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"Sometimes, someone has to play the bad guy and do what must be done. If I can change someone's fate, then who cares about a little criticism and loathing?"


Gender Male
Age (when met) 43
Occupation Civil Lawyer

Voice Actors


张欣 (Zhāng Xīn) [1]




Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 聂秋 (Niè Qiū)

Japanese 九条秋人 (Kujou Akihito)

Korean 석찬우

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Neil Hume, 43, a renowned civil lawyer who is also both a professor and a doctoral advisor at the Law School of Stellis University.

Neil is very passionate about doing pro bono for the public; he has been traveling extensively alone for his commitments to serving the public. However, he suddenly went missing last year. Neil also had a history of going dark to infiltrate crime organizations, so his friends and relatives have speculated that he must be involved in a certain criminal investigation again.

General[edit | edit source]

Neil Hume is Artem's mentor and a former NXX Investigation Team member who has been missing since October 2029.[2] He is suspected of possibly having been involved in the disappearance of Giann von Hagen.[3]

Neil was Artem's elementary teacher who was transferred to Stellis University after Artem graduated. Neil would often visit Artem and his family because Neil was close to Artem's parents. [4]

Neil would go on to become a father figure of sorts to Artem; When Artem was young, Neil would take him out for fun once in a while. In one rare instance, Neil brought Artem to the amusement park in Stellis.[4] He also took Artem to nursing homes and hospitals, saying he was more like the elderly than his fellow students.[5] Neil taught Artem how to cook in general, and specifically how to cook General Tso's Pork, which would become Artem's best dish.[6] When Artem was a university student, Neil bought a camera specifically to record Artem's growth.[7]

At Stellis University, Neil was one of the main character's professors, who would often take his class out for barbecue.[4]

Artem notes that Neil is fond of the saying, "the dream of us attorneys is that one day, the world will no longer have need for us."[8] Others note that Neil is warm-hearted and helps those in need.[9]

Neil's previous clients include:

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