Blizzardous Threads of Red Side Story 2-3: Rey's Worries

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: Astral Memory icon.pngAstral Memory x30


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Rey's Worries (1/2) - Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa
Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa - Villa Hall RPG map.png

Rey Rong is sighing in the hall, as if she is worried about something.

Rey Rong: *sigh* How annoying...

You: Rey Rong? What's with the big sigh?

She looks at you coldly without replying.

Rey Rong: I'm fine. Don't concern yourself with me.

You: (She still has quite the temper...)

You: I'm going go now since you're fine.

Rey Rong: ...

Rey Rong moves her lips, but doesn't say anything in the end.

You: (I ran into Ben Yuan in the courtyard, and he said their anniversary is coming up...)

You: (I don't know what happened to the ice sculpture that he prepared for her.)

You: (But it should be a happy occasion. Why does she look upset?)

Rey's Worries (2/2) - Villa Hall

Rey Rong is still sighing in the hall. It seems her worries were not solved.

You take a look around. When you return, Rey Rong still looks worried.

You: (Should I ask her what she's worrying about?)

You: (There's probably no use in asking, since she looks like someone I shouldn't mess with.)

Just as you're about to leave...

Rey Rong: *cough*... Wait a moment.

You: Me?

Rey Rong: Yes, you. Don't leave. I have something to ask you.

Rey Rong: It will affect my inspiration if this stays in my mind.

She still seems very arrogant, but she isn't as stiff as before.

Rey Rong: Did you meet Ben yet?

You: Yes, I ran into him out in the backyard. What's wrong?

Rey Rong: What did he say to you?

You: ...

You: He didn't say anything, just that your anniversary was coming up...

Rey Rong: Stop right there. I know what you're going to say.

Rey Rong: He's thinking of a surprise for my anniversary, isn't he?

You: !!!

Rey Rong shakes her head, helplessness written all over her face.

Rey Rong: Do you know what gift he's prepared?

You: (I shouldn't tell her about his intentions...)


You: Actually... I gave him an idea for the surprise on your anniversary.

You: He wants to make an ice sculpture of your face.

Don't know

You: I don't know. I just saw him with a worried look, so I asked him about it and found out it was your anniversary.

You: I think he's still trying to decide what to give you.

After hearing your words, Rey Rong frowns even more.

Rey Rong: Ben... I told him not to prepare anything for the anniversary. He just won't listen.

You: (Shouldn't she be happy to receive a surprise on her anniversary?)

Rey Rong: Hmph, I guess he didn't tell you why we fought on our last anniversary.

You: ...

Rey Rong: It doesn't hurt to tell you. I'm not going to stay with him anyway...

You: !!!

Rey Rong: On our last anniversary, he prepared a useless wooden cabin for me, and I got into a big fight with him.

Rey Rong: Why not do something useful with all the time he spent on carpentry?

Rey Rong: He's always been like this, preoccupied with meaningless things... He just won't listen...

You: So... You want to break up with him?

When you mention the words "break up," Rey Rong's expression immediately freezes. There is a slight awkwardness in her eyes.

Rey Rong: *sigh* Ben is a great guy, and he's good to me...

Rey Rong: But I...

Rey Rong: Forget it, what would you know? And don't tell Ben. I want to tell him myself.

You: All right, I understand now.

You: (Relationships are hard...)

Rey Rong: Whew... It feels good just to get it off my back. Now I can get back to work.

Looking at her back, you can't help but feel some sadness emanating from it...



Rey Rong

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