Episode 3: The Weight of a Soul

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Case Summary

The only lead in an ongoing investigation dies under suspicious circumstances. When it becomes clear he won't be missed by anyone in his family, narrowing down those who had the means to commit the crime proves difficult.




Main Story 03-03

  • Estelle's Autopsy Report icon.png Gordon's Autopsy ReportGordon Grant's autopsy report from the police with detailed information about his time of death and cause of death.
  • FSB's Incident Report icon.png Lab Report on the Discarded TabletsA lab report from the police with details on the drug that caused the death of Gordon Grant.

Main Story 03-05

  • Fannie's Testimony I icon.png Fannie's Testimony IFannie's testimony about how she witnessed and stopped Harry from tampering with the medicine, as well as the dynamics between the family members.

Main Story 03-09

  • Bottle of Tablets icon.png Bottle of TabletsA bottle of pink tablets found underneath the bed end stool. There is no official label found on the bottle, only a sticker with the words "X03A" on it.
  • Customers' Medical Reports icon.png Joey's Medical RecordJoey's medical record that covers her complete medical history.
  • Joey's Medical Bills icon.png Joey's Medical BillsJoey's medical bills. The treatment fees are quite expensive.
  • Pawn Tickets icon.png Pawn TicketsPawn tickets from a pawn shop for the jewelry Joanne pawned for money.
  • Sealed Emergency Medicine icon.png Sealed Emergency MedicineAn unopened pack of emergency cardiac medicine. It doesn't seem to have been used.

Main Story 03-10

  • Illegal Transaction Records icon.png Illegal Transaction RecordsIllegal transaction records found in the strongbox.
  • Joanne's Pharmacist License icon.png Joanne's Pharmacist LicenseJoanne's certified pharmacist license from a professional medical institute.
  • Lab Report on the Pink Tablets icon.png Lab Report on the Pink TabletsA preliminary lab report on X03A. Only Gordon's fingerprints were found on the bottle, and it has been determined that the drug suppresses both physical and mental growth.
  • Lab Report on the White Powder icon.png Lab Report on the White PowderThe White powder found in Joanne's accessory box has been determined to be purified chemicals that can cause lethal reactions to Gordon.
  • Observation Notebook icon.png Observation NotebookGordon Grant's diary with a password lock. It contains Gordon's observations on a drug trial subject.
  • Transaction Records icon.png Joanne's Bank RecordsTransaction records from the bank detailing Joanne's financial status for the past 6 months.

Main Story 03-11

  • Fannie's Testimony II icon.png Fannie's Testimony IIFannie's second testimony, describing how Joanne entered the kitchen not just once, and that she has lied about being burned.

Main Story 03-13

  • Copy of Gordon's Will icon.png Copy of Gordon's WillGordon's will. According to this will, Gordon wants to donate all his assets to Moonriver Pharmaceutical Laboratories, which is involved in making illegal drugs.
  • Copy of Gordon's Will icon.png Decrypted Illegal Transaction RecordsRecords of Gordon's illegal dealings with the Moonriver Pharmaceutical Laboratories, decrypted by Artem.


Main Story 03-03

  • Drug That Was Thrown AwayThe drug dose found in Gordon's body matches the dose in Harry's missing refined tablet. No other similar drugs were found on scene.
  • Eyewitness TestimonyThe nanny claims that she saw Harry enter the kitchen and that Harry dropped white tablets into the medicine, which led to Gordon's death.
  • Gordon's Asset MisappropriationGordon used bribery and forgery to get his hands on the property and pharmacy shares that Harry's mother left for him.
  • Inheritance DisputeHarry heard that Gordon planned to leave all his assets to Joanne upon his death. Harry was enraged by this arrangement and wanted to murder Gordon.
  • Opportunity to TamperAfter Fannie stopped Harry, he didn't have another opportunity to tamper with the medicine. He could've only done it during his first trek into the kitchen.
  • Stopped From Tampering With the MedicineFannie witnessed Harry attempting to tamper with the medicine. She convinced him to abandon this course of action.
  • Surveillance - Throwing the Drugs AwayHarry threw the tablets away at 10:53. No one went to the bin afterwards.

Main Story 03-05

  • Common EnemyBeing unable to obtain spousal status and at risk of being fired made both Joanne and Fannie unhappy with the situation.
  • Contradicting TestimoniesGordon's death may be contributed to Fannie and Harry's jostling. However, there are a lot of contradictions in Fannie's testimony on this matter. She may be trying to conceal the truth.
  • Fight Over the InheritanceBoth Joanne and Fannie had conflicts of interest with Gordon; they both have motives to murder Gordon for the family's assets. They may also have the intention of getting rid of both Gordon and his legal heir, Harry.
  • Who Went Into the KitchenFannie claims that Harry entered the kitchen twice in the morning while Joanne entered only once.

Main Story 03-07

  • Joanne - Frequency of Entering the KitchenJoanne claims that she only entered the kitchen once in the morning.
  • Joanne - Mother-Daughter RelationshipJoanne claims that she didn't have the time to take care of Joey since she had her hands full taking care of Gordon.
  • Joanne - Who Treated Her BurnJoanne claims that Gordon treated her wound for her.

Main Story 03-09

  • Abnormal Romantic RelationshipJoanne was likely able to stay with Gordon due to her work skills. However, she's not legally entitled to an inheritance, as they're not married.
  • Fannie - Risk of Being FiredFannie said Gordon had the intention of firing her because she was uneducated. However, Fannie's reaction tells another story.
  • Gordon's Contraindicated MedicationEveryone in the family knew the cautions regarding Gordon's condition. Joey's medicine contains a substance that could trigger lethal reactions in Gordon.
  • Increased DosageThe doctor prescribed Joey with more than double her usual medicine this month.
  • Joanne - How She Was BurnedAccording to Fannie, Joanne got burned about 11:40 when she went into the kitchen to fetch the medicine for Gordon.
  • Joanne - Poor Financial StatusJoanne is in poor financial status. She may be in dire need of money and have pawned her jewelry.
  • Large Medical ExpendituresJoey's medical conditions have accumulated a large sum of medical expenditures.
  • People with Pharmaceutical KnowledgeFannie claims that Harry is the only one in the family with any knowledge of drugs aside from Gordon.


Stage Name Stage Type Stage Cost Attribute Recommended Power
Main Story 03-01 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-02 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Empathy
Main Story 03-03 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-04 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Logic
Main Story 03-05 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-06 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Empathy
Main Story 03-07 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-08 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 03-09 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-10 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-11 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-12 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Intuition
Main Story 03-13 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)
Main Story 03-14 Debate AP icon.png AP x10 Logic
Main Story 03-15 Trial AP icon.png AP x20 Logic
Main Story 03-16 Story AP icon.png AP x10 (First-Time Cost)


Episode 3-03:

  • [Surveillance - Throwing the Drugs Away] + [Drug that was Thrown Away]

Episode 3-05:

  • [Eyewitness Testimony] + [Stopped from Tampering With the Medicine]
  • [People with Pharmaceutical Knowledge] + [Gordon's Contraindicated Medication]
  • [Abnormal Romantic Relationship] + [Fannie - Risk of Being Fired]
  • [Common Enemy] + [Inheritance Dispute]

Episode 3-11:

  • The burns on the back of Joanne's hand
  • Who treated Joanne's wounds?

Episode 3-15:

  • The evidence that invalidates Fannie's accusation is...
    • Fannie's Testimony I
  • The evidence that proves Ms. Scott's financial difficulties is...
    • Joanne's Bank Records
  • The evidence that proves Ms. Scott's strong motive is...
    • Observation Notebook
  • The evidence that proves Ms. Scott executed her plan is...
    • Lab Report on the White Powder
  • Ms. Scott is a suspect. She entered the kitchen with a motive. The proof of that is...
    • Fannie's Testimony II
  • Mr. Gordon Grant wanted to donate his inheritance to further the production of illicit goods! I ask the court to look at this piece of evidence...
    • Decrypted Illegal Transaction Records

Episode Clear Rewards