Episode 5: Sins of Cynicism (Part 3)

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Case Summary

With the evidence gathered from Opaline Village and the shifting testimonies of those involved, the truth becomes clear. Jasmine's detailed notes open new paths of investigation in the main NXX case as well.




Previous Episode

  • Admission Appeal Response icon.png Admission Appeal ResponseThe response letter to Ian Johnson's letter of appeal after his application to Stellis University was rejected.
  • Car Service Records icon.png Car Service RecordsRecords of a cancellation for brake pad replacement service.
  • Cryptex icon.png CryptexA cryptex replica from The Da Vinci Code, found in Hugh's toy chest.
  • Date-Marked Desk Calendar icon.png Date-Marked Desk CalendarA calendar from last year left on the sofa with Sept 12th marked.
  • Gift Hair Clip icon.png Gift Hair ClipA hairpin that was left in the packaging at Jasmine Kenders' home. The card attached indicates it was given to her by Iker Lance.
  • Ian's Testimony I icon.png Ian's Testimony IThe testimony of the Forestry Testing researcher Ian Johnson that contains the reason for his resentment of Jasmine Kenders.
  • Jasmine's Car Accident Report icon.png Jasmine's Car Accident ReportThe examination report for the cause of Jasmine Kenders' car accident.
  • Jasmine's Forensic Report icon.png Jasmine's Forensic ReportThe official autopsy report for Jasmine Kenders that contains information related to her cause of death.
  • Notebook with Missing Pages icon.png Notebook with Missing PagesJasmine's notebook with two pages ripped out.
  • Opaline River Pollution Investigation Report icon.png Opaline River Pollution Investigation ReportThe Opaline River Pollution Investigation Report issued by the EPA. It analyzes the source of the water's contamination.
  • Photo of Ian's IOU icon.png Photo of Ian's IOUA photo of Ian Johnson's IOU for the money that Jasmine Kenders lent him.
  • Stellis News Funding Proposal icon.png Stellis News Funding ProposalA memory card that only contains Stellis News' funding proposal for Q4.
  • Strange Drawing icon.png Strange DrawingA painting of what seems like codes drawn by crayons. There is a picture of Jasmine and a serial number on the back.
  • Termination Contract icon.png Termination ContractJasmine's termination contract from Stellis News.
  • Yvonne's Testimony icon.png Yvonne's TestimonyTestimony of Iker Lance's wife, it contains information about the water contamination reparation, Irvin Soong and her own whereabouts on Sept 12th, Hans Weller's family background, and whether she knows Hugh.

Main Story 05-29

  • Irvin's Testimony icon.png Irvin's TestimonyTestimony of Irvin Soong, it contains information about why Jasmine Kenders' visited on Sept 12th, his whereabouts on the day, Hugh's history, and discovery of Jasmine Kenders' scene of accident.

Main Story 05-33

  • Ian's Testimony II icon.png Ian's Testimony IIIan Johnson's second testimony that contains his whereabouts on Sept 12th, his reason for stealing Opaline fish, and whether he saw Hans Weller and Jasmine Kenders on the day of the incident.

Main Story 05-35

  • Heirson Dividend Report icon.png Heirson Dividend ReportThe dividend report for Heirson that contains information about the shareholders.

Main Story 05-37

  • Cryptex icon.png CryptexA cryptex replica from The Da Vinci Code, found in Hugh's toy chest.

Main Story 05-42

  • Non-Tampered Water Quality Report icon.png Non-Tampered Water Quality ReportThe report provided by Forestry Testing Labs that traced the source of the water contamination to the paper mill and Heirson.


Previous Episode

  • Accident CompensationHans Weller said they received compensation money from the paper mill for the contamination.
  • Affected Opaline FisheriesThe water contamination was devastating to the Opaline fish population.
  • Brake Pad WearOnly one brake pad is worn and needed replacing. All the other ones were relatively fine.
  • Details on Jasmine's InjuriesYvonne saw Jasmine Kenders' car hit the railing, but she thought it wasn't serious even though Jasmine stumbled out of her car with blood on her forehead.
  • Difficulty of Testing for NXXTesting for NXX is extremely difficult. Currently, there are only a couple of top tier facilities, including Pax Pharmaceutical and Crimson Biotech, that are capable of doing it.
  • Hairpin GifterBased on the attached card, the gift was sent by someone named Iker Lance. His relationship with Jasmine Kenders is unknown.
  • Hans Protecting HeirsonHeirson probably provides Hans Weller with long-term economic benefits, which is the reason why he's protecting them.
  • Hans Recognizes HughHans Weller was aware of Jasmine Kenders' every visit to the Opaline Village. He must have seen Hugh Grant before.
  • Hans Weller's Pollution SuspectHans Weller believed the source of the water contamination is the paper mill, not Heirson lab.
  • Hans' Brake Pad Service ReceiptHans Weller cancelled his appointment to replace his car's brake pads on Sept 15th of last year.
  • Hans' New CarIn August of last year, Hans Weller switched out his old white SUV with the license plate VH0G061 for a black sedan.
  • Hans' Son's JobHans Weller's son works at a pharmacy owned by Heirson.
  • Hans' Unfamiliarity with HughHans Weller claimed he has never met Hugh and said he isn't from the Opaline Village.
  • Hans' WorkJudging from his appearance, it's been some time since Hans Weller went into the fields. He probably spends more time drinking with clients, trying to get on their good side.
  • Heirson Fitness TrackerEven though Heirson was always suspected of contaminating Opaline River, Hans Weller is still wearing a smart health band with the Heirson logo.
  • Hugh's BirthdayA desk calendar with Huey's birthday circled: September 12.
  • Hugh's BrandThere is a "03" burn mark on Hugh's arm.
  • Hugh's Health StatusHugh is much skinnier than kids at his age. It is speculated drugs affected his growth development.
  • Hugh's HistoryJasmine Kenders met Hugh at the Opaline Village, but he wasn't from there. Nobody knew anything about him until bits and pieces of his background was revealed later on.
  • Ian's HallucinogensIan Johnson had been secretly developing a new hallucinogen. He's now under arrest.
  • Irvin's Whereabouts on Sept. 12Hans Weller said Irvin Soong lives alone so his whereabouts are unknown. He's unsure of whether he was in the village that day.
  • Jasmine's Forensic ReportAccording to the forensic report, Jasmine's cause of death was falling off a cliff. There were no abnormalities besides a laceration wound on the head.
  • Jasmine's License PlateJasmine Kenders' car, produced by Pax Motors, was a white SUV with the license plate "VD3F046".
  • Laboratory's Operating StatusHans Weller said that the Heirson lab had to stop their production to avoid suspicion because Jasmine insisted they had something to do with the contamination.
  • Laptop Purchase InfoThe laptop that Jasmine Kenders bought for Hugh is a V-3010 from Pax Electronics. It was the newest model in the summer of last year.
  • NXX's Toxic EffectsNXX affects a person's hormone secretion and mental state. In severe cases, it affects physical development and causes irreversible damage to the nervous system and internal organs.
  • Opaline Fish Growth AbnormalitiesJasmine's press release stated that Heirson illegally dumped waste and poisoned the Opaline River, causing abnormal growth and death for large numbers of Opaline Fish.
  • Opaline River Water QualityThe current water quality is not suitable for the Opaline fish, but it also isn't sufficient evidence to prove that Heirson lab is responsible for the water contamination.
  • Opaline Village Lab SuspicionsBased on the abnormal situation with Opaline fish, it is speculated that their lab at Opaline Village may be Heirson's base of operations for illegal drug research.
  • Package's Delivery TimeThis still sealed package contains a hairpin. The delivery time was Sept 5th of last year, after Jasmine Kenders lost the case.
  • Prison Cell NumberingThe cells in the Heirson lab are numbered 1 to 4 on the doors controlled electronically.
  • Reason For Hurried DepartureHans Weller said Jasmine Kenders was in a hurry to leave on Sept 12th to celebrate someone's birthday and was unable to meet up with Irvin Soong.
  • River Water PurificationHans Weller claimed the EPA cleaned the water once the source of the contamination was confirmed to be the paper mill.
  • The Wellers' Exorbitant SpendingVillagers in the Opaline Village aren't wealthy by any means with the exception of Hans Weller.
  • Village VisitorHans Weller said besides the typical tourists, there were no other visitors on Sept 12th.

Main Story 05-33

  • Hans' Crime MethodHans Weller replaced the brake pad in Jasmine's car with the worn brake pad from his own car, which caused the brakes in Jasmine's car to fail.
  • Ian's Crime MethodThere's a good chance the Ian Johnson dosed Jasmine Kenders by putting hallucinogens in her thermos, causing her to feel dizziness and fall over the cliff.


Stage Name Stage Type Stage Cost Attribute Recommended Power
Main Story 05-29 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 05-30 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Empathy
Main Story 05-31 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 05-32 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Logic
Main Story 05-33 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 05-34 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 05-35 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 05-36 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 05-37 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 05-38 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Empathy
Main Story 05-39 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 05-40 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 05-41 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 05-42 Trial AP icon.png AP x20 Logic
Main Story 05-43 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)


Episode 5-31:

  • Affected development

Episode 5-33:

  • Hans is lying
  • [Brake Pad Wear] + [Hans' Brake Pad Service Receipt]
  • [Details on Jasmine's injuries] + [Ian's Hallucinogens]

Episode 5-37:

  • Make Hans explain the brake pad maintenance
  • Prove that Hans had motive to kill Jasmine

Episode 5-42:

  • Ian Johnson was suborned to commit perjury, and the proof is...
    • Ian's Testimony I
  • The proof that Jasmine gave Ian a loan and not a bribe is...
    • Photo of Ian's IOU
  • How do you prove that Ian's report is trusthworthy?
    • Counter with Ian's illegal conducts
  • The evidence that proves Ian's real motive for stealing Opaline fish is...
    • Ian's Testimony II
  • Losing the lawsuit harmed Jasmine, and the evidence is...
    • Termination Contract

Episode Clear Rewards