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Located in Stellis' Waterfront District, Stellis Public Hospital is a large, comprehensive teaching hospital that provides a multitude of medical and social services and participates in medical research. It is also Stellis' oldest and most storied hospital.
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The hospital has at least six floors; floor 6 in particular is noted to be almost entirely absent of patients, treating only those for whom special arrangements of intentional isolation have been made.[1]

Employment positions at the hospital are noted to be difficult to obtain; the hospital's nursing staff are brought in on contract, with permanent full-time positions hotly competed for. Contract staff have a lower salary and more demanding tasks to perform, but the salary is still higher than most hospitals.[2]

Members of Stellis Public Hospital[edit | edit source]

Location Gallery[edit | edit source]

Hospital - Hallway.png

Anomaly Level 11-13(Debate Stage)
Artem "In Sickness or in Health"Hospital
Artem's Story 03-06Hospital Inpatient Unit Corridor
Artem's Story 03-07(Debate Stage)
Artem's Story 03-08Hospital Inpatient Unit Corridor
Artem's Story 03-09Hospital Inpatient Unit Corridor
Artem's Story 03-13Hospital Inpatient Unit Corridor
Luke "Orange Scent"Clinic Corridor
Luke "Under the Milky Way"Stellis Public Hospital
Luke's Story 04-14
Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-03Clinic Corridor
Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-06Clinic Corridor
Main Story 06-09Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 09-01
Main Story 09-06Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 09-08Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 09-14Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 09-16Outside Tyson's Ward
Main Story 11-22
Main Story 11-23
Main Story 11-24(Debate Stage)
Main Story 11-25Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story Inspection Lead 09Stellis Public Hospital
Marius "Narrow Road"Hospital Corridor

Hospital - Patient Room (Day).png

Artem "In Sickness or in Health"Observation Room
Artem's Story 03-06Hospital Inpatient Unit
Artem's Story 03-08Shirley's Room
Artem's Story 03-13Shirley's Room
Luke's Story 04-14Hospital Ward
Luke's Story 04-16Hospital Ward
Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-03Hospital Ward
Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-06Hospital Ward
Luke's Sweet Chapter 02-08Hospital Ward
Main Story 06-29Hospital
Main Story 08-11Laura Lear's patient room
Main Story 09-01Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 09-14
Main Story 09-16
Main Story 10-21Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 10-26Brigid Gries' Ward
Main Story 11-20Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 11-44
Main Story 11-45Hospital Ward
Marius "Narrow Road"Hospital Ward

Hospital - Patient Room (Night).png

Artem "In Sickness or in Health"Infusion Room
Main Story 11-22Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 11-23Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 11-32Stellis Public Hospital
Main Story 11-39

Misc Locations - Parking Lot.png

Luke's Story 02-01Hospital Parking Lot
Main Story 06-09Hospital Parking Lot

Stellis - Park (Day).png

Anomaly Level 11-22(Debate Stage)
Luke's Story 04-15(Debate Stage)
Luke's Story 04-16Hospital Grassy Area
Main Story 09-08Leisure Park
Main Story 09-10Leisure Park
Main Story 10-05Leisure Park
Main Story 10-21Leisure Park
Main Story 11-46(Debate Stage)

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