HoHoLuck Event

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White Day Event 2023.png
Start Date 2023-03-10 11:00 UTC +9
End Date 2023-03-20 04:00 UTC +9
Duration Approx. 10 days

White Day is coming. Come celebrate it in HoYoLand and create romantic memories with him!

Gameplay info[edit | edit source]

HoHoLuck puzzle.png

HoHoLuck is a slide-puzzle based minigame; complete of a certain number of puzzles to obtain the event badge, Btn money s.pngS-Chips, and other rewards. Complete 5 puzzles to obtain the event-limited R Cards!

Players obtain one game attempt per day at daily reset time (04:00 UTC+9); this can build up to three banked clear chances at a time, allowing the player to obtain all rewards as long as no more than two days in a row are missed.

Unfortunately, as the slide puzzle is randomized, the wiki cannot provide specific puzzle clear guides to assist; sorry! However, there are two icons on the top right above the puzzle: the recycle icon resets the puzzle while the closed/open eye toggles for the final image. Players may infinitely reset and reshuffle the puzzle for easier start.

General tips for solving slide puzzles:

  1. Focus on a single line first
    1. Get one corner into its proper place.
    2. Locate the two remaining pieces of the line and line them up so that you can slide them into place as below (pic 1)
  2. Focus on a shorter side next
    1. Do not touch the side you just finished in the step above.
    2. Locate the two remaining pieces of one of the sides and line them up the same as in the previous step (pic 2)
  3. Shuffle the remaining three pieces into place
    1. Do not touch the five pieces that are already in place from the steps above.
    2. The remaining pieces should fall into place through simple rotation.

Cumulative rewards are available for completing a total number of puzzles as follows:

Puzzles Reward
1 Btn coin s.pngStellin x10,000
2 Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x6
3 Btn coin s.pngStellin x15,000
4 Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x8
5 Luke "Joyful Bounty" icon.pngLuke "Joyful Bounty"
Artem "Gift of Sweetness" icon.pngArtem "Gift of Sweetness"
Vyn "Dream Building" icon.pngVyn "Dream Building"
Marius "Stamp Relay" icon.pngMarius "Stamp Relay"
6 Btn money s.pngS-Chip x200
7 Super Stellan Badge.png Super Stellan Badge
8 Potential Chip II icon.pngPotential Chip II x4
9 Selection Chip II icon.pngSelection Chip II x4
10 Btn coin s.pngStellin x50,000

Completed Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Scripts[edit | edit source]

Intro: NXX Headquarters Garden

On a leisurely afternoon, the NXX members are enjoying a nice afternoon tea in the garden at NXX Headquarters.

You stir your cup of coffee with an adorable little stirrer that has a bunny head design at the top.

Luke: Say, didn't we buy this Homu series teaware last year when we visited HoYoLand together?

You: Yes. I wanted to buy some souvenirs that were both cute and practical for our HQ, so I got the Homu Teaware Set.

Vyn: Were you keeping it in the box all this time because the packaging was too cute?

You: Actually... I put it in the cabinet after we got back, and then I forgot all about it...

Artem: That's understandable. After all, the experience of picking souvenirs at HoYoLand may be more enjoyable than actually using it.

You: Now I'm getting nostalgic. It has been a long while since we visited HoYoLand.

Luke: Yeah, I think it has been almost half a year.

You: Seriously? That means... the VIP cards that Marius got for us last time are expiring soon!

Marius: That's fine. I can renew them perpetually.

You: You don't have to go that far...

You: I just feel it's a waste that we're using them at all before they expire.

Artem: Are you keen to go again?

Artem: The law firm isn't busy recently. I can join you.

You don't need to say much for Artem to understand your meaning. You nod, and then look at the others.

You: How about you guys? Do you want to go?

Luke: Of course. I heard that the "Super Meowmeow" movie videogame experience area is now available. I'm keen to take a look.

Marius: Oho, you're pretty up to date on what they're offering. Have you purposely lead us into this conversation?

Vyn: What about our the next rest day? It will be sunny and warm, a perfect weather for an outing.

You: Sure. I recently bought a film camera and a set of Homu themed film. We can take more pictures and keep them as a memory!

After solving first puzzle: HoYoLand

The golden sunlight lights the path ahead and envelopes the entire HoYoLand in a joyful atmosphere.

The five of you board the amusement park subway line to enter HoYoLand. The cheerful environment puts everyone in a good mood.

As all of you have arrived early, you immediately head for the most popular attractions in the park, and take three rides in a row.

You: This is pretty great! The rides are a little different from the ones we had in our last visit.

Luke: Yeah, that's because HoYoLand often has collaborations with well-known brands.

Marius: Its collaboration with "Super Meowmeow" is great. Seems like HoYoLand handles its operation well.

Vyn: Where do you wish to go next?

You look at the Homu statue behind you and reveal a meaningful smile before you put down your bag.

You: I think this is a good place for a group picture. Let's stop here and take a photo.

Artem: Sure... But I believe that's not all you had in mind...

You: Hehe, it seems like I can hide nothing from you, Mr. Wing... We'd traveled all the way here. It's a pity to take a normal picture...

As you speak, you take out five colorful and odd-looking hairbands from your bag.

You: We'll each wear one and take a group picture with them. That should make it more meaningful!

Everyone seems shocked, but after a while, Artem picks one and puts it on.

Artem: Sure, anything that'll bring you more fun and interesting memories.

Vyn: This is my first time wearing this unique "accessory." Can you help me to see if it fits?

Vyn picks one and puts it on with your help.

Marius: I'm only wearing it because you chose it, you know~

Marius picks one and pretends to wear it unwillingly. On the other hand, Luke gently taps his head and smiles at you.

Luke: It's just you and me now. Take your pick.

You: Okay, we'll each take one.

After you and Luke put on the headbands, you help the rest adjust theirs and hurriedly jog away to place the camera.

You adjust the perfect angle and set the timer on the instant camera before rushing back to join the group.

You: The picture will be taken in 10 seconds. Don't blink~

All of you look into the camera, smiling happily.

10... 9... 8... ...1

You silently count to ten, but the instant camera doesn't respond when time is up.

Artem: Huh... What happened?

After 5 seconds, the camera still does nothing.

Luke: My face is getting sore.

Another 5 seconds.

Marius: Am I imagining things, or has the camera still not taken a picture?

Another 5 seconds.

Vyn: I think we should check on it... Perhaps there's a problem with it.

Feeling confused, all five of you crowd around in front of the camera.


Suddenly, you hear a click from the camera, and then the photo film comes out.

You: It's a new camera. Why does it have such a delayed response?

You remove the film, and it gradually develops under the sunlight.

You can vaguely see five round heads on the photo...