Villa Courtyard: Labyrinth Pavilion 2 (Way of Truth)

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  • Stage Cost: None
  • First Clear Rewards: Astral Memory icon.pngAstral Memory x80, Btn coin s.pngStellin x2000

  • Note - During its initial limited run, this stage's first clear reward was: Holly Stationery icon.pngHolly Stationery x800 (Clear), Btn money s.pngS-Chip x10


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Items of interest

  • Clear conditions: Reach the exit with both characters
  • Key: Yin Fish Pendant icon.pngYin Fish Pendant
  • Silk Pouches: 1


Villa Courtyard- Labyrinth Pavilion 2 (Way of Truth) Map.png

Map Key

  • Blue "St": Start points (ML side: bottom, MC side: top)
  • Small connected red circles: Switches and the doors attached to them
  • Black dotted paths: Guard patrols, with pauses to turn on large black circles and endpoint arrows
  • Small brown circles: Flavor text notes


There can be multiple ways to do this stage; one solution is available below in case of difficulty. Note that the timer can be paused by tapping on the "?" at the top of the screen.

  1. On the male lead's side, quickly enter the first display area and hit the switch.
    • This will open a gate on the MC's side that will later assist the ML in getting the silk pouch.
  2. Move to the second display area and hit this switch as well.
    • This will open a gate into the treasure chest room on the MC's side.
  3. Move the ML directly east of the display case to wait; this is a safe area.
  4. On the main character's side, carefully avoid the guards and hit the switch in the southwest room.
    • This will open a gate immediately beside the male lead.
  5. Leave the southwest room and enter the north center room, avoiding the butler to take the key from the treasure chest.
  6. Move the MC to the exit to the east; the guard nearby will not see her if she's on the arrows.
  7. On the male lead's side, go through the gate that opened immediately beside him. Retrieve the silk pouch from the center of the third display area, then exit the same way.
  8. On the outer edge, avoid the guards and lead the ML to the exit at the east end.
    • Note: there are two guards on each side (north/south), and they are often at opposite ends of the room. That is, if the guards at the north are too close, the guards at the south are likely fairly far away.

Note text

Male lead's note

A pile of books and letters are scattered on the table. The following is the useful information:

"To serve the purpose of a banquet hall, this elegant room was specially built in the shape of a pentagram."

"In recent years, guest reception has been moved to the exterior areas. Maybe this place can be used to store artifacts."

"The northern corridor can be used as a decoy. A few ordinary decorations will suffice in hiding the mechanism."

"It is crucial that the process of modifying the mechanism is monitored. You are responsible for any damages in the banquet hall."

Main character's note

A bulletin board common in the mountain villa.

There a piece of paper pinned to it, which looks like a notice.

"From today on, the banquet hall in the Labyrinth Pavilion will be closed for renovations. Move the valuable furniture out as soon as possible."

"In the meantime, the villa will place an additional part of the collection in the north hallway of the banquet hall." "Warning: please do not approach the north hallway of the banquet hall during renovations. Violators will suffer the consequences."

There are some words scribbled at the bottom of the bulletin board:

"Let me tell you, whenever I was moving the table a few days ago, I could hear the sound of an iron door opening and closing..."

"Could it be... that this place is haunted...?"

"I have a jade carving heirloom to repel evil. You guys need to be careful... —— Mo Yu"

"Idiot! It looks like you haven't seen the mechanism behind the Labyrinth Pavilion."

"The noise you heard must have been someone adjusting a new door mechanism..."

"The door mechanism and switch won't be very far apart. If you ask me... —— Shen Yong"