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About me[edit source | hide | hide all]

Hi. I'm using this space as a glorified notepad, but in case someone comes here expecting to learn about the person who edits too much, I guess I should put some stuff here.

  • I like Tears of Themis a whole lot; spending time editing this wiki is my way of continuing to engage with this game when there's nothing to do in-game but reread cards and other stories.
  • Wiki editor since 2005ish but still a bit rusty in spots after a long break.
  • Fan of antagonists and other arrogant/possessive/yandere characters.
  • (Overly) Proud 100% Vyn archive owner.
  • Wannabe behind-the-curtain tinkerer.

Datawise, I want this place to have every piece of information a player might want to look up, from the mundane to the meta. This includes assets; Hoyo has done beautiful work here, and I want people to be able to appreciate it with high quality character sprites and background images.

Lorewise, I'd like it if this place were a well-cited and well-illustrated repository about life in ToT's world, so that whenever someone asks something like "wait, where did it say Hugh lives in the capital now?" there's a reference note showing exactly which chapter.

So anyway, glorified notepad: go[edit source | hide]

Links to sandboxes for my convenience[edit source | hide]

Personal to-do list[edit source | hide]

  • Continue filling out character/location/organization pages with lore and background images.
    • Progress:
      • Main story done up through 7.2
        second pass may be needed through Chapter 1-3 to incorporate minor details that I started adding in Ch4 (example: Marius looks up to Van Kerrel, Artem is considered good at dividing up work)
      • Personal stories completed up through Ch3 (Plus Luke's Ch4)
      • Further content to be commenced in CN launch order. Currently looking at: launch cards - see table below
      • Need to formalize a card reward page template that includes options for up to 6 story summaries and various kinds of phone calls, texts, after story, etc
  • Add framework to card template for story summaries
  • Think of more fun ways to use navboxes! (help)
    • I had a Template:Story navbox in progress, but once it got too large I started disliking the layout. Not sure where to go with it
    • was considering a general mechanics navbox, but it seems redundant with the sidebar...
  • Reactivate a sad underpowered alt account (or find a longplay YT video?) to fill out one-time Trials of Themis levels
  • Copy over S-chip tracker thing from Gwh; Elaea suggested referring to DLwiki who has a nice currency page too
  • Also add evidence and clue infrastructure
    • Clues are less complex as they're often just a few lines of text, but
    • Evidence is way more interesting than I first realized; a lot of "event items" are actually classed as evidence, and some have LONG and interesting text descriptions.
      Evidence infrastructure is done (thank you Elaea) and incorporated into main story stages; still need to incorporate evidence books in events
  • I really like the spoiler thing from sandbox2 and want to implement it sometime
  • I wonder if I can make a deck builder template for user pages or something?
    • I'd probably be the only one who uses it, but it'd be a fun challenge

Launch order table[edit source | hide]

Event Vyn Marius Artem Luke
Launch Vyn "Medieval Suspense"

Vyn "Near and Far"
Vyn "Gentleman's Game"
Vyn "False Tears"
Vyn "Lingering Warmth"
Vyn "Mended Heart"
Vyn "Mercury in Retrograde"

Marius "Eye of the Beholder"

Marius "Narrow Road"
Marius "Matching Tattoos"
Marius "A Dance on the Clouds"
Marius "Child at Heart"
Marius "Dream of Thebes"
Marius "Overtone"

Artem "Atmospherics"

Artem "Loving Memories"
Artem "Focus Fire"
Artem "Autumn Dreams"
Artem "In Sickness or in Health"
Artem "Sparks"
Artem "Thin Veil"

Luke "Alluring Gaze"

Luke "Perfect Partner"
Luke "Moment of Danger"
Luke "Among the Great Blue"
Luke "Inner Sanctum"
Luke "Radiant Sunlight"
Luke "Timely Rescue"

Summer Breeze Event Vyn "Cool Summer" Marius "Twilight Beauty" Artem "Entwined Fate" Luke "Shape of You"
Mysteries of the Lost Gold Vyn "Heartfelt Suspense" Marius "In the Darkness" Artem "Dreamful Melodies" Luke "Iridescent Heartbeat"
Reciprocal Hearts Event Vyn "A Star in the Night"
Symphony of the Night Event Vyn "Between Good and Evil" Marius "Fabulous Feast" Artem "Fixated on You" Luke "How I Remember You"
Luke All Year Round Event Luke "Warm Embrace"
Xmas Partyland Event Vyn "Snowy Fairy Tale" Marius "All Through the Night" Artem "Por Una Cabeza" Luke "A Star in the Palm"
Main Story Ch6
A Love Poem to Skadi Vyn "Blazing Colors" Marius "Daytime Aurora" Artem "Wandering Heart" Luke "Twinkling Eyes"
Personal Chapter 3 Vyn Marius Artem Luke
Romantic Rail Getaway 1 Marius "Will of the Trees" Luke "Peaceful Place"
Days to Re-Live Forever Event Artem "Two Hearts as One"
Romantic Rail Getaway 2 Vyn "Food for Thought" Artem "Sunshine After the Rain"
Electrifying Night Event Vyn "Neon Melody" Marius "Vibrant Graffiti" Artem "Winning Ball" Luke "Through the Heavens"
Main Story Ch7
Menagerie of Lights Event Marius "Crown of Glory"
Personal Chapter 4 Vyn Marius Artem Luke
Blissful Fête Vyn "Committed" Marius "Expression Through Art" Artem "Eternal Yearning" Luke "Under the Milky Way"
Luke Personal 2-1 Luke "Looming Nightmare"
Vyn birthday Vyn
Secrets of the Tomb Vyn "Flickering Moonlight" Marius "Dimly Lit" Artem "Echoes Ablaze"
Artem "Unusual Love"
Luke "Overflowing Thoughts"
Main Story Ch7.5
Revisiting Youth Event Vyn "Eternal Whispers" Marius "Precious Mornings" Artem "New Skies" Luke "Love Between Pages"
Luke birthday Luke
Marius Personal 2-1 Marius
Snowfallen Secrets Vyn Marius Artem Luke
Gufeng Vyn Marius
+ Top-up SSR
Artem Luke
Artem Personal 2-1 Artem
Dreams of Childhood Vyn Marius Artem Luke
Main Story Ch8
Vyn Personal 2-1 Vyn
Cozy Couples Getaway 1 Vyn Marius
Artem Birthday Artem
Marius Personal 2-2 Marius
Cozy Couples Getaway 2 Artem Luke
Vyn Personal 2-2 Vyn
Marius Birthday Marius
Fluffy Fuzzy Time 1 Vyn Luke
Main Story Ch9
Anniversary Vyn
+ Top-up SSR
Marius Artem Luke
Fluffy Fuzzy Time 2 Marius Artem
Cards with audio only Vyn "Spilling Light"

Vyn "Entrapped"
Vyn "Morning Glory"
Vyn "Promise"
Vyn "Focused Gaze"
Bewitching Night MR
Ch8 Anomaly SR
Valentine MR
Men of NXX MR
Gourmet MR

Marius "Butterflies"

Marius "Falling into You"
Marius "Keepsake"
Marius "Palpitations"
Marius "Under the Silence"
Bewitching Night MR
Morning MR
Valentine MR
Men of NXX MR
Special Consultation 2 MR
Gourmet MR

Artem "Staying Humble"

Artem "Darkest Before Dawn"
Artem "Choice"
Artem "Stretching"
Artem "Intentions"
Artem "Unwilling to Part"
Bewitching Night MR
Valentine MR
Special Consultation 2 MR
Men of NXX MR
Gourmet MR

Luke "Once Upon a Time"

Luke "Together With You"
Luke "Companionship"
Luke "Shining Warmth"
Luke "Entrusted Feelings"
Bewitching Night MR
Valentine MR
Men of NXX MR
Ch9 Anomaly SR
Gourmet MR