Sweet Felicity Event

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Sweet Felicity event banner.png
Birthday Puzzle
Start Date 2023-11-25 11:00 UTC +9
End Date 2023-12-03 04:00 UTC +9
Duration Approx. 8 days
Sweet Felicity
Start Date 2023-11-28 11:00 UTC +9
End Date 2023-12-08 04:00 UTC +9
Duration Approx. 10 days

No matter how the seasons change, his passion for you remains warm like summer.
The young man's feelings sparkle like the stars, as the two of you reminisce over the years together.
From the past to the future, your fates are woven as one and the love for each other only goes deeper.
Together day and night, let your life be filled with sweet felicity.
Happy birthday, Mr. Luke Pearce!

Birthday Puzzle (Part 1)[edit | edit source]

Completed illustration

Event Period: 2023-11-25 11:00 - 2023-12-03 04:00 (UTC+9)

  • Complete limited-time tasks and receive Warm Candlelight icon.pngWarm Candlelight and other rewards.
  • Warm Candlelight icon.pngWarm Candlelight can be exchanged for puzzle pieces, which can be dragged to complete the puzzle. Collecting five repeat pieces will guarantee a new puzzle piece.
  • Collect a designated number of puzzle pieces to claim the respective rewards.
  • Warm Candlelight icon.pngWarm Candlelight will be available for purchase later at Mall > Pack at a cost of Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30 for Warm Candlelight icon.pngWarm Candlelight x15. When the event ends, any unused Warm Candlelight icon.pngWarm Candlelight will be converted to Btn coin s.pngStellin.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Quest Reward Frequency
Log in to the game Daily
Interact with Luke a total of 5 time(s) during visits Daily
Complete 9 daily tasks Daily
One of the following:
  • Complete 5 Case Analyses at NXX Headquarters
  • Complete 4 Resource Requisitions at NXX HQ*First day was only 1 Resource Requisition
Complete 5 Anomaly Investigation levels Daily
Use 480 AP Event
Use 960 AP Event
Use 1200 AP Event
Use 100 Luke cards in debates (not including Reviews) Event
Complete 15 daily cases in South Stellis Event

Rewards[edit | edit source]

As the player correctly places puzzle pieces, additional rewards are available as follows:

Sweet Felicity (Part 2)[edit | edit source]

During the event, complete birthday tasks to obtain birthday-limited rewards such as Luke "Thoughts" icon.pngLuke "Thoughts", Luke - Felicity icon.png Luke - Felicity Visit Outfit, Luke's Childhood Bedroom icon.png Luke's Childhood Bedroom Visit BG, Sweet Felicity Badge.png Sweet Felicity Badge, and Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Quest Reward
Unlock the final memory with Luke in Sweet Felicity Sweet Felicity Badge.png Sweet Felicity Badge
Collect all Wishing Tags in minigames with Luke Luke - Felicity icon.png Luke - Felicity Visit Outfit
Solve all Search Riddles in Luke's living room Luke's Childhood Bedroom icon.png Luke's Childhood Bedroom Visit BG
Collect 1 Wishing Tags in minigames with Luke Luke "Thoughts" icon.pngLuke "Thoughts"
Collect 2 Wishing Tags in minigames with Luke Luke "Thoughts" icon.pngLuke "Thoughts"
Collect 3 Wishing Tags in minigames with Luke Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1
Collect 4 Wishing Tags in minigames with Luke Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1
Luke "Thoughts" icon.pngLuke "Thoughts"
Collect 5 Wishing Tags in minigames with Luke Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1
Luke "Thoughts" icon.pngLuke "Thoughts"
Collect 6 Wishing Tags in minigames with Luke Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1
Luke "Thoughts" icon.pngLuke "Thoughts"
Solve 1 Search Riddles in Luke's living room Wide-Angle Lens icon.pngWide-Angle Lens x25
Bag of Dried Figs icon.pngBag of Dried Figs x25
Solve 2 Search Riddles in Luke's living room Multipurpose Military Knife icon.pngMultipurpose Military Knife x15
Pill Organizer icon.pngPill Organizer x15
Solve 3 Search Riddles in Luke's living room Multipurpose Military Knife icon.pngMultipurpose Military Knife x15
Pill Organizer icon.pngPill Organizer x15
Solve 4 Search Riddles in Luke's living room Poetry Collection icon.pngPoetry Collection x8
Smart Glasses icon.pngSmart Glasses x8
Solve 5 Search Riddles in Luke's living room Poetry Collection icon.pngPoetry Collection x8
Smart Glasses icon.pngSmart Glasses x8
Complete 3 cases in the Themis Job System Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x5
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5000
Complete 6 cases in the Themis Job System Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x5
Btn coin s.pngStellin x10000
Complete 12 cases in the Themis Job System Vision Chip I icon.pngVision Chip I x15
Btn coin s.pngStellin x15000
Complete 18 cases in the Themis Job System Vision Chip I icon.pngVision Chip I x15
Btn coin s.pngStellin x15000
Complete 24 cases in the Themis Job System Vision Chip II icon.pngVision Chip II x10
Btn coin s.pngStellin x15000
Complete 30 cases in the Themis Job System Vision Chip II icon.pngVision Chip II x10
Btn coin s.pngStellin x15000
Complete 36 cases in the Themis Job System Vision Chip III icon.pngVision Chip III x8
Btn coin s.pngStellin x20000
Complete 42 cases in the Themis Job System Vision Chip III icon.pngVision Chip III x8
Btn coin s.pngStellin x20000

Part 1: Themis Job System[edit | edit source]

The "Themis Job System" section of the event requires the player to handle cases (debates) divided into morning and afternoon cases. The player will need to clear three randomized cases from the case list, then wait two hours real time before viewing a lunch break story. Then three more cases will be available for the afternoon followed by another two hours of real time wait and a leaving-work story. Wait times may be bypassed at a cost of Btn money s.pngS-Chip x120 each.

Note that day 3 and 7 of the event will be days off. All debates have a difficulty of 18051 recommended power; only Luke cards may be used for these debates.

Part 2: Wishing Tags (Main Event Story)[edit | edit source]

Example of "Love Connection" movement

After reviewing a full day's cases and leaving work, play the "Love Connection" couple's minigame with Luke by choosing a starting location on the grid and playing the resulting activity together with him. Choose one of the numbers at the top to start the indicator; it will take every possible "rung" on the ladder while moving downward until it eventually lands on an icon at the bottom, and that icon's activity will play.

Set-Date Events[edit | edit source]

Wishing Tags[edit | edit source]

Part 3: Cleaning Up (Search Riddle)[edit | edit source]

Day 1 Search Riddle

After playing the minigame, a hidden object game will commence to clean up the living room before sleeping. Find all of the objects shown in the upper right section of the screen to complete the stage. The "Hint" button may be used to reveal any difficult-to-find objects.

Part 4: Rest[edit | edit source]

The next day's gameplay will be available at 8 AM (UTC+9) the following day; the event will go into "Resting" mode until that time, regardless of the time the current day ended. Players who are "behind" the intended event schedule will experience very short rests that are only seconds long before the next day begins.

Note that a short, un-subtitled audio clip in your chosen voiceover language will play when rest begins. This clip is available in all of the available voice languages. Players who are interested in these clips should turn up their device volume before resting as they are not repeated.

Daily scripts[edit | edit source]

Day 1

Lunch break

You: (My work for the morning is finally done... Time to eat.)

Just as you are packing up your stuff and thinking about what to eat for lunch, you get a call from Luke.

You: Hey, what's up?

Luke: [Player], are you on your lunch break? Can you eat now?

You: Yeah.

Luke: Then go look out the window.

As you listen to Luke, you walk to the window and look out in confusion...

You spot a familiar figure standing downstairs waving at you, and you can't hold back the smile that appears on your face.

You: Is Detective Pearce here to pick me up for lunch?

Luke: Yup, I found a great place.

You: I'll be right down.

Luke: Take your time. No need to rush.

You: Okay...

After hanging up, you quickly pack up your things and head to the door, feeling happy and warm inside.

Leaving work

You: All done! Time to head home!

Just as you start tidying up your desk and getting ready to get off work, your phone vibrates, displaying a message from Luke.

Text Message script

Luke: [Player], are you coming back now?

Luke: The game kit we bought is here.

I'm coming back

You: I just finished up at work. I'll be right back.

You: I'll be home in about half an hour.

I can't wait

You: Really? I didn't expect it to come so soon.

You: Let's open it up when I get home.

Luke: All right, I'll be waiting.

After replying to Luke's message, you quickly clean up so that you can get home as soon as possible...

You: Luke, I'm home.

Luke: All right, wash your hands then come taste this delicious goodness that took me three whole hours of queuing...

Luke: We can open up the game kit after we're done eating.

Following Luke's gaze, you spot an ordinary loaf of bread sitting on a porcelain plate on the dining table.

If you had to find something unique about it, it would be the dollop of cream and the few mint leaves on top of the loaf.

You: I wasn't expecting you to prepare a surprise for me...

You: But is that loaf of bread really... a "delicacy" that took three hours of queuing to get?

Luke smiles confidently despite your teasing.

Luke: You can't judge a bread by its appearance, just like how you can't judge a book by its cover.

Luke: I know it looks ordinary, but it's the most popular dessert online recently. Everyone who has eaten it says it's amazing.

You: Really? Then I have to taste it.

After washing your hands, you and Luke sit at the dining table together. As he watches on, you use a fork to gently cut through the cream and mint leaves on top of the bread.

The inside of the loaf of bread is hollowed out, with ice cream, chocolate, and fruit in the center creating a miniature and delicate forest landscape.

You: This... is so elaborate. Can we really eat it?

Luke: You'll know once you try it. But be quick... or I'll be the first to have a bite.

Saying that, Luke reaches forward with his right hand, pointing his knife and fork at the center of the loaf...

Seeing that he's ready to "steal" the food, you, too, join in on the "battle."

After the little landscape in the bread is "divided up" between you and Luke, you're both left wanting more.

You: The flavor is really nice... and it's not too sweet—more refreshing, actually.

Luke: Yeah, I think so too.

You: But other than the flavor, I feel like this bread gives off a special feeling...

Luke: Maybe it's special because we rushed to eat it.

Upon hearing Luke's response, you remember what happened just now and can't help nodding in agreement.

You: Yeah, it gives off that feeling because we rushed to eat it.

You: All right, now that we're done with dessert, it's time for round two.

You: I couldn't stop thinking about what's in the game kit on my way home earlier...

Luke: Okay, I'll go fetch the package.

After Luke brings the package over, you two open up the box together.

In an instant, all sorts of supplies are piled up on the table like a small mountain...

You: Paper, stickers, colorful paintbrushes... a reference book, and many more accessories...

You: Do we really need this much stuff to play the "Love Connection" game?

Luke: We only need to play seven times for the game... but the total number of tasks we have to complete is way more than that.

Luke: In that case, the seller must have sent everything necessary for all of the tasks.

You: That makes sense...

You: So, according to the rules, we have to draw a "connection diagram" first?

Luke: All right.

You and Luke open the reference book and follow the guidelines to draw a connection diagram...

Then, you choose stickers with different symbols on them and stick them on each endpoint on the diagram.

Looking at the diagram you and Luke made together, you nod with satisfaction.

You: Looks like the diagram is done!

Luke: Yup, now we can play the game.

You: Let's get started then—I can't wait.

Luke: All right, all right. Let's do it.

[Wishing Tags]


The shadow of the moon is dim as the breeze blows into your dreams.

It is another quiet and sweet night...

Day 2

Wake Up

With sweet dreams, you enjoy a good night's sleep.

The clear morning light ushers in a new day.

Lunch break

Flipping through materials, you are trying to finish up your morning work when a coworker taps you on the shoulder.

Colleague A: Thank you, Miss [Player].

You: ???

Before you can ask, another coworker passing by also waves at you.

Colleague B: Thanks, Miss [Player].

You: Huh? What's going on?

Seeing your confused expression, your coworker laughs.

Colleague B: You don't know, Miss [Player]? Come on then, let's go to the pantry and have a look.

Colleague A: Yeah, there's a surprise for you!

You: ...

Following your two coworkers into the pantry, you see that the table next to them is full of desserts. Judging by the quantity, it seems like there's enough for everyone in the law firm.

You pick up the receipt next to it. Where the person who placed the order's name should be written, you see-Miss [Player]'s other half, Luke.

You: (So it was Luke...)

You can't stop yourself from smiling, and your coworkers sigh enviously as they enjoy their desserts.

Colleague A: Miss [Player], your smile is so sweet. I'm really jealous. Your partner isn't just considerate, he's also enthusiastic...

Colleague A: I saw him last time! He's handsome too!

Colleague C: Ugh... I'm seriously so jealous!!!

You: ...

Listening to your coworkers compliment Luke, your exhaustion from work is swept away.

You: (Really... when did Luke get so good at "stealing people's hearts"?)

Leaving work

After pressing the save button, the workday comes to an end.

You: Great! Now I can finally go home.

Just as you near the law firm's front desk, you see a familiar figure...

You: Luke?

At the sound of your voice, the person standing nearby turns around and walks toward you.

Luke: [Player], you're off work?

You: Yup, have you been waiting for me?

Luke nods.

Luke: Yeah, I had to deliver an antique to a customer after I repaired it. His house happened to be near your firm, so...

Luke: I thought I might as well drop by and wait for you to get off work.

You: Ah... Have you been waiting long?

Luke: Not long, about an hour? Or maybe two?

Luke: It's fine. I wasn't waiting long anyway, and it feels good to wait for you.

Luke speaks so naturally, as if this is what he was born to do. Your heart overflows with a deep warmth.

You: You were here the whole time, so why didn't you message me or tell the front desk to let me know...?

You: If I'd known you were waiting, I would have finished up earlier.

Luke smiles and shakes his head at you.

Luke: That's why I didn't tell you.

You: Huh?

Luke: If I told you I was waiting for you, it would interrupt your work.

Luke: I don't want you to be distracted at work because of me...

You: Luke...

You don't know how to respond to his tenderness with words, so you take his hand in yours and walk toward the door.

You: Then let's go home together now.

Luke: Yeah, let's go home.

Once you arrive home, you relax for a bit before Luke brings out the connection diagram you drew before.

He waves the diagram at you with an excited look on his face.

Luke: Ready to take on today's challenge, [Player]?

You: Of course! Let's go!

[Wishing Tags]


After washing up, you and Luke lay on the bed together. You nestle in his arms and tell him about what happened at work today.

As you talk, weariness slowly overcomes you...

The last thing you can remember is a soft touch on your lips.

Day 3

Wake Up

The alarm on your phone vibrates right on time, reminding you that a new day has arrived...

You: (I want to sleep in a little longer... but it's time to get up.)

Lunch break

You asked Luke to have lunch together at noon, and when your lunch break finally comes, you head to the restaurant.

As soon as you enter the door, you realize Luke has already arrived...

You: Hey, I'm the one who invited you. Why are you here earlier than me?

Luke: Because I wanted to see you as soon as possible.

Luke: What do you want to eat? Here's the menu. Have a look.

As he says that, Luke reaches out with the menu, but you wave your hand at him.

You: You can just look at it. I'm treating you today, so just order all your favorites.

Luke: Eh? Why?

Luke: Are we celebrating something...? A bonus? Did you win the lottery or something?

Upon hearing Luke's question, you can't help but laugh.

You: I wish that was the case, but no...

Luke: Hmm... How about we relax and celebrate tomorrow?

You: Sure, we can relax, but there's nothing to celebrate.

Luke: So what's going on?

You: Did you forget? You treated everyone to dessert yesterday...

You: So I'm treating you to lunch today!

Upon hearing your answer, A sudden look of understanding crosses his face.

Luke: So that's why... Well, they do say that being obedient is better than being polite.

Luke: Let me see what to order...

After some time, Luke chooses the dishes he wants to eat.

You: Wait... Luke, aren't most of the things you chose all my favorites?

Luke: Your favorites are my favorites.

You: ...

A warmth flows through your heart. Today's lunch will be extra delicious...

Leaving work

You: Luke, I'm back. I got off early today...

You: Eh? He's not home?

You rub your eyes and look around carefully, but you don't see any trace of Luke.

You: He didn't say he was going out today... Where could he be?

Just as you're about to take out your phone and call Luke, you hear a noise outside the door.

With the sound of the lock opening, Luke enters the house carrying an insulated lunchbox.

Luke seems slightly surprised to see you at home.

Luke: Ah, you're back already...

Luke: I wanted to set up a surprise for you.

You: Huh?

Seeing your confused expression, Luke gently shakes the lunchbox in his hand.

Luke: This—I wanted to treat you. You've been working so hard recently, so I wanted to make you a home-cooked meal.

Luke: After all, home-cooked meals are healthier and more nutritious.

Luke: And I promise it'll taste good this time too.

You: Really?

Luke doesn't respond. Instead, he drags you to the dining table and sits you down without any explanation.

He then takes clean dishes from the kitchen and places them on the table.

After everything is ready, Luke opens up the insulated lunchbox. Immediately, the fragrance of the food inside fills the room...

You: It smells so good...

As you savor the aroma, you can't help but pick up a pair of chopsticks and put the first bite into your mouth... then the second, then the third...

Luke watches as you move your chopsticks. He can't stop himself from asking you something eagerly.

Luke: How is it? Good?

You: Yeah... it's really good!

You pick up several more bites, putting them in your mouth one after another. Then, you suddenly realize the "problem."

You: Hey... wait a second. Luke, how did you get so good at cooking?

You: We've been spending all of our time together lately, so you haven't had any time to practice in secret.

Upon hearing your question, Luke runs a hand through his hair and smiles, embarrassed.

Luke: Well... I actually asked Grandpa Vern for some help this afternoon.

Luke: You already know, I'm not very... talented when it comes to cooking.

Luke: Grandpa Vern and I worked hard all afternoon to make this...

Luke: I was probably only responsible for making 40% of these three dishes and the soup... but I tried my best.

You: No wonder...

After hearing Luke's explanation, you can't help but laugh thinking about how he came back home carrying an insulated lunchbox.

You: Then take me with you next time.

You: Let's work at it together. Who knows, maybe we can work hard enough to make 100% of the dishes.

You take Luke's hand in yours. There is a content look on his face.

Luke: All right, let's work hard together next time.

It's already dark out by the time you finish eating and clearing the dishes with Luke.

The night breeze slowly drifts in through the window. It's the perfect time to play a game while you digest your food.

You: Luke, should we do today's task?

You bring out the connection diagram and place it on the table. Luke smiles at you as he sees it.

Luke: Okay, let's start.

[Wishing Tags]


After washing up and going back to the room, you see Luke lying quietly on the bed with his eyes closed, as if he is already sleeping soundly.

You tiptoe towards the bed, only to see that his eyelids are trembling slightly...

You: (Luke is pretending to be asleep...)

You get the sudden impulse to tease him, so you lean close to his ear and whisper lightly.

You: I really like you. No one in the world... loves you as much as I do.

Right before your eyes, you see his ear turn a beautiful red...

Day 4

Wake Up

In your drowsy stupor, you seem to smell the fragrance of food.

As you rub your tired eyes, you search for the source of the aroma... only to find your lover busy in the kitchen.

A wave of warmth and happiness involuntarily fills your heart.

Lunch break

As your lunch break nears, you receive a promotional notification from a milk tea shop.

"This winter, order the first cup of milk tea for the one you love most. Let them taste your deep love in the delicious milk tea..."

Without thinking, you tap on the link to the milk tea shop's website...

You: (Every flavor looks delicious...)

You: (I'll order a cup for Luke. He can take a break at noon.)

You do just that, entering Time's Antiquities address and placing the order.

You: (I think he'll like it...)

In your imagination, you can see Luke leaning against the window and holding a cup of milk tea, the corners of his mouth raising into a smile.

You're amazed that such a simple and ordinary gesture can look so different just by his presence alone...

Your mind begins to wander, and you think about the games you played over the last few nights, coming to your own conclusion.

You: (Maybe... a gift can be...)

Leaving work

After saving the file, you inadvertently look at the clock on the wall... Looks like you're getting off work an hour later than usual today.

You: I wasn't expecting it to get this late...

You: Has working overtime already become a habit for me?

You: Never mind—I have to get home.

As soon as you walk out of the law firm' door, you feel a chill on the tip of your nose.

You look up to see delicate white snow gently falling from the dark sky...

You: It's snowing! Looks like it came earlier this year.

Without thinking, you reach out to catch the falling snowflakes. You don't notice the chill and dreariness that come with it.

Suddenly, you hear someone calling out nearby. Following the sound... you see Luke running toward you.

You: (Luke...?)

You: (Wait—is he holding the scarf and gloves I knitted for him?)

Before you have time to think more about it, Luke is already right before your eyes.

You aren't even able to speak before Luke grabs your hands and helps you put on the gloves. He then wraps the scarf around your neck...

Luke: Sorry... it took me a while to notice it was snowing.

Luke: But it looks like I came just in time. Otherwise, you would've had to walk home in the snow.

Luke: How is it? Do you feel warmer now?

As he speaks, Luke puts a fluffy hat on your head. Now, it almost feels as if he's wrapped you up tightly like a doll.

You: It's just a little snow... It won't kill me.

Luke: Don't brush it off like that. You're most likely to get sick when the seasons are changing, so you should be careful.

As if backing up what Luke said, the once delicate and fine snowflakes grow massive, and the wind gets colder.

You can't help but shiver, and Luke immediately embraces you, looking to share some of his warmth.

Luke: See? Like I said—you'll catch a cold if you're not careful...

You: Yeah, yeah. You were right.

As you look at Luke's smiling face, you realize the snow is falling on his head like white cotton...

You suddenly find yourself in a trance, as if looking at a scene that is still warm and refreshing after so many years.

Your heart involuntarily warms, and the smile on your lips is as sweet as honey.

You: You told me to keep warm, so shouldn't you "lead by example"?

Luke: Me...?

Under Luke's inquisitive gaze, you reach out and brush the snow from his hair...

After sensing your movement, Luke's lips curl up into a smile again.

Luke: Yeah, I'll listen to you. I'll "lead by example" from now on.

Luke: Now... let's go home.

You nod at Luke, and you cuddle up to one another as you walk toward the station.

When you get home, Luke's hair is already wet from the snow. Unable to argue with you, he goes to take a hot bath.

When Luke comes out of the bathroom, you discover that he has already changed into clean clothes, and his hair is dry.

You: Why didn't you ask me to dry your hair today?

Luke's face turns slightly red at your question, but there is a smile in his eyes.

Luke: Well... I was afraid we wouldn't have time for today's game if you dried my hair.

You: Wouldn't have time for today's game...?

You: Luke!

Understanding what he means, you pretend to be angry and "whack" him, but Luke takes you into his arms and sits on the edge of the bed.

Luke: Okay, okay. Let's play the game first. We'll talk about everything else... later.

As he speaks, he pulls out the connection diagram from behind his back like a magic trick, waving it at you. You don't know when he'd secretly grabbed it.

Seeing Luke's excited expression, your focus also shifts to the diagram.

You: All right, then let's start.

[Wishing Tags]


You and Luke lie on the bed together, looking up as the shadows on the ceiling move with the swaying of the trees outside the window...

You: Luke, look at that shadow. Doesn't it look like a rabbit?

Luke: A rabbit? I think it looks more like a bear.

Between his words and yours, it's as if you've traveled back in time to when you were innocent children.

The night deepens as you both rub your tired eyes, yawn, and fall asleep together...

Day 5

Wake Up

You feel a gentle touch on your forehead and cheeks, gently waking you from your slumber...

Opening your eyes slightly, you see a handsome face right in front of your eyes.

Lunch break

As soon as you walk through reception on your lunch break, the woman at the front desk stops you.

Receptionist: Oh, Miss [Player], there's a local delivery here for you!

You: (From Luke?)

As soon as you hear the word "local," you can already guess who it's from.

You walk up to the front desk, and she hands you a transparent bag tied with a bow.

Inside the bag is a small pot of succulents and a square card.

As you open up the transparent bag and take out the card, the familiar and cool handwriting comes into view.

You: "Succulents aren't as romantic as flowers... but they're really cute too. Take a look at them once in a while to rest your eyes!"

You: ...

You hold the card in your palm with a slight smile on your lips.

At this moment, for some reason, you're happier than if you'd received a bouquet of roses.

This little touch of green lights up your day...

Leaving work

Each minute and second tick by on the clock on the wall, but the only thing that can be heard in the law firm is the sound of your fingers tapping on the keyboard.

You: I'm so unlucky today... I originally intended to take the afternoon off to relax...

You: One of my coworkers unexpectedly hurt his leg while he was out. Unfortunately, the content he was responsible for was urgent, so I had to temporarily take over.

You: (Maybe it's my destiny to work myself to the bone for Themis.)

You: (Oh well. At least I'll get overtime pay, and coworkers should help each other out... I should work hard and try to go home early.)

You take a deep breath and push the distracting thoughts in your head aside, continuing to work seriously...

After about half an hour, you stop what you're doing, check over the file again, then click the send button.

You: Okay! Done! Time to go home!

Just as you stand to pack up your things and get ready to go, you suddenly catch a glimpse of someone lying on the table beside you, looking at you like a "ghost."

You: Ahh!

Luke: Huh?

Luke pauses for a few seconds, then speaks.

Luke: Don't be scared, [Player]. It's me.

As he speaks, he stands up and reaches out to touch your face. The slight warmth from his palm proves that he's telling the truth...

You immediately breathe a sigh of relief.

You: Luke... how did you suddenly show up in front of me? There was no one there a second ago...

You: And didn't the security guard at the door stop you when you came in?

Upon hearing this, Luke shows a slightly helpless expression.

Luke: Well, he didn't stop me because I explained everything to him before he let me in...

Luke: And I didn't just suddenly show up. I called out to you a few times after I came in.

Luke: You were so focused on your work that you didn't pay attention to me at all. So I just sat nicely and watched you from the side.

You: Huh? I... I'm sorry... I-I didn't hear you.

Before you have time to think, Luke pulls you down to sit.

Luke: Let's forget about that for now. Look what I brought you.

You: ...

Luke grabs the thermos next to him and unscrews the cap.

Hot steam pours from the mouth of the bottle, followed by a mouth-watering scent...

You: Hmm... it smells like... mushroom soup?

Luke: It's soup made with fresh wild mushrooms and secret spices!

Luke: I figured you'd be tired since you're working overtime today, so I wanted to bring you something nutritious.

You: Bringing me soup for working overtime...? Where did you learn something like that, Luke?

Luke slightly raises his head. Looks like you hit jackpot.

Luke: It's from "1000 Rules for a Good Family Man." It's been pretty popular on the online forums lately.

You: What kind of post is that? I want to take a look too...

You're just about to pick up your phone to read the post Luke mentioned, but he gently takes your hand in his.

Luke: There's some yummy food right in front of you, so try it first. You can look at the post later.

Luke: You've been working till this late, surely you must be tired. You should rest your eyes.

You: Yeah...

You watch as Luke skillfully pours the soup into small bowls, then hands you a spoon.

The lights in the room are bright—so bright that you can see the delicate peach fuzz on Luke's face. This moment in time is especially warm...

You: Let's eat together.

Luke: All right.

After drinking the mushroom soup, you and Luke head home together. You pull out the connection diagram, ready to complete today's game, but Luke shakes his head.

Luke: You've been busy all day. You should get some rest.

Luke: The game can wait. Let's do it tomorrow.

You: But I'm not tired yet...

Luke: ...

Luke closes his eyes, not responding. He must have been hoping you'd be able to rest earlier and not work so hard...

You feel touched seeing him like this, and a great idea comes to mind.

You move to Luke's side, putting your arms around his neck. You raise your head and lean against his ear, acting cute.

You: I feel really energized right now. The mushroom soup you brought me worked super well!

You: Luke, can we play the game? Today is the fifth time... I don't want all of our effort to be in vain.

You: Just promise me...

You spot Luke's ears turning red, and after just a few seconds, his resolve breaks.

Luke: All right, fine. I really can't say no to you...

You: Yay! Let's start now then.

[Wishing Tags]


Your lover's breath next to you is soft and even, the warmth of his body emanating from his palms...

That warmth blends into a calm and gentle feeling that envelops you and slowly lulls you to sleep.

Day 6

Wake Up

The sound of birds chirping and rustling leaves comes from outside the window...

Before you knew it, another night has passed and a new day has come.

Lunch break

After typing the last word, you rub your shoulder.

You: I'm finally done with my morning work.

You: I wonder what Luke is doing right now... Has he already eaten?

Just as you're thinking, your phone vibrates. It's a call from Luke.

Luke: [Player], are you on your break?

You: Yup, I was just about to take my lunch break.

You: Speaking of, I was just thinking about what you were doing, and you called. What a coincidence...

Even though you can't see Luke's face, you can hear him laughing gently.

Luke: That's because I know you better than anyone. I knew you were missing me, so I called to relieve your "lovesickness."

You: Oh, really? Then why do I feel like you're the "lovesick" one?

On the other end of the phone, Luke pauses for a moment. You can tell that he is smiling.

Luke: Yeah, I missed you...

Luke: Then I'll pick you up tonight, okay? That way, I can see you sooner.

You: Sure.

Luke: All right, it's a date then. I'll pick you up today.

Luke: I'm going out to take care of some errands later, so you should eat dinner earlier.

You: Okay, but you have to eat before you leave. Don't rush into things without taking care of yourself first.

Luke: Yes, I will.

After hanging up, your heart still feels sweet, and you can't help looking forward to getting off work.

You: (I have a feeling I'm not going to be in the mood to work in the afternoon...)

You: (I have tomorrow off, but I'm still thinking about what to do with Luke.)

Leaving work

Perhaps it's because Luke is coming to pick you up tonight... but you find yourself slightly distracted as you're about to get off work.

You: I still have half an hour...

You: It didn't feel like time was moving this slowly before...

After staring at the second hand as it makes its last lap, it's finally time to get off work.

You: I'm finally off work!

You walk excitedly to the front desk only to find Luke there waiting for you.

You: Luke!

You wave at Luke, and he hurries over to take your hand.

Luke: You're off work on time today! Should we head home?

You: Sure. I want to know which task we're going to have to complete today.

At your mention of the game, Luke pauses for a moment, a thoughtful expression on his face.

You: Hmm? Is there something wrong?

Luke: There's nothing wrong. I was just wondering if we should buy some snacks and drinks before we go home...

Luke: That way, it'll add to the ambiance while we play.

You: You sound just like that time when we stayed up all night to beat that platinum level—we have to have enough "snack reserves."

Luke: What, is there a problem with that?

You: No, no. Of course there's no problem. Let's go to the store first then.

You and Luke head to a nearby convenience store. As you look at the dazzling assortment of snacks on the shelves, you feel indecisive.

You: (What should I pick...?)

You: (I haven't had these in a long time... Huh? There's a new flavor...)

Just as you are hesitating, Luke reaches out and scoops all of the snacks in front of you into the shopping basket.

You: Luke, why did you take them all? It's too much... We can't finish them all.

Luke: I saw that you were staring at them and hesitating for a long time. Let's just get them all.

Luke: When we were younger, we'd buy a bunch of snacks without a second thought.

As Luke speaks, you can't help but remember the snack pile that would appear during the holidays at home, piled up like a mountain...

You: You're right. There's nothing wrong with indulging once in a while.

You: If we can't finish them, then that's that!

Luke nods in agreement, and the two of you proceed to add different "trophies" to your shopping basket...

After you finish shopping and head home, you and Luke place all of the snacks and drinks on the table one-by-one for easy access...

Then, you take out the connection diagram you drew together and get ready to start the game.

You: I wonder what we'll have to do today...

Luke: It will definitely be just as fun as the past few days were. Let's do it.

[Wishing Tags]


As you are laying on the bed scrolling on your phone, Luke wraps his arms around your waist after washing up.

He buries his head in your neck, kissing you softly.

You: What is it, Luke?

At your question, he looks up at you with a slight smile in his eyes.

Luke: I heard that if I do this before bed... you'll dream of me.

You: Where did you hear that...?

Luke: ...

Luke smiles but doesn't answer, only hugging your waist tighter.

Maybe you really will see him in your dreams tonight...

Day 7

Wake Up

You: (Ah... it's time to get up...)

You yawn and look at the time, then at the sleeping figure beside you.

You: (Looks like I woke up too early... I want to sleep in with Luke a little longer.)

Lunch break

You finished your work for the morning early today, so you came to the antique shop to surprise Luke.

You: Luke, I'm back!

Standing in front of the workbench, Luke has a slightly surprised expression on his face when he sees you walk in through the door.

He looks at the clock beside him, then back at you with a spark of curiosity in his eyes.

Luke: [Player], it's so early... Did you sneak out?

You: No way! I just finished up early, so I wanted to come have lunch with you.

Luke nods after hearing your answer.

Luke: Actually, a new local restaurant just opened nearby. I'll take you there.

You: All right, but I'm not that hungry yet. You can take your time.

Judging by the pile of parts on Luke's workbench, he must be halfway through this repair job...

You are about to sit down next to him and wait for him to finish before you go out, but he puts down his tools and takes off his gloves.

Luke: I can work anytime.

Luke: Eating together should be the number one priority, right?

Luke takes your hand in his, warmly and lovingly.

Looking into his eyes, you also feel a warmth in your heart.

You: Yup! Eating together is the most important thing!

You walk to the door of the antique shop with him... As you hold hands, both your fingers and your love are intertwined.

Leaving work

Before you knew it, time has flown by... You have reached the last day of the "Love Connection" game.

Looking at the last task icon left on the connection diagram, you feel a glimmer of excitement in your heart.

You: (It's the last step in the entire game... What will it make us do?)

You: (After we finish the game, Luke and I...)

Your gaze shifts to Luke, and you can't help but recall the photos of the couples you saw before...

As soon as your thoughts start moving, some questions you want to ask naturally tumble out of your mouth.

You: Luke, are you nervous? This is the last task in the game...

You: And...

You: Are you bothered by whether things... will really change between us when the game ends?

Luke: ...

Luke is surprised for a moment, then smiles softly. He reaches his arms around your waist and lets you sink into his arms.

His hair gently brushes against your cheek, tickling slightly...

Luke: To be honest, I had a feeling you'd ask me that from the beginning.

Luke: But I want to answer you after we finish the game... okay?

Luke's scalding hot breath touches your neck as he wraps his hand around your fingertips, playing with them in his palm.

Everything and anything... You can't help but agree.

You: Okay...

You: So should we... hurry up and get started?

You feel a slight sigh from the person behind you, and he lowers his head against your back.

You can't see his expression, and it's only after a while that you can hear his clear voice.

Luke: Since you're so eager, let's start now.

[Wishing Tags]
[Event end]

Rewards and Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Texts and Calls[edit | edit source]

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
Blessings and Wishes
(Timed - Dec 5-Dec 11, 2023)
Text Message script

You: Happy birthday, Luke!

Luke: It's a very happy birthday! I feel like your birthday wish has motivated me for the day!

There's more than a birthday wish

You: Other than wishing you a happy birthday, I prepared another surprise for you.

Luke: What!? Another surprise...?

Luke: I don't even have to guess... I already know I'll love it.

Luke: No, no, I can't wait! Can you tell me what it is?

You're so easily content

You: Huh? Why are you so content with just that?

Luke: It's easy for me to be content when I'm with you.

Luke: Just thinking about you celebrating my birthday with me makes me feel like the happiest person in the world.

Luke: C'mon, tell the happiest person in the world... What kind of surprise is he going to get today?

Reservations at a restaurant

You: I ordered a special birthday meal at the restaurant you took me to before. Ready to stuff yourself?

Luke: Hahaha, how did you know I really wanted to eat there today?

Luke: Now that you said that, I'm feeling a little hungry.

Decorated at home

You: I set up everything in the house early this morning, so come back and see for yourself.

Luke: Wow, I can't wait! I'll be right back after I finish this job. Did you know...

Luke: I love celebrating my birthday at home so I can use it as an excuse to have you all to myself.

Luke: You prepared so many surprises for me... How should I reward you...?

Luke: Or... maybe you can have a wish too. C'mon, is there anything you want?

Weekend trip for two

You: I want to go to the hot springs with you this weekend. Let's relax together!

Luke: Let's go! I'll do some research!

Luke: I promise you'll have an unforgettable trip.

Be my personal assistant for a day

You: Yep! I want you to be my personal assistant for a day. You have to do everything I say.

Luke: Haha, all right! As long as it makes you happy, you can make me do anything.

Luke: Then... please think about your requests before I return, Madam.

Luke: I'll do whatever you ask of me.

Phone voice call icon.png
Voice Call
Sweet Felicity
(Timed - Dec 5-Dec 11, 2023)
Audio Call script

Luke: Hey, [Player], where are you? I was resting my eyes for a bit, but you weren't there when I woke up...

Luke: You're at home? Did you forget something important? Want me to come over and look for it with you?

Luke: I'd better stay put and not come over? All right... Fine, I think I know what you're up to.

Luke: No, I'm not "psychic." I just know you well.

Luke: It's my birthday, so you must be preparing a surprise for me, right?

Luke: Yes, but I'm not entirely right? I'll know when the time comes?

Luke: Okay, then I won't guess. I'll just wait for you to "surprise" me.

Luke: Huh? You want me to try a magic spell for a bigger surprise factor? Hmm... you're not trying to trick me again, are you?

Luke: Okay, okay. I'll be serious. I'm listening—go ahead.

Luke: Hmm? The magic spell is... "First make a wish with your eyes closed, then touch your nose and spin around five times. And finally, count in your head to twenty."

Luke: Does this thing really work? Will you come back when I finish counting?

Luke: Haha, if that's a yes, then I'll start counting now and think about what wish I want to make.

Luke: Okay, I'm gonna go experiment with the spell, so get moving. After all... you don't have much time.

Burning Reminiscence Event Shadow of Themis[edit | edit source]

Luke SSR Burning Reminiscence.jpg

During the event Shadow of Themis, SSR Luke "Burning Reminiscence" icon.pngLuke "Burning Reminiscence" will have an increased draw rate.

  • SSR Luke "Burning Reminiscence" icon.pngLuke "Burning Reminiscence" is limited to this event Shadow of Themis; After the event ends, this card cannot be obtained for the time being.
  • This event Shadow of Themis' SSR pool contains four Luke SSR cards: Luke "Burning Reminiscence" icon.pngLuke "Burning Reminiscence", Luke "Through the Heavens" icon.pngLuke "Through the Heavens", Luke "Perfect Partner" icon.pngLuke "Perfect Partner", and Luke "Alluring Gaze" icon.pngLuke "Alluring Gaze".
  • Every 90 draws will guarantee Luke's birthday exclusive SSR Card. The guarantee count will be reset once Luke's birthday exclusive SSR is drawn.
  • Each draw on the Event Shadow of Themis will grant the player Trace of Tears icon.pngTrace of Tears x1, and the guarantee count is carried to the next year 3 birthday Shadow of Themis.

Trace of Tears Exchange Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Limit
Vision Star SR icon.pngVision Star SR Trace of Tears icon.png10 4
Vision Star MR icon.pngVision Star MR Trace of Tears icon.png10 4
Vision Chip III icon.pngVision Chip III x6 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Vision Chip II icon.pngVision Chip II x12 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Logic Impression III icon.pngLogic Impression III x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Empathy Impression III icon.pngEmpathy Impression III x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Intuition Impression III icon.pngIntuition Impression III x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Poetry Collection icon.pngPoetry Collection x5 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Smart Glasses icon.pngSmart Glasses x5 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Multipurpose Military Knife icon.pngMultipurpose Military Knife x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Pill Organizer icon.pngPill Organizer x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Wide-Angle Lens icon.pngWide-Angle Lens x20 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Bag of Dried Figs icon.pngBag of Dried Figs x20 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x200 Trace of Tears icon.png 1 10
Btn coin s.pngStellin x15,000 Trace of Tears icon.png 1 Unlimited
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x6 Trace of Tears icon.png 1 Unlimited

Time-Limited Total Purchases Event[edit | edit source]

From 2023-11-28 11:00 to 2022-12-08 04:00, accumulate certain amounts of Total Purchases to obtain "Childhood Joys" furniture set, Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis, and other rewards.

Purchase Level Total P-Points USD Rewards
1 6 $1
2 36 $6
3 88 $14.67
4 148 $24.67
5 228 $38
6 328 $54.67
7 468 $78
8 648 $108

Mall Event Items[edit | edit source]

Event Packs[edit | edit source]

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Limit
Vision Privilege Pack (2023).png
Vision Privilege Pack
  • Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1
Btn money2 s.pngGem x5 3/account
Felicity Vision Pack I.png
Felicity Vision Pack I
$0.99 1/account
Felicity Vision Pack II.png
Felicity Vision Pack II
  • Btn money s.pngS-Chip x30
  • Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x5
$5.99 2/account
Felicity Vision Pack III.png
Felicity Vision Pack III
  • Btn money s.pngS-Chip x50
  • Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x10
$11.99 1/account
Special Birthday Pack I (Sweet Felicity).png
Special Birthday Pack I
Btn money2 s.pngGem x27 1/account
Special Birthday Pack II (Sweet Felicity).png
Special Birthday Pack II
Btn money2 s.pngGem x45 2/account
Special Birthday Pack III (Sweet Felicity).png
Special Birthday Pack III
Btn money2 s.pngGem x98 1/account
Special Birthday Pack IV (Sweet Felicity).png
Special Birthday Pack IV
Btn money2 s.pngGem x128 1/account

Time-Limited Packs[edit | edit source]

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Limit
Limited Home Deco Pack I.png
Limited Home Deco Pack I
$6.99 3/account
Limited Home Deco Pack II.png
Limited Home Deco Pack II
$9.99 3/account
Limited Home Deco Pack III.png
Limited Home Deco Pack III
$49.99 1/account
Felicity Drink Pack.png
Felicity Drink Pack
$0.49 3/account
Card Skill Pack (Sweet Felicity).png
Card Skill Pack
Btn money2 s.pngGem x9 3/account
Card Chip Pack (Sweet Felicity).png
Card Chip Pack
Btn money2 s.pngGem x9 3/account

Year 1 and 2 Event-Exclusive Reruns[edit | edit source]

Luke All Year-Round Event Shadow of Themis rerun[edit | edit source]

20231125 Luke All Year-Round Rerun.png

From 2023-11-25 11:00 to 2023-11-28 04:00, a rerun Shadow of Themis will be available featuring the Year 1 birthday SSR Luke "Warm Embrace" icon.pngLuke "Warm Embrace". Note that this Shadow of Themis carries over from the previous Year 1 Birthday Rerun Shadow of Themis (from the Oath to Joy Event) and will carry over to the next Year 1 Birthday Rerun Shadow of Themis.

Also from 2023-11-25 11:00 to 2023-11-28 04:00, Luke's year 1 birthday card Luke "Quietly Waiting" icon.pngLuke "Quietly Waiting" will be available in the Trace of Tears icon.pngTrace of Tears exchange shop in the Mall at a cost of Trace of Tears icon.pngTrace of Tears x5.

Redolent Nonage Event Shadow of Themis rerun[edit | edit source]

20231128 Redolent Nonage Rerun.png

From 2023-11-28 11:00 to 2023-12-03 04:00, a rerun Shadow of Themis will be available featuring the Year 2 birthday SSR Luke "Dark Swirl" icon.pngLuke "Dark Swirl". Note that this Shadow of Themis carries its guarantee count over from the previous Year 2 Birthday Rerun Shadow of Themis and will carry over to the next Year 2 Birthday Rerun Shadow of Themis.

Also from 2023-11-28 11:00 to 2023-12-03 04:00, Luke's year 2 birthday card Luke "Prepared" icon.pngLuke "Prepared" will be available in the Trace of Tears icon.pngTrace of Tears exchange shop in the Mall at a cost of Trace of Tears icon.pngTrace of Tears x5. The year 2 birthday rewards Luke - Redolent icon.png Luke - Redolent Visit Outfit and Luke's Bedroom icon.png Luke's Bedroom Visit BG will become permanently available for purchase on 2023-11-28 as well.