Blizzardous Threads of Red Side Story 2-2: Cowardly Bernard

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: Holly Stationery icon.pngHolly Stationery x150


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Cowardly Bernard (1/5) - Villa Garden
Blizzard Villa
Villa Garden
Blizzard Villa - Courtyard (Snow).png

A young man is trembling in the corner of the garden. Go ask him what's the matter.

Bernard Yang: Do it... Don't do it... Do it... Don't do it...

You: (What is Bernard Yang talking about?)

You: Do you... need any help?

Bernard Yang: I-I'm fine! I'm not scared! I don't need help!

Even though that's what he says, his legs are shaking.

You: Uh... I'm just trying to help. I won't tell anyone.

Bernard Yang: ...Really?

You: Yeah.

Bernard Yang: That's great! *sobs*... Miss [Player], you have to help me.

Bernard Yang starts crying, looking very emotional.

You: Calm down, what happened?

Bernard Yang: It's all my fault. I shouldn't have come here!

Bernard Yang: I thought I was just going to study peach blossom culture with my professor, and nothing strange would happen...

Bernard Yang: But that incident two days ago, and there are also rumors of the snow beast...

Bernard Yang: The professor had to ask me to collect data now. The snow is heavy and the surveying place is outside the villa...

Bernard Yang: ...No, no, I don't dare to go alone.

Bernard Yang says while shaking his head.

Bernard Yang: Miss [Player], please help me!

You: How can I help you?

Bernard Yang: Miss [Player], you're a great person... beautiful and kind...

You: Okay, okay, you don't need to compliment me. Just tell me what you need help with.

Bernard Yang: It's like this... The professor asked me to investigate the wind, snow, and ecology.

Bernard Yang: The professor said these indicators impact the peach tree's growth, which will affect the peach blossom culture.

Bernard Yang: Can you... go in my place and make some simple observations? Nothing complicated...

Bernard Yang: If I go, I might disappear halfway...

With that said, Bernard Yang shrinks into the wall again.

You: (It's just a normal investigation, disappearing halfway is a bit exaggerated... He really is a coward.)

You: I see, no problem. Just wait for my good news.

Cowardly Bernard (2/5) - Snow Mountain Trails
Blizzard Villa
Snow Mountain Trails
Blizzard Villa - Snow Mountain Trails RPG map.png

Go to the snow mountain trails to collect data.

You: How can I describe the wind, snow, and ecology...

You: I'm no expert at this.

You: Oh well, he said to make a few simple notes, and I'll just tell him what I saw.

You walk down the path slowly, observing the surroundings. Suddenly, there is a click under your feet.

You: Eh? This is?

You crouch down and gently brush the snow off the ground to reveal the buried dead branches.

You: I didn't even realize there are branches here.

You: It seems that the snow is heavy here. Otherwise, the snow would not be so deep.

You: Hmm... The snow level is going down. Let's check somewhere else.

Cowardly Bernard (3/5) - Snow Mountain Trails

Continue to collect data on the snow mountain trails.

You: Going off that line of thought...

You: Let me get a feel for the wind here.

The high peaks rise in front of you, as the wind and snow whistle past, making terrible sounds...

*wind howling*

You: (The edges of the cliff crisscross, just enough to form a wide gap...)

You: (The strong winds are making a sound that resembles a human growl.)

You: That should count as an observation.

You: Well, the wind is done. Now there's only one left, and victory is in sight!

Cowardly Bernard (4/5) - Snow Mountain Trails

Continue to collect data on the snow mountain trails.

You: Eh? Why are there footprints here?

You: It looks like the tracks of some small animal... What could it be?

Before you can think, a small squirrel jumps around in front of you and sits firmly on a log.

Squirrels look adorable with their round faces and fluffy tails.

You can't help but pick up a fallen hazelnut and place it beside the log...

Sure enough, it couldn't resist the temptation to eat. It grabs the hazelnut before bolting off.

You: It was a squirrel. How cute.

You: Now that we have an ecological situation. I should hurry back to Bernard Yang.

Cowardly Bernard (5/5) - Villa Garden

Go back to the garden to tell Bernard Yang the observation result.

You: Bernard Yang!

You wave boldly to Bernard Yang. Upon seeing you, he breathes a sigh of relief.

Bernard Yang: Good thing it's you...

Bernard Yang: How did it go? Were you able to collect some data?

You: Yeah.

Then you tell Bernard Yang everything you just saw.

Bernard Yang: This information is so helpful. Thank you, Miss [Player]!

You: You're welcome, I'm just glad to help.

Bernard Yang: After hearing what you said, I'm not that scared anymore... I even found it interesting.

You: It was pretty interesting. Why don't you go yourself next time?

Bernard Yang: I... will try my best next time.

Bernard Yang: Well, I need to check in with the professor. See you next time, Miss [Player]!

You: Yeah, see you next time!