Blizzardous Threads of Red Side Story 1-2: Ben's Secret

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Ben's Secret (1/3) - Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa
Villa Hall
Blizzard Villa - Indoors (Lit).png

A young man is pacing around in the hall. Go ask him whether he needs any help.

Ben Yuan: It's almost my anniversary... What should I do?

Ben Yuan: How can I surprise Rey? If I mess up like last time, it'll be bad...

You: Ben Yuan? What are you doing here?

Ben Yuan: I'm worried about my anniversary with Rey...

You: Shouldn't your anniversary be a happy occasion?

Ben Yuan: Yes... But I need to give Rey a surprise to make her happy!

Ben Yuan: So I was wondering what kind of surprise I could prepare for her, but now I can't leave... What should I do?

Ben Yuan: If I screw this up, Rey's going to be mad at me. I don't want to make her angry.

You: (He really cares what she thinks.)

You: Maybe I can help you?

Ben Yuan: Really!? If you can help me come up with a surprise, you'll be a relationship savior!

You: You don't have to be so dramatic about it... I'll try my best!

Ben Yuan: I'm counting on you.

You: Okay, leave it to me.

Ben's Secret (2/3) - Villa Garden
Blizzard Villa
Villa Garden
Blizzard Villa - Villa Garden RPG map.png

Walk around the garden to see if there is any inspiration.

You: We can't leave the villa, and nobody can come in. What kind of surprise can be prepared?

You: It's impossible to buy anything online. What can be handmade?

You: Peach blossom, snow...


You: I've got it! What about a snowman or an ice sculpture?

You: It'll be hard to make an ice sculpture... But a snowman should be easy.

You: I should ask Ben Yuan for his opinion.

Ben's Secret (3/3) - Villa Hall

Go back to ask about Ben's opinion.

You: Hey, I've got an idea!

Ben Yuan: You're back? You already have an idea!?

You: Yeah... I was thinking, what if you made a snowman or an ice sculpture that looked like her?

You: A handmade surprise would be more meaningful.

Ben Yuan: Snowman... Ice sculpture... Let me think. I've never made anything like this for her.

Ben Yuan: In terms of effect, an ice sculpture would be better. It will shine in the sunlight...

Ben Yuan: Then I will blindfold Rey and bring her here... It's beautiful just imagining it, Rey will love it!

You: Well, you have to work hard. It isn't easy making an ice sculpture.

Ben Yuan: Yes, I will work hard. I'm going to ask the other guests in the villa if they have any experience.

You: (It's good to see him full of energy.)

Ben Yuan: Thank you for helping me come up with such a great idea to save our anniversary.

You: No need to thank me. The final result is up to you.