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"Artem, get your head out of the clouds! You don't just find someone like that unless fate brings you two together!"


Gender Female
Age (when met) 32
Occupation Executive Manager

Voice Actors


范楚绒 (Fàn Chǔróng) [1]



永島由子 (Nagashima Yuuko)[2]


Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 翟星 (Zhái Xīng)

Japanese 財前星奈 (Zaizen Hoshina)

Korean 연지민 (Yeon Jimin)

General[edit | edit source]

Celestine Taylor is the founding partner of Themis Law Firm. Many thought she was too young when she first founded the law firm, but after successfully recruiting Artem Wing as a senior partner, all the voices of doubt died down.[3] Celestine is the only one in the law firm who is able to talk back to, or interrupt, the intimidating Artem.[4] She is fond of team-building activities, saying they promote understanding and break down barriers between team members.[5]

Celestine is a junior attorney, who only needs to pass one advancement exam to become the second senior attorney at Themis Law Firm, the first being Artem.[6][7] She is also known as the "Queen of Commercial Laws" due to her specialty in business disputes and her very rare defeats.[8]

Celestine receives a "huge" bouquet of roses from her fiancé -- Jeremy Ramirez, a top IT specialist -- at work every Friday. She is highly invested in fostering the relationship between Artem and the Main Character, providing Artem with Jeremy's copy of Introduction to the Psychology of Love and Attraction after six months of engagement and fending off questions from Artem's mother about his love life.[9][10]

Her favorite movies are about corporate warfare, since they're her area of expertise and she finds it easy to get into the characters' heads.[11]

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