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The NXX Lounge is a system in which a room within the NXX HQ is furnished for rest and relaxation by the members of the NXX Investigation Team.

The Lounge system is purely cosmetic; aside from Achievements that grant currency to purchase more furnishings and occasional cosmetic Badges related to furnishing Events, there are never any side benefits or extra resources granted by completion of a full furnishing set.

Gameplay[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

NXX Lounge Relax.png

The Lounge system is unlocked after Main Story 04-12, at which time the player will be directed to choose a base for the lounge. Furnishing sets may not be mixed and matched; only one set is allowed per room. DAVIS will give the player enough materials to craft the Wooden Style Lounge's "Cozy Wall," which will enable the player to set the room's theme and begin collecting furnishing pieces. The theme will set the room's background and "empty" layout, which will be filled in as future pieces are purchased.

Future pieces of permanent sets are collected by accumulating Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Vouchers and exchanging them in the Mall for Blueprints and Exquisite Lumber icon.pngExquisite Lumber. More rooms may be unlocked with a Smart Room Card icon.png Smart Room Card, which may be purchased from the Mall with limited availability or unlocked via spending events.

Each full furnishing set allows a space for one to four of the male leads to relax and be interacted with through short, unvoiced dialogues on tap. (see right)

Permanent Sets[edit | edit source | hide]

Wooden Style Lounge[edit source | hide]

Wooden Style Lounge complete.png

Set Page: Wooden Style Lounge

Classic customized furniture for the Lounge

Related Event: New Home Day Event

Total Cost:
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x7,100
Exquisite Lumber icon.png Exquisite Lumber x600
Btn coin s.pngStellin x735,000

Release Date: 2021-10-13
Antique Wooden Bookshelf icon.png Broadleaf Bonsai icon.png Classic Wooden Floor icon.png Cozy Wall icon.png Elegant Wooden Sofa icon.png Fresh Houseplant icon.png Simple Flowerbed icon.png Vinyl Phonograph icon.png Wooden Coffee Counter icon.png Wooden Shelf icon.png Wooden Staircase icon.png Wooden Table icon.png

Late Spring Garden Lounge[edit source | hide]

Late Spring Garden Lounge complete.png

Set Page: Late Spring Garden Lounge

The garden landscape is in full spring bloom

Related Event: Garden Home Day Event

Total Cost:
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x11,400
Exquisite Lumber icon.png Exquisite Lumber x960
Btn coin s.pngStellin x720,000

Release Date: 2022-03-30
Garden Broadleaf Tree icon.png Garden Carp Pond icon.png Garden Decorative Windmill icon.png Garden Elegant Dining Table icon.png Garden Ivy Wall icon.png Garden Rattan Pod icon.png Garden Recliner icon.png Garden Rose Fencing icon.png Garden Simple Easel icon.png Garden Wrought Iron Mailbox icon.png Sweet Candy icon.png

Event-Limited Sets[edit | edit source | hide]

Limited-time furnishing sets are those which are no longer available after their events end. These are typically linked to Spending Events, in which a player must spend a certain amount of real money during a limited event timeframe to obtain the furnishing pieces. Refer to individual sets' "Related Event" notes below for details.

Faerie Village Offering Lounge[edit source | hide]

Faerie Village Offering Lounge complete.png

Set Page: Faerie Village Offering Lounge

Acquired from the 2022 "Good Times" event

Related Event: Good Times Spending Event

Total Cost:
Accumulate 328 P-Points during the spending event.

Release Date: 2022-01-01
Faerie Hot Spring icon.png Faerie Snow Garden icon.png Faerie Treehouse icon.png Faerie Village Scenery icon.png Icefield Kitchen Island icon.png Magical Faerie icon.png Skadi Bookshelf icon.png Skadi Long Sofa icon.png Skadi Tea Table icon.png Winter Camping Tent icon.png

Azure Vacation Lounge[edit source | hide]

Azure Vacation Lounge complete.png

Set Page: Azure Vacation Lounge

2022 Shadow of Themis - Kiss of Fervour Cumulative Vision Bonuses

Related Event: Blissful Fête Cumulative Vision Bonus

Total Cost:
Accumulate 100 cumulative rolls on any Kiss of Fervour Shadow of Themis during the event.

Release Date: 2022-07-11
Ocean Sands icon.png Ocean Weather Vane icon.png Vacation Beach Chair icon.png Vacation Campsite icon.png Vacation Dessert Stand icon.png Vacation Flower Trolley icon.png Vacation Marina Cottage icon.png Vacation Outdoor Pool icon.png Vacation Palm Tree icon.png Vacation Seaside Windmill icon.png Vacation Snack Table icon.png Vacation Sofa icon.png Vacation Leisure Armchair icon.png

Tea Party in the Light Lounge[edit source | hide]

Set Page: Tea Party in the Light Lounge

Obtained from the "A Wish in the Light" Total Purchases event

Related Event: A Wish in the Light

Total Cost:
Accumulate 328 P-Points during the spending event.

Release Date: 2022-09-21
Cozy Tea Table and Chairs icon.png Tea Party Flooring icon.png Tea Party Outer Wall icon.png TP Attic Bedroom icon.png TP Comfy Swing Chair icon.png TP Gardening Table icon.png TP Musical Fountain icon.png TP Wooden Desk icon.png TP Wooden Staircase icon.png Vintage Grand Piano icon.png

Lounge Store[edit | edit source | hide]

As of the April 29, 2022 update, the Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher shop moved from the Mall to the NXX Lounge interface; there is a tab available for each permanently-available furnishing set.