Azure Vacation Lounge

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Azure Vacation Lounge preview.png
2022 Shadow of Themis - Kiss of Fervour Cumulative Vision Bonuses
Related Event Blissful Fête Cumulative Vision Bonus
Availability Event-Limited
Total Cost Accumulate 100 cumulative rolls on any Kiss of Fervour Shadow of Themis during the event.
Release Date 2022-07-11 11:00

Furnishing Set Pieces[edit | edit source]

Vacation Campsite icon.png Vacation Campsite

Vacation Campsite furnishing placed.png

This campsite has many available activities, such as fishing, picnicking, and observing various sea creatures. Luke often spends a whole day here.

Used by: Luke


  • Oh! That's a pea crab! I even wrote a research paper on it!
  • Hey, hey, Peanut. You can't eat that!
  • There's a seagull following Peanut. It must be his new friend!
  • Ugh, I can't pick out which shell is prettier... So, I'll just give them all to you.

Notes: Must place Ocean Sands first.

Vacation Outdoor Pool icon.png Vacation Outdoor Pool

Vacation Outdoor Pool furnishing placed.png

Marius personally designed this outdoor swimming pool. Its strange shape and drop ladder is reflective of his unique creativity.

Used by: Marius


  • This is a flamingo swimming ring I designed myself. What do you think? Pretty cool, right?
  • Why hesitate? Join me in the water!
  • Of course, the duckling is with me at all times. It was a gift from you, after all!
  • There're only two of these swimming rings in the whole world. The other one? For you, of course!

Notes: Must place Ocean Sands first.

Vacation Beach Chair icon.png Vacation Beach Chair

Vacation Beach Chair furnishing placed.png

The recliner and parasol were carefully selected by Artem. As an elite lawyer, sunscreen is a must.

Used by: Artem


  • So you like this brand...
  • Let me apply it for you.
  • The UV rays are stronger at the beach. Make sure you put on sunscreen.
  • I don't know too much about sunscreen but I like to use this one.

Notes: Must place Vacation Outdoor Pool first.

Vacation Sofa icon.png Vacation Sofa

Vacation Sofa furnishing placed.png

This sofa, blue like the ocean waves, was selected by Vyn for maximum comfort.

Used by: Vyn


  • Want to watch the ocean together? Come sit by me.
  • The waves crashing against the sands has a calming effect, good for helping you sleep.
  • Looking at the ocean reminds me of many things... Are you interested?
  • The drink on the table is your favorite. Drink it.

Notes: Must place Vacation Marina Cottage first.

Ocean Sands icon.png Ocean Sands

Ocean Sands furnishing placed.png

A soft golden beach surrounded by blue waves. Walking on it will make you forget your troubles.

Vacation Snack Table icon.png Vacation Snack Table

Vacation Snack Table furnishing placed.png

Put the summer essentials, watermelon and coconut juice, onto this fresh-colored table and it'll become everyone's favorite snack corner.

Notes: Must place Vacation Outdoor Pool first.

Vacation Leisure Armchair icon.png Vacation Leisure Armchair

Vacation Leisure Armchair furnishing placed.png

A leisurely corner where you can relax. Your mood will improve by sitting on this sofa and watching the waves.

Notes: Must place Vacation Outdoor Pool first.

Vacation Dessert Stand icon.png Vacation Dessert Stand

Vacation Dessert Stand furnishing placed.png

Fruit juice, dorayaki, ice cream, and a fruit buffet... All kinds of desserts to help you experience the summer.

Notes: Must place Vacation Outdoor Pool first.

Vacation Marina Cottage icon.png Vacation Marina Cottage

Vacation Marina Cottage furnishing placed.png

Enjoy the summer beach view from this holiday cottage built by the sea.

Notes: Must place Ocean Sands first.

Vacation Flower Trolley icon.png Vacation Flower Trolley

Vacation Flower Trolley furnishing placed.png

The clusters of flowers in the unique trolley-shaped flower beds are infused with the colorful holiday spirit.

Notes: Must place Vacation Marina Cottage first.

Vacation Seaside Windmill icon.png Vacation Seaside Windmill

Vacation Seaside Windmill furnishing placed.png

Whenever the wind blows, this bluish-white windmill follows its gentle rhythm.

Notes: Must place Ocean Sands first.

Vacation Palm Tree icon.png Vacation Palm Tree

Vacation Palm Tree furnishing placed.png

Growing naturally on the beach, the coconut trees dance in the sea breeze, creating an unforgettable holiday scenery.

Notes: Must place Ocean Sands first.

Ocean Weather Vane icon.png Ocean Weather Vane

Ocean Weather Vane furnishing placed.png

The weather vane at the top of the beach house is cute. I wonder if it can hear the soft voice of the sea breeze?

Notes: Must place Vacation Marina Cottage first.