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Welcome to the Tears of Themis Wiki!

Tears of Themis (未定事件簿) is a mobile romance detective gacha game developed and published by HoYoverse.


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Server Daily Reset
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Legal Study Stage Availability

Logic Chip III icon.png Crisis
No No No No
Empathy Chip III icon.png Analysis
No No No No
Intuition Chip III icon.png Psychology
No No No No
Vision Chip III icon.png Reasoning
No No No
Equalization Chip III icon.png Case Study
No No No
Mind Chip III icon.png PsyT
No No No
Infinity Chip III icon.png Clients
No No No

*Server Time is UTC+9, which may be a day ahead of most timezones.

Events / Shadows of Themis
Mystery of Bakerlon

Mystery of Bakerlon Event.png

Begins in:

Event Overview Page

A symphony of fate in the misty city.

A large-scale themed event, "Mystery of Bakerlon," will be released on 2023/10/10!
Special Consultation: Marius - Fervour

Special Consultation - Marius Fervour.jpg

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Event Overview Page

Accept Special Consultation cases to obtain Special Reports. Complete Special Consultation To-Do List for great rewards.
DAVIS Surprise Gift

DAVIS Surprise Gift 2023-09.jpg

Ends in:

Twitter announcement

In this cooling fall, DAVIS has prepared in-game Surprise Gifts for all. Be ready to receive S-Chip ×420 and other rich rewards. Don't forget to claim them every day!
Love in Tranquility, Chapter 2

Love in Tranquility Chapter 2 Event.jpg

Ends in:

Event Overview Page

My greatest wish is to grow old with you in tranquility.
Moon in Full Bloom

Moon in Full Bloom Event.jpg

Ends in:

Event Overview Page

During the event, accumulate a designated number of completed Sudoku rounds to receive the limited "Bunny Pastry" Badge, S-Chips, and more!

Belle Nuit d'Amour

Artem SSR Belle Nuit d'Amour.jpg

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Shadow Of Themis Rotation 59

Rotation 59.jpg

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Redeem Code(s)

No active redeem codes.

Redeem Link: https://webstatic-sea.hoyoverse.com/nxx/event/gift/