Villa Courtyard: Labyrinth Pavilion 1 (Way of Adversity)

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: Holly Stationery icon.pngHolly Stationery x800 (Clear), Btn money s.pngS-Chip x10


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Items of interest

  • Clear conditions: Reach the exit with both characters
  • Artifact: Longevity Lock icon.pngLongevity Lock
  • Silk Pouches: 1


Villa Courtyard- Labyrinth Pavilion 1 (Way of Adversity) Map.png

Map Key

  • Blue "St": Start points (ML side: left, MC side: right)
  • Small connected red circles: Switches and the doors attached to them
  • Small brown circles: Flavor text notes


  1. On the male lead's side, walk north past the first guard and stop in the hall.
  2. On the main character's side, walk south, turn the corner, and hit the switch.
    • The mechanism noise will distract the guard blocking the male lead for 30 seconds.
    • If the distraction window is missed, the level must be restarted.
  3. On the male lead's side, use the distraction time to walk north.
  4. Go to the northeast hall to collect the silk pouch, using the screens to avoid the patrolling guard's vision.
  5. After the distracted guard has returned to her position, return to the center and throw the switch.
    • This will open the gate to the artifact for the main character.
  6. Proceed to the male lead's exit in the northwest hall.
  7. On the main character's side, collect the artifact from the northeast hall.
  8. Turn and walk south, being mindful of the butler's wide vision radius and unpredictable turnaround direction, and proceed to the exit.

Note text

Male lead's note

A bulletin board common in the mountain villa.

There's a record of purchases from earlier years.

"On X/X, a number of folding screens were purchased and placed in each room of the Labyrinth Pavilion."

"Note: If you go to the northwest side of Way of Adversity, you can access various parts of the Labyrinth Pavilion. You can take this shortcut when moving screens."

There are some words scribbled at the bottom of the bulletin board:

"I don't know why the Supervisor put this screen on the path. I've already bumped into it five times this week on patrol. —— Mo Yu"

"That's your problem. Watch where you're going. There can't be anyone hiding behind the screen! —— Shen Yong"

Main character's note

A notice on the table:

"The Supervisor has been working at the villa for decades and witnessed its changes, both big and small."

"The Supervisor will take charge of the daily security work in the Labyrinth Pavilion. We seek the cooperation of everyone in the villa."