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"Everyone thinks Uncle Woody sees his daughter in me and treats me like a daughter. But what about the reverse?"


Gender Female
Age (when met) Unknown (20s)
Occupation Accountant

Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 徐蕾 (Xú Lěi)

Japanese 七瀬つぼみ

Korean 서보미

General[edit | edit source]

Shirley Shaw was the victim of a recent abduction case in which an armed janitor named Woody Merrin took her from her room, claiming to be retaliating against fate for the death of his daughter eight years prior.[1]

Shirley is a young woman from a country town about three hours outside Stellis. Her father died in an accident when she was in middle school, and she was raised by her mother, Paige Shaw. Shirley and Paige are very close, and Shirley believes there's nothing more important than family.[2][3]

After she graduated, Shirley moved to Stellis and now works as an accountant at a small interior design firm. There, she became close to Megan Banks after helping Megan from a drunken stupor outside a bar. Shirley persuaded Megan to clean up her life and helped her open a grocery store in North Stellis.[4]

Unfortunately, Shirley was afflicted with an undisclosed rare illness for which treatment was risky and expensive.[1] She began to cut contact with friends like Megan and did not tell her mother of her illness. Woody and Shirley came up with a plan together to fund her treatment in which Woody would abduct her in a high publicity action in order to get media attention on her case and bring donors with it; despite the plan's resounding success, Shirley could not help but feel for how "Uncle Woody" had gone from well-off to financially unstable after his own daughter's early death. Rather than burden her own mother with a similar situation, Shirley quietly funneled the donations to her mother and tried to refuse treatment despite the fact that it would likely lead to her paralysis or death.[2][5]

When the plot was uncovered by Woody's defense attorneys -- Artem Wing and the Main Character -- Shirley was convinced to use the money for medical treatment lest she face fraud charges and be forced to pay it all back. The surgery was very successful, but she was still prosecuted for the falsified abduction. Shirley was given compassionate release and swore to repay her donors after her full recovery.[6]

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