Megan Banks

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"A mix of Jacks and Jills makes a tough job a breeze. I get it."


Gender Female
Occupation Grocery store owner

Name in Other Language(s)

Chinese 周蔓云 (Zhōu Mànyún)

Japanese 天野麻里奈

Korean 주하나

General[edit | edit source]

Megan Banks is the owner of a grocery store in Tritown, an especially run-down residential area in North Stellis. She lives there with her young sister and is described as having vividly dyed hair and heavy makeup.

Megan met her friend Shirley Shaw outside a bar in Stellis' CBD after Shirley was the only one who would help Megan during an inebriated stupor. At the time, she was a regular at the bar, often wearing revealing clothes and described by some as "trashy-looking." Shirley encouraged Megan to sober up and stabilize her life, then helped Megan open her grocery store; in return, Megan promised Shirley 2/3 of the profits.

Despite Shirley's attempt to cut contact with Megan when she fell ill, Megan went to great lengths to keep her promise, funneling her daily profits through her distant cousin "Tiger Walker" to keep Shirley from declining them.

Megan says her parents passed away early in her life and that she's very possessive with her friends, admitting she gets jealous when her little sister clings to people who visit her. She's also a smoker.[1][2]

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