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"We have the rights to live like most of the people in the world... To be like a normal, yet happy person..."


Gender Female
Age (when met) 32
Occupation Under inpatient oncology care

Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 萧晴 (Xiāo Qíng)

Japanese 皆元晴香 (Minamoto Haruka)

Korean 도하정

General[edit | edit source]

Laura Lear is VIP client of Heirson Medical Center. She is Lowe Lear's sister, not related by blood. She took Lowe in as a child, caring for him and developing a good relationship with him while living in a shabby bungalow home in North Stellis.[1]

Laura worked several jobs to try to make their lives better while applying for Lowe's household registration, but when it was denied, she turned to an old customer she'd helped on numerous occasions in a past job--Tyson Turner--to ask for his help sponsoring Lowe as his "guardian." Tyson, recognizing Lowe's talent in the sciences, employed Lowe with Heirson, allowing the two to move into a nicer home in 2026.[2]

Despite having good health at the time she left North Stellis,[3] in 2027, Laura developed rapid-onset stage 3 lung cancer that left her hospitalized in Stellis Public Hospital. She receives treatment in a private ward from both hospital staff and is monitored by Heirson's VIP client program.[4]

Story[edit | edit source]

Laura Lear was described to be in good health the year before her stage 3 cancer diagnosis.[5] She was previously treated in a private clinic named North Stellis Broadcare Clinic. By the time she was transferred to Stellis Public Hospital in 2027, she was already seriously ill.

It was later revealed that Laura's health rapidly deteriorated and she developed cancer due to Tyson Turner adding high concentration and dosage of the illegal NXX substance to her supplements. Tyson Turner did this to extort Lowe Lear into joining Opaline River Laboratory to develop an immortality drug, since the drug was the only thing that could save Laura.[6][7]

After it was revealed that Lowe was involved in the death of Zallie,[8] Laura tried to persuade Lowe to turn himself in. However, Laura realized that Lowe would not let anyone stop him from developing the immortality drug in order to cure her, even if it meant murder. She blamed herself for pushing Lowe into this situation and killed herself with a table knife to set him "free".[9]

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