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"The media's on their way to this hotel because of Mr. von Hagen. If you want to check all your boxes, then we might as well settle in for the night."


Gender Male
Age (when met) 37
Occupation Stellis City Police Captain

Voice Actors


冷泉夜月 [1] [2]



中井和哉 (Kazuya Nakai) [3]


Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 严巍 (Yán Wēi)

Japanese 岩崎嵩之 (Iwasaki Takayuki)

Korean 엄휘

General[edit | edit source]

Captain Morgan is in charge of major criminal investigations in Stellis City's administrative jurisdiction.[4] He has a good relationship with Artem Wing, and he assists with investigations as needed by allowing access to evidence and suspects in custody within the boundaries of the law. Rarely, Darius will allow Artem to take evidence from a crime scene straight back to the law firm, although it displeases him.[5]

He takes a special interest in certain cases, keeping up with their victims and visiting them on regular occasions such as holidays. In particular, he views Jack Barlow, the son of a murder victim he investigated in 2020, as a brother.[6]

Darius smokes, but he will leave the room if a child is present[7] or will abstain if there is a no smoking sign.[8] He notes that he's too casual to wear cologne.[9]

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