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Heirson Health Products is a well-known health products company in Stellis City. Its market share has been growing rapidly in recent years. Their flagship product, Heirson effervescent packets, is always in short supply.

In addition to the selling of various health products, Heirson also provides comprehensive health monitoring and other after-sales services that are well-received by the consumers.

Health monitoring and after-sale services are provided to consumers via free Heirson fitness bands, which transmit their data to Heirson Medical Centers.[1]

Heirson was founded by multiple people--including Tyson Turner, who currently serves as its president[2]--using funds from foreign investment companies.[3]

Story[edit | edit source]

Heirson's operations became the primary focus of the NXX Investigation Team when Simon Bloodworth's dealings to Gordon Grant were revealed in an early prototype of the NXX-containing drug known as "X03A." A later revision of this drug was found to have been tested at a Heirson facility in Opaline Village that had holding cells with child-sized beds.[4]

Heirson had been testing its drugs through selectively contaminated batches of their popular effervescent packets, and monitoring of these randomized tests was carried out through visits to Heirson Medical Centers and other Heirson products such as their fitness bands. In addition, evidence was found that Heirson carefully monitored and tracked 20 "VIP clients" who were long-term clinical trial subjects. These VIP clients were from diverse backgrounds, including actor/idol Janus Beaufort as well as athletes, scientists, lawyers, and others. Each received personally-tailored treatment, including prolonged doses of medication and special exams. The investigation team believed this approach to testing was due to the challenge of obtaining and processing NXX in sufficient quantities.[5]

Heirson has been the subject of multiple controversies, including the alleged pollution of the Opaline River and the abnormally high rates of employee death on their production line, often dismissed by the company as overwork and buried when brought to media attention. Affected victims and family members have banded together in an Anti-Heirson Mutual Aid Group as a result.[6] After the events of Episode 5: Sins of Cynicism (Part 3), Heirson's operations were temporarily shut down while investigations took place. However, with the Opaline lab having burned down at that time, no evidence of illegal operations could be found.[7]

As evidence continued to mount against Heirson, the NXX Investigation Team located the source for their supply of the illegal substance: auctions aboard The Pluto, a high-class cruise ship. Assembling evidence and testimony from key figures such as Irene Burke, Lowe Lear, Hugh Moss, and Simon Bloodworth, the Main Character filed a winning lawsuit against Heirson for causing Laura Lear's cancer.[8] The aftermath of this lawsuit all but destroyed public trust in Heirson, although the National Security Bureau suppressed the media's discussion of NXX to avoid causing public attention while investigating Heirson's source.[9]

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Headquarters[edit | edit source]

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Heirson is a pharmaceutical health product company registered in Stellis. Enormous advertising in the past few years has caused the health products under its flag to soar in popularity, successfully entering a pre-established market. Its address shifted several times during its rapid development process, with its headquarters finally taking root in the Golden Beach Industrial Zone. Integrating medicine, trade and technology, it owns a self-built office building as large as 20,000 square meters.

Despite having an overall modern style,[10] portions of the building are not mapped on the layout due to neglect of its construction crew, so there are areas that few people know about, such as an abandoned archive deep in its basement.[11]

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Main Story Inspection Lead 02Heirson Headquarters

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Main Story 08-23Tyson Turner's Office

Opaline River Laboratory[edit | edit source]

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Established in 2027,[12] the public reason for Heirson's Opaline Lab was that Opaline Village's water was of especially high quality, which would aid their biopharmaceutical research,[13] though its true purpose was the development of an immortality drug under the direct supervision of Tyson Turner.[12] It was shut down after Jasmine Kenders raised concerns about the lab, however it later resumed operation with a minimal research crew who had been tasked with creating a drug that could cure Tyson's rapid-onset cancer within three months. Deep within the lab, in a secret passageway, there was evidence of human experimentation: cells where test subjects were kept as long-term residents.[14] This lab has since burned down due to unknown causes.[15]

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Main Story 05-28Heirson's Opaline Laboratory

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