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"I never cared about office romances until watching my idol in one! Who knew they could be so exciting!?"


Gender Female
Age (when met) 23
Occupation Legal Intern

Voice Actors


V17-筱筝 [1][2]



明坂聡美 (Akesaka Satomi)[3]


Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 程澄 (Chéng Chéng)

Japanese 程塚香澄 (Hodotsuka Kasumi)

Korean 정현

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Kiki Bennet, 23, graduated from the Law School of Stellis University with a bachelor's degree in law. She joined Themis Law Firm in 2029 and has been working as a legal intern.
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DAVIS: The advancement exam is no joke! Kiki, I know you have it in you to pass it and become a graduate attorney!

General[edit | edit source]

Kiki is thought by her peers to be somewhat scatterbrained[4]. She closely follows pop culture, driving workplace discussions on popular television shows, and she considers several celebrities her "idols" including Janus[5] and Kanon Clark[6]. Kiki also gets heavily invested in fandom around her idols and the media they're in, including engaging in ship wars for their characters and growing extremely distraught if she picks the wrong ship.[7] She also follows some minor celebrities with similar intensity, such as the anonymous film critic known as Mockingbird.[8]

Kiki is a close friend to the main character going back to university; Kiki has even stayed with the MC in times when it wasn't safe for her to be alone.[9]

She has an adventurous attitude toward food, once described as an "ever-curious foodie who is willing to try anything."[10] Her favorite movies are romance series.[8]

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