Dreams of Childhood Event

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Dreams of Childhood Event banner.png
Dreams of Childhood
Start Date 2022-10-11 16:00 UTC +9
End Date 2022-10-25 04:00 UTC +9
Duration Approx. 14 days

Sweet childhood dreams and a happy excursion.
Come participate in the HoYoLand opening ceremony and experience exciting challenges!

During the event, complete the limited-time tasks on the "Obtain Clues" page to receive YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Vouchers, Btn coin s.pngStellin, and other rewards. For each limited-time task you have completed, you will get 1 new clue, which will guide you to a designated place to inspect the scene or converse with characters to get further information.

Event Phases[edit | edit source]

The event is available in five phases which gradually open more content as time passes. These phases are timed as follows (all times shown in UTC+9):

  • Phase 1: Oct 11, 11:00
  • Phase 2: Oct 14, 04:00
  • Phase 3: Oct 17, 04:00

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Note that for "Refute x arguments" or "Use x cards" tasks, 0-AP debates in DLC (e.g. Mysteries of the Lost Gold (DLC)) still count for these tasks.

Phase 1
Task Reward
Empathetic Angel
Complete the Homu's Fan task in Stellis
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2
Maintain Public Order
Debate with Fare Evader 1 time(s) in Main Story
Note: Main Story 02-05 or Main Story 07-18
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5000
Follow Your Heart
Refute 20 Empathy arguments in debates (not including Reviews)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Empathy Impression I icon.pngEmpathy Impression I x15
Trust Your Intuition
Refute 20 Intuition arguments in debates (not including Reviews)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Intuition Impression I icon.pngIntuition Impression I x15
Logical Direction
Refute 20 Logic arguments in debates (not including Reviews)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Logic Impression I icon.pngLogic Impression I x15
Money Is Power
Spend 100000 Stellin
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5000
Be a Listener
Complete 5 Psychotherapy
Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday (UTC+9)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Vinyl Record icon.pngVinyl Record x3
Wooden Gardening Spade icon.pngWooden Gardening Spade x3
Justice Guardian
Complete 5 Legal Consult
Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday (UTC+9)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Block Component icon.pngBlock Component x3
Oil-Painting Tools icon.pngOil-Painting Tools x3
Phase 2
Task Reward
Appropriate Intentions
Complete Gift to Homu task in Stellis
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2
Choice Against Conscience
Debate with Shady Shopkeeper 1 time(s) in Main Story
Note: Main Story 03-14
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5000
Lofty Ideals
Use 5 Work Permit(s)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2
Reasoning Skills
Complete 5 Reasoning Techniques
Available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (UTC+9)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Bag of Dried Figs icon.pngBag of Dried Figs x3
Wide-Angle Lens icon.pngWide-Angle Lens x3
Spot the Loopholes
Complete 5 Case Study
Available: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday (UTC+9)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Fountain Pen icon.pngFountain Pen x3
Tablet icon.pngTablet x3
Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks
Complete 5 daily jobs in Fieldwork
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5000
Phase 3
Task Reward
Keeping Promises is a Principle
Complete the A Small Gift task in Stellis
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2
Respect Order
Debate with Line-Cutting Man 1 time(s) in Main Story
Note: Main Story 04-02 or Main Story 05-41
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Btn coin s.pngStellin x5000
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
Challenge the Temple of Trials 1 time(s)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x2
Behind the Crisis
Complete 5 Crisis Intervention
Available: Monday, Friday, Saturday (UTC+9)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Logic Chip I icon.pngLogic Chip I x10
Face Up to Difficulties
Clear 5 Analytical Reasoning
Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (UTC+9)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Empathy Chip I icon.pngEmpathy Chip I x10
Mind Interrogation
Complete 5 Psychological Consults
Available: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday (UTC+9)
YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x75
Intuition Chip I icon.pngIntuition Chip I x10

Limited-Time Stellis Tasks[edit | edit source]

One limited-time task is available in the Stellis System RPG map per event phase. These are recorded below.

Homu's Fan

Central Plaza

A kid seems to have encountered some trouble. Go ask him what's wrong.

Boy: *Sob* What should I do? It's impossible to get it.

You: Hey, what happened?

Boy: *Sob* I'm a big fan of Homu, and I've been collecting its merch.

Boy: When the new HoYoLand park opened, they launched the latest commemorative doll.

Boy: I've saved up enough money...

Boy: But my parents are too busy to take me to buy it. And I'm not allowed to go so far by myself.

Boy: If I can't go there, I'm certain the dolls will sell out, and I'll never get one... *Sob*

You: Well...

Boy: I just want a doll... *Sob*

You: Don't cry! I'll buy one for you, okay?

Boy: Really? You'll help me get one?

You: Yeah, as long as you stop crying, I'll do it for you.

Boy: Okay, I won't cry anymore! You can buy it in the bookstore on Southeast Stellis Street!

You: Wait here, I'll be right back when I get it.

Boy: I promise. Thank you, you're so kind!

Southeast Stellis Street

Go to the bookstore and buy the Homu commemorative doll!

You: Who knew there would be such a long queue to buy Homu dolls... It's so popular.

You: Luckily, I got the last one.

You: If I'd come here a moment later, there wouldn't even be an empty box for me to buy.

You: That kid should be happy now.

Central Plaza

Give the Homu commemorative doll to the kid.

Boy: Welcome back.

You: Look at this!

Boy: The Homu commemorative doll!

Boy: Great! My closet will be full of Homu now!

Boy: Thank you! You're an angel with a warm heart!

You: Okay, I helped you get the doll, so please take good care of it.

Boy: Don't worry, I will!

Gift to Homu

Stellis CBD

There is a pile of stuff on the table. What are they used for?

Boy: This one is great. Wait, that one is cool, too... Which one should I choose?

You: Huh? Are you... the kid that wanted a Homu doll?

Boy: Miss Angel!

You: (My name has advanced a lot...)

Boy: Miss Angel, can you help me choose a decoration?

You: Decoration?

Boy: I signed up for the event at HoYoLand to give gifts to Homu.

Boy: My gift for Homu is a painting I drew of it.

Boy: Now I'm picking a decoration to stick on the painting, which will make it more 3D.

Boy: Miss Angel, please help me choose. You must have great taste.

You: Let me see...

You: How about this little crown? It's gorgeous.

You: It also fits Homu's character.

Boy: Yeah, I wanted to pick this one too! Thank you, Miss Angel.

You: You're welcome. Glad to be of help.

You: How about we put this detective hat on Homu's head?

You: Nobody has seen Homu like this. People will find this really interesting.

Boy: Great idea! I'll choose this one.

Boy: Thank you, Miss Angel!

You: It's all right, you can stick it on now.

A Small Gift

West Hemingway Heights Street

That kid looks familiar. Did something happen to him?

You: What are you doing here, little Homu fan?

Boy: Miss Angel! I'm so lucky to have met you here!

Boy: I'm having my piano lesson nearby... It's break time now, so I'm outside.

Boy: I was going to give someone a gift during my break.

Boy: But I don't know the way...

Boy: Miss Angel, can you help me deliver it?

You: It's a bit risky for you to send the gift yourself. Give it to me. I'll help you deliver it.

Boy: Really? You're too kind, Miss Angel!

You: But don't make a habit of it, okay?

Boy: Okay! Here, this is the Homu card I got from an event at HoYoLand!

Boy: Please give it to a young man in the Central Plaza.

Boy: We agreed to meet there today.

You: (Are they "card pals?")

You: (But now I think about it, Homu has so many kinds of merchandise...)

You: Okay, leave it to me.

Boy: Thanks, Miss Angel!!!

Central Plaza

Go to the Central Plaza to find the young man that the kid mentioned.

Young Man: It's almost time... Where is he?

You: Excuse me, are you waiting for a little boy who's a huge Homu fan?

Young Man: Yeah, why?

You: He can't come here today because he's having a piano class right now.

You: So he asked me to give you this Homu card as a gift.

Young Man: I see... That's why he insisted on seeing me today.

Young Man: Thank you. Please tell him that I like this gift very much, and I'll play with him next time.

You: Okay, I'll tell him.

West Hemingway Heights Street

Convey the gratitude of the young man.

You: Hey, I gave your gift to him.

Boy: Thank you, Miss Angel!

Boy: Did he like it?

You: Yeah, he said he liked it very much, and that he would play with you again next time.

Boy: Yay! That's great!

Boy: Thank you for your help, Miss Angel!

You: You're welcome. You can continue your class now.

Boy: Okay. See you next time, Miss Angel!

Investigation[edit | edit source]

As the player completes tasks, clues and locations open up for investigation, as well as new stages in the group chat feature.

Event Intro[edit | edit source]

Intro: NXX Headquarters
NXX Headquarters
NXX Headquarters Meeting Room
NXX Headquarters.png

In the NXX Headquarters, the weekly regular meeting has just ended.

You're about to leave when Luke suddenly stops you.

Luke: [Player], can you spare some time to... do me a favor?

You: What is it?

As you ask, the others stop what they're doing as well and turn around to look at you.

Luke: Well, I accepted an important case a few days ago...

Luke: The clients are an old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Stone, and they're also my friends.

Luke: They wouldn't come to me if it wasn't for something important.

Luke pauses with a slightly worried look.

You: Did they tell you what it was about?

Luke: No. They just said that they'd appreciate it if I could participate in an event hosted in HoYoLand and win a prize for them...

You: (HoYoLand? That sounds strangely familiar...)

Luke's words have reminded you of what Kiki told you a few days ago...

Themis Law Firm
Themis Law Firm - Pantry (Day).png

Kiki Bennet: [Player]! Great news! My idol is now the promotion ambassador of HoYoLand!

You: HoYoLand?

Kiki Bennet: Yup, that amusement park chain themed on Homu and Slime!

Kiki Bennet: Homu is super popular all around the world. When I was a child, I watched lots of cartoons about them.

Kiki Bennet: The HoYoLand in Cloudbreak District has finally been completed and will soon open its door to the public.

Kiki Bennet: I've checked online. During the opening event, the park will be giving away many prizes to its tourists!

Kiki Bennet: Hey, how about we go there and enjoy some quality time together when you're free? What do you say?

NXX Headquarters

NXX Headquarters.png

You: Do you mean that large amusement park chain themed on Homu and Slime?

Luke: Yes. Would you like to come with me, [Player]?

You don't know if it's just your imagination...

But when Luke invites you, the others, who were silent the whole time, begin to tense up.

You can feel their attention on you, but in the next second, they start speaking up.

Marius: HoYoLand, right? It just so happens that I want to investigate its development prospects for Pax.

Marius: Can I come too?

Artem: I don't have any urgent cases at the moment. I can also help.

Vyn: And I am on vacation. I can come as well if you need me.

Luke: Er... I didn't expect all of you to...

Marius: Oh? But you said it was for something important, right?

Marius: The more, the merrier. I'm sure we can solve the case with all these people.

Marius: Right, Detective Pearce?

Luke: Hah...

Luke sighs as Marius looks at him teasingly.

To avoid an awkward silence, you continue the topic.

You: I think Marius is right. After all, the NXX team is top-notch.

You: Let's all go together if you're okay with it, Luke.

Artem: Right, I'm sure we can help, Luke.

Luke: Well... What else can I say?

Luke sighs for the third time.

You: It's a deal then!

Luke: Sure.

Luke: Without further ado, let's visit the clients to learn more about the case.

Suburban Mansion
Misc Location - Classic Study (Day).png

Following Luke's guidance, the team drives to the clients' house.

An elderly couple answers the door and greets all of you warmly.

Mr. Stone: Luke, welcome. Everyone, please take a seat. I'll bring you something to drink.

Luke: Thanks, Mr. Stone.

Mr. Stone: Make yourself at home. These must be the friends you mentioned over the phone. Thank you for coming.

Marius: We're glad to be of assistance, Mr. Stone.

Artem: You can thank us after we've solved the case.

Vyn: Yeah. We are sorry for the intrusion.

The five of you take your seats and introduce yourselves briefly.

The discussion of the case details finally starts after Mr. Stone serves all of you drinks.

Luke: Mr. Stone, you mentioned over the phone that you wanted me to win a prize at HoYoLand for you...

Luke: Can you tell us more about it?

Mr. Stone: Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. Actually... we want you to help us with HoYoLand's "Grand Prize."

You: "Grand Prize?"

Mr. Stone: Yes. Our son, Stellan Stone, has been a big fan of Homu ever since childhood.

Mr. Stone: We struggled to make ends meet back then, so we promised him that when the HoYoLand opens in Stellis, we'd take him there.

Mr. Stone: But... we never thought it would take this long.

Mr. Stone: The HoYoLand here will open soon, but Stellan is now on a business trip in another country.

Mr. Stone: So we want to take this opportunity to fulfill his childhood wish and prepare a surprise for him before he returns.

Mr. Stone: But we're just an old couple with limited mobility... That's why we asked for Luke's help.

Mrs. Stone: Yes. Stellan always tells us that we can rely on his colleague Luke when he's away from home.

As you talk, Mr. Stone suddenly rises and takes his wife's hand, leaving the living room, as if having remembered something.

Mr. Stone: By the way, I have something that Stellan left behind... Wait a minute, we'll go get it for you.

As the elderly couple leaves the living room, the five of you are left with each other.

Marius: Aww... They care so much about their son.

Marius: After so many years, they still want to fulfill his childhood wish, even though he's already a grown man who travels around the world.

Vyn: I can tell that this is a happy family.

Luke: ...

Everyone is commenting about the case except for Luke, who remains silent and sits still with a troubled expression.

You: (Why is Luke... so quiet?)

You: (Is he thinking about Stellan Stone?)

You: (Come to think of it, Luke has been behaving strangely all day. He said that Mr. and Mrs. Stone were his friends...)

You: (But he never mentioned Stellan Stone or who he was...)

Mr. Stone: Here, take a look.

Before you can finish your train of thought, you hear Mr. Stone's voice.

You notice that he's holding a notebook.

Artem: Is this...?

Mr. Stone: This is Stellan's diary from when he started his first job. He wrote many things about Homu and HoYoLand in it.

Mr. Stone: We don't actually know what he likes, and we don't want to make any mistakes.

Mr. Stone: So you can just read Stellan's diary. I'm sure the younger generation will understand.

Vyn and Artem both frown.

Vyn: I am not sure if it is appropriate to read this diary, since it might breach your son's personal privacy...

Artem: We can't read it without his permission.

You: That's true...

The couple freeze for a moment, then give a smile.

Mrs. Stone: Don't worry. There's nothing personal inside it. Stellan will be okay with it.

Mr. Stone: Yeah. Otherwise, he wouldn't have left his diary with us.

Vyn: Well...

Luke: If Mr. Stone says so, then let's read it.

Luke: After all, it's going to be a nice surprise for Stellan.

Marius also agrees with Luke, which is unusual.

Marius: Yeah. If we call Stellan Stone to ask for his permission, then it won't be a surprise.

You: (That's true...)

After making sure that everyone is on the same page, you open Stellan Stone's diary...

It's mostly about how Stellan Stone felt as a newbie at the office, occasionally interspersed with his childhood experiences.

"Homu" appears in the diary from time to time. It's easy to tell he likes this character very much.

On his 21st birthday, Stellan Stone mentioned his childhood wish.

"As a kid, I always said that if a HoYoLand park opens in Stellis, I will definitely win the grand HoHoLuck prize at the opening festival."

"Who knows when this wish will come true..."

"They said the grand prize is different every time. I wonder what I will get."

You: Clearly, Stellan still wants to win the prize, even as a grown-up.

You mutter as you notice a line in the diary.

You: (If only there were two of me. Then, one of me could stay by my parents' side...)

You: (What did that mean? He was too busy at work to stay at home?)

Before you can figure it out, the others all finish reading the diary.

Artem: It looks like the mysterious grand prize Stellan wants is the prize of the "HoHoLuck" event at HoYoLand's opening festival.

Artem: But the diary didn't mention what the prize was, or how to win it...

You: (This whole thing has become a lot more complicated...)

Vyn: We should probably go to HoYoLand to find out.

Luke: We still have plenty of time. How about we go there now?

Luke makes this suggestion after checking his phone.

You: Okay, I've never been to HoYoLand before.

Artem: I have time. I can come with you.

Marius: I have no objections.

Vyn: Me neither.

Mr. Stone: Actually... there's something else we want to ask of you...

As you discuss your plan, Mr. Stone makes another request.

Luke: Sure, whatever you need.

The couple exchange a glance, with a hint of embarrassment on their faces.

Mr. Stone: We've always respected our son and have never judged his hobbies.

Mr. Stone: But we still don't understand... why he likes Homu and HoYoLand so much?

Mr. Stone: We thought only kids liked that kind of thing...

Mr. Stone: When Stellan grew up, we accused him of being too childish several times...

Mr. Stone: Come to think of it... Sigh...

Mr. Stone: When you go to HoYoLand, could you do us another favor and find out why Stellan loves Homu so much?

Mr. Stone's words contain so much love for the child. The two not only love their son, but are also trying to understand him.

Luke: No worries, Mr. Stone. You can leave it to us!

You: That's right. We'll come back here to report on our progress! And we will thoroughly investigate HoYoLand. We won't miss any details.

Mr. Stone: Thank you... Thank you so much!

Mrs. Stone: Thanks.

At the gate of HoYoLand
Stellis - Amusement Park (Day).png

After saying goodbye to the couple, the team drives directly to HoYoLand.

Many citizens have been attracted to HoYoLand which has only just opened. With the hubbub caused by the crowd, the place appears lively.

A staff member in a Homu costume walks up to you and hands out some leaflets.

Homu (Staff): HoYo, HoYo! Don't miss out on the various events during our opening festival!

You: (Is HoYo its pet phrase or the catchphrase for this event?)

The costumed staff member strikes a pose, then walks over to some other tourists to distribute leaflets.

You: This is fun.

You walk around to search for staff who can tell you more about the event.

Staff: Ho—Yo—! Good afternoon! Need any help?

Soon, a staff member in a HoYoLand uniform greets you warmly.

You: (What a surprise... So HoYo must be their catchphrase.)

You: Hi... We'd like to know about "HoHoLuck."

Staff: You've come to the right person. My duty is to guide visitors who have any doubts. Ask me anything and I'll tell you everything!

Staff: "HoHoLuck" is the most famous event in the opening festival. Thousands of tourists have signed up for it so far.

You: Huh!? Unbelievable...

Staff: Yes! People's enthusiasm exceeded our wildest expectations, so we've made some slight adjustments to the event.

Staff: The event this time involves 3 exploration stages, each of which will be available one after another. Every stage has different tasks, and each one is harder than the previous one.

Staff: To win the mysterious grand prize, you'll need to complete all the exploration stages and get our official certification.

Staff: And here's a little tip for you: the "HoHoLuck" event is likely to be some form of Q&A!

You: Q&A... you mean like some kind of brain game? What does that have to do with exploration?

Staff: Well... I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the event starts to find out. Sorry!

You: (Ask you anything and tell me everything, huh?)

Staff: All right, do you know why "HoHoLuck" is the most famous event here?

He clears his throat and changes the topic.

Staff: The most unique and famous part of "HoHoLuck" is its mysterious grand prize!

Staff: And this grand prize is designed based on the location of the park, so nobody knows what it is before it's announced.

Staff: In other words, different HoYoLand parks in different places have their own unique "HoHoLuck" grand prizes.

You: (Unique? I remember... Stellan Stone also mentioned this in his diary.)

Staff: Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Artem: The leaflet doesn't mention any details about the exploration stages. Where can we learn about them?

Staff: Ah, this is the question I've been asked the most. I'll make sure they write the answer in the leaflet next time.

The staff member gets lost in thought for a while.

Staff: Once the event starts, we'll provide more detailed information and announce the event locations on HoYoLand's website in stages.

Staff: You're more than welcome to follow and like us. I'll give you small thank-you gifts in return.

Marius: In stages?

Vyn: It is a common method used to encourage guests to visit their website.

Luke: I just checked. The "HoHoLuck" event hasn't started yet.

You: When did you check? You're so fast, Luke...

Luke: ...

You: In that case, we'll have to wait for the official announcement...

Staff: Worry not. You won't need to wait for much longer.

Staff: By the way, are you interested in any other events?

Staff: We have various events and great attractions here.

Staff: We have a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, swan boats, carousels, and many more... There are dozens of popular attractions here.

Staff: You can play in events to get YoYo Vouchers, which can then be used to draw prizes at our exchange office!

You: (So many events... No wonder they're so popular.)

Staff: Oh! I'd also like to introduce the classic HoYoLand event to you... The firework show!

Staff: On the last night of the opening festival, there will be a huge firework show.

Staff: We've invited well-known firework designers to create these fireworks, so you're guaranteed to enjoy a top-class show!

You: Thanks. We'll watch it if we have time.

Staff: Good luck then. I hope you can win the "HoHoLuck" grand prize!

You: There are lots of fun things here. Even their staff are interesting.

After the staff member walks away, you sigh at the leaflet.

Luke: We can come here again when we finish the job.

Vyn: Yeah. The attractions here are well worth a try.

Marius: Pax can provide you with a free year pass. Then you can come here whenever you want, Miss.

You: Huh? You mean Pax invested in HoYoLand?

Marius: Of course. A good businessman never misses any opportunities.

Artem: [Player], tell me if you're interested in any of the attractions here. Perhaps...

Artem: We can enjoy them together when we're free.

You: I would love to!

You look at HoYoLand's colorful neon signboard, then at the others...

You start to feel excited about winning the mysterious grand prize.

DOC Location1 Icon.png HoYo Avenue[edit | edit source]

Location Unlock: NXX Group Chat

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
NXX Group Chat:
Beautiful Moments
(After Event Tutorial)

Luke: Is anyone here? The official website has just updated the task for HoHoLuck's first stage! @all

You: I'm here! What is the task about?

Luke: Task for Stage 1: Find the beautiful moments people have with Homu.

Luke: The scope of the event is anywhere within HoYoLand...

The scope is too big!

You: The entire HoYoLand? That's too big...

Luke: I have an idea!

Luke: Isn't there a map of the park on their website? We can circle out the important places and list them in order based on the question.

Luke: The higher the flow of people, the more likely the visitors will visit the place, and the more likely it is for them to leave traces.

Luke: We can inspect each area in that order.

What does it mean by beautiful moments?

You: The beautiful moments...? What does that mean? Did they give any examples?

Luke: I thought they might give us some clues too, but unfortunately... no.

Luke: I guess the park wants us to find the answer on our own.

You: That's reasonable... Did they mention any rules?

Marius: I'm looking at the game rules now.

Marius: The park suggests the participants write the answer on a piece of paper, place it in a sealed envelope with their official postmark on it, and send it to the designated staff.

Marius: Upon receiving the envelopes for the three tasks, the staff will assess the answers...

Vyn: I see. That is a very traditional way of answering questions.

Artem: To save everyone's time, I've already signed up for this "HoHoLuck" event as a team.

Artem: I'll bring their official letter to our regular meeting once I've received it.

Artem: [Player], I've put you as our contact person. Is that okay?

You: No problem. Then I'll be in charge of liaising with them.

Vyn: Following Luke's line of thought, I have briefly checked the map of the park.

Vyn: Looks like HoYo Avenue is the only place where the tourists will pass by when they enter and leave the park.

Vyn: I think we should check it out first. What do you think?

Luke: I like the idea.

Artem: I agree too.

Marius: I have no objections.

You: Agreed! Should we go now?

Marius: I'm free now. I can leave anytime.

Marius: We can also interview the tourists for their opinions when we reach HoYo Avenue.

Marius: I'm pretty good with people. You just have to stand to the side and watch my "performance."

Luke: ...

Artem: ...

Vyn: ...

Marius: What?

Vyn: It is all right. No need to wory about such details.

Artem: Let's meet at the gate of HoYoLand.

Vyn: Okay, I will prepare to set out.

Luke: See you soon.

Vyn: -Tap to Continue-

Location Unlock: Site Arrival


Once you meet, you enter HoYoLand together.

A bustling crowd has filled up the long HoYo Avenue, making it impossible to see the end.

You walk for a few steps when a high school girl bumps into you.

You: ...

Tourist Girl: Oops, sorry! I was checking the event guide and didn't see you!

You: It's all right, are you here for the opening festival, too?

Tourist Girl: Yeah, I've been waiting a long time for HoYoLand to open.

Tourist Girl: I'm a huge Homu fan! How could I miss such a grand event like this opening festival!

Tourist Girl: Look, even my phone charm is Homu!

The girl shakes her phone. A mini Homu doll is hanging at the bottom of her transparent phone case.

Hearing that she likes Homu, your eyes light up.

You: What a coincidence! I just signed up for the HoHoLuck Event...

You: But... it's my first time taking part in this kind of event. I'm worried that I might miss something important.

You: May I ask you some questions if that's okay?

Hearing "HoHoLuck," the girl gives you an approving smile.

Tourist Girl: Of course!

Tourist Girl: I'll be in HoYoLand for the following few days. Just ask me if you have any questions.

Tourist Girl: Oh, take my phone number. Otherwise, it'll be impossible to find me.

The girl searches her pockets, takes out her phone, and exchanges contact details with you.

You: Thanks.

Tourist Girl: No problem. Contact me!

DoC Loc1 Clue1.png DIY Flags

Maybe there are secrets hidden in the fluttering flags.

On both sides of the lamp posts along HoYo Avenue hang colored flags specially prepared for the opening festival.

The flags flutter in the breeze, creating a beautiful sight.

You: Dr. Richter, the flags on the lamp posts look really nice, don't you think?

Vyn: They are indeed. Let us take a closer look.

[Tap inspection point]

You and Vyn approach the lamp post and observe the patterns on the colored flags...

You: There appear to be some unique patterns on these flags...

You scan through the other flags, but don't find any duplicate patterns...

Vyn: Judging from the strokes and colors in these patterns...

Vyn: These flags have been made by different people.

You: Yeah, I think so too.

Then, you point toward the colored flags beside the lamp post, and motion for Vyn to inspect them.

There are messy paintings of a Homu on that particular flag, with strokes that look rather amateurish.

You: It looks like a child painted it.

Vyn: These colored flags seem to be the ones that were chosen to be displayed in "The Homu in Your Eyes". They were promoted on the official website.

You: ...No wonder each flag looks unique and different!

You: I can't believe so many people participated in the opening event at the park...

You: HoYoLand and Homu are surprisingly appealing.

Vyn: After all, HoYoLand is a world-renowned brand with fans from all over the world.

You: Plus, I know lots of people who like Homu.

Vyn: The amusement park's team must have designed their ad campaign with their fans' interests in mind.

Vyn: These colored flags give HoYo Avenue a unique look and give visitors a place to interact in the park...

Vyn: This kind of promotion is both unique and effective.

You nod in agreement.

You: Dr. Richter, do you think these colored flags have anything to do with the current theme?

Vyn: "A beautiful moment"?

Vyn: The various colored flags around HoYo Avenue create fascinating scenery, and the visitors contribute to the park's overall atmosphere...

Vyn: I think this is "beautiful."

You: I think so too! We should write it down as one of our answers!

DoC Loc1 Clue2.png Letter of Thanks

Each letter on these thin sheets of paper records touching stories...

The crowds of tourists keep pushing you and Luke forward.

When you pass by a shop, something on its door attracts your attention.

You: Luke, what's that on the door? They look unique.

Luke: Hmm... They're too far away.

Luke: Do you want to take a closer look?

You: Sure.

[Tap inspection point]

Patterns on the glass door

As you get closer, you find a lot of stickers with Homu and Slime patterns around the glass door.

You: These are supposed to be the decorations for the park's opening festival.

You: Hey Luke, look, there's a Homu wearing a hat.

Luke looks to where you're pointing and nods.

Luke: That's adorable.

Luke: I didn't expect the park to pay attention to such a tiny detail. Very meticulous.

You: It's all for HoYoLand's opening celebration.

Letter on the glass door

As you get closer, you find a handwritten letter stuck to the glass door.

The writer even drew some plant-like patterns on the edges to beautify the letter.

You: It's a letter for Homu. It's from a young fan...

You and Luke carefully analyze the content of the letter.

There's a lot written in the letter, but the most important part is the writer's "confession" to Homu:

"Hi, Homu! I'm a young fan, and I'm turning 11 this year..."

"But I bet you don't know about the 'great disaster' I experienced when I was 9!"

"At that time, I had to take medical treatment every day. Even though my parents were with me, it was still a tough time..."

"And I often had the idea of just ending it all. I was losing hope..."

"But thanks to your bravery and tenacity, I managed to will myself to continue."

"Thank you!"

Luke: Struck by illness from the age of 9, and constantly receiving medical treatment just to stay alive...

You: He's so young, yet has suffered so much... How tragic.

You: Luckily, he met Homu and later became a more lively person.

You: The animated story of Homu's bravery and tenacity gave his life meaning and hope.

Luke: Homu was there through thick and thin, and that changed him.

Luke: That's why he wrote such a long letter of gratitude and sent it here.

Luke: I guess the park publicized this to give hope to those going through similar situations.

You: I'm really interested in Homu's story now that I've read this letter.

You: If I ever have the time, I'll watch the whole series.

Luke: We're on the same wavelength! I was just about to ask you if you'd like to watch it.

Luke: Oh yeah, I just remembered something the little boy said in the letter...

Luke: The episode where Homu went up against the Great Devil struck the deepest chord.

Luke: Then, should we watch that episode first?

You: Sure thing!

You: One more thing, Luke. Do you think... the little boy's story counts as "a beautiful moment"?

Luke: I think so!

Luke: The way the boy was influenced by Homu and regained his confidence in the face of adversity is inspiring.

Luke: But it's quite a long story, and it would be too much to write as an answer... We need to summarize it a bit.

You: We still have time. Let's leave this answer for now and go somewhere else first.

Luke: All right, let's go see if there are more "beautiful moments" elsewhere.

DoC Loc1 Clue3.png Clay Doll

The glittering treasure is hidden there... Go find it now.

Marius: Do you want to go over there?

You: Okay, there are too many people here anyway...

You and Marius walk along HoYo Avenue for a while.

You pass many specialty shops and some temporary game stalls.

Not far away, something is shining under a bench...

You: Huh? I can see something bright... Is it anything special?

Marius: We'll know when we get there.

[Tap inspection point]

You and Marius follow the light pointing towards the beach.

After some time, you both find something solid in the grass.

Marius: Yellow, rabbit-shaped... Doesn't this look like Homu?

You: But, this one is wearing a magic hat and cloak.

Marius picks up a clay doll, moves it around in his hand, and carefully observes it.

Marius: I think these dolls are handmade. They haven't come from a factory.

You: Huh?

Marius: Look at how these dolls' joints are made...

Marius: The joints can be bent around easily, and the surface is slightly curved. This must be handmade.

Marius: This kind of craftsmanship is very distinct, and it's completely unlike factory-made items.

Hearing Marius' words, you suddenly think of something.

You: So... this fan crafted a doll by themselves?

Marius: Yes, that's what I think.

You: I can't believe a fan crafted a doll for Homu...

Marius: Perhaps everyone has their own personal fantasies about their interests.

Marius: To turn that fantasy into reality, one must achieve it themselves.

Marius: Isn't there an adage that goes...

Marius: "If you want something, you have to achieve it yourself"?

You: (Why does it feel like I've heard this before...?)

You: Speaking of which, do you think that a fan crafting a new doll for Homu...

You: ...Counts as "a beautiful moment"?

Marius: Based on my experience as an organizer, I believe so.

You: (Organizer... I'm pretty sure I've been one of them before.)

You: Then let's consider this as a potential answer first. There's still some time left. Let's go look somewhere else.

Marius: Sure, let's go.

DoC Loc1 Clue4.png Lucky Stickers

Check out what's on the poster. Will it be the answer you've been looking for?

Artem: Do you want to check that shop out?

You and Artem are walking along HoYo Avenue into the depths of the park.

He looks at the shops on both sides and suddenly pops the question.

You: Is there anything you want to buy?

Artem: Not exactly. There are lots of people in front of that store. I'm just a little curious about the crowd.

Artem points to a shop that has many people queuing up outside.

They're... discussing about something on a poster?

You: Huh? Why are they so interested in that poster?

You: Let's check it out.

[Tap inspection point]

You get through the crowd and stand behind the "poster"...

A massive letter on display instantly attracts your full attention.

Dozens of Homu stickers are plastered all over it. It feels somewhat overwhelming.

Artem: The website says that these stickers are called "Homu Lucky Stickers."

Artem: During the introduction of the opening ceremony, they said that all of these official luck stickers would be put on display.

Artem: It looks like this place is the "Exhibition Area."

Artem lowers his head slightly and explains what he knows to you.

You: I see... Ah, Mr. Wing, look at this. There are words written next to the stickers!

You: "HoYo, hang in there. You'll get there soon."

You: "I'm tired as well, so have a good rest. You'll be able to run fast afterward!"

You murmur the words on the lucky sticker, unable to contain your excitement.

You: This is supposed to be a motivational quote written by Homu, right?

You: It's very touching.

Artem: Yeah, it really is... and there aren't any repeated words on these stickers.

Artem: It seems everyone else here also wants to read what's on the stickers.

You: Mr. Wing, why do you think the officials arranged this activity?

Artem frowns and goes silent for a while.

Artem: The outside world has a strong influence on a growing child, and they're very prone to emotional outbursts.

Artem: When they face an obstacle, the outside world can be even more influential.

Artem: If they're given positive reinforcement, it'll affect them positively.

Artem: The park might be using these stickers to give positive reinforcement to the children when they face obstacles.

You: I think you're right!

You: Even adults can feel upbeat when they receive encouragement during hard times.

You: It's possible that the Homu Lucky Stickers aren't just for children, but for adults too.

Artem: You're right. I didn't consider that.

You: (It must be because Mr. Wing has never experienced any hardship...)

You: Officials are using Homu to encourage people... to offer a positive influence...

You: It might be apt to think about the answer from this perspective.

Artem: We still have time, we can think it over thoroughly.

You: Right, then let's go somewhere else!

DoC Loc1 Clue5.png Girl's Memory

That's a slightly "embarrassing" past. Don't tell anyone!

As the breeze blows, the shadows of trees dance. The amusement park is full of innocent and happy people.

The high school girl who bumped into you before is sitting pleasantly on a bench while listening to music.

Seeing you approach, she immediately stands up and waves at you.

Tourist Girl: Hey, do you know what to ask now?

You: Hey, I do have some questions for you. I promise they won't take long.

Tourist Girl: No worries, I was just taking a rest. Go ahead!

Meeting Homu

You: Can you tell us how you know Homu?

Tourist Girl: Let me think...

Tourist Girl: When I was in primary school, the Homu series was super popular. Almost everybody in my class watched it.

Tourist Girl: And I was one of them. Since then, I've always known the character Homu.

Vyn: Based on what you've said, I'm not sure if this is a good explanation...

Vyn: You started to like Homu when you watched the Homu animated series?

Hearing Vyn's question, the girl looks a bit embarrassed.

Tourist Girl: Ah... Not exactly...

Tourist Girl: I didn't have any feelings toward him at first. Homu isn't really my type.

The reason to like Homu

You: Huh? Then how did you start to like Homu?

Tourist Girl: Well, something happened.

Tourist Girl: It's quite embarrassing to say it out loud... You need to keep it a secret for me!

Vyn: Sure, we just want to understand the situation. We will not tell anyone else.

Hearing Vyn's serious promise, the girl seems relieved.

Tourist Girl: All right, then I'll tell you.

Tourist Girl: One time, a test was held during the run-up to the Spring Festival.

Tourist Girl: I didn't do well in the test, and ended up being last in the class.

Tourist Girl: When my parents found out, they were really angry, and scolded me for playing all the time and not studying enough.

Tourist Girl: I was very upset and sneaked out when they weren't paying attention.

You: Did you... run away from home?

Tourist Girl: You could say that...

Tourist Girl: I got lost and had no idea where I was. I was in a place I didn't recognize at all.

Tourist Girl: I freaked out and crouched down to cry in front of a store.

You: And then?

Tourist Girl: Then... when I was crying, I heard an animated show playing in the store.

Tourist Girl: Through the shop window, I could see the TV screen with an episode of Homu fighting against Monster QQ.

Tourist Girl: Homu wanted to help the villagers of HoYo Village get rid of Monster QQ, but he was misunderstood by the villagers.

Tourist Girl: Homu failed a few times, but he still did what he needed to...

Tourist Girl: Then, I suddenly realized I shouldn't be doing what I was doing. I shouldn't be discouraged by just one test.

You: So, you got your strength from Homu...

Tourist Girl: Yes, I felt like Homu encouraged me!

Tourist Girl: After that, my parents found me and brought me back home...

Tourist Girl: I admitted my mistake. They didn't scold me anymore, and actually comforted me instead.

Tourist Girl: Because of that, I started to think differently about Homu, and then he began to grow on me.

The reason for hiding the truth

You: I don't think this is an embarrassing experience. Why do you feel embarrassed about it?

Tourist Girl: I don't want others to know that I ran away from home when I was a kid...

Tourist Girl: You promised that you wouldn't tell anyone else.

Vyn: And we will keep it a secret.

You: You have our word.

You: Thanks for your help. You should go back home.

Tourist Girl: All right, I'll get a move on then. I hope I helped you!

DoC Loc1 Clue6.png Homu's Blessings

Homu is my lucky charm!

When you and Marius return to HoYo Avenue...

The high school girl that bumped into you is sitting on a bench, with hollow eyes facing the sky.

You: Hey, do you still remember us?

Upon hearing you, she looks back and turns her gaze towards you.

Tourist Girl: Who... Oh it's you! I just finished the "Homu Fun Triathlon." I'm absolutely exhausted...

Tourist Girl: You guys came just in time. I'm in a much better state now, is there something you wanted to ask?

You: Yeah, we wanted to ask about a few things.

You: Do you remember saying how you've been looking forward to the opening festival for a while?

Tourist Girl: Yup, I've been waiting since it was announced that HoYoLand chose a site in Cloudbreak District.

Marius: What are your thoughts on the opening festival?

Tourist Girl: It's better than I ever could've imagined!

The girl perks up upon hearing Marius mention the opening festival.

Tourist Girl: This opening festival has so much more events compared to other festivals!

Tourist Girl: Look at this! This is a trophy for participating in the "Homu Quiz," a limited-edition Homu doll!

Tourist Girl: Doesn't it look adorable!?

She takes a cute Homu doll from her bag as she speaks.

Unlike regular Homu dolls, this one dons a crown and a golden scepter!

Marius: This... looks different from what I'm used to seeing.

Tourist Girl: This is really rare!!! There's only a 0.3% chance of getting it!

You: You must have been really lucky.

Tourist Girl: Hehe, that's right. My luck has increased since I arrived at HoYoLand.

Tourist Girl: My classmate informed me that I did pretty well in an essay contest two days ago.

Tourist Girl: I should come here to get a boost of good luck before every major exam.

Tourist Girl: It just feels like Homu's blessings are bestowed upon me when I come here!

Marius: Homu's blessings? Is that a catchphrase of HoYoLand?

Tourist Girl: Er... Nope! This is something I thought up myself.

Tourist Girl: To me, Homu is my mascot!

Tourist Girl: And HoYoLand is where Homu lives, so naturally, it should be full of blessings!

Tourist Girl: Oh no... The next event is starting soon...

Tourist Girl: Do you guys have any other questions? I have to go queue!

You: That'll be all for now. Thank you.

Tourist Girl: No problem! I'm glad I was able to help.

DoC Loc1 Clue7.png Homu's Influence

Yeah, I have to be like it...

After obtaining some information, you and Artem plan to find the high school girl and ask her questions about Homu.

When you return to HoYo Avenue, you see the girl sitting on a bench.

You: Hi, we've come to ask you several questions about Homu. Is this a good time?

Tourist Girl: Sure, what do you guys want to know?

You: Just some simple questions.

Basic information

You: How long have you liked Homu for?

Tourist Girl: Let me think... Ever since elementary school... so it's been nearly 10 years.

You: 10 years... That's a long time.

You: Is there any special reason why you've liked Homu for so long?

Tourist Girl: Yes, because Homu is my best buddy!

Important partner

You: Best buddy?

Tourist Girl: Yeah, I suppose Homu has been a good friend in both my everyday life and my studies.

Tourist Girl: When I'm in class, I can focus more easily with Homu around...

Tourist Girl: And if I write with my Homu pen during tests, they always go well.

You: (Is this some kind of study superstition!?)

The help from Homu

Artem: You said you can focus more easily with Homu around...

Artem: Why is that? Does Homu offer psychological comfort?

Tourist Girl: Well... I suppose so.

Tourist Girl: When I was a child, my grades weren't very good and I often failed exams if I didn't feel well.

Tourist Girl: My parents have high expectations of me and have always been very strict about my studies...

You: (Students nowadays are way too stressed...)

Tourist Girl: I always lacked confidence and got nervous when taking tests.

Tourist Girl: If I lagged behind a bit, I would get anxious and even lose sleep.

You: But I think you look great now.

Tourist Girl: That's because I've met Homu!

Tourist Girl: He may look like no more than an animated character, and you may think those animations are childish...

Tourist Girl: But Homu has a lot of virtues.

Tourist Girl: He never gives up in difficult times and always tries his best to help his friends.

Tourist Girl: But most importantly, Homu always has faith in himself as well as in the buddies he meets in HoYo Village.

Tourist Girl: Every time I see Homu, I feel like I want to be like him.

Tourist Girl: So, I gradually built up my confidence and now I'm no longer afraid of tests.

Tourist Girl: Because I know I can do better next time if I work hard.

You: Thanks to Homu, the girl has made positive changes... It looks like he's a great buddy!

You: Thanks for sharing these with us. I have no more questions as of now.

Tourist Girl: Was I able to help you guys out?

You: Of course, this is enough for now. We still have to go somewhere else.

Tourist Girl: All right, hope to see you again!

DoC Loc1 Clue8.png Companion and Witness

I believe you've always been there in this world...

When you and Luke return to HoYo Avenue, you find the high school girl that bumped into you, resting on a bench.

Seeing you getting closer, she waves at you.

You: Sorry to bother you.

Tourist Girl: No worries, I was just resting. How can I help you?

You: Can you tell us something about Homu that left a profound impression on you?

Tourist Girl: Something that left a profound impression? I feel like I have way too many examples...

Tourist Girl: Homu has always accompanied me and watched me grow.

You: He accompanied you and watched you grow?

Tourist Girl: Yeah, I learned so much from Homu as a child.

Tourist Girl: Such as being strong and not giving up in the face of adversity.

Tourist Girl: Whether it be in my daily life or in my studies, Homu has shaped me, molded me...

Tourist Girl: ...And made me a better person.

Tourist Girl: There was also this one time during Christmas, when I received an email from Homu.

Luke: Homu sent you an email?

Tourist Girl: That's right! In the email, Homu said that he saw how hard I was trying and believed that I had become a better version of myself...

Tourist Girl: He told me to keep up the hard work and never forget why I started...

Tourist Girl: At that moment... I truly felt like I was on the right path, all thanks to Homu!

Seeing that the girl is about to burst into tears, you quickly hand her a tissue.

You: I think... Homu has been watching over you.

Luke: I think that he has been secretly watching over you, and is delighted by how you've turned out.

Tourist Girl: Thank you...

The girl wipes away her tears, her cheeks slightly flushed from her emotional outburst.

You: It seems this situation has made her emotional...

Luke: Yeah. We should leave her alone for now. Let's go somewhere else.

You: Okay.

Correct Answers[edit | edit source]

Clue 2: Letter on the glass door

Truth I[edit | edit source]

Truth I
NXX Headquarters
NXX Headquarters Meeting Room
NXX Headquarters.png

You revisit HoYoLand's website. The theme of the first stage of HoHoLuck pops up: Find the beautiful moments with Homu.

You read the puzzle on the screen, then turn to the envelope on the conference table sent by the park's official team. However, you don't know what to do next.

You: Beautiful moments? What does that mean...?

Luke: Relax, let's arrange all the information we've collected first. Maybe we'll come up with an answer.

Marius: That's right. Let's brainstorm.

You nod and continue where they left off.

You: Beautiful... Hmm, I remember seeing the colored flags hanging on HoYo Avenue. They were made by tourists who participated in "The Homu in Your Eyes" event.

Vyn: Yeah, those are nice flags. They must have spent a lot of time on them.

Marius: You reminded me of that Homu clay doll made by fans. It was under the bench by the avenue.

Marius: The creator must've worked hard on that doll.

Marius: But why did they put it there...?

Marius: What if someone had taken it?

You: Well, I think...

You: Maybe the creator considers HoYoLand as the world of Homu. That's why they left a handmade gift there.

You: ...I can feel that everyone wholeheartedly loves Homu.

You: They express their love for Homu in their own way... Can that be considered a beautiful moment?

Artem: Yes, I think so.

Vyn: From a psychological point of view, one's actions are always driven by something or some feeling.

Vyn: There must be a reason for people showing their love for Homu in their own way.

Artem: I remember something...

Artem: There was a shop covered in all the Homu lucky stickers that have been released so far. Each sticker had Homu's encouraging words on it.

Artem: Perhaps... Homu is able to encourage fans?

Luke: That's possible. I saw a thank-you letter written by one of Homu's fans.

Luke: That child was suffering from illness and wanted to give up on treatment. Homu gave him the courage to live.

Luke: And Homu accompanied him through the tough chemotherapy.

Luke: Without Homu, he might've given up on life.

Luke: So, I think it's true that Homu has encouraged many fans.

You: Also, there was that girl we met near HoYo Avenue who got her confidence back because of Homu, right?

Vyn: Yes. She failed an exam and was scolded by her parents... That was a hard time for her, but Homu's story encouraged her.

Marius: She said that whenever she had important exams, she would visit HoYoLand for good luck. She must've been influenced by Homu a lot.

Luke: Whether it was the little patient or the girl we met...

Luke: They all received encouragement from Homu when they needed it most, even though Homu is just a fictional character.

You: So the theme they picked is actually about the reason why people love Homu?

Luke: Yes. Plus, the answer is clear...

Homu is an emotional support character

You: People love Homu because it has become an emotional support character...

You: And the most beautiful moment is when they're encouraged by Homu and regain their hope and courage.

You: Perhaps this is the answer we need?

Vyn: I agree with you. This kind of moment is the most touching one.

Marius: Let's write this as our answer then.

Homu is a beacon

You: We love Homu, because its existence lights up the way when we're in a desperate situation...

You: When we're encouraged by Homu and regain our courage, that's the most beautiful moment.

You: This is the answer we need, right?

Luke: I think so, too. No other moment is as impressive as this one.

Artem: I agree with you. This should be our answer.

Vyn: Some people find encouragement from Homu, some find happiness...

Vyn: People love Homu for different reasons, but they all create beautiful memories.

Vyn: Perhaps Stellan Stone's love for Homu is also due to a similar reason...

Vyn says this slowly when you write down the answer.

You: Dr. Richter is right... Maybe Stellan Stone had a similar experience.

Luke: I can't believe we solved Mr. and Mrs. Stone's puzzle in the first stage.

Luke: Let's go to their home and report our current progress. Then we can also explain our theory to them.

You: Sounds good.

You seal the envelope and head to the Stones.

Suburban Mansion
Misc Location - Classic Study (Day).png

You mention what you saw on HoYo Avenue to the couple.

In the end, you share your theory about Stellan Stone.

You: Like others, Stellan was likely influenced by Homu as a child. That explains why he likes it so much.

The couple is stunned for a while, then seems to remember something.

Mrs. Stone: So that's why he...

You: ????

You turn to Mrs. Stone in confusion.

Mr. Stone pats her shoulder. They both look like they're reminiscing.

Mrs. Stone: Stellan was a little boy back then, and he was always so full of energy. So, we sent him to learn martial arts.

Mrs. Stone: And that became his hobby.

Mr. Stone: Occasionally, we would send him to participate in contests, but Stellan was too little, and he had no chance of beating the kids who were much taller than him.

Mr. Stone: After he lost one contest, Stellan was so upset that he refused to eat. Both of us were terrified for him.

Mrs. Stone: But soon he got his spirit back and continued his training. He said he'd follow his friend and never give up.

Mrs. Stone: After that, even if he lost a match, he would quickly bounce back.

Mrs. Stone: We thought his friend was his classmate or someone from his martial arts classes...

Mrs. Stone: But, now we know he was talking about Homu.

Mrs. Stone: If only we had chatted with Stellan more back then. Then we wouldn't have to wait until now...

Mr. Stone: It's all over now, dear. At least we learned about this today.

Somehow, Mrs. Stone seems depressed.

Mr. Stone comforts her, but he also sounds a bit gloomy.

You: (Do they miss their son? Why are they so sad...?)

The others also remain silent...

Mrs. Stone: Oh, sorry. We're supposed to be happy.

Mrs. Stone: According to you guys, there are a few more things that need to be done in the "HoHoLuck" event, right?

Mrs. Stone rubs the corners of her eyes, her tone becoming more lively.

You: Yes, we're waiting for them to announce the task for the second stage.

Mrs. Stone: Thank you so much. I hope everything goes well.

You: There's no need to thank us. This is our job.

You: I'm actually enjoying the challenges. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Artem: Yeah, me too.

Luke: Time's up. I think we'll soon know what the task is.

Vyn: Based on the previous task, I think the next one will also require some thinking.

Marius: Whatever it is, we'll solve it.

DoC Location2 Icon.png Zack's Room[edit | edit source]

Location Unlock: NXX Group Chat

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
NXX Group Chat:
Heart-stirring Moments
(After Truth I and Event Phase 2 start time)

Artem: Is everyone here? HoYo just announced the task for the second stage.

Vyn: I am here.

Luke: Yes, I'm here.

Marius: I'm just done with a meeting. Let's talk about the task.

You: Mr. Wing, so what's the task about?

Artem: Find Homu's heart-stirring moments from the fans.

Artem: The official suggestion states that the participants are allowed to interview Homu's fans for this task, and find the answer from them.

Marius: Speaking of which, I saw them providing a list of fans who are suitable for interviews on their website.

Marius: I've sent it to all of you. Do take a look.

List of Fans

You: Saw it! I'm sure these children share a common characteristic.

Luke: That's right. Perhaps they do have a special bond with Homu.

Operation of task

You: Well, this task sounds more like an exclusive interview.

Luke: Or maybe they want us to experience a different way of solving the mystery, by making it more interesting.

Vyn: It seems like the goal for this question is clear. There is no need for us to look around.

Luke: If all the participants were to do an interview... does it mean that the children and their parents have to receive them every day?

Luke: Will it be too taxing for them...?

Artem: For such events, I'm sure the company has estimated the crowd and prepared measures to counter it should things go out of hand.

Artem: I've looked through the information of the fans in the list. On an average, each familiy will only need to attend to two groups of participants.

Artem: Hence, what you're worrying is unlikely to happen.

Luke: Good to know.

Marius: Regarding our interviewee, I have an idea!

Marius: Look! There's a kid named Zack Soong in the list. He's cheerful and enjoys socializing.

Marius: Moreover, he lives at Amity Heights. That district isn't far from here. How about we interview him?

Luke: I have no objections.

Vyn: I agree.

Artem: Same here.

You: I agree too!

Vyn: We will need to contact Zack's parents and seek their consent.

Luke: I've already done that.

Luke: Zack's mom said that they are available these days, so we're free to visit them anytime.

Marius: Luke, you're way too quick... You've gotta give me a chance to shine.

You: We need to strike while the iron is hot. Let's head over to the kid's house now. Can everyone make it? @all

Luke: Definitely. I'm all ready to go.

Artem: I'm good too.

Vyn: I will join you after I am done with what I am working on now.

Marius: See you in front of Zack's house.

Luke: -Tap to Continue-

Location Unlock: Site Arrival


Mrs. Soong leads you to Zack's room.

He's sitting at his desk, polishing his soccer ball. When he sees you, he stands up and greets you pleasantly.

Zack Soong: Welcome to my house!

You: Hey, can I enter your room?

Zack Soong: Of course! My mother told me that you guys are friends with Homu.

Zack Soong: Homu's friends are my friends. Make yourselves at home!

You: (No wonder Luke could contact the Soong family so quickly, he told them we were friends with Homu.)

You: (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

You: I think we'll look around for now! Let's talk at a later time.

Zack Soong: Okay, I'm mostly at home doing homework these days.

Zack Soong: If today can't work, we can do it tomorrow or the day after. I'd really like to talk with you guys!

You: Sure, then it's settled.

DoC Loc2 Clue1.png Mysterious Group Photo

What relationships and stories are hidden behind the photo?

Zack's room is well-kept. Sunlight streams into the room through the windows.

A group photo stands out on the shelf near Zack's bed.

You: Dr. Richter, look at the shelf. Doesn't that picture look unique?

[Tap inspection point]

Craftsmanship of the photo frame

After getting Zack's permission, you take the group photo down from the shelf.

You carefully touch the unique pattern carved on the wooden frame, which gives you a novel feeling.

You: This pattern is...

Vyn takes the photo frame and meticulously observes it.

Vyn: It is a trumpet vine, a type of flower commonly used to express respect and love for mothers.

You: If so, it might be more suitable to put it in the Zack's parents' room...

Vyn: Plus, the vine also represents ambition.

You: I get it now. If it's used as a decoration for the photo frame, that means Zack's parents had high hopes for him, right?

Vyn: Well, a lot of parents have high hopes for their children.

Content of the group photo

After getting Zack's permission, you take the group photo down from the shelf.

There are two children with their arms around each other's shoulders in the photo, smiling toward the camera.

Their faces look young and vibrant, and one of them belongs to Zack.

You: They're both wearing identical school uniforms... That other child was probably Zack's classmate.

You: But, the uniform he's wearing doesn't seem to be in the right size...

You point to the child's shoulder.

Vyn: This child's school uniform looks a bit worn-down.

Vyn: Look at that cuff. It is a bit shorter than it should be.

You nod in agreement.

Vyn: From what I understand, the elementary school Zack attended admitted several prospective students from poor backgrounds every year.

Vyn: This child was probably one of them.

You: Yeah, probably.

You: I can't really tell what their story is based on this picture.

Vyn: Regardless of their story, he must have been Zack's close friend.

Vyn: I have a feeling that the story between this child and Zack is the key to solving this problem.

You: I'm thinking the same thing.

You: But we need to find out what really happened between them.

Vyn: Right, then let us go somewhere else.

DoC Loc2 Clue2.png Commendation Certificate

Check out the photo wall... Can you see something different from the others?

To the side of the bed is a wall of photos showing Zack's life journey.

But among the photos hangs a neatly-framed certificate that doesn't seem to belong there.

You: Mr. Wing, have you seen the certificate over there?

Artem: Yeah, he probably hung it there because it means a lot to him.

You: I can't really see what's written on it from here...

Artem: Why don't we ask for his permission to take it down and look at it?

You: Sure.

[Tap inspection point]

After getting Zack's permission, you carefully take down the certificate.

You murmur the words written on it...

You: "Dear Zack Soong... You're a warm and kind child, and you care about your classmates a lot..."

You: "That's why we are giving you the title of Tiny Angel of HoYo."

You: "This certificate is thus bestowed upon you as a symbol of encouragement!"

You: It's a special certificate from the amusement park to honor Zack for all the help he gave!

Artem: An award for helping people. It must've been a great memento for him.

You: Which is why he treasures this certificate so much.

You: But Mr. Wing, one more thing...

Artem: What is it?

You: Everyone in school must've been helpful to some degree...

You: How exactly did the HoYoLand officials define who's eligible for this certificate?

Artem: Well, the park officials didn't publish the certificate requirements, but...

Artem: We can assume that Zack did something meaningful and memorable, since the park officials acknowledged his efforts.

You: You're right.

You: The park officials must've set up Zack as a role model to inspire other children...

DoC Loc2 Clue3.png Lunch Box

Is there any special meaning behind this regular lunch box?

Zack's room is well-kept with a subtle tinge of fragrance. Sunlight beams down through the windows and onto the carpet.

The sun's ray hits an area on his desk, drawing your attention.

You: What's that? It looks like a box...

Marius: A box? What's so special about a box?

You: Why don't we ask for Zack's permission to look at it?

Marius: Sure.

[Tap inspection point]

Inside the lunch box

After getting Zack's permission, you go to the desk and grab the box.

You: Is it a lunch box?

Marius takes the lunch box and scans its contents again.

Marius: Although it's a lunch box, there are actually some colored crayons inside... Interesting.

You: Is the lunch box being used as a stationary box or something?

Marius: It is probably being recycled and reused...

Marius: This lunch box is quite worn but still usable, so perhaps it was just used for storage.

You: That makes sense. I've done something similar in the past, but not with a lunch box...

Outside the lunch box

After getting Zack's permission, you pick up the box lying on the desk.

You: It's a lunch box... Here, look...

Marius: Anything good?

Marius gets closer and looks at where you're pointing to.

There are two boy-shaped stickers on one of the corners of the lunch box, with some letters written just below it with a pen.

Marius: ZS, DX...

You: ZS are Zack Soong's initials, right?

Marius: So DX... must be the other child's initials.

You: Also, we found it on his desk...

You: It looks like that child was pretty close with Zack.

Marius: It's possible that there might be some underlying meaning behind this lunch box.

You: I'm curious... What could be the meaning behind this lunch box?

Marius: Let me think...

Marius: Lunch box... It's definitely related to eating.

Marius: Eating... and a bond between friends...

Marius: Could it be a story about how they shared their lunches every afternoon?

You: Did this kind of friendship warm Homu's heart?

Marius: Possibly.

You: Well... It makes sense, but it feels like something's still missing...

Marius: No need to rush. Take it slow, we still have time.

DoC Loc2 Clue4.png The Disappearing Lunch

What? The lunch disappeared?

You and Artem plan to find and talk to Zack when you see him sitting on a chair by the door, looking lost.

You: Zack?

You call out his name gently, but are met with silence.

You then go over to him and rub his shoulder.

Zack is caught off-guard. He stands up and looks at you in embarrassment.

Zack Soong: Sorry...

Zack Soong: M-My thoughts were running wild... I didn't notice you guys.

You: Don't worry. I should've spoken louder.

Zack Soong: Do you need me for something?

You: Ah, can we talk to you for a moment?

Zack Soong: Sure, no problem!

Unforgettable experience

You: Do you have any unforgettable experiences?

Zack Soong: Unforgettable experiences...

You: Erm... Something you find the most interesting.

Zack scratches his head awkwardly.

Zack Soong: Hmm... I do have one actually!

Zack Soong: Once, when I was in the 4th grade, I ate three big bowls of rice at dinner.

Zack Soong: I'd never tried it before. But surprisingly, I managed to finish all three bowls.

Zack Soong: Back then, my parents called me gourmand. It was a bit embarrassing.

You: (This is quite special!)

Artem: So one time you suddenly ate a lot and you'd never tried it before...

Artem: Which means, you'd been eating normally before that.

Artem: Could you tell me why you suddenly decided to eat more?

You: (Well, this is rather strange...)

Artem bends his knees slightly so that he and Zack are about the same height. He then speaks to him in a gentle tone.

After hearing what Artem says, Zack looks a bit nervous.

Zack Soong: Because I... I thought I'd be more manly if I could eat three bowls of rice!

You: Wait a second... What does that have to do with being manly?

Zack Soong: Well, that was what I thought back then...

You: (Clearly, we need to think from a child's perspective to understand.)

You: You just gave it a shot and then you discovered you could eat that much...

You: But three bowls of rice are a lot. Could you really eat that much?

Zack Soong: Of course! I was really hungry at that time.

Zack Soong: And if I ate more for dinner, then I could take more for lunch.

The disappearing lunch

You: Take more for lunch? Why?

When you ask, Zack lowers his head and avoids eye contact.

You: You just promised us that you'd tell us everything.

You: How can you break your promise now?

You cross your arms, pretending to be mad.

Zack Soong: I-I...

Zack Soong: All right. I'll tell you, but you can't let anyone else know.

After a bit of struggling, Zack gives in.

You: Okay, I promise.

Artem: We'll keep this a secret.

Zack Soong: I-I gave my lunch to a classmate, so I was very hungry in the afternoon...

Zack Soong: When I arrived home in the evening, I couldn't help but eat loads.

Zack Soong: This made my parents think my body was growing, so they gave me more for lunch...

Zack Soong: In this way, I had more food to give to my classmate.

Artem: You gave your lunch to a classmate?

Zack Soong: Yes...

Zack Soong: There was a disadvantaged student in our class, and to save money, he didn't eat lunch...

Zack Soong: I-I didn't want him to starve every day, so I gave him my lunch.

Zack Soong: To make him feel comfortable with it, I lied to him by saying I'd brought lots of snacks and didn't have an appetite for meals.

Zack Soong: I knew it was unhealthy to skip lunch... But because of this, we became good friends.

Zack Soong: I think that was well worth lying for!

You: ...

Artem: ...

You: You're such a good child.

The reason for hiding the truth

You reach out and gently pat Zack's head.

You: You were doing a good thing. Why do you feel embarrassed to tell us?

Zack hesitates for a second before continuing.

Zack Soong: Some of my classmates looked down on the disadvantaged kids.

Zack Soong: And I knew that my classmate didn't want others to talk about his family or sympathize with him...

Zack Soong: That's why I didn't want to tell you. I didn't want you to sympathize with him.

Zack Soong: I didn't even tell my parents at first...

Zack's story tugs at your heartstrings. Both you and Artem are touched by this child's consideration.

You softly pinch his cheek and smile gently.

You: You're awesome.

Zack Soong: Thank you, you flatter me!

You: We should be the ones thanking you for telling us such a heartwarming story.

DoC Loc2 Clue5.png Boy's Wish

I don't have superpowers, but that won't stop me from wanting to help others!

After looking around Zack's room, you and Luke decide to look for him to understand what's going on.

He is resting on a chair by the door while holding a soccer ball.

You: Zack!

Zack Soong: You came!

You: Are you free? Can we talk for a moment?

Zack Soong: Sure!

About Homu

You: You like Homu, don't you? I've seen a lot of Homu souvenirs in your room.

Zack Soong: Yeah, Homu is my idol!

Zack Soong: I've collected a lot of his merchandise!

Zack points to the Homu dolls on the bed and the merchandise he collected on the shelf.

The reason to like Homu

Luke: So, can you tell me why you like Homu so much?

Zack Soong: Because he's awesome, of course!

When speaking about why he likes Homu, Zack's eyes light up.

Zack Soong: Homu can fly and has superpowers. He can beat up monsters in the blink of an eye just like Superman!

Zack Soong: And he's brave and kind, protecting HoYo Village and his buddies with his powers.

Zack Soong: For me, he's an awesome character!

The boy's wish

Luke: Do you want to have superpowers like Homu?

Luke asks after Zack finishes speaking, but Zack shakes his head.

Zack Soong: I-I've never thought about it. I know it's impossible.

Zack Soong: But this doesn't make me sad! My wish is to be like Homu!

Zack Soong: Even if I don't have superpowers, I can still protect my friends and help others in my own way.

Zack Soong: Believe in yourself and make full use of your own power. That's what Homu's fans should be like!

Luke: You're right. I believe you can do it.

You: Me too.

Zack Soong: Thank you. I feel more confident now!

Zack Soong: Ah... It's almost time for me to play soccer with my friends...

Zack Soong: Anything else you guys want to know? Quickly!

You: Nope. Thank you, Zack. You've told us more than enough.

Zack Soong: No problem! It's my duty as a friend!

DoC Loc2 Clue6.png Charity Foundation

Originally, Zack Soong's parents wanted to set up a "Zack Foundation," but they never succeeded. Go find out why.

Marius: When I looked at the information in the fan list earlier, there was something called the "Zack Foundation."

Marius: [Player], did you see anything related to this foundation?

You: No. This is actually my first time hearing about it...

You: Wait, Zack Foundation... Zack Soong!?

Marius: ...Maybe Zack knows something about this foundation!

You: Let me ask him.

Zack is unenthusiastically playing soccer.

You: Zack!

Zack Soong: Hey!

You: Can we talk to you for a moment?

Zack Soong: Okay!

You: Do you know an organization called the "Zack Foundation"?

Zack looks torn upon hearing your question.

His thin eyebrows rise as he fiddles with his fingers.

Zack Soong: ...

You: What's wrong? Is it... something private?

Zack Soong: No. it's just a bit complicated...

Zack starts explaining the whole thing to you.

Zack Soong: When I was in elementary school, the school admitted several prospective students from poor backgrounds every year.

Zack Soong: There was a student in my class among them...

Zack Soong: To save money, he didn't even buy bread at lunch, and just drank water when he was hungry.

Zack Soong: I-I couldn't let it go on, so for some time, I gave him my lunch and ate a lot for dinner instead.

Zack Soong: After my parents found out, they decided to set up a foundation to financially support him...

Zack Soong: It was initially named after me.

You: No wonder it's called the "Zack Foundation"...

Marius: So, what happened? Why is it not operating now?

Zack Soong: Er... It's because I didn't agree.

You: What!?

Zack Soong: I-I thought that it wouldn't help the student...

Zack Soong: I knew he was a proud person and didn't want others to pity him.

Zack Soong: If I helped him with the foundation, he definitely wouldn't like it, so I didn't let my parents set it up.

You nod your head in agreement, and pat Zack's head.

You: I fully support your decision.

Marius: So what happened afterwards?

Zack's face lights up again.

Zack Soong: It was me, my parents, and the teachers who came up with the idea!

You: What is it?

Zack Soong: The teachers assigned several students in need to become "administrators."

Zack Soong: They would occasionally help organize books and clean the hallways.

Zack Soong: In "exchange," they could eat lunch with the teachers in the staff cafeteria.

Zack Soong: That way, no one would go hungry anymore!

Marius: Incredible! What a great way to maintain a work-study balance.

You: Not only did it protect the students' dignity, but it also helped them make a living.

You: Zack, you did really well!

Marius: My thoughts exactly. It's a fantastic idea.

Zack Soong: Hehe, it's mostly thanks to my parents and the teachers!

Zack smiles modestly as he receives praise.

You: We understand everything about the foundation now. Thanks!

Zack Soong: No problem! I really like talking with you guys!

Correct Answers[edit | edit source]

Clue 1: Content of the group photo
Clue 3: Outside the lunch box

Truth II[edit | edit source]

Truth II
Suburban Mansion
Misc Location - Classic Study (Day).png

The exploration of the second stage of HoHoLuck ends...

You return to the Stones once again, and talk with them about the task this time and the story of Zack Soong.

Mr. Stone: Ah, you guys make him sound like such a nice kid...

Mrs. Stone: Yeah, he's so thoughtful and considerate.

After hearing your story, the couple praises Zack.

Vyn: Zack is studying at a well-known private primary school...

Vyn: To build a positive image, the school admits several prospective students from poor backgrounds every year.

Vyn: But the difference between the students' family backgrounds causes some students to pick on the others...

Vyn: But Zack never did that. Instead, he always helped those in need.

Artem: Zack's warmhearted acts attracted the attention of HoYoLand.

Artem: They found out that he was a fan of Homu, so members of staff dressed as Homu visited Zack and brought gifts and a certificate of merit to encourage him.

You: Yeah! Zack hung the certificate with Homu on it above his bed. He clearly treasures it very much.

Marius: The park shared Zack's story with us...

Marius: Does that mean his story is about that topic, "Homu's heart-stirring moments from the fans?"

You: Yeah, I think you're right.

Vyn: So Homu can also be touched by fans. Perhaps they did something that it could never do thanks to its influence.

Luke: Right! Zack also told me something like this when we were chatting.

Luke: He said that he was a fan of Homu and always considered it his model.

Luke: He has no super powers, so he couldn't be a hero in the virtual world...

Luke: But he can learn from Homu and try his best to help others in the real world.

Hearing Luke's words, Marius wears a lost-in-thought expression.

Marius: Speaking of which, he chose to share his lunch with his classmate instead of telling this to his parents.

Marius: And he refused to name the foundation in his name or help his classmates by donating...

Marius: These are his ways of helping others.

Mr. and Mrs. Stone nod.

Mrs. Stone: Stellan is just like him... Always helpful, sincere, and kind.

Mrs. Stone: I don't know if it's because of Homu, but he also likes to help others a lot.

Mrs. Stone: As a child, Stellan would regularly donate clothes and books...

Mrs. Stone: He also saved up money to help stray cats and dogs.

Mrs. Stone: When he grew up, he wanted to contribute to his country...

Mrs. Stone: We used to worry that his job is too dangerous, but Stellan wouldn't change his mind.

Mrs. Stone: Just like this kid, Stellan has been much braver and kinder than we could've imagined.

Thinking of Stellan Stone's diary and his past, you also feel really touched.

You: He and Zack both grew up under the influence of Homu.

You: And they spread this kindness in their own ways.

You: Maybe the park wants us to know...

Fans pass on Homu's qualities

You: Homu fans are not only encouraged by Homu, but also spread kindness to others.

You: Homu lives in a virtual world, so it can't help those in need in the real world. But, its fans can...

You: Maybe that's why Homu is touched by its fans.

Luke: Yeah, that's what I think too. The fans' actions spread Homu's love to people.

Marius: Basically, the student becomes the master.

Fans put love into action

You: The fans are not only encouraged by Homu, but also pass on Homu's love with their actions.

You: Big or small, they're all doing whatever they can in real life.

You: Maybe that's why Homu is touched by its fans.

Vyn: That's correct. They act with kindness and spread the love that Homu wants to spread.

Artem: Homu and its fans assist and influence each other.

You: I'll write this answer in the letter then.

Everyone nods in agreement.

Mr. Stone lets out a sigh as you seal the envelope.

Mr. Stone: We're too out of touch...

Mr. Stone: We always thought that only kids loved Homu.

Mrs. Stone: But we were wrong. It might've had a greater influence on young people than we did.

Mrs. Stone: We're old... too old to understand young people...

The couple seem at a loss.

You: (Stellan Stone is just working abroad... Why did they sound so regretful...?)

You open your mouth but say nothing.

You sit quietly as the couple stare into space. You don't know what they're thinking.

Maybe it isn't until this moment that they finally understand why Stellan Stone loves Homu and HoYoLand.

You: We have no idea what the last stage of the "HoHoLuck" event will be.

You: Can we win the grand prize?

Luke: Of course. Nothing in the world is impossible for the NXX.

Marius: Don't worry, Miss. You have me.

Vyn: We'll win the grand prize together.

Artem: We should have faith in our answer.

You: Yeah!

DoC Location3 Icon.png Souvenir Shop[edit | edit source]

Location Unlock: NXX Group Chat

Phone text message icon.png
Text Message
NXX Group Chat:
Secret of Birth
(After Truth II and Event Phase 3 start time)

Marius: I hereby announce—

Marius: HoHoLuck Stage 3 Task is officially available!

Artem: Has their official website released it?

Luke: Finally, we're at the last stage!

You: What's the question this time? Is it tougher than the previous ones?

Marius: Last question: Find the secret of HoYoLand's birth.

Marius: And the clue they gave is that the scope of search is within HoYoLand's Souvenir Shop.

Analyze the secret of birth

You: The secret of birth... Could it be related to the original plan that the park had come up with?

Vyn: That is certainly something for us to consider.

Discuss the Souvenir Shop

You: Could it be an item found in the Souvenir Shop, which corresponds with the "secret of birth"?

Vyn: It is highly possible.

Vyn: We can take note of these related information when visiting the shop.

You: Why don't we just act on it now? I'll meet you guys at HoYoLand?

Artem: Okay, then I'll get prepared to set off right away.

Marius: I'm on my way to a store inspection near the Cloudbreak District. I'll join you shortly.

Vyn: I will head there after I am done organizing some patients' medical records.

Luke: Got it. Meet you directly at the Souvenir Shop.

Marius: -Tap to Continue-

Location Unlock: Site Arrival


As you get through the packed crowd, you arrive at a souvenir shop inside HoYoLand.

???: Hello, how can I help you?

A pleasant greeting comes from next to you, and you turn around to see a staff member in a shop uniform.

You: Hi, we're taking part in the HoHoLuck event.

Female Clerk: Ah, a participant.

Female Clerk: Welcome to HoYo Souvenir Shop of Stage 3. Please take a look around!

Female Clerk: If there's anything you'd like to know about HoYoLand, please let me know.

You: Wouldn't we be disturbing your work?

Female Clerk: Don't worry, it's my job to answer visitors' questions.

Female Clerk: I have something I need to do. If there's anything you want to ask, just swing by the cashier.

You: Okay, sorry for bothering you.

The female staff member nods, walks over to the shelves, and starts working.

DoC Loc3 Clue1.png Smiling Photo Stickers

Check the wooden board to see what great memories the tourists have left.

As you admire the fascinating items in the store, you nearly lose track of the purpose of your visit to this souvenir shop.

Before you realize what you're doing, a large stack of gifts are already in your hands...

You: I definitely didn't come here to go shopping, but I couldn't resist...

Artem: This place feels very sophisticated.

Artem: I also considered buying some items as souvenirs to bring back to the law firm.

Artem: If you like these, I can buy them for you.

You: There's no need, Mr. Wing. Let's focus on finishing this event first.

Upon hearing Artem's offer, you shake your head and start to return some items to the shelves...

You: Hm?

A nearby rectangular panel grabs your attention.

You: Mr. Wing... What's that?

Artem: ...The panel with a photo on it?

Artem: It doesn't look like it's for sale, and the park put it in such a prominent location. There has to be a reason for this.

You: Then let's take a look!

[Tap inspection point]

Style of the photo stickers panel

You approach the shelf and observe the panel.

The panel is filled with many head-shaped stickers left behind by tourists.

You: All of these head-shaped stickers look similar to Homu.

You: A pink Homu... and a blue one?

Artem: Only the yellow one can be called a Homu. The rest are members of the Homu race.

You: I see... Mr. Wing, how do you know all this?

Artem: When I was preparing, I looked up the history of the Homu race.

Artem: I didn't think it would come in handy here.

You: Good thing you were here. Otherwise, I would've misunderstood.

You: That explains why there were many photo stickers with Homu elements in the park.

Content of the photo stickers panel

You approach the shelf and observe the panel.

The panel is filled with many photo stickers that have smiling faces left behind by tourists.

You: These photo stickers...

You: Not only are there couples and families...

You: But there are also lots of elderly people!

Artem: It seems that HoYoLand's influence is quite significant.

You: You're right! Mr. Wing, look at that, they all look so happy.

Artem nods in agreement.

Artem: They definitely enjoyed their time in HoYoLand.

You: They're displaying all these stickers to show how lovely the park is, right?

Artem: I think so, and...

Artem: The store is filled with people. It gives the impression that many people enjoy being in the park.

You: I want to go and play in the park just by looking at their smiles.

Artem: Once I'm done with my work, I can join you.

You: All right!

You: Speaking of these photo stickers, do they have anything to do with the Secret of Birth?

Artem: They look pretty happy in the photo, so I think we can view it from a "happiness" point of view.

You: That's reasonable. After all, an amusement park's main objective is to create a joyful and cheerful atmosphere!

Artem: All right, we still have time. Let's go somewhere else.

You: Sure, let's keep looking.

DoC Loc3 Clue2.png Children's Drawings

Check what's in that painting. You may find some inspiration.

You: Luke, look at that. That large portrait of Homu looks beautiful.

You point to the wall near the cashier, and Luke nods.

Luke: Yeah, it really is...

In the middle of his sentence, Luke suddenly frowns.

You: Luke, what is it?

Luke: Nothing... I just saw a pretty remarkable painting.

You: Remarkable?

Luke: Yeah, that one below the large Homu portrait...

You: Hm?

You squint and follow his gaze...

An abnormal-looking painting lies on the shelf.

You: There's definitely something unique about it. Let's take a closer look.

[Tap inspection point]

Position of the painting frame

After getting the staff's permission, you take down the frame.

There's a crayon painting inside it.

It shows many tiny people gathered together, dancing their hearts out.

The painting doesn't look very sophisticated, but it's absolutely adorable.

You: Judging by the lines and colored boxes, it seems to have been made by a child, right?

You: Why's it being displayed here...?

Luke: Well... it's close to the cashier, and this is right where people queue up.

Luke: There's a decent chance that every single tourist that buys something here will see this painting.

Luke: Do you think HoYoLand intentionally designed it this way to attract more attention?

You: Yeah, it's possible...

Content of the painting frame

After getting the staff's permission, you take down the frame.

This is a crayon drawing filled with youthful joy.

It shows many tiny people gathered together, dancing their hearts out.

The painting doesn't look very sophisticated, but it's absolutely adorable.

You: This looks like something we drew when we were kids!

You: Luke, does this musical note signify that they're singing?

Luke looks at the musical note and nods in agreement.

Luke: That's right... Wait a minute, isn't this person's clothing similar to the clerk's?

You: Let me see.

Upon observing the painting in your hand, you begin to recall the female clerk you saw recently.

You: Good eye. They're wearing similar clothing.

Crayon paintings, clerk uniforms... The meaning of this painting is beginning to reveal itself.

You: I think there used to be a small child who loved the staff and made this painting to show their gratitude!

Luke: The clerk must've loved this painting too, seeing as they framed it and put it on display.

As you talk about the child who gave a gift to the clerk, an idea strikes you.

You: I have an idea...

You: What if the bond between visitors and staff is related to the Secret of Birth?

You: The staff working at HoYoLand are warm and helpful to the visitors, helping them to enjoy their time there.

You: Some of the staff might also experience the occasional surprise and recognition, like the clerk who received the painting.

You: They're like two loose ends tied together by the presence of HoYoLand.

Luke: That's my Watson! What a refreshing point of view!

Luke: It feels like we're very close to finding the answer.

You: All right, let's go somewhere else.

DoC Loc3 Clue3.png Post-it Note

What's written on the note? Will it tell you the park's secrets?

You: Wow, that's a Homu-shaped Polaroid!

You: There are so many things here. It feels like one could live off these.

You: Oh, and what's this?

A row of sticky notes on the shelf catch your eye.

They seem to be bunched together in layers on the wooden panel of the shelf. There are quite a lot of them too.

You: Dr. Richter, these are...

Vyn: They seem to be messages left by visitors.

Vyn: The staff members put them here on purpose... I wonder why.

You: Let's take a closer look!

[Tap inspection point]

You both crouch down to get a closer look at the note's contents.

You both slowly read the note.

You: "Thank you, HoYoLand, for making my proposal a success! The castle's design is beautiful!"

You: "Hopefully, Homu will bless my exam results!"

You: "I had a wonderful time, and I hope to come back soon!"

You: It's mostly words of gratitude and good luck wishes here.

You: Dr. Richter, did you find anything?

Vyn points to a pink heart-shaped note.

Vyn: This note... It must have been the work of a woman.

Vyn: The message is about how she enjoyed her time in HoYoLand.

Vyn: It made her feel like she was a child again.

You: I also feel like this sometimes when I'm in an amusement park.

You begin to imagine their joy as they wrote the message on the note.

You: Dr. Richter, do you think that the notes here...

You: Are intended to enhance HoYoLand's image in front of more people?

Vyn: I like your train of thought.

Vyn: Various visitors left messages here, which gives it more credibility and value.

After observing the contents of the notes, you and Vyn come up with an idea.

You: Some people say this is a place of love, while others say this is a family's paradise...

You: Everyone seems to have varying views of HoYoLand.

Vyn: But the one that left the deepest impression was the one that said they "felt like they were a child again."

Vyn: Childhood usually represents innocence and freedom, but as people grow up, these characteristics often disappear.

Vyn: To say that coming to HoYoLand feels like being a child again is the highest praise someone can give.

You: Going to the park is like going back to your childhood and reliving the past?

Vyn: I have an idea.

Vyn: The Secret of Birth might be related to the feeling that visitors get when they come here.

Vyn: When people find a place where they can relive their childhood and its charm, they will treasure it.

You: I totally agree. I think Dr. Richter's answer is correct!

DoC Loc3 Clue4.png Alternative Homu

Check out that Homu doll. It's a little different from the others. You may find the answer you're looking for there.

You: I didn't realize there were so many different characters in the Homu race.

You point to the differently-colored, Homu-like doll as you talk with Marius.

Marius: Do you like them? How about I buy them all?

You: No, there's no need, I just...

Before you finish speaking, a fine-looking doll catches your eye.

You: Hey, look at this Homu. Doesn't it look different from what we're normally used to seeing?

Marius: Yeah, the park even has it protected with a glass cover...

You: Isn't that a valuable and rare one?

Marius: Let's take it down and have a look.

[Tap inspection point]

After getting the staff's permission, Marius uses his high reach to take down the Homu doll.

This Homu is wearing a red scarf and is holding a knife and fork with an interesting look on its face as if it has just finished eating cake.

Unlike the other Homu in the store, this one is small and looks handmade.

You: It seems that this Homu was handmade...

Marius points toward its bottom and urges you to read what's written on it.

"Customized based on a dessert design made by Anne from the Staff House."

You: This one seems to be a Dessert Homu.

Marius: Judging from the engraving, it seems that a staff member called Anne originally designed this Homu.

Marius: It was published after the park made some adjustments.

You: So it's a Homu doll personally designed by a staff member...

You: No wonder it was displayed in the grandest location. It's absolutely extraordinary.

You: I think this Homu is more adorable than the rest.

Marius: I also noticed a row of numbers on the bottom, marked 42032.

Marius: Looks like it's a hot commodity.

You: This particular staff member must've been compensated well for this doll, right?

Marius: It depends on the company. If there's a profit-sharing scheme, then she must've had a significant windfall.

Marius: Previously, we only saw HoYoLand from its entertainment side...

Marius: It's nice to know that it's also doing well commercially.

You: Commercially?

Marius: Yeah. The way it acknowledges its staff makes it mutually beneficial for the park and the staff.

Marius: Pax ought to learn from HoYoLand.

You: I can't wait for Mr. von Hagen's performance!

DoC Loc3 Clue5.png Original Dreams

The best way to know about an amusement park is to ask its staff.

As you and Luke approach the cashier, the female staff member sorting out some items sees you and quickly puts down her items.

Female Clerk: Hello, how can I help you?

You: Sorry for interfering with your work.

Female Clerk: No problem, it's my job.

Female Clerk: What would you guys like to know?

You: Well, I'm curious about the amusement park.

Female Clerk: Okay.

Situation about work

You: HoYoLand has just opened, so you probably haven't worked here for long...

You: But we still want to know how you feel about working here.

The female clerk shakes her head at your question though.

Female Clerk: No, I was assigned here from another district.

Female Clerk: I've worked in HoYoLand for four years.

Female Clerk: It's no exaggeration to say that I've done every type of work in this amusement park.

You: Amazing...

Feelings about work

You: Then, how do you feel about working here? Do you feel tired?

Female Clerk: It's not easy, but I wouldn't call it tiring.

Female Clerk: To me, it's fulfilling.

Female Clerk: I get to see many smiling faces and am always surrounded by laughter.

Female Clerk: Thanks to this job, I've met a lot of little friends, and all of them have been very cute.

Female Clerk: And no matter whether it's my team leader or the regional project manager, they all respect us ordinary staff.

Female Clerk: So, I'm happy to work in HoYoLand, and it's given me a strong sense of achievement.

Luke: You clearly love your job.

You: That's really enviable.

The reason for working here

You: By the way, if it's okay with you, could you tell me why you wanted to work in an amusement park in the first place?

Female Clerk: ...

Female Clerk: It's a bit embarrassing...

Female Clerk: In fact, I've always wanted to work in an amusement park ever since I was little. My childhood dream was to bring happiness to others.

Female Clerk: I suppose there are no other jobs in this world that can make people happier than working in an amusement park.

Luke: Bringing happiness to others and finding your own happiness at the same time... That's like the perfect job.

Female Clerk: Yeah, but I still need to work hard.

Female Clerk: Let me tell you a secret. Many staff members of HoYoLand started working here for the same reason as me.

You: It's because of these warm and passionate staff that visitors enjoy their time here.

You: Maybe that's part of HoYoLand's charm...

Female Clerk: Thank you for the compliment, I'm simply doing my part.

Female Clerk: Is there anything else you'd like to know?

You: Nope, I think we're done here.

You: Thank you.

Female Clerk: No worries. I'm glad I could help.

DoC Loc3 Clue6.png About Costumed Characters

Do you know what it's like to be a costumed character? Go ask.

You: The secret of HoYoLand's birth... What else can that be related to?

Vyn: The park's staff members should understand the amusement park the most.

Vyn: If we try to look at this situation from the staff members' point of view, we might be able to get a different answer.

You: Then... should we go ask that female staff member?

You: She did say that she was open to questions regarding the amusement park.

Vyn: Well, if she is currently occupied, we can go later.

You and Vyn walk towards the cashier, where the female staff member you previously met is sorting out clothing items.

You: Excuse me, are you busy? We have a few questions regarding HoYoLand.

Female Clerk: Hold on, let me put these clothes away.

After getting her job done, the female staff member come to you.

Female Clerk: All right, I'm free now.

Female Clerk: What do you guys want to know?

You: Well. I'd like to know about the situation concerning HoYoLand's staff members.

Female Clerk: The staff members' situation?

You: Like how you guys work and how work is assigned... Are you comfortable sharing that information?

The female staff member ponders for a moment and then nods gently.

Female Clerk: People don't usually ask us these types of questions.

Female Clerk: We actually have very defined job roles.

Female Clerk: Most of the staff in the park are operators, ticket staff, general staff, security staff, lifeguards, and performers.

Female Clerk: The rest aren't really visible and work behind the scenes.

You: Performers? You mean the ones who perform in the parade floats on the avenue?

Female Clerk: That's right, and the most special ones... are those who perform in costumes.

You: Ah, the ones who have to wear character costumes.

Female Clerk: Yeah, their jobs are much harder compared to other staff members.

Female Clerk: They have to perform in thick costumes all the time.

Female Clerk: And they have to maintain that for as long as the park is open.

The staff member sighs.

Female Clerk: It's rough...

Vyn: I know that feeling.

Vyn: No one knows who the person beneath the costume is.

Vyn: Everyone adores and praises the character that they play.

Female Clerk: Yeah... I remember the time when I worked in another park.

Female Clerk: It was summer, and several staff members had to be hospitalized due to heatstroke from suffocating in their costumes.

Female Clerk: My job is nothing compared to theirs.

You: They voluntarily chose to do their job. They must've been very strong-willed.

Hearing you say that, the staff member begins to cheer up.

Female Clerk: Yeah, I've asked them why they chose to stick with their jobs.

Female Clerk: They said that they chose to stick because they wanted to entertain the visitors with the characters they love.

Female Clerk: Every time they see a visitor amused or touched, it makes them feel happy as well.

The commitment of the staff also moves you and Vyn.

Vyn: Every hard-working staff member should be held in high regard.

You: Definitely. HoYoLand is more lively with you guys around.

Female Clerk: Thanks for your words of encouragement. I'll continue to do my best!

Female Clerk: So, do you guys have any other questions?

You: No. Thank you.

Female Clerk: No problem. I hope I helped you.

Correct Answers[edit | edit source]

Clue 1: Content of the photo stickers panel
Clue 2: Content of the painting frame

Truth III[edit | edit source]

Truth III
Suburban Mansion
Misc Location - Classic Study (Day).png

This is the fourth time you've come to the Stones. Since Stellan is away, the couple seems more than happy to have you here.

As they grow familiar with Homu and HoYoLand, the couple join your discussion from time to time.

Mr. Stone: I feel like my energy has come back after seeing you young people here.

Mr. Stone: What's the puzzle this time?

You: Hmm... The task is to find the secret of HoYoLand's birth.

Mr. Stone: Secret of birth? Sounds tough.

Marius: Yeah. I think this topic is too subjective.

Vyn frowns slightly.

Vyn: Looking at it from another perspective, the secret of birth might be the reason why they built the first HoYoLand park.

You: Dr. Richter has a point. This is much easier to understand.

You: They told us to check the gift shop. There must be information about the park's birth there.

Luke nods to affirm your suggestion.

Luke: That's right. Let's discuss what we saw there, shall we?

Artem: I saw photo stickers left by tourists. Their bright smiles left a deep impression on me.

You: HoYoLand is a place that brings people lots of joy, right?

Vyn: Indeed. Beyond that, I think...

Vyn: It is also a place where people can find sincerity, which is rare.

Vyn: I saw a handwritten message. Based on the handwriting, I think it was left by a lady.

Vyn: She wrote that visiting HoYoLand felt like she'd returned to her childhood, and that she'd forgotten her troubles briefly.

Vyn: This moment of purity and innocence is hard to find in the grown-up world.

Vyn's comment makes you sink into a moment of silence.

You: One can soothe their heart briefly in HoYoLand... This might also be a good answer.

Marius: I have a different idea. What if we look at this question from the perspective of the staff?

Marius: I saw a unique doll on a shelf. An employee in another park designed it.

Marius: The park recognized their design and gave them a share of the rights to the doll.

Marius: HoYoLand really looks after its staff.

Luke: Marius is right. The park does think about how to encourage its employees.

Luke: Besides, I think how one feels while working is also very important.

Luke: The staff in the gift shop told me that many of them joined the park because they dreamed of bringing joy to others.

Luke: They earn the respect, recognition, and laughter of tourists while working...

Luke: So they have a great sense of achievement when working at HoYoLand.

Luke: I saw a painting near the cashier, which was given to the staff by a child.

Luke: It was simple but sincere. If someone gave me a painting like that to thank me for my work, I'd also be very happy.

Vyn: The staff members in costumes work even harder than regular employees.

Vyn: They perform in heavy costumes all day long, yet the praise and applause from guests are mostly for the characters they play...

Vyn: Still, they enjoy their work.

Vyn: Like Luke said, many of them chose this job because they wanted to bring people joy.

Vyn: Without the amusement park, they wouldn't get this great opportunity to achieve their dreams and see people's smiles.

Vyn: Thanks to staff like them, the park has become a popular place that everyone wants to visit.

You: To achieve goals and receive smiles... this is also a great idea.

You: All of your suggestions make sense. Hmm... which one should I choose as the answer this time...?

Seeing you hesitate, Mr. Stone smiles.

Mr. Stone: There's no wrong answer. I think all of you are right.

Mr. Stone: Listening to you guys has reminded me of something that happened in the past...

You: What is it?

Mr. Stone: We took Stellan to another amusement park once.

Mr. Stone: We were still young back then, and Stellan was just a kid. I think it was in spring...

Mr. Stone: Stellan yelled that he wanted to ride a roller coaster. Neither of us dared to ride it, so we waited outside instead.

Mr. Stone: We felt scared just looking at it, but Stellan thought it was really fun and exciting.

Mr. Stone: Hmm... What else did we try that time? Give me a second...

Mrs. Stone: Hehe, don't you remember? We went to play on a trapeze.

Mr. Stone: Oh, yeah. It went up slowly, with little Stellan sitting between us, and we just swung and swung...

Mrs. Stone: Don't bring that up. You almost threw up when we got off.

Mr. Stone: Ahem... Let's just skip that part.

Mr. Stone: Anyway, the experience in that amusement park is a beautiful memory for us.

Mr. Stone: So, I guess HoYoLand must've witnessed many stories of different people.

Mr. Stone: It's a pity that it opened too late in Stellis... We're too old to go there with Stellan now.

Mr. Stone: It would be nice if it had been completed back then.

Mr. Stone looks a little sad.

You think about the couple's commitment to Stellan Stone. Perhaps he has always dreamed of going to HoYoLand because he really wanted to witness it.

You: To bring people happiness, to soothe their hearts, to achieve their goals, to create beautiful memories...

You: None of them can fully summarize the meaning of the park's existence. So...

Combine everyone's ideas

You: I think there's no right or wrong answer to this question.

You: Maybe I should combine everyone's ideas...

Luke: Yeah, HoYoLand belongs to everyone, and all of them have their own answers to the question.

Marius: Correct, and there should be all kinds of meanings of its existence.

You: Hmm...

After thinking for a moment, you make a decision.

Think about it again

You: No matter which one I choose, I feel like something is missing...

Vyn: Take your time.

Artem: If you find it hard to decide, we can discuss the clues some more.

You: Hmm...

After thinking for a moment, you decide on an answer.

You unfold the letter and grab some pens.

You: I believe our ideas combined can explain the secret of birth of Homu and the amusement park.

You: Let's each write a single sentence of the letter.

Marius: Okay.

Marius takes the letter first and writes down his answer.

Marius: I believe in your intuition, Miss.

Vyn: Usually, we would think that there is only one correct answer. But, this time might be different.

Artem: I trust in your judgment.

Luke: There is no rule saying that we can only write down one answer. Let's do this.

Seeing everyone's look of support, your heart is filled with warmth.

Mr. and Mrs. Stone also leave their answers in the letter with shaky handwriting.

When you seal the letter, Mrs. Stone sighs deeply.

Mrs. Stone: Ah... If only Stellan could be here to see this.

Mr. Stone: It's okay... I'm sure he will find out.

You: (Huh? Why did they say that?)

You: (Why don't they just check with him? Does this mean... they haven't contacted Stellan Stone recently?)

You turn to the others, feeling a little worried...

But they all just sit quietly and say nothing. So you give up on the idea of asking them.

Mr. Stone: So, we've completed this event, right?

Thanks to Mr. Stone starting another topic, a relaxed vibe returns to the living room.

You: Yes, we just need to hand over the three envelopes to the park and wait patiently.

Mr. Stone: Great. Hopefully we can win. This matters to my wife and me...

Luke: Mr. Stone, please have faith in us.

Marius: Yes. We not only have strength. We also have luck.

Vyn: I have a feeling that we are going to win the grand prize.

Artem: Everything will be fine.

You: Let's hope that our luck will stay with us this time.

Truth IV[edit | edit source]

Truth IV
NXX Headquarters
NXX Headquarters Meeting Room
NXX Headquarters.png

Four days after handing over the three envelopes to HoYoLand for certification, you receive their response.

You tap the message a little nervously and read the content out loud.

You: "Dear guests, thank you for participating in our 'HoHoLuck' event."

You: "Our official review team has checked the letters you sent."

You: "Congratulations! You have passed our certification process and won the grand prize!"

You put down your phone and look at the others. Your heart is brimming with joy.

You: We won! I can't believe it!

Luke: Just like I said.

Marius: What do we do next? Should we go to the park to get the prize?

You: Let me check the message. They said that we need to choose a date to claim it.

You: Then, the staff from the park will visit us and give us the prize. It'll be like a small ceremony!

Luke: Let's tell the great news to Mr. and Mrs. Stone.

You: Sure. I'm sure they'll be really happy.

Then you set the date after checking with the park and the couple.

Suburban Mansion
Misc Location - Classic Study (Day).png

A few hours later, you drive to the couple's home.

HoYoLand has sent a staff member in a Homu costume and another who is responsible for handing over the prize.

Mr. Stone: Thank you so much...

Mrs. Stone: You helped us fulfill Stellan's wish. We're so grateful!

Mr. and Mrs. Stone keep expressing their gratitude, making you feel a little overwhelmed.

Luke: We're glad to be of assistance.

You: Yeah... We're happy to help.

Prize Redeemer: Congratulations on passing the test for the "HoHoLuck" event in the opening festival. Are you ready for the grand prize?

The staff member stops the couple in a polite and timely manner.

Homu (Staff): HoYo, HoYo! What could the mysterious grand prize be?

Mr. Stone: Please... Come over here.

Mr. and Mrs. Stone lead you to a long table with a tin box on it.

You: (Is this...?)

Remembering the couple's reaction before, your heart sinks.

Mrs. Stone slowly opens the box and takes out a photo.

In the photo is a young man with a stern look. He strongly resembles the couple, so he must be Stellan Stone.

Mrs. Stone touches the photo of her son softly and murmurs.

Mrs. Stone: Stellan... we finally fulfilled your wish this time.

Mrs. Stone: Your mom and dad kept their promise... We did it...

You: ...

Vyn: ...

Marius: ...

Artem: ...

Luke: ...

You suspected this, but it's still hard to believe after actually hearing it.

No one looks surprised, except for the staff members of HoYoLand.

Clearly, they'd already found out the truth...

They, as much as you, just hoped that... they were wrong.

You: ...

You open your mouth but don't know how to comfort the couple.

The atmosphere becomes heavy. Everyone stands still and looks at the couple in silence.

After a while, Mr. Stone finally talks. His voice sounds heavy.

Mr. Stone: Actually... Stellan has been gone for a long time.

Mr. Stone: He sacrificed himself to protect others during a mission.

Mr. Stone: He was our only child. We've been living in sadness ever since...

Mr. Stone: And we've always regretted not spending more time with him to understand him better and fulfill his wishes.

Mr. Stone: Every time I remember that we promised to take Stellan to HoYoLand when it opens in Stellis...

Mr. Stone: My heart aches...

Mrs. Stone: Sadly, we'll never have the chance.

Mr. Stone: We could never let this go, until HoYoLand opened in Stellis...

So, they entrusted Luke to help them win the grand prize that Stellan had always dreamed of...

You: Mr. Stone...

Seeing the couple's sorrow, you also feel depressed.

Mrs. Stone holds Luke's hand as she apologizes and sobs.

Mrs. Stone: Sorry, Luke... We never told you about what happened to Stellan...

Mrs. Stone: And everyone else... We're truly sorry...

Luke: I understand... You just wanted us to enjoy our time in HoYoLand...

Luke: You didn't mention it, and I didn't want to bring this up to hurt your feelings.

Luke: I knew already... I heard a fire broke out during that mission...

Luke: Stellan sacrificed himself to protect others, and never made it back out.

Mrs. Stone: *Sigh*

Mrs. Stone's eyes are full of tears. Luke holds her hand and says nothing more.

You remember the first time you came here... Luke's expression was solemn then.

You: ...

You: (So Luke knew about it from the beginning...)

You: (Yet he kept this secret and never exposed the white lie...)

Marius approaches Luke and pats his shoulder. Vyn and Artem look at Luke, too.

They all understand that Luke knew that Stellan had passed away long before you started your task...

And all you can do now is stay with him.

The staff member dressed as Homu walks over to Mrs. Stone and gives her a hug.

Homu (Staff): This is our gift for Stellan Stone.

Homu (Staff): We hope you two and Stellan will like it.

The staff member hands the couple an envelope and gestures for them to open it.

The couple try their best to calm down and tear open the envelope...

Mrs. Stone: A new friend in the Homu world... I don't understand...

Prize Redeemer: Let me explain.

The staff member walks over to the couple and takes the envelope from Mrs. Stone.

Prize Redeemer: The grand prize of the HoHoLuck event this time is that we'll create a new friend in the Homu world based on the image and info of the winner.

Prize Redeemer: Which means Mr. Stellan will join the Homu world as a brand-new virtual character.

Prize Redeemer: Of course, he will also be in our Homu shorts and interactions.

The staff member looks at the couple sincerely.

Prize Redeemer: In other words, the life of Mr. Stellan will continue in a different form.

Prize Redeemer: Once we've completed the design of the virtual character, we'll send you a smart holographic projector.

Prize Redeemer: This way, you can interact with "Mr. Stellan" at home.

Mrs. Stone: !!!

Mr. Stone: !!!

Mr. and Mrs. Stone grab the staff member's arms in shock.

Mrs. Stone: Will Stellan still recognize us?

Mrs. Stone: Will he look different?

Mrs. Stone: Will he... call us mom and dad again?

Mrs. Stone eagerly asks several questions. She is desperate to know the answers.

Prize Redeemer: ...

Prize Redeemer: With enough data, we can do our best to recreate Mr. Stellan and restore his life experience.

Prize Redeemer: As for his appearance, our design will be based on his actual looks.

Prize Redeemer: If you have any voice recordings, we can even make the character sound like Mr. Stellan.

Prize Redeemer: Although you'll only see him as a holographic projection...

Prize Redeemer: I have faith that with our current technology, you'll hear Mr. Stellan calling you mom and dad again...

Before she can finish speaking, the couple burst into tears.

Mr. Stone: Thank you! Thank you for giving us this chance to see Stellan again.

Mrs. Stone: We never expected to meet him again... Thank you for making our dream come true.

Mrs. Stone: And Luke, thank you and your friends for doing us such a big favor.

Mrs. Stone can hardly speak. Mr. Stone gives her a hug to comfort her.

But his aged cheeks are also streaked with tears.

Seeing this bitter-sweet moment, you can't help but feel warmth and sadness.

You: It was our duty...

Prize Redeemer: Yeah. We're just doing the best we can.

Luke: I'm sure that Stellan loved you very much.

Vyn: As long as we remember him, he will always live in our hearts.

Marius: And he would be overjoyed to know that he could be a friend of Homu now.

Artem: Yeah, he'll stay with us in another form.

The line in Stellan's diary suddenly comes back to you...

You: (If only there were two of me. Then, one of me could stay by my parents' side...)

You: (I thought he was sorry about being too busy with his work.)

You: (Somehow, his wish comes true. It must be fate...)


Stellis - Amusement Park (Night).png

Time flies, and soon, the opening festival comes to an end.

All of you go to HoYoLand with Mr. and Mrs. Stone to watch the firework show.

Luke: Mr. Stone, come over here. There's a better view here.

Mr. Stone: Thanks...

You're here because of the day when the staff members announced the prize...

After the prize is handed over, you go back to the NXX Headquarters. But unlike the day when you just accepted the case, the atmosphere is far from lively.

Everyone's minds are heavy. None of you blame Luke for hiding the truth.

Vyn: We won the grand prize for Mr. and Mrs. Stone, but this case brought back their painful memories as well.

Marius: They lost their child... Their sorrow must be beyond our imagination.

Artem: They'll feel better knowing that Stellan can live in the Homu world.

Luke: If only we could do something more for them...

You: ...

The job should've ended there. But you all feel that more needs to be done.

As you are lost in thought, you remember the firework show the staff members mentioned.

You: Let's invite them to the firework show at the opening festival.

You: Then we can have a good look at the HoYoLand that Stellan always wanted to visit.

Luke: Yeah. They also wanted to take Stellan to HoYoLand before.

Artem: Great idea!

Vyn: Well then, we need to choose the best spot to watch the show.

Hearing Vyn's idea, you all turn to Marius unanimously...

Marius: All right, all right. I'll pick the best seats for us.

Marius: Tell me now if you have any other special requirements, otherwise you'll lose out.

Unknown Tourist: Look! It's about to start!

Someone yells, and everybody quiets down. You all raise your heads.

With an explosion, the fireworks bloom then fall like shooting stars, lighting up the dark sky.

The fireworks and the light illuminate your faces.

One by one, different fireworks draw a breathtaking painting in the sky...

Seeing this beautiful scene, you finally ask what you've been wondering about for ages...

You: Luke...

Luke: Yeah?

You: Our task this time wasn't complicated at all. Why did you ask for our help?

You: I feel like the reason you gave... isn't the real reason.

Luke freezes for a moment, looking surprised. Then, his lips curve upwards into a smile.

Luke: When Mr. Stone called me and mentioned HoYoLand...

Luke: I knew it might be about Stellan.

Luke: We didn't work together for long, but I could feel that he was a man of honesty, kindness and warmth.

Luke: As their only son, he passed away very suddenly... They must've suffered terribly.

Luke: I really, really wanted to help them fulfill their wish...

Luke: Without you... without all of you...

Luke: I wouldn't be 100% sure that this job could be done without mistakes.

Luke: And... I had personal reasons.

Luke looks into the sky.

You: I understand...

Even during his last moments, Stellan stuck to his duty and responsibility...

Because of his secret identity, his heroic deeds cannot be known by others.

Maybe the reason Luke never mentioned is...

He hopes that others besides Stellan's parents and himself will remember Stellan Stone, the unsung hero.

You: (I'll remember him.)

You: (I'll remember him and the countless heroes like him...)

More fireworks rise into the sky and create a greater sound than ever. All of you stand up.

Before you notice, everyone surrounds you as you see the most stunning firework this evening.

You: These fireworks are so beautiful...

Luke: Yeah. I'm certain Stellan can also see them from heaven.

In the vast sky, bright fireworks constantly bloom. Seeing this scene, you can't help but imagine...

You: ...

Artem: What is it? Do you want to say something?

After hearing Artem, the other three also turn to you. Their caring looks make you feel warm and relaxed.

You: Actually, I think the fireworks look like meteors when they fall...

You: I want to make a wish, but maybe I'm just being childish...

Vyn: That is not true. Look over there, many people are making wishes.

Vyn: I think it is a natural and kind reaction.

Marius: Yeah. Miss, you're the kindest one among us.

Marius agrees with Vyn, which is rare.

Luke has already put his hands together and is looking into the sky.

Luke: May every child stay happy and be by their parents' side.

Marius: It's my turn now.

Marius: May all kids enjoy a happy childhood that is free from worry.

Marius also makes his wish. He is being competitive again.

Vyn shakes his head and chuckles, then closes his eyes.

Vyn: May everyone in the world grow up happily and build up a strong heart.

Artem: May they stay honest and kind as adults.

After Artem makes his wish, everyone turns to you.

You: You guys...

You find it hard to express how touched you are right now. So you close your eyes and cross your fingers.

You: I wish...

I wish that everyone's dreams come true.

I wish that the NXX continues to uphold justice and foster kindness in the world.

I believe we'll see more beautiful fireworks in the future...

Homu's Trials[edit | edit source]

There are two types of Homu's Trials debates available; Battle of Wits is meant to be a source of YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher for the player, while Brain Challenge is a series of optional challenge debates.

Battle of Wits[edit | edit source]

These debates are meant to be done five times per day and each cost AP icon.pngAP x20; players should clear the highest level they can 5 times per day to obtain the maximum YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher for the House of Childhood (detailed below).

Brain Challenge[edit | edit source]

These optional challenge debates have a high difficulty, cost no AP, and award 40 Btn money s.pngS-Chips apiece on first clear. Each of the first three Brain Challenges are single-attribute, but they also only allow the player's deck to be comprised of a single attribute as well. Completing all three of these opens the "Battle of Champions," which grants the Celebration - Childhood Dreams icon.png Celebration - Childhood Dreams Namecard on victory. Players having a difficult time with these debates may wish to read over our Deck-building Tips.

Rewards and Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Truth Rewards[edit | edit source]

House of Childhood[edit | edit source]

Use YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Vouchers obtained from "Obtain Clues" and "Reasoning" to flip over cards and get a variety of rewards, including the event limited SR cards Artem "Heart Listener" icon.pngArtem "Heart Listener" and Vyn "Entangled in Love" icon.pngVyn "Entangled in Love", Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis, and enhancement materials.

House of Childhood consists of two reward pools. Obtain all rewards from the current pool to unlock the next. Pool 1 features Artem "Heart Listener" icon.pngArtem "Heart Listener", and Pool 2 features Vyn "Entangled in Love" icon.pngVyn "Entangled in Love". Tap on "Reward Preview" to check all the rewards in the current pool and which ones have already been obtained.

Players can flip over a random cell by spending YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x160. If you do not have enough YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Vouchers, you can use Btn money s.pngS-Chips at a conversion rate of 1:1 to exchange for more.

Pool 1
Reward Prizes
Artem "Heart Listener" icon.pngArtem "Heart Listener" 1
Selection Star SR icon.pngSelection Star SR x1 2
Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1 2
Btn coin s.pngStellin x30,000 2
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x12 2
Logic Chip II icon.pngLogic Chip II x20 1
Empathy Chip II icon.pngEmpathy Chip II x20 1
Intuition Chip II icon.pngIntuition Chip II x20 1
Senior Attorney's Badge icon.pngSenior Attorney's Badge x8 2
Model Handgun icon.pngModel Handgun x8 2
Sapphire Cufflinks icon.pngSapphire Cufflinks x16 2
Tie Clip icon.pngTie Clip x16 2
Pool 2
Reward Prizes
Vyn "Entangled in Love" icon.pngVyn "Entangled in Love" 1
Selection Star SR icon.pngSelection Star SR x1 2
Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1 2
Btn coin s.pngStellin x30,000 2
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x12 2
Logic Chip II icon.pngLogic Chip II x20 1
Empathy Chip II icon.pngEmpathy Chip II x20 1
Intuition Chip II icon.pngIntuition Chip II x20 1
Gilded Poker Cards icon.pngGilded Poker Cards x8 2
Ceramic Tea Cup icon.pngCeramic Tea Cup x8 2
Voice Recorder icon.pngVoice Recorder x16 2
Pocket Watch icon.pngPocket Watch x16 2

S-Chip Cost[edit | edit source]

There are YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x1500 available in the "Obtain Clues" task list, and up to Draw Coins icon.pngDraw Coins x2070 from Daily Reasoning debates if the max difficulty debate is done five times per day. This is enough to flip 22 tiles for free, which will clear the first board fully. Players who cannot clear the highest level debate will find different numbers as follows:

Highest debate cleared Coins obtained Pool 1 S-Chip cost Pool 2 S-Chip cost
Battle of Wits IV YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x3,570 free Btn money s.pngS-Chip x2,830
Battle of Wits III YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x3,235 free Btn money s.pngS-Chip x3,165
Battle of Wits II YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x2,895 Btn money s.pngS-Chip x305 Btn money s.pngS-Chip x3,200
Battle of Wits I YoYo Voucher icon.pngYoYo Voucher x2,550 Btn money s.pngS-Chip x650 Btn money s.pngS-Chip x3,200

Dreams of Childhood Event Shadow of Themis[edit | edit source]

Dreams of Childhood Shadow of Themis.png

During the event Shadow of Themis, SSRs Luke "Persistent Wishes" icon.pngLuke "Persistent Wishes" and Marius "Sweet Wonders" icon.pngMarius "Sweet Wonders" will have an increased draw rate.

  • This event will have a Vision discount function. Attorneys can consume 8 Vision items to draw 10 cards at once. The Vision discount function can be used twice.
  • The "one new SSR from event Shadow of Themis within every 100 draws" guaranteed count will carry over to double-SSR event Shadows of Themis (which use Tears of Themis to obtain Visions) and non-birthday event Shadows of Themis.
  • Cards from "Dreams of Childhood" will be added to the Shadow of Themis rotation. Stay tuned to the event announcements for schedule details.
  • Each draw on the Event Shadow of Themis will grant the player Trace of Tears icon.pngTrace of Tears x1.

Trace of Tears Exchange Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Limit
Vision Star SR icon.pngVision Star SR Trace of Tears icon.png10 4
Infinity Star SR icon.pngInfinity Star SR Trace of Tears icon.png10 4
Vision Star MR icon.pngVision Star MR Trace of Tears icon.png10 4
Infinity Star MR icon.pngInfinity Star MR Trace of Tears icon.png10 4
Logic Impression III icon.pngLogic Impression III x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Empathy Impression III icon.pngEmpathy Impression III x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Intuition Impression III icon.pngIntuition Impression III x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Poetry Collection icon.pngPoetry Collection x5 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Smart Glasses icon.pngSmart Glasses x5 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Multipurpose Military Knife icon.pngMultipurpose Military Knife x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Pill Organizer icon.pngPill Organizer x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Wide-Angle Lens icon.pngWide-Angle Lens x20 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Bag of Dried Figs icon.pngBag of Dried Figs x20 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Pass Key icon.pngPass Key x5 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Stud Earring icon.pngStud Earring x5 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Bluetooth Earpiece icon.pngBluetooth Earpiece x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Touch Stylus icon.pngTouch Stylus x10 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Block Component icon.pngBlock Component x20 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Oil-Painting Tools icon.pngOil-Painting Tools x20 Trace of Tears icon.png1 3
Home Deco Voucher icon.pngHome Deco Voucher x200 Trace of Tears icon.png 1 10
Btn coin s.pngStellin x15,000 Trace of Tears icon.png 1 Unlimited
Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x6 Trace of Tears icon.png 1 Unlimited

Mall Event Items[edit | edit source]

Privilege Pack[edit | edit source]

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Limit
Vision Privilege Pack (Dreams of Childhood).png
Vision Privilege Pack
  • Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1
Btn money2 s.pngGem x5 3/account

Event Packs[edit | edit source]

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Limit
Childhood Dreams Romance Pack.png
Childhood Dreams Romance Pack
  • Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x5
Btn money2 s.pngGem x45 1/account
Childhood Dreams Vision Pack I.png
Childhood Dreams Vision Pack I
  • Btn coin gacha s.pngTears of Themis x1
  • Btn coin s.pngStellin x20000
$0.99 3/account
Childhood Dreams Vision Pack II.png
Childhood Dreams Vision Pack II
$5.99 3/account
Childhood Dreams Vision Pack III.png
Childhood Dreams Vision Pack III
$11.99 2/account
Childhood Dreams Energy Pack I.png
Childhood Dreams Energy Pack I
$0.99 1/day
Childhood Dreams Energy Pack II.png
Childhood Dreams Energy Pack II
Btn money2 s.pngGem x9 5/account
Vision Material Pack (2022).png
Vision Material Pack
Btn money2 s.pngGem x9 6/account
Equalization Material Pack (2022).png
Equalization Material Pack
Btn money2 s.pngGem x9 6/account
Mind Material Pack (2022).png
Mind Material Pack
Btn money2 s.pngGem x9 6/account
Infinity Material Pack (2022).png
Infinity Material Pack
Btn money2 s.pngGem x9 6/account

Time-Limited Packs[edit | edit source]

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Limit
YoYo Voucher Pack I.png
YoYo Voucher Pack I
$4.99 2/account
YoYo Voucher Pack II.png
YoYo Voucher Pack II
$17.99 2/account
YoYo Voucher Pack III.png
YoYo Voucher Pack III
$31.99 1/account

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

While the pack below is not limited to the event, the discount is only for the event duration.

Outfit Name and Cost (USD)
Fairy Tale Castle icon.png Fairy Tale Castle