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Take your time to explore the busy streets, tall buildings, and beautiful parks. Immerse yourself in the community...

The Stellis System was introduced with First Anniversary.[1] It is a RPG game mode for exploration of Stellis City and its districts. This game mode is utilised in events, and future events will increase the areas that may be visited.

Movement around the map is with any-direction movement pad anywhere on the screen. On encountering an interactive NPC or object, a hand symbol will appear. Available tasks may be found and tracked through the top left UI. Green event cells denote event interactions while red event cells are debates.

Movement between districts and areas within a district is through Fast-Travel ('Move' icon under compass display).

South Waterfront[edit | edit source]

Stellis RPG South Waterfront header.png

Central Business District[edit | edit source]

The streets of Central Business District (CBD) may be visited. South of CBD is Central Plaza.

Stellis Central Business District
Waterfront Central Business District
Stellis - CBD RPG map.png
Stellis Central Business District
Central Plaza
Stellis - Plaza RPG map.png

Themis Law Firm Front Desk[edit | edit source]

Travelling to Themis Law Firm will lead you to their reception. There are two floors. Artem Wing's office is accessible on the second floor.

Themis Law Firm
Themis Law Firm 1F
Stellis - Themis 1F RPG map.png
Themis Law Firm
Themis Law Firm 2F
Stellis - Themis 2F RPG map.png
Themis Law Firm
Artem's Office
Stellis - Themis Artem RPG map.png

Pax Lobby[edit | edit source]

The Pax Lobby destination travels to the Pax Group's Pax Tower. There are a few points of interest: Pax Leisure Area and Pax Cafe to the left from reception and Pax Product Experience on the right. Speak with the receptionist to access President's Office to visit Marius von Hagen.

Pax Group
Pax Lobby
Stellis - Pax Lobby RPG map.png
Pax Group
Pax Leisure Area
Stellis - Pax Leisure RPG map.png
Pax Group
Pax Product Experience
Stellis - Pax Store RPG map.png
Pax Group
President's Office
Stellis - Pax Marius RPG map.png

South Stellis[edit | edit source]

Stellis RPG South Stellis header.png

Southeast Stellis Street[edit | edit source]

To the west of South Waterfront is South Stellis.

South Stellis
Southeast Stellis Street
Stellis - South Stellis RPG Map.png

Time's Antiquities[edit | edit source]

The Time's Antiquities shop is located on 1F, with a door to Luke's living space on 3F accessible at the northeast end of the room.

Time's Antiquities

Stellis - Time's Antiquities 1F RPG Map.png
Time's Antiquities
Luke's Residence 2F
Stellis - Time's Antiquities 2F RPG Map.png
Time's Antiquities
Luke's Residence 3F
Stellis - Time's Antiquities 3F RPG Map.png

Artem's Residence[edit | edit source]

Artem's Residence is two floors; the second floor is accessible via the stairs on the west side of the bottom floor.

Artem's Residence
Artem's Living Room
Stellis - Artem's Residence 1F RPG Map.png
Artem's Residence
Artem's Bedroom
Stellis - Artem's Residence 2F RPG Map.png

Hemingway Heights[edit | edit source]

Stellis RPG Hemingway Heights header.png

West Hemingway Heights Street[edit | edit source]

The police station is located in this district.

Stellis Hemingway Heights
West Hemingway Heights Street
Stellis - Hemingway RPG Map.png

Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center[edit | edit source]

Upon arrival to the Research Center, one may go through the reception to visit Vyn Richter in his office. His consultation room is the room to the right.

Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center

Stellis - GMHRC Lobby RPG map.png
Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center
Giannovyn Research Center - Reception
Stellis - GMHRC Rec RPG map.png
Giannovyn Mental Health Research Center
Giannovyn Research Center - Consultation Room
Stellis - GMHRC Cons RPG map.png

Vyn's Residence[edit | edit source]

Vyn lives in a two-story townhouse villa; the second floor is accessible via the stairs in the northeast of the living room.

Vyn's Residence
Vyn's Living Room
Stellis - Vyn's Residence 1F RPG map.png
Vyn's Residence
Vyn's Bedroom
Stellis - Vyn's Residence 2F RPG map.png
Vyn's Residence
Garden of Vyn's Residence
Stellis - Vyn's Residence Garden RPG map.png

Marius' Personal Studio[edit | edit source]

Marius' studio is a private space stocked with all the supplies a graduate art student might need to create art in various media, including canvas paintings, paper drawings, and sculptures.

Marius' Personal Studio

Stellis - Marius' Studio RPG map.png

North Stellis[edit | edit source]

Stellis RPG North Stellis header.png

North Stellis is an underdeveloped area; no places of interest are located here at this time, however certain characters from personal story chapters may be found here.

North Stellis
North Stellis Street
Stellis - North Stellis RPG Map.png

Orchidshine[edit | edit source]

Stellis RPG Orchidshine header.png

Orchidshine is an old district of Stellis; currently, the only location available to visit here is the von Hagen Estate.

The von Hagen Estate
The von Hagen Living Room
Stellis - von Hagen LR RPG Map.png
The von Hagen Estate
Marius' Bedroom
Stellis - von Hagen BR RPG Map.png

Weekly Tasks[edit | edit source]

On each weekly reset, four random weekly tasks will be selected for the player to complete, often a mixture of interaction and debates. Each task will reward 10x Btn money s.pngS-Chips for a total of 40x Btn money s.pngS-Chips. Some tasks are multiple stages; the reward will only appear on the last stage of the task message.

Changes and Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Entwining Hearts Event (Aug 3, 2022)
    • Renamed Amity Heights region to South Stellis
    • Renamed Amity Heights location to Southeast Stellis Street
    • Added Time's Antiquities location to South Stellis region (1F and 3F)
    • Added North Stellis region with North Stellis Street location
  • Forget Not Your Love Event (Feb 24, 2023)
    • Added Vyn's Residence location to Hemingway Heights region (Living Room and Vyn's Bedroom)

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