Blizzardous Threads of Red Side Story 3-1: Childhood Candies

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: Astral Memory icon.pngAstral Memory x30


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Childhood Candies (1/3) - Villa Side Hall
Blizzard Villa
Villa Side Hall
Blizzard Villa - Indoors (Lit).png

Ashley Zhang is crying. Go comfort her.

Ashley Zhang: Brother... *sobs* How can you abandon me...

Ashley Zhang: What will I do with you gone...

While wiping her tears away, Ashley Zhang rubs the corner of her clothes.

Her eyes are swollen, probably from crying for so long.

You: Ashley...

Ashley Zhang: Don't call out to me! Don't try to be sincere here. How can you understand my feelings!?

She shakes off your hand, growing emotional.

Ashley Zhang: I don't need your pity *sobs*...

Ashley Zhang: *sobs*... My brother is the one who deserves your pity. So young and...

She barely gets a few words out before she starts to cry again.

You: (Sam Zhang's death hit her hard...)

You: (What can I do to comfort her?)

Coincidentally, you see a few candy wrappers on the table beside Ashley Zhang...

You: (Oh! That's it!)

Childhood Candies (2/3) - Villa Dining Room
Blizzard Villa
Villa Dining Room
Blizzard Villa - Villa Dining Room RPG map.png

Go to the Villa Dining Room to see if there is anything that can be used to comfort Ashley Zhang.

You: I remember there was candy here. Where is it...?

Small snacks and fruits have been served on the small table.

But something has happened, so no one can sit back and enjoy the treats.

You: Let's see if there's anything in the food basket...

You: Walnut egg tart, date cake, milk candy...


You: Milk candy! Ashley should like it.

Thinking of the candy wrapper you saw earlier, you believe your choice is correct.

Childhood Candies (3/3) - Villa Side Hall

Go back to the Villa Side Hall and continue to comfort Ashley Zhang.

Ashley Zhang: Brother... *sobs*...

Ashley Zhang is still crying as you walk over to her, gently patting her on the back.

Ashley Zhang: You again. I told you, I don't need your pity. *sobs*...

She was crying so hard that you can only shake your head.

You: Don't cry. Your brother will be sad to see you so down.

You: Here, have some candy to make you feel better.

You put the milk candy in her hand.

She stops crying, perhaps at the mention of her brother, or maybe because of the candy.

Ashley Zhang: ...

Ashley Zhang unwraps the milk candy and pops it into her mouth.

Shortly after, she starts crying again.

Ashley Zhang: Brother... do you remember when we were young?

Ashley Zhang: You would always bring me candy when I cried. Fruit-flavored and milk-flavored...

Ashley Zhang: Every time you would say, Ashley is a good girl, Ashley is strong. Let's eat this candy and not cry.

Ashley Zhang: Now that you're gone, who will give me candy *sobs*...

You: ...

You: Ashley, I believe your brother will continue to protect you from above.

You: Take good care of yourself, and don't let him worry about you, okay?

You don't know if it's what you said or the candy.

Ashley Zhang gradually calms down and stops tearing up. She just lowers her head, still choking over her words.

Ashley Zhang: Thank you... and thank you for the candy.

Ashley Zhang: My brother wouldn't want to see me cry...

You: Yes. Are you feeling better now?

Ashley Zhang: Yes.

Ashley Zhang nods at you, trying to force a smile.

You: Good, you can rest here for a while.



Ashley Zhang

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