Main Character's Residence

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The Main Character's Residence is a loft apartment located near Themis Law Firm. The lower floor contains a kitchen and living space, while the upper floor, open to the floor below, serves as a bedroom.

The MC keeps two pairs of men's shoes outside her door as a deterrent to bad actors seeking retribution against her for her work,[1] as well as a digital lock with a surveillance monitor; the lock can be set to a heightened security level that will open only by her own fingerprint.[2] She also notes she has an assortment of combs, skin creams, and accessories that cost her time dealing with never-ending stray strands of hair.[3]

The residence's neighbors are fairly nosy; after the Estelle Marino case in Episode 2: The Unbearable Love, bodyguards escorted the MC home for a week, which caused a period of gossip afterward in which her neighbors speculated that she's a celebrity or rich man's mistress.[4] It's unknown exactly which floor the MC lives on, but she has a downstairs neighbor[5] and is visible from the street below when looking out of her window.[6]

Property management for the apartment is generally reliable, sending repair services within hours. The apartment is noted to have its hot and cold water lines switched due to a faulty renovation in the past.[5]

Location Gallery[edit | edit source]

Main Character's Residence - Bathroom.png

Luke "Invincible for Love"Bathroom

Main Character's Residence - Downstairs (Sunset).png

Fit for a King: Story 1Your Residence
Luke "Under the Milky Way"Your Residence

Misc Location - Hallway.png

Luke "Invincible for Love"Corridor
Main Story 06-25(Debate Stage)
Main Story 09-21Outside the House
Main Story 11-07(Debate Stage)

Misc Location - Plaza (Day).png

Artem "Entwined Fate"Outside the Neighborhood
Marius "Fabulous Feast"
Marius' Story 04-03(Debate Stage)
Returner ProgramResidential Area Entrance
Vyn's Story 04-04Your Residence

Misc Location - Plaza (Night).png

Artem "Focus Fire"Apartment Building 1F
Artem "Winning Ball"Residential Area Entrance
Artem's Story 03-02
Luke "Invincible for Love"Neighborhood Interior
Main Story 10-15Neighborhood Downstairs
Marius "Fabulous Feast"
Marius "In the Darkness"
Vyn "A Star in the Night"Outside the Neighborhood

Stellis - City Street (Day).png

Luke's Story 02-02Apartment Building 1F
Marius' Story 02-08Outside the Neighborhood

Stellis - City Street (Night).png

Artem's Story 01-12Outside the Neighborhood

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