Episode 6: A Vicious Cycle (Part 1)

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Case Summary

The team approaches a man connected to Simon Bloodworth, who only agrees to help if they can solve the mystery of his sister's murder last year. His prime suspect, Ava Kendricks, appears to have no motive or connection to the victim....




Main Story 06-07

  • Naomi Anderson's Incident Report icon.png Naomi Anderson's Incident ReportThe incident report for Naomi Anderson that contains a picture of the syringe found on her.
  • Naomi's Forensic Report icon.png Naomi's Forensic ReportThe autopsy report for Naomi Anderson that contains information related to her cause of death.


Main Story 06-07

  • Dent on the SyringeThe dent on the syringe that Naomi used is located on the topside of the syringe. There are markings on the dent, it doesn't seem like it was made from something smooth.
  • New Banned SubstanceThe cause of Naomi Anderson's death is a new type of banned substance. It's not easily stored and becomes coagulated when damp. Its potency is a few times stronger than normal, with a unique fragrance.
  • Scratches on WristThe medical examiner concluded that the narrow scratch marks on the outside of Naomi's wrist are ordinary wounds that may have been caused by nails or other sharp objects.

Main Story 06-09

  • Paper CranesPayer cranes that Jerry Jones made from art paper. He said Naomi Anderson loved paper cranes, so he would burn some by the river every month for her.
  • TalismanJerry Jones's necklace pendant. Judging from the red string that's tied on it, it is a talisman of exorcism from Cloudbreak Temple.
  • Unknown FragranceThe unknown fragrance on Jerry Jones smells more like some kind of air freshener used in cars and households rather than perfume. The uniqueness of it makes it hard to identify.

Main Story 06-13

  • AlibiJones claims that he was doing experiments at school before going back home to sleep. He saw the police notification in the morning. It seems like the perfect alibi.
  • Apartment ChoiceJones claims that the location is for Naomi's convenience. He says he's never been to that bar, but was familiar with how to get there.
  • Decorations in Jones' ResidenceAlthough he claims to have loved Naomi deeply, Jones has wiped all traces of her from his apartment. There must be more to it.
  • Jerry Jones' NailsJones' nails are all well-trimmed except for the nails on his pinky fingers. He claims it's for the convenience of his experiments.
  • Jerry Jones' ResidencyJones is from out of town. After connecting with Naomi over the internet, he moved to Stellis.
  • MementoJones claims he removed everything of Naomi's from the apartment to not be constantly reminded of her.
  • Refusing to be Picked UpJones stated that Naomi Anderson refused for him to drive her to and from work, so he has never been to Night Hunt Bar.
  • Residential ArrangementsJones claims he stays in this apartment because the rent is cheap, and it would be convenient for internships and future work.
  • Ring MarkThe base of Jones' left index finger is much thinner than the top, probably because he wore the couple's ring for a long time.
  • Understanding Naomi Anderson's WorkJones did not give a direct answer to the question of when he knew Naomi was a hostess, but it seems like he already knew before her death.

Main Story 06-15

  • Complicated EmotionsJones' complicated feelings towards Naomi contribute to his motive and the suspicion that he took part in Naomi's murder.
  • Jones has been to Night HuntJones has been to Night Hunt and is familiar with North Stellis. He lied about it to cover up the truth about Naomi's death.


Stage Name Stage Type Stage Cost Attribute Recommended Power
Main Story 06-01 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 06-02 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 06-03 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 06-04 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Logic
Main Story 06-05 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 06-06 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Logic
Main Story 06-07 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 06-08 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Logic
Main Story 06-09 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 06-10 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 06-11 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 06-12 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Empathy
Main Story 06-13 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 06-14 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 06-15 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)


Episode 06-05:

  • The source of the overdose

Episode 06-07:

  • Naomi Anderson's social connections

Episode 06-11:

  • Naomi Anderson's death was of use to someone
  • Location where the body was found

Episode 06-15:

  • [Paper Cranes] + [Memento]
  • [Apartment Choice] + [Refusing to be Picked Up]

Episode Clear Rewards


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