Artem's Residence

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Artem Wing's Residence is a two-story dwelling on the top floor of his building.[1]

The lower floor holds an open kitchen and living space; the second story has a guest room with ensuite bathroom,[2] soundproofed[3] home theater with a large projection screen on one wall, and a study containing a collection of books on law, philosophy, and filmography, as well as a few science fiction novels and foreign books.[4] His bedroom is large, with room for an open walk-in closet space behind the bed and a balcony leading to a rooftop pool.

Location Gallery[edit | edit source]

Artem's Residence - Downstairs (Night).png

Artem's Story 04-07Artem's Residence
Artem's Sweet Chapter 01-07Artem's Living Room
Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-04Artem's Residence
Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-07Artem's Residence 1F
FFT Ollie - Route Start

Artem's Residence - Study.png

Artem "Thin Veil"Artem's Study
Artem's Story 02-02Artem's Residence
Artem's Story 03-01Artem's Study
Artem's Story 04-01Artem's Study
Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-07Artem's Study
CCG Artem's Route: Vacation StartArtem's Study
Lost Gold Artem Investigation 02-01Artem's Study

Artem's Residence - Theater.png

Artem's Story 04-07Artem's Home Theater
Artem's Story 04-15Artem's Home Theater
Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-01Home Theater
FFT Ollie - AmiableHome Theater

Artem's Residence - Upstairs (Night).png

Artem's Story 01-07Artem's Residence
Artem's Story 03-14
Artem's Sweet Chapter 01-04
Main Story 05-28Artem's Residence

Misc Location - Hallway.png

Artem "Dreamful Melodies"Artem's Residence

Stellis - Artem's Residence 1F RPG Map.png

Artem's Sweet Chapter 01-02Artem's Living Room
Artem's Sweet Chapter 01-03Artem's Living Room
Artem's Sweet Chapter 02-02Artem's Living Room
Stellis SystemArtem's Living Room

Stellis - Artem's Residence 2F RPG Map.png

Stellis SystemArtem's Bedroom

Translation Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In translations other than English, Artem's foreign books are specified to be German originals.

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