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"I could save you back then, I can do it again. Just work with me, kid."


Gender Male
Age (when met) unknown[TL note 1]
Occupation Medical Doctor

Voice Actors


高其昌 (Gāo Qíchāng)[1]



小西克幸 (Katsuyuki Konishi)[2]


Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 扬笑 (Yáng Xiào)

Japanese 深山賢一郎 (Miyama Ken'ichiro)

Korean 양희철

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Aaron is Luke's primary physician. While Aaron appears to be a doctor of a hospital in Stellis City, he is actually a medical doctor for the National Security Bureau. With a passion for detective novels, Aaron uses his alternative identity, Sphynx, in order to challenge and defeat misfit detectives who walk on the wrong side of the law.
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General[edit | edit source]

Aaron is considered to be well-liked and highly skilled. As a doctor, Aaron places a great deal of importance on his patients' desire to live, saying he appreciates anything that can bring a miracle, and he believes every extra day he can win for a patient is meaningful as it can be enough time to find new technologies and treatments.[3]

Aaron is the doctor who originally saved Luke Pearce's life when Luke was gravely injured on a NSB mission.[3]

Aaron was transferred to Stellis about three years ago,[4], and the anonymous "Sphynx" appeared two months later, using riddles to make bets with unethical detectives in the city. He's defeated half of Stellis' detectives[3] and has, in fact, never lost, earning him the title of "public enemy number one" in Stellis' detective circle. He uses a foreign proxy to send text messages to his targets, who either quit the profession or move to another city in shame after losing to Sphynx.[5] Since becoming Luke's primary physician, though, Aaron has had little time to spend on researching and taking down corrupt detectives.[6]

Originally, Aaron is from a hometown outside Stellis that grows pecans, and he sometimes leaves boxes of them as gifts for his fellow doctors.[3] He's happily married, often using his wife's doting nature and desire to spend time with him as a reason he needs to leave.[7] Aaron has a younger cousin in Stellis named Karl Alvarez.[8]

Translation notes[edit | edit source]

  1. While Aaron's precise age isn't known, in languages that have age-based honorifics, Luke addresses Aaron in a way that makes it clear Aaron is older.

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