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Players can select badges they've earned to display on their profile.

Badge List[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Judgment Badge.png Judgment Badge

Exclusive closed beta badge. Acquired only through completing specific closed beta tasks.

Rosa Badge.png Rosa Badge

Exclusive official registration badge. Acquired by registering on the official website.

Starry Magpie Badge.png Starry Magpie Badge

Our love will soar like the magpies among the stars. Exclusive "Summer Breeze" badge. Acquired by completing seven rounds in the "Summer Breeze" event.

Treasure Hunter's Badge.png Treasure Hunter's Badge

Nosta's case is closed! Exclusive "Mysteries of the Lost Gold" badge. Acquired by unlocking 98 areas in the "Mysteries of the Lost Gold" event.

Sweet Surprise Badge.png Sweet Surprise Badge

A sweet surprise for only you. Exclusive "Secrets of My Heart" badge. Acquired by reading the story "Birthday Celebration" in the "Secrets of My Heart" event.

Tabby Badge.png Tabby Badge

The little robot is overwhelmed with tears. Exclusive "Cleaning Robot MIA Case" badge. Acquired by unlocking and forming 7 complete paths in the "Cleaning Robot MIA Case" event.

Leisure Time Badge.png Leisure Time Badge

Enjoy this moment of laziness together. Exclusive New Home Day badge. Acquired by customizing 12 pieces of furniture for the Wooden Style in the "New Home Day" event.

Witch's Gift Badge.png Witch's Gift Badge

Thank you for your bravery and resolve. Exclusive "Symphony of the Night" badge. Acquired by unlocking all 7 Truths in the "Symphony of the Night" event.

Pumpkin Lantern Crest.png Pumpkin Lantern Crest

Mr. Jack-o'-Lantern says "Happy Halloween!" Exclusive "Howling Pumpkin" badge. Acquired by harvesting 600 pumpkins during the event.

Romantic Rail Badge.png Romantic Rail Badge

Make memorable memories during this trip! Exclusive Romantic Rail Getaway (I) badge. Acquired by completing both part 1 routes.