Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event

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According to eyewitness testimony, some orange hairs of unknown origin have appeared in the robot's working area...?
Let’s look for the cleaning robot!

Event[edit | edit source]

Cleaning Robot MIA Case gameplay.png

The goal of the event is to complete time-limited tasks to obtain Marker icon.png Marker, which can be used to unlock tiles on a rotating tile puzzle. The goal is to complete the puzzles by unlocking all tiles that compose the path, then rotating the tiles into place to form a solid line and discover where the missing cleaning robot has gone.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Task Reward Frequency
Complete 2 Resource Requisitions at NXX HQ Daily
One of the following:
  • Complete 2 Business Consults today
  • Complete 2 Operational Assessments today
One of the following:
  • Complete 2 Psychological Consult
  • Complete 2 Crisis Intervention
  • Complete 2 Psychotherapy
  • Complete 2 Legal Consult
  • Complete 2 Case Study
  • Complete 2 Reasoning Practice
  • Complete 2 Analytical Reasoning
Perform 3 interactions during visits Daily
Use 120 AP during the event period Event
Use 360 AP during the event period Event
Use 600 AP during the event period Event
Complete 10 Resource Requisitions at NXX HQ Event
Challenge the Temple of Trials 5 time(s) Event

Tile Puzzle Rewards[edit | edit source]

Puzzle number Reward Solution
Puzzle 1 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 1.png
Puzzle 2 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 2.png
Puzzle 3
  • Btn coin s.pngStellin x30,000
Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 3.png
Puzzle 4 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 4.png
Puzzle 5 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 5.png
Puzzle 6 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 6.png
Puzzle 7 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 7.png
Puzzle 8 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 8.png
Puzzle 9
  • Btn money s.pngS-Chip x100
  • Btn coin s.pngStellin x10,000
Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 9.png
Puzzle 10 Cleaning Robot MIA Case Event Puzzle 10.png

Scripts[edit | edit source]

Intro: NXX Headquarters

Today, you arrive at headquarters like usual to prep for your everyday work.

You: (Huh? I'm the first one here?)

You sit at the table and browse through the newest case files.

Five minutes later.

You: (Why does it feel extra quiet here today...?)

You: (Feels like something's missing...)

You: Oh! I know!

You: Where'd the vacuum robot go!?

Whether it's rain or shine, whether our meetings are happy or hostile...

It always does its best and works so hard without a single, complaining beep. Where'd our little guy go?

You: (Did Dr. Richter put it away?)

You stand up and look everywhere, but the robot vacuum is nowhere to be seen. You also fail to hear its usual whirring.

Luke: What are you looking around for?

You: Luke, great timing!

Luke: What is it?

Luke: It looks like you're searching for something. Lose something?

You: No... Actually, I just realized that the vacuum robot is missing.

Luke: Let's look for it together.

Luke scours headquarters but comes back empty-handed and confused.

Luke: I looked everywhere. It really is missing.

Luke: And look...

Luke points towards the work table. Documents are scattered on the floor nearby, and a water glass is overturned.

You: ...What happened? Did someone else come in here?

Luke: ...

At this moment, a quiet noise comes from the door.

Luke immediately shields you with his arm. The two of you steadily and nervously make your way to the door.

Marius: What are you two infantrymen doing? Was there a surprise attack launched on HQ?

You: Marius, can't you think of something more positive...?

Marius: I was just trying to cheer you and this stifling atmosphere up... Don't be mad, Miss.

Luke: Ahem!

Luke: In all seriousness, it really does seem like someone else has been here. Take a look.

You: And our vacuum robot's gone!

Marius: ...Not likely. We should be the only ones who can come here.

Marius: Did Vyn put it away?

Luke: Let's split up and check if anything important has gone missing.

You: Okay.

Five minutes later.

You: Nothing else seems to be missing.

Marius: Weird. I don't think someone would go through all the trouble of breaking in just to steal a vacuum robot.

Luke: Could they be up to something we're not aware of?

Familiar footsteps approach from outside.

Artem: You're all here today?

You: Mr. Wing, why are you also here?

Artem: Oh, I'm working on something and came to pick up some documents.

Artem: Did something happen? You all have strange looks on your faces.

You tell Artem about everything that had happened.

Artem: ...

Artem: It does seem odd.

Artem puts down the items he was holding and carefully investigates headquarters.

Artem: ...

You: Did you find anything, Mr. Wing?

Artem quietly crouches.

Artem: It's faint, but... these are the robot's wheel tracks.

You: Oh, you're right!

The rest of you gather around Artem and crouch down.

Luke: The tracks are a bit disorganized, but you can still tell which ones are new.

Vyn: What... are you all doing?

Marius: You're awake?

Vyn: ...

Vyn: What happened?

You: It's a long story...

You tell the story of the vacuum robot again.

Vyn: ...

Vyn: I did not move it. Perhaps its battery is depleted.

Vyn: We should follow the traces and see what we find.

Marius: Good thing I happen to have markers on me. Let's split up and draw all the paths, then put them together. We might be able to find it this way.

After Puzzle 1: NXX Headquarters

You all follow the completed pathing and find where the robot was hiding. It is quietly parked underneath a couch by the wall. The only difference is...

It is quietly parked underneath a couch by the wall.

The only difference is...

Cat: Meow~

A chonky cat is laying on the vacuum robot, sleepily looking at everyone.

You: Huh? What is this?

Vyn: ...

Luke: ???

Luke: (Quickly picks up Peanut)

Artem: This cat...

Marius: I don’t think this hefty boy could've come in through the window.

Marius: ...

Vyn: ...

Vyn: I was the one who brought in this cat. There has not been time for introductions.

As if responding to what Vyn said, the cat lazily gets off the vacuum robot and plops down in front of everyone, looking up at the five of you.

Cat: Meow~

Luke bends down and retrieves the robot from underneath the couch. Once it's in his hands, he fiddles with it for a moment.

Luke: ...The robot's broken.

You: How?

Luke: Seems like it overheated and malfunctioned. Nothing's wrong with its base functions, but it might not operate stably.

Artem: You mean...

Marius: Look at how plump he is. Your arms would ache after holding him for just a short time.

Marius: You put a cat like that on a small vacuum robot like this... The little guy never had a chance.

Luke: ...

Vyn: I will contact the manufacturer for repairs. I apologize for inconveniencing everyone.

You: Say, Dr. Richter... You suddenly wanted a cat?

Vyn: No, I found this cat at the university.

Vyn: He had been wandering around campus. Many students feed him, and he eats whatever is offered, hence his current stature.

Vyn: Everyone had good intentions, but over time, there are negative consequences for both his health and the local ecology.

You: Oh... You know, I've read some stuff on stray cats.

You: Uncontrolled reproduction and hunting by stray cats causes local small animal populations to dangerously decrease...

Vyn: That is correct. Adoption, spaying, and neutering are acceptable solutions, not continuous feeding out of goodwill.

Marius: The root of this evil still lies with the irresponsible people who carelessly abandon their pets.

Artem: So... are you adopting it?

Vyn: No. However, this cat possesses a very mild temperament.

Vyn: By a stroke of luck, a patient of mine wishes to adopt him. Having a pet would be beneficial to her recovery.

Vyn: I will send him to his new owner after his health checks have been completed.

You: I hope he can get along with his new owner.

Vyn: Please get along with him in the meantime.

Artem: Seems like we'll need to search for the vacuum robot quite frequently for the next few days.

Marius: That doesn't sound too bad. It can be a team-building exercise.

Luke: (Pats Peanut in his arms) Peanut, you can't join our team-building for the next few days...

You: Little guy, let's get along well for the next few days.

Cat: Meow!