece them together with her.

You: There, all done! Let me take a picture...

Jolene Hall: Miss, don't you think these building blocks look like the fishbone sculpture over there?

You: Which one?

Jolene Hall: The fishbone sculpture on the floor! Does it look like the toy in my hand?

You: Um... I think the toy in your hand looks like a dinosaur. This sculpture is more like a whale.

Jolene Hall: Miss, you've got it all mixed up!

Jolene Hall: This sculpture is a dinosaur! Look, this is its head and this is the body...

You: Okay, whatever you say. This sculpture is a dinosaur.

Jolene Hall: Hmph, I don't want to talk to you. I'm going to show mommy my building blocks. She will be surprised!

Jolene Hall: This time I will see the faeries!

You: Yes... Well...

After giving it some thought, you decide not to ruin the poor kid's dream.

You: Well, if you see the faeries, please say hello to them for me.

Jolene Hall: Of course. Goodbye, Miss!

Reason for the Wish

Come make a wish to the faeries with me...

Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30

Faerie Town

Jolene Hall: Miss, mommy finally told me a new way to see the faeries.

You: What is it?

Jolene Hall: Make a wish! She said that as long as I make a wish to a faerie cottage, I'll see a faerie!

Jolene Hall: Come with me, Miss! Let's make a wish together!

You: Okay. Let's go.

You take Jolene by the hand and lead her into the forest where there are many faerie cottages.

You: There are many faerie cottages here. Which one do we make a wish to?

Jolene Hall: I like the red one. Miss, repeat after me...

Jolene Hall: Faeries, faeries, please appear to me.

You: Fae...faeries, please appear to me?

Jolene Hall: No. You need to put more emotion into it!

You: Faeries, faeries, please appear to me!

You: Like this?

Jolene Hall: Mm-hmm, I think you're almost there! I'm sure the faeries will show up this time!

Of course, nothing appears in the forest, and nothing will ever appear.

The girl's hopeful expression turns into one of disappointment. She hangs her head, her face filled with sadness.

Jolene Hall: Oh...

You: (If something really showed up, I would've been terrified. But Jolene looks so sad...)

You: (What should I do...)

Comfort her gently

You: Now, don't be sad. Faeries are really shy, you know. Maybe they'll meet you in your dreams at night.

Jolene Hall: Really?

You: Yes, of course. Haven't you seen faeries in your dreams?

Jolene Hall: Yes. I often play games with faeries in my dreams!

You: That's right! You are already good friends in your dreams. Of course they won't come out during the day.

Jolene Hall: Ah... I see. Miss, you are so smart!

You: (Well, I made that up. Faeries, please don't be mad at me. I just don't want to hurt a kid's feelings...)

Persuade her rationally

You: Look, Jolene, the faeries still haven't appeared. Maybe they won't be showing up today. Let's go home first, ok\nay?

Jolene Hall: Why won't the faeries show up? Mommy said that as long as I make a wish to the faeries, my dream will come true.

Jolene Hall: My dream is to be friends with the faeries...

You: Don't lose faith. I'm sure the faeries will come into your dream and make friends with you there.

Jolene Hall: Really? Will faeries really come to my dreams?

You: Yes. As long as you keep them in mind, you will dream about them at night.

Jolene Hall: Okay. I will wait for them then!

You: (I hope she'll dream about faeries tonight. Otherwise, she's going to be disappointed again.)

"Faerie's" Dream

I dreamt of the faeries, and they told me I can go and play with them today!

Awards Evidence: "Preparation Room Key"

Faerie Town

Jolene Hall: Miss, you are so smart!

You: What?

Jolene Hall: Didn't you say that the faeries would come to my dream and make friends with me?

Jolene Hall: After going home the other day, the faeries really appeared in my dream!

You: Great. You can play with the faeries in your dreams then.

Jolene Hall: And then... The faerie in my dream asked me to come here to play with them!

You: (Argh... We're back to square one!)

Jolene Hall: Wow... It's real this time!! Miss, look! There's the faerie!

You: What!?

You are stunned... As you look towards where Jolene is pointing, you see a floating person in the forest who has wings on their back.

The wings are translucent beneath the sunlight. It looks just like the beautiful faeries from children's stories.

You: How can that be... Is that a faerie?

You: (No, it looks completely different from the faeries from Skadi Island. It looks more like something from a cartoon...)

While you were at a loss of what to do, a woman waves at you from a spot not too far from the forest.

You: (Hmm? There's someone over there...)

You: Excuse me, are you...

???: Hello. I am Anna, the girl's mother.

Anna Schumer: I'm so busy with work that I can't spend much time with her. So I said that the faeries would play with her.

Anna Schumer: Now she believes it, and keeps saying that she wants to see the faeries.

Anna Schumer: I tried to distract her, hoping that she'll give up... But she's so persistent about it.

You: For a child, a mother's words are the truth.

Anna Schumer: I made a fake doll and hung it up there to make her dreams come true...

You: (So that's why the faerie looks so weird...)

Anna Schumer: Thank you for spending so much time with her. We must've caused you a lot of trouble.

You: No, it's fine. Jolene is such a lovely girl. I love playing with her.

Anna Schumer: I can't stay long, or she'll find out. Please keep it a secret for me!

You: Don't worry. I'll keep this a secret for you.

Jolene Hall: Miss, who are you talking to?

You: It's nothing. I was just chatting with a resident about my investigation.

Jolene Hall: What are you investigating?

You: It's the manor...

You tell her about the investigation of the Manor of Hermes as an excuse for your behavior.

Jolene Hall: You mean the Manor of Hermes by the golden waterfall? I know it! I've been there to look for faeries.

You: You've been there? Did you find anything?

Jolene Hall: There are no faeries there... But I found a beautiful key on the second floor of the manor!

Jolene Hall: Miss, do you want it? You can have it.

You: Really? You're giving it to me?

Jolene Hall: Yes. You've helped me find the faerie, and I also want to help you, Miss!

You: Thank you. Maybe this key will bring me good luck.

Skadi Johann Brose photo.png Johann Brose[edit | edit source]

Johann Brose owns the lodge in Vikya and is the main character's main point of contact after arriving in town. His Reputation track awards the Evidence: "Maid's Bedroom Key."

Daily Jobs

Lucky Message in a Bottle

I hear that you can find Drift Bottles near the Night Beach. Can you show it to me if you find one?

Night Beach

You: Huh? Is that a drifting bottle over there?

In the black sand, you can vaguely see a glass bottle being pushed back and forth by the waves...

You: (The waves are so fast... I thought that even if one was washed up the beach, it could still be washed away, regardless.)

You: (I didn't expect to actually find one.)

You: I have to show it off to Johann.

Johann Brose: How was it? Did you find anything on Night Beach today?

You: Yes. I found a drifting bottle.

You: Look, there's a scroll inside the bottle. Maybe this bottle has been drifting for a century.

Johann Brose: It's your lucky day. Did you open the bottle to see what's written on the scroll?

I opened it

You: Yeah, I did.

You: It's just that the handwriting on the scroll's so blurry. All I can see are words like "you are my wonderful."

You: I guess it might be a love letter to someone.

Johann Brose: True love hidden by the drifting waves of the sea? How romantic.

You: I wonder what the story behind it is... I wish I could find out more about it.

I didn't

You: I didn't open it. I want to read it with my friends after the trip.

Johann Brose: You want to share your foreign travel experience with your friends, don't you?

You: Yeah, interesting stories are supposed to be shared with those around you.

Mark of a Hero

There are traces of an ancient champion at the Faerie Town! Go and take a look if you're interested.

Faerie Town

You: (Strange... I don't recall seeing these shields the last time I came to Faerie Town)

You: (Is that... fresh red paint on the shield?)

Several shields are scattered outside the residents' houses, they seem to have been placed here recently. You: (The patterns on the shield... seem to be ancient Skadi Island symbols.)

You: (Maybe Johann knows something about this. Why don't I take some pictures and talk to him about it?)

Johann Brose: I see from the look on your face that you've come across something interesting.

You: I saw a few newly made shields outside the residents' houses.

You: I took some pictures. Have a look...

Johann Brose: These shields are made to commemorate the brave guardians.

Johann Brose: Look. These symbols engraved on the shields were used by the ancient guardians of Skadi Island.

Enquire the meaning of the symbol

You: Do these symbols have any special meaning?

Johann Brose: It means "far away". The ancient guardians believed that with these shields, people would not lose their way or lose themselves when they journey far away.

Johann Brose: If you are interested, you should check out the guardian memorial day. It's a unique we have here, and I think you'll like it.

You: Sure. I will visit when I have a chance.

Enquire the Guardian Memorial Day

You: What is the guardian memorial day?

Johann Brose: It's one of our special events here.

Johann Brose: People dress up like the guardians who defended Skadi centuries ago, and perform interesting activities and rituals.

Johann Brose: If you are interested, you can go and experience it yourself.

You: It sounds interesting. I'll go when I have time.

Nameless Rose

If you happen to go to the Seti Falls, please bring back a bouquet of roses by the waterfall for me.

Seti Falls

In front of the rocks and the waterfall, a bouquet of red roses sits quietly. They stand out sharply, yet they're so beautiful.

You: Who would leave roses in a place like this?

You: (Well, there's no name on it.)

You: (Since Johann was the one who told me about this, I suppose whoever left the roses here must have something to do with Johann?)

You: (Maybe I should ask him about it first?)

You: Johann, there's a bouquet of red roses at the waterfall.

Johann Brose: I could smell the fragrance of the roses from afar. Thank you for bringing them over.

Johann Brose: Please give me the flowers, my fair lady.

Give him the roses

You: Here.

You: I don't quite understand. You were also near the waterfall. Why did you ask me to get the roses?

Johann Brose: Well... to use your country's language, "it's a long story".

Johann Brose: But it's my secret. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you.

You: It's okay. I understand.

You: (But, I'm still very curious! What's Johann's secret...)

Don't give him the roses

You: What if I don't want to give it to you?

Johann Brose: Come on, kind lady. This is my only wish... Please help me with this.

You: (His tone of voice... I shouldn't have made fun of him.)

You: Can you first ell me why you asked me to fetch the roses at the waterfall first?

Johann Brose: One of my acquaintances left it there.

Johann Brose: This bunch of flowers is very important to me. Is this answer acceptable?

You: Well... Here... Here are your flowers.

You: (Strange... Johann's expression is very unnatural. What is the story between him and these flowers?)

Feeding Plaza Pigeons

Can you go and feed the pigeons by the Arts Square for me? You can get the feed from the Hostel Service Area.


Pigeon: Coo... Coo... Coo... Coo...

You: Wow, they're all here.

You: (It should be ok to touch them, right? They're so cute...)

Pigeon: Coo coo.

You: Seriously? They finished all four bags of feed already?!

You: Are you guys for real...

Pigeon: Coo coo coo!

You: No, that's all... Look, there's nothing left.

Pigeon: Coo!!

You: No. Don't come over... Don't get close!

You: You... stop it! I'll get angry if you all keep chasing me! I mean it!!


Debate success

You: Phew, I finally escaped... I didn't expect to get chased by pigeons when I'm feeding them.

You: Guess I should bring more bird food with me next time.

Debate failure

You: Oh, my, why are the square pigeons in Vikya Capital so aggressive... I'd better be prepared before I feed them again.

Lost Book

A customer said that she lost her book. Can you go and find out what happened?


Johann Brose: Oh, a guest said that she'd dropped a very important book...

Johann Brose: "Helping others is the source of true happiness," if you have time, can you please help my guest?

You: Well, let me find out what happened first.

A young lady with long hair seems to be looking for something. You can sense her anxiety from her expression.

You: Excuse me, did you lose something?

College Student: The limited-edition book I just borrowed from the library is gone.

College Student: What should I do... Losing such important findings would be a great loss for humankind.

You: Don't panic. Think about where you've been. I'll help you find it.

College Student: I walked here from my guesthouse... Then I checked my bag, and realized that the book was missing.

You: I think it should be nearby. Let's take another look around.

You: Found it! Is it this book?

In the corner of the street, a blue hardcover book lies quietly on the ground.

College Student: That's the one, that's the one!

College Student: Thank you. If you hadn't helped me, I wouldn’t know what to do...

You: You're welcome. We should all help each other when in need.

Reputation Jobs

Beautiful Necklace

Can you pick out a nice necklace for me? I trust girls' taste better.

Awards Evidence: "Maid's Bedroom Key"


Johann Brose: Oh? I didn't expect to see you here. What a coincidence. You're also browsing the goods here?

You: Yeah, just looking around. By the way... How was your party? Did it go well?

Johann Brose: Thanks to your help with getting all the supplies, it went very well.

Johann Brose: I even met my girlfriend there.

You: Congratulations!

Johann Brose: That's why I have a favor to ask of you. Can you help me choose a necklace? I want to give her the most beautiful necklace in the world!

You: (Looks like Johann is head over heels in love.)

Johann Brose: Which style do you think is better as a gift? I'm sure you have better taste than I do.

You: I think...

Long sweater necklace

You: Go for a sweater necklace. They're easy to match with winter clothing, and they come in lots of styles.

Johann Brose: Yes, that makes sense... I've seen my goddess wear a turtleneck sweater before. A long necklace would've looked very nice with it.


You: Hm... Go with a choker. A good choker can really bring out a woman's appeal.

Johann Brose: Now that you mention it, she wore a choker to the party! It was gorgeous!

Johann Brose: By the way, if I want to custom-make a special pendant for her... What style should I choose?

Crystal pendant

You: How about this amethyst pendant? It's simple yet elegant, and it would complement a lot of things.

Johann Brose: It's truly beautiful... If I recall correctly, amethysts symbolize romance? Certainly a nice meaning.

Pearl pendant

You: I think that pearl pendant looks unique. See, it even has a siren design on it. Isn't it stylish?

Johann Brose: Siren? Ah... True... To me, her singing is more alluring than any siren's song.

Resin flower pendant

You: Hmm... I think a resin flower pendant would be unique... No two flowers have the same shape.

Johann Brose: That's right! As unique as my love for her!

Johann Brose: I think I've decided!

You: That's good.

Johann Brose: I'm sure she'll love it. I can already imagine how beautiful she'll look with this necklace.

Johann Brose: Thank you for your invaluable advice. I'm off to buy it now.

You: You're welcome. They were just some suggestions.

You: You've helped me a lot lately on Evelyn's behalf. I haven't had a chance to properly thank you yet.

Johann Brose: Speaking of Miss. Fuller, I just remembered that I have a clue about the Manor of Hermes. Maybe it'll be useful to you.

You: What is it?

Johann takes out something from his bag and hands it to you. It is a plastic bag with an old, rusty key inside.

Johann Brose: I found it in the corridor on the first floor when I visited the manor several years ago.

Johann Brose: It's yours now. It might be useful to you.

You: Thank you. I'll use it with care.

Johann Brose: I wish you a fruitful journey.

Sentimental Scarf

Can you help me choose a scarf to buy? The kind that a woman would love right away.

Awards Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200


Johann Brose: Sorry to bother you, my most kind lady, but you have to help me!

You: What's up?

Johann Brose: I want to buy a scarf for my girlfriend.

Johann Brose: Can you give me some more advice? I want to get something that she will love at first sight!

You: Let me see...

Lace scarf

You: How about this lace scarf? This cotton lace style's very special. It'd be a nice match with a party dress.

Johann Brose: It's very nice!

Johann Brose: But isn't it... too cold right now for this? I want to get something warmer.

You: Well, how about that light color rhombus wool scarf? It looks elegant and warm.

Johann Brose: Yeah. She'll love the camel color!

Woolen scarf

You: It's better to choose a simple and warm wool scarf for this season.

You: Both the stripes and the rhombic style look good. They look very easy to match.

Johann Brose: Okay! I'll get this light color rhombic wool scarf. The color matches her skin tone. I'm sure she'll like it!

Johann Brose: By the way, can you also pick a gift box for me? What kind of box do you think I should use?

Heart-shaped gift box

You: How about a heart-shaped gift box?

You: Since it's a gift to express your thoughts, it should be wrapped in a special way.

Johann Brose: Good. Put the gift I chose in my heart and send it to her. She will love it!

You: (Johann is quite romantic...)

Square gift box

You: What about the square gift box? The ribbon and bow decoration on it looks very nice.

Johann Brose: It's very nice... But the square box looks too ordinary. Do you have anything more special?

You: Well... What about the heart-shaped gift box? It looks quite special.

Johann Brose: Great, that's it! I'm sure this will give her a surprise!

Sweet Photo Album

I've requested a custom-made photo album. Can you pick it up for me?

Awards Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000


Johann Brose: Oh no, why now of all times...

You: Johann. Something troubling you?

Johann Brose: I ordered a photo album earlier, and they're asking me to go collect it now...

Johann Brose: But I have a date with my girlfriend to visit Saint Faerie Church... Oh... What should I do?

You: I have time. I can pick it up for you.

Johann Brose: Really? That's great!

Shop Address

You: Can you tell me the store's address?

Johann Brose: It's on the southern side of the shopping street. I'll text it to you later.

Johann Brose: Please give the owner of the store, Gurazon Murphy, the order pick-up slip.

Gurazon Murphy

You: What is he like?

Johann Brose: He is a honest middle-aged man. Everything in his handmade craft store is made by him.

Johann Brose: He is usually busy, so he asks customers to do pick-ups at a certain time of day.

Pick-Up Order

You: Where is the order slip?

Johann Brose: Oh, I have it. Here...

Johann Brose: Gurazon doesn't like computers, so he gives out paper slips to his customers.

Custom Handcraft Shop

You: Can he make anything?

Johann Brose: Mm-hmm. Gurazon is amazing. Anything you can think of, he can make it!

Johann Brose: Also, if you want to buy unique souvenirs, you can go to his shop and have a look.

You: Cool. I will have a look.

Johann Brose: Once you get the album, could you please come and get me near the Saint Faerie Church?

Johann Brose: I was just thinking of... Well, I have a special use for it...

You: (I can see it already even without you telling me. It's for your girlfriend, isn't it?)

You: Okay. I'll go now.

As Johann said, the handicraft shop has all kinds of exquisite products made by the owner, Gurazon Murphy.

After you fetch the album, you stand outside to look at the shop window for a while before you leave.

There aren't many tourists around when you reach the church. Johann stands alone in the street waiting for you.

You: Here you go... This is your album!

Johann Brose: Wow, the texture and the weight of it... It's a masterpiece. Thank you. You've really helped me out so much.

You: You're welcome. By the way, didn't you say you were going to spend time with your girlfriend? Why are you here alone?

Johann Brose: Don't even get me started. She had something on and couldn't come...

Johann Brose: Even the most intricate plans in the world cannot withstand the obstruction of fate.

You: It's a shame, but it doesn't matter. There're still many more chances in the future.

Johann Brose: That's right. Next time, I must be even more prepared and give her the perfect date.

Promised Place

Can you accompany me somewhere today? It's a very important anniversary for me.

Awards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30


Johann Brose: [Player], are you free today? Can you go somewhere with me?

You: Yes. You...

You see Johann holding a large gift box full of small gift boxes inside...

There's an album placed on top of the boxes. It's the one you helped him get from the handicraft shop.

You: (Aren't these the gifts Johann prepared for his girlfriend?)

Johann Brose: Come with me.

Following Johann's mysterious tone of voice, you leave the guesthouse with him, feeling confused.

Johann Brose: Here we are. This is it.

You: Saint Faerie Church?

Johann Brose: This is where I was supposed to meet her. Do you want to hear about my story?

You: Sure. I'm all ears.

Johann Brose: In fact, I didn't meet the girl I like at the party. I just ran into her again there...

You: Who is she?

Johann Brose: She was my first love. We were an enviable couple back in university. But I was young and I didn't cherish it...

Johann Brose: Later she went overseas while I stayed in Skadi... Until this time... I didn't expect she'd come to my party.

Johann Brose: We chatted a lot. I can see that she hasn't forgotten our relationship. So I decided to pursue her again.

Johann Brose: We should pick up from where we left off. So I asked her to meet me here... I didn't know if she would come...

She will come!

You: I think she will! You two are going to become an enviable couple again.

Johann Brose: Thank you for your kind words. I also hope that we can start over again.

What if she doesn't come?

You: What if... she doesn't come today?

Johann Brose: I will continue to wait. I think... as long as I am patient enough, I will be able to wait till she comes.

You wait with Johann in front of the church for a long time...

Until it gets dark and the sunlight disappears, you still haven't seen the lady who Johann talked about.

Johann Brose: Well, I guess she is not ready to accept me again.

You: Johann...

Johann Brose: I am fine. I won't give up so easily. One day, she will understand...

Dispute Resolution[edit | edit source]

Dispute Resolutions award Btn money s.pngS-Chips on first clear as well as Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart that players can use to redeem rewards at the Faerie Wishes Event.

Additionally, there are daily tasks in the Skadi Journal to do 5 Resolutions for Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x50 and 10 Resolutions for Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x100.

Stage Name Drops Recommended power
Modern Youth Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x40 18051
Rude Customer Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x60 36803
Disruptive Customer Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x80 70070
Persistent Pigeons Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x100 119144

Brandt Glacier National Park: Zangr Stewart[edit | edit source]

After completing four daily jobs at Johann's lodge in a day, players will receive Adorable Elf Keychain icon.pngAdorable Elf Keychain x1. These can be used to challenge Zangr Stewart to a debate.

Zangr's debates award an increasing amount of Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tarts as the days progress. These Tarts are distributed in two payouts: the first as a debate drop (subject to Skadi card drop bonus) and the second in an equal amount that's not subject to any bonus.

For example: On day 5, you'll receive 280 tarts from the debate (with any bonus added) and then another 280 tarts after a brief post-debate dialogue.

Note that if the player fails to beat Zangr on a given day, it's possible to resume the battle from where it stopped the next day upon receiving a new Adorable Elf Keychain icon.pngAdorable Elf Keychain.

Day Rec Pwr Tarts Day Rec Pwr Tarts Day Rec Pwr Tarts
Day 1 18051 200 Day 9 70070 360 Day 17 110867 520
Day 2 25044 220 Day 10 75405 380 Day 18 115720 540
Day 3 35360 240 Day 11 80153 400 Day 19 120359 560
Day 4 45403 260 Day 12 85437 420 Day 20 125078 580
Day 5 50717 280 Day 13 90317 440 Day 21 130449 600
Day 6 55223 300 Day 14 95062 460 Day 22 135464 620
Day 7 60483 320 Day 15 100556 480 Day 23 140067 640
Day 8 65632 340 Day 16 105306 500 Day 24 145631 660

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

After Encounter 1

Zangr Stewart: You've convinced me... I think I should give up.

You: Then, you...

Zangr Stewart: My dream really is just an empty illusion. Everything was in vain. I'm a fool - of course this wouldn't work.

Zangr Stewart: Then and now, it's the same... My life has always been a neverending monochrome...

You: (Why is this getting worse and worse?!)

You: Wait, wait, can you first tell me what you were trying to do? "Find the faeries to control the laws of this world"? What does that mean?

Zangr Stewart: You don't know?!

As if roused to action by your words, Zangr suddenly snaps his head up and looks at you with a fanatical fire in his eyes.

Zangr Stewart: The world we live in isn't real. It was fabricated by the faeries. We're all mirages in this dream world.

Zangr Stewart: Only by finding the entrance to the faeries' world can you obtain the power to defy fate!

You: Calm down. You shouldn't confuse fantasy with reality.

Zangr Stewart: Believe me, my words are the truth! The faeries told me in my dreams!

You: (He doesn't seem amenable to reason... Forget it, I'll just play along.)

You: I heard that faeries like friendly and gentle people.

You: I think... As long as you behave yourself and don't disturb the locals, the faeries may show themselves to you.

Zangr Stewart: So that's it! Thanks, now I understand that I didn't do things the right way... Maybe I'll try again...

You: (Yikes, did I say the wrong thing...? He looks even more zealous!)

After Encounters 2-7

You: Zangr, it's you again.

Zangr Stewart: It's me, of course it's me. Who else would be as persistent as me in saving this world?

You: Are you... still looking for the faeries?

Zangr Stewart: Yes. I haven't given up.

You: But...

Zangr Stewart: Stop it. I believe what you said is true... but I really don't want to give up so easily.

Zangr Stewart: I'll find the faeries, and with the power of the faeries, I will reveal the truth of this world to everyone.

Zangr Stewart: Trust me. Only be resisting reality, resisting to be an NPC, will I be able to escape from this cruel fate.

You: (Sigh... I'm tired of saying "wake up.")

After Encounters 8+

You: Zangr, haven't you given up?

Zangr Stewart: Why can't I find the entrance to the faerie world? Did I use the wrong method?

You: Maybe the faeries don't want you to find them.

Zangr Stewart: Because I am a doomed NPC, is that why I fail all the time?

Zangr Stewart: What do I have to do to gain victory, and receive the life-changing...

You: (I don't think he's listening to me at all.)

Zangr Stewart: Just leave, leave me alone... I want some alone time.

Then he quietly squats down in the snow, not moving a muscle. He becomes a statue contemplating life.

You: (He's so stubborn...)

You: (He doesn't look like he's going to give up. Anyway, I'll drop by later to check on him.)

Manor of Hermes: Exploration Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players may invite any of the four male leads as an exploration companion, but each invitation requires the player to spend one Lamp Light icon.pngLamp Light, which are obtained through Skadi Reputation icon.pngSkadi Reputation level milestones. Many, but not all, of the clues in the manor require a specific male lead to deduce their meanings.

Exploration hints
  • For the lockbox in the 1F Entertainment Room, the password hint is given by
    Brindisi Lloyd's affection job reward.
  • For the lockbox in the 1F Medical Ward, the password hint is given by
    the text on the Notebook of News Clippings evidence (check the room with Vyn)
  • For the Maid's Bedroom in the northwest corner of 1F, the key is given by
    Johann Brose's affection job reward.
  • For the lockbox in the 2F Lassiter's Study, the password hint is given by
    the text on the Police Chief's Return Letter evidence (check the room with Luke)
  • For the lockbox in the 2F Rest Area, the password hint is given by
    Hanson Walker's affection job reward.
  • For the Preparation Room in the center of 2F, the key is given by
    Jolene Hall's affection job reward.
  • For the lockbox in the 3F Collection Room, the password hint is given by
    the text on the Handwritten Copy of Prophecy evidence (check the room with Marius)
  • For the lockbox in the 3F Abandoned Bedroom, the password hint is given by
    Anderson Johnson's affection job reward.
  • For the Library in the center of 3F, the key is given by
    Muller Connors' affection job reward.
Passwords and spoilers
  • For the lockbox in the 1F Entertainment Room, the password is
  • For the lockbox in the 1F Medical Ward, the password is
  • For the lockbox in the 2F Lassiter's Study, the password is
  • For the lockbox in the 2F Rest Area, the password is
  • For the lockbox in the 3F Collection Room, the password is
  • For the lockbox in the 3F Abandoned Bedroom, the password is

For all dialogue of the Manor of Hermes exploration gameplay, please see A Love Poem to Skadi RPG Exploration.

Skadi Journal[edit | edit source]

Achievements: Scenic Travels[edit | edit source]

The Scenic Travels page of the notebook serves as a task and achievement list; completing it awards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x100.

Daily Tasks
Task Reward
Complete 5 Dispute Resolutions Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x50
Complete 10 Dispute Resolutions Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x100
Event Tasks
Task Reward
Complete 4 daily jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete 12 daily jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete 28 daily jobs Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x300
Complete 1 of Anderson's Affection jobs Oracle of Justice II icon.pngOracle of Justice II x10
Complete 4 of Anderson's Affection jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete 1 of Brindisi's Affection jobs Oracle of Justice II icon.pngOracle of Justice II x10
Complete 4 of Brindisi's Affection jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete 1 of Hanson's Affection jobs Oracle of Justice II icon.pngOracle of Justice II x10
Complete 4 of Hanson's Affection jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete 1 of Muller's Affection jobs Oracle of Justice II icon.pngOracle of Justice II x10
Complete 4 of Muller's Affection jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete 1 of Jolene's Affection jobs Oracle of Justice II icon.pngOracle of Justice II x10
Complete 4 of Jolene's Affection jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete 1 of Johann's Affection jobs Oracle of Justice II icon.pngOracle of Justice II x10
Complete 4 of Johann's Affection jobs Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Complete all residents' Affection jobs Btn money s.pngS-Chip x50
Chat with Female College Student at Night Beach 5 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Chat with Modern Youth at Seti Falls 5 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Chat with Faerie-Loving Youth at Faerie Town 5 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Chat with Melancholy Man at Sakya Fjord 5 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Chat with Greedy Woman at Vikya 5 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Chat with Luke 1 time Luke "Warm Home" icon.png Luke "Warm Home"
Chat with Luke 4 times Luke "Warm Home" icon.png Luke "Warm Home"
Chat with Luke 8 times Luke "Warm Home" icon.png Luke "Warm Home"
Chat with Luke 12 times Luke "Warm Home" icon.png Luke "Warm Home"
Chat with Luke 14 times Luke "Warm Home" icon.png Luke "Warm Home"
Chat with Artem 1 time Artem "My Heart is Flying" icon.png Artem "My Heart is Flying"
Chat with Artem 4 times Artem "My Heart is Flying" icon.png Artem "My Heart is Flying"
Chat with Artem 8 times Artem "My Heart is Flying" icon.png Artem "My Heart is Flying"
Chat with Artem 12 times Artem "My Heart is Flying" icon.png Artem "My Heart is Flying"
Chat with Artem 14 times Artem "My Heart is Flying" icon.png Artem "My Heart is Flying"
Chat with Marius 1 time Marius "Myth" icon.png Marius "Myth"
Chat with Marius 4 times Marius "Myth" icon.png Marius "Myth"
Chat with Marius 8 times Marius "Myth" icon.png Marius "Myth"
Chat with Marius 12 times Marius "Myth" icon.png Marius "Myth"
Chat with Marius 14 times Marius "Myth" icon.png Marius "Myth"
Chat with Vyn 1 time Vyn "Secret Gift" icon.png Vyn "Secret Gift"
Chat with Vyn 4 times Vyn "Secret Gift" icon.png Vyn "Secret Gift"
Chat with Vyn 8 times Vyn "Secret Gift" icon.png Vyn "Secret Gift"
Chat with Vyn 12 times Vyn "Secret Gift" icon.png Vyn "Secret Gift"
Chat with Vyn 14 times Vyn "Secret Gift" icon.png Vyn "Secret Gift"
Challenge Zangr 1 time Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Challenge Zangr 5 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x10,000
Challenge Zangr 15 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000
Defeat Zangr once Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000
Defeat Zangr 4 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x10,000
Defeat Zangr 8 times Btn coin s.pngStellin x20,000
Defeat Zangr 12 times Btn money s.pngS-Chip x50
Complete 1 Dispute Resolutions Oracle of Justice III icon.pngOracle of Justice III x10
Complete 10 Dispute Resolutions Oracle of Justice III icon.pngOracle of Justice III x20
Complete 50 Dispute Resolutions Oracle of Justice III icon.pngOracle of Justice III x30
Complete 100 Dispute Resolutions Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x500

Achievements: Mansion Adventures[edit | edit source]

The Mansion Adventures page of the notebook serves as a task and achievement list; completing it awards Hot Spring Duck Badge.png Hot Spring Duck Badge.

Task Reward
Explore 100% of all manor floors Btn money s.pngS-Chip x100
Collect 100% of Red Gemstone Shards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x25
Collect 100% of Yellow Gemstone Shards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x25
Collect 100% of Green Gemstone Shards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x25
Collect 100% of Purple Gemstone Shards Btn money s.pngS-Chip x25
Enter Underground Tomb Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200
Enter 1F Maid's Bedroom Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200
Enter 2F Preparation Room Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200
Enter 3F Library Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x200

Diary: Travel Experiences[edit | edit source]

The Travel Experiences section of the journal serves to catalogue the event's main story, as well as the short encounters for each of the male leads as they each finish the business that brought them to the island and accompany the main character. Note that for the male leads, the first four story parts are received in a set sequence, while the others are encountered in a random order.

Due to page size, the Travel Diary transcripts are on their own page; see A Love Poem to Skadi/Script

Rewards and Campaigns[edit | edit source]

A Love Poem to Skadi - Event Shadow of Themis[edit | edit source]

During the event, the exclusive SSRs Luke "Twinkling Eyes" icon.pngLuke "Twinkling Eyes", Artem "Wandering Heart" icon.pngArtem "Wandering Heart", Vyn "Blazing Colors" icon.pngVyn "Blazing Colors", and Marius "Daytime Aurora" icon.pngMarius "Daytime Aurora" are on a rotating rateup schedule as follows:

Skadi rateup calendar.png

Faerie Wishes Event Wishing Pool[edit | edit source]

As players earn Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tarts from participation in the rest of the event, they can visit the Faerie Wish shop to randomly draw prizes from the wishing pool at a cost of Lucky Fruit Tart icon.pngLucky Fruit Tart x100 per wish. There are a total of six Wishing Pools; when a player obtains all of the key rewards (indicated here by blue table rows) for a given pool, the next pool is unlocked.

Pool 1
Item Limit
Tears of Themis - Love Poem small icon.pngTears of Themis - Love Poem x1 1
Wide-Angle Lens icon.pngWide-Angle Lens x5 8
Bag of Dried Figs icon.pngBag of Dried Figs x5 8
Fountain Pen icon.pngFountain Pen x5 8
Tablet icon.pngTablet x5 8
Vinyl Record icon.pngVinyl Record x5 8
Wooden Gardening Spade icon.pngWooden Gardening Spade x5 8
Oil-Painting Tools icon.pngOil-Painting Tools x5 8
Block Component icon.pngBlock Component x5 8
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2 15
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000 20
Pool 2
Item Limit
Tears of Themis - Love Poem small icon.pngTears of Themis - Love Poem x1 1
Selection Star SR icon.pngSelection Star SR x1 1
Logic Chip II icon.pngLogic Chip II x4 6
Empathy Chip II icon.pngEmpathy Chip II x4 6
Intuition Chip II icon.pngIntuition Chip II x4 6
Vision Chip II icon.pngVision Chip II x4 6
Equalization Chip II icon.pngEqualization Chip II x4 6
Mind Chip II icon.pngMind Chip II x4 6
Infinity Chip II icon.pngInfinity Chip II x4 6
Logic Impression II icon.pngLogic Impression II x4 8
Empathy Impression II icon.pngEmpathy Impression II x4 8
Intuition Impression II icon.pngIntuition Impression II x4 8
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2 12
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000 20
Pool 3
Item Limit
Tears of Themis - Love Poem small icon.pngTears of Themis - Love Poem x1 1
Selection Star SR icon.pngSelection Star SR x1 1
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x50 10
Multipurpose Military Knife icon.pngMultipurpose Military Knife x3 7
Pill Organizer icon.pngPill Organizer x3 7
Tie Clip icon.pngTie Clip x3 7
Sapphire Cufflinks icon.pngSapphire Cufflinks x3 7
Voice Recorder icon.pngVoice Recorder x3 7
Pocket Watch icon.pngPocket Watch x3 7
Touch Stylus icon.pngTouch Stylus x3 7
Bluetooth Earpiece icon.pngBluetooth Earpiece x3 7
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2 12
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000 20
Pool 4
Item Limit
Tears of Themis - Love Poem small icon.pngTears of Themis - Love Poem x1 1
Selection Star SR icon.pngSelection Star SR x1 2
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x50 20
Logic Chip III icon.pngLogic Chip III x2 6
Empathy Chip III icon.pngEmpathy Chip III x2 6
Intuition Chip III icon.pngIntuition Chip III x2 6
Vision Chip III icon.pngVision Chip III x2 6
Equalization Chip III icon.pngEqualization Chip III x4 6
Mind Chip III icon.pngMind Chip III x2 6
Infinity Chip III icon.pngInfinity Chip III x2 6
Logic Impression III icon.pngLogic Impression III x4 8
Empathy Impression III icon.pngEmpathy Impression III x4 8
Intuition Impression III icon.pngIntuition Impression III x4 8
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000 20
Pool 5
Item Limit
Tears of Themis - Love Poem small icon.pngTears of Themis - Love Poem x1 2
Aurora Invitation icon.pngAurora Invitation x1 1
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x50 20
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2 9
Poetry Collection icon.pngPoetry Collection x2 6
Smart Glasses icon.pngSmart Glasses x2 6
Senior Attorney's Badge icon.pngSenior Attorney's Badge x2 6
Model Handgun icon.pngModel Handgun x2 6
Gilded Poker Cards icon.pngGilded Poker Cards x2 6
Ceramic Tea Cup icon.pngCeramic Tea Cup x2 6
Stud Earring icon.pngStud Earring x2 6
Pass Key icon.pngPass Key x5 6
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5,000 20
Pool 6
Item Limit
Logic Chip II icon.pngLogic Chip II x1 1
Empathy Chip II icon.pngEmpathy Chip II x1 1
Intuition Chip II icon.pngIntuition Chip II x1 1
Vision Chip II icon.pngVision Chip II x1 1
Equalization Chip II icon.pngEqualization Chip II x1 1
Mind Chip II icon.pngMind Chip II x1 1
Infinity Chip II icon.pngInfinity Chip II x1 1
Logic Impression II icon.pngLogic Impression II x2 1
Empathy Impression II icon.pngEmpathy Impression II x2 1
Intuition Impression II icon.pngIntuition Impression II x2 1
Multipurpose Military Knife icon.pngMultipurpose Military Knife x1 1
Pill Organizer icon.pngPill Organizer x1 1
Tie Clip icon.pngTie Clip x1 1
Sapphire Cufflinks icon.pngSapphire Cufflinks x1 1
Voice Recorder icon.pngVoice Recorder x1 1
Pocket Watch icon.pngPocket Watch x1 1
Touch Stylus icon.pngTouch Stylus x1 1
Bluetooth Earpiece icon.pngBluetooth Earpiece x1 1
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x20 10
Btn coin s.pngStellin x2,000 10

New Beginnings Login Campaign[edit | edit source]

New Beginnings Login Campaign promo.png

Players who log in during the event receive the rewards below based on the number of cumulative logins:

Day Reward
Day 1 Tears of Themis - Limited small icon.pngTears of Themis - Limited x2
Day 2 Energy Drink Family Pack icon.pngEnergy Drink Family Pack x1
Day 3 Tears of Themis - Limited small icon.pngTears of Themis - Limited x2
Day 4 Btn coin s.pngStellin x10,000
Day 5 Tears of Themis - Limited small icon.pngTears of Themis - Limited x2
Day 6 Oracle of Justice III icon.pngOracle of Justice III x30
Day 7 Tears of Themis - Limited small icon.pngTears of Themis - Limited x2
Day 8 Energy Drink Family Pack icon.pngEnergy Drink Family Pack x1
Day 9 Tears of Themis - Limited small icon.pngTears of Themis - Limited x2
Day 10 Btn coin s.pngStellin x10,000

Good Times Spending Event