Dream Profession Event

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Dream Profession Event.jpg
Dream Profession
Start Date 2024-05-07 11:00 UTC +9
End Date 2024-05-17 04:00 UTC +9
Duration Approx. 10 days

Respond to letters of childlike wonder, and reread the aspirations of youth.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Preview of the board before tiles are hidden

This event is a standard Memory game, in which the player flips over tiles with the goal of finding matches. If matching tiles are found, they are removed; if a match is not found, the tiles are flipped back face-down. There is no limit to the number of match attempts. Players may attempt the matching game twice a day, with more attempts allowed if a player spends Letter Opener icon.pngLetter Opener x1; these are exchanged for Btn money s.pngS-Chip x50 in the Mall during the event duration, however it is not necessary to do so unless a player starts the event quite late.

Each stage clear rewards the player with Btn coin s.pngStellin x3,000 by in-game mail. Additionally, cumulative rewards are available as follows:

Puzzles Reward
2 Potential Chip II icon.pngPotential Chip II x2
4 Selection Chip II icon.pngSelection Chip II x2
6 Btn coin s.pngStellin x15,000
8 Potential Chip III icon.pngPotential Chip III x2
10 Btn money s.pngS-Chip x200
12 Btn coin s.pngStellin x30,000
14 Youthful Aspirations Badge.png Youthful Aspirations Badge
16 Selection Chip III icon.pngSelection Chip III x2
18 Btn coin s.pngStellin x50,000
20 Oracle of Justice IV icon.pngOracle of Justice IV x10

Scripts[edit | edit source]

Intro: NXX Headquarters

Marius: ...Did someone open a post office in Headquarters?

You arrive at HQ to see Marius alone in the meeting room. The coffee table before him is piled with letters, all without recipients.

Luke and Artem arrive soon after and are also bewildered at the scene. No one knows where these letters came from.

You: Looks like these are Dr. Richter's. Let's wait till he's here and ask him about it!

Unable to ascertain whether these are Vyn's private letters, you all turn your focus elsewhere after a brief exchange.

Vyn arrives at headquarters a while later, and you bring the topic back to the letters.

Artem: Are these letters for you?

Vyn: I did bring them here, but they are not really for me. They have something to do with everyone here.

Luke: With us? Is there some kind of special event coming up?

Vyn: I held a "Career Aspirations" discussion at the Angels of Stellis Orphanage a while ago, and these were written by the children.

You: Career Aspirations? So they all wrote about what they imagine different jobs to be like?

Vyn: Yes. They also wrote about how their dreams for the future began, and included some questions about the jobs they aspire towards.

Vyn: I told the children I would pick some questions to send to the relevant professionals and invite them to share their answers.

Vyn: And if a child is interested in the teaching or medical fields, I will reply to them based on my experience.

Artem: So, you want us to answer their questions as professionals?

You: Sounds interesting. I'm up for it!

Luke: I'm in! I'm sure lots of kids are interested in becoming detectives!

Marius: Then I'll join too. I'll answer their questions, be it finance or art.

Artem: Both of us can share our views on questions about the legal profession.

Vyn: Since everyone has agreed to participate, let us open the letters after this meeting.

After the meeting, you all open the letters with letter openers and read the children's adorably innocent letters.

Everyone answers the questions from a professional perspective when questions about their respective areas of expertise arise.

But some questions popped up in the letters about fields that none of you are familiar with.

Luke: "I want to be a firefighter when I grow up, and protect everyone from Mr. Fire!"

Luke: Did it get mixed up? None of us have firefighting experience.

Artem: Not just that, a child here says that they want to be a racer so that they can be as fast as the wind.

Marius: Oh? This kid aspires to join Pax Fashion & Design as a fashion designer. What good taste!

Marius: But wait, don't tell me you considered this to be part of my expertise just because Pax was mentioned...

Marius: I could write a response, but my knowledge about that barely scratches the surface.

You: There's also this one. "I want to be a perfumer so that my mom can sleep to a nice fragrance every day."

Luke: A perfumer... Does anyone know anything about perfumery?

Vyn: Actually, I did learn how to blend perfumes in my school days. As for the others, I recall that you have each dabbled in them before.

Luke: Well, then I do have a fire safety license, but I just occasionally collaborate with the fire department for promotional matters.

Artem: As for racing, I have previously participated in some friendly competitions as an amateur.

Artem: If so, then it looks like we do have experience in these fields. Do you want us to answer these questions as "professionals" too?

Marius: But we aren't professionals in these areas. Is it really okay for us to be answering these?

Vyn: I will be inviting actual professionals to reply, of course, but... maybe you can share a different perspective.

Luke: Got it. So you want us to give them advice from a semi-professional perspective?

Marius: I don't mind giving them a little extra explanation.

Artem: But these are not our main professions, so we may need some time to prepare for more comprehensive answers.

Vyn: Yes, I thought so too. How about this? Let us all head back first, and we can discuss it again the next time we meet at Headquarters.

You: Sounds good! Let's all pick out what we're good at and head back to prepare!

After solving first puzzle: NXX Lounge

After a few days, everyone gathers at the Headquarters to discuss the children's questions after having done some homework.

Luke: You know, many of the questions in here are actually quite profound!

Vyn: I realized during the discussion session back then that some children had already given their career aspirations much thought.

You: But there are also many wild and imaginative questions.

Artem: Some of these questions may be a little far-fetched, but they also reflect the children's passion for their dreams.

Marius: That's true! All questions are worth our careful consideration. Come on, Miss, let's look at what the first letter has to say!

You: Hm... This child's asking if the firefighters ever use water guns to have water fights with each other.

You can imagine the whimsical scene, and it makes you pause before you hand the letter over to Luke with a smile.

Luke: Ahem. Although "water guns" are the buddies of all firefighters, the ones used for firefighting are high-pressure firehoses.

Luke: Playing with firehoses is dangerous. Besides, they are meant for putting out fires and saving lives, not for playing.

Vyn: It is indeed necessary to teach children that the tools wielded by firefighters ought to be treated with respect.

Luke: Yeah. I'll bring it up to the fire department if I get the chance. Maybe they can organize a fire safety knowledge-sharing event.

Luke: That would increase the children's awareness, and they can also learn about the importance of fire prevention!

You: Yup! Let's contact them later! Now, let's see the next one. Hmm... "Wouldn't a racer be totally at ease when riding a roller coaster?"

Artem: The realms of their imagination are far beyond our grasp...

Artem: Roller coasters are a form of entertainment with high levels of safety. Racing is a competitive sport with certain risks.

Artem: A seasoned racer requires many years of training to pursue higher speeds while also ensuring their safety is not compromised.

Luke: That's true. Professional racing requires a high level of expertise.

Artem: Yeah. But if they've never experienced such velocities and are curious about the thrill it brings...

Artem: Then, yes, it's a good idea to start with the roller coaster. Of course, they have to be old enough to ride it.

You: You really considered everything, Mr. Wing! Let's see what other questions the kids have.

You: "I don't have a good sense of smell and can't sniff out what perfumes are made of. Does this mean I can't become a perfumer?"

Vyn: Looks like this child is passionate about making perfume and has some knowledge, but places too much emphasis on talent.

Vyn: A keen nose would be an invaluable trait for a perfumer to have, but it is not essential.

Vyn: Moreover, with how advanced technology is nowadays, we can rely on machines to accurately analyze the proportions of ingredients.

Marius: That's right. Pax Technology has developed a similar machine. Its primary function isn't to make perfumes, but it works the same.

Vyn: Of course, the perfumer would have to have a thorough understanding of how it works before it can be put into practice.

Vyn: I think they will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the art of perfumery once they have experienced more of life.

You: Yeah. The emotions blended into each perfume are what makes it brilliant! Let's carry on to the next one!

You: I'd like to get opinions from a professional designer... Oh? There's a draft attached.

Marius: Looks like it's from the kid who wanted to get into Pax Fashion & Design. Let me see.

Marius: Looking at the draft... they've got talent! The colors go together well, and the design's very innovative. The kid has potential!

Artem: Yes. The brushstrokes are still a little shaky, but I can see the dedication that has been poured into the work.

Marius: Yeah, but their goal is to become a fashion designer, not a painter, so they don't need to have fantastic brushwork.

Marius: The two fields may overlap, but each has a different focus. For fashion designers, imagination is more important than drawing skills.

Marius: Of course, there's no limit to artistic exploration. The more effort you put in, the stronger your fundamentals will be.

Luke: I look forward to seeing this child's future work.

You: Actually, I think everyone here has quite a deep understanding of the industries you've only slightly "dabbled" in.

Luke: Hehe, it may not be our area of expertise, but the idea of our insights being helpful to the kids made me think more about it.

Artem: Same here. Even though racing is just my hobby, I hope to provide as much help as possible to the children passionate about it.

Vyn: Yes. That is why I organized this event for them. I hope they can find their own answers after hearing from different perspectives.

Marius: The way they describe their dreams is very childlike, but you can feel their sincerity. I hope... they can achieve their dreams.


Mall Event Items[edit | edit source]

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Limit
Letter Opener.png
Letter Opener
Btn money s.pngS-Chip x50 15/account